Some see, few know, many choose to wander aimlessly in a fog, devoid of sunlight. I seek the light of day and leave the others to their chosen realm of ignorance. They are the ones who have brought this great nation down. I write only for the benefit of those who possess the courage required to restore our birthright.

Friday, November 8, 2013


Bayonet Charge down Little Round Top...Gettysburg
November 8, 2013
For the sake of long term readers, I must briefly explain my need for a new website:

I have an insurmountable problem with my previous blog that has to do with the 'feed'. Everything about it works just fine with the exception of it not being able to send Emails to my followers whenever I post a new essay. I have learned what caused the cumulative problem but am still unable to repair it, and so today I turn a new page. Armed with a new knowledge of how to avoid future problems, I am relegating Freedom Rings 1776 to a background archive, totally accessible but no longer serving my needs.

There is also a second reason for what I have begun. My first website was named with a sense of optimism, while this one is from a sense of desperation, for we are most assuredly losing in the political arena. Since Obama was first chosen by the Progressive overlords, we have been subjected to betrayal, deceit, a loss of liberty, and rampant corruption, and as an honest people, we simply do not know how to engage on their terms.

We seek truth while they propagate lies. We hope to engage in honest debate, but the Progressives shun that honesty for it exposes their plan of domination, while liberals turn away choosing not to know the truth. We hear epithets such as 'Racists', "Bigots', 'War on Women', and 'Islamophobia', while they delude America with feel good platitudes about 'equality', 'fairness', 'helping the poor', and 'sharing the wealth'; the very things the Founders warned about.

Look at the vicious attacks launched on those such as Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann, Ted Cruz, Luis Gohmert, and many others. The success of those attacks can be laid squarely in the laps of our RINOs, for they have infiltrated what was once the party of Lincoln and Reagan, and smear any who have the courage to stand for the Constitution. These traitors to us, their party, and our country, march in lockstep with our enemy for they have given their final seal of approval on what is to become of this nation.

I no longer sign petitions, phone my Representative, Email my Progressive Senators, or believe that there is any political solution to today's events, or the slightest hope of change in elections to come. Our enemies own the voting machines and adjust the vote as they deem appropriate. They allow people such as John McCain, Lindsey Graham, John Boehner, and Chris Christie to remain in office to foster the myth that the Republican Party is still viable and fighting for America, but this is no more than illusion, smoke and mirrors! 

Such traitors have charted our course, and if we continue on the path they have laid out then we may as well take down the Stars and Stripes, and retire that noble standard with a solemn dignity, then behold the specter as the world slips into another dark age of a thousand years.

The entire Democratic Party has morphed into the American Communist Party, with the elite of the GOP following in hot pursuit, leaving us, the conservatives behind. They seek the votes of the growing multitude of those who put their own private agenda ahead of the entire future of the United States.

In short, I have cast off all of my once held beliefs in the wisdom of 'The People'. They are not wise. They are greedy, self centered, self serving, and could give a hoot less about what is happening to this once great nation. Of such people and their future I have no concern. I find strength in the company of those who still care for what this country was in our younger days, for they are the ones who have long carried the burden and kept the torch of freedom aglow.

We may well find that our efforts are too little and too late, but if freedom is ever restored it will be due to our efforts, and ours alone. Patriots gave birth to our liberty, and if that liberty is lost, then we have none to blame but ourselves. If on the other hand, it is ever reborn, it will be by our engaging in a valiant struggle and our spilled blood, for nothing less will nourish the tree of liberty.

Yesterday I informed a few of my patriot friends that I was going to build a new website and call it 'Fix Bayonets', and then I related why. I love history for it is there that I find men of wisdom, men of perseverance, and men of courage; the same kind of men who first built and then long preserved our nation. It is to them that I owe such a debt of gratitude for my having been born into what was at that time the greatest nation this world has ever known.

Take a giant leap back in time to the far left flank of the Union lines outside Gettysburg, July 2, 1863. It was discovered that a hill, later known as Little Round Top, was totally unprotected and of vital importance to the Union Army. It was hastily reinforced by a group of 358 men from Maine under the command of Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain. Arriving at the last possible minute they did not even have time to build breastworks, relying totally on existing trees and rocks for cover.

They were assaulted by two experienced and determined regiments from Alabama. The battle raged on until the men from Maine eventually ran out of ammunition. When a unit's ammunition is depleted the two most likely scenarios are either retreat or surrender. Chamberlain chose a third option. He ordered his men to fix bayonets and engage in a desperate charge.

In yesterday's dialogue with my friends I mentioned my greatest fear while a young paratrooper. The only thing Patton feared was a bullet coming straight at his nose. The only thing that I feared was a man rushing at me with a fixed bayonet. Being shot is one thing; the idea of being stabbed with a bayonet that is twisted as it is being withdrawn scared the living hell out of me. Apparently the boys from Alabama had much the same thoughts as I, for those who could retreat before that onrush of fixed bayonets did so. Those who could not escape the field of battle either surrendered or died.

Why the history lesson? Simply because the 20th Maine found themselves in a desperate situation, and desperation called for desperate tactics, thus the bayonet charge. Today we find ourselves in a far different, but equally dire situation, for in but a few short years, if we fail to act, we will find ourselves living in the Totalitarian States of America. We have long depended on the old ways of peaceful protest, always hoping for better results in the next election. Now we find have been hoping in vain for far too long, and when blind hope stands defenseless before naked aggression, that aggression will undoubtedly be the victor.

Therefore it is imperative that we abandon our passive heritage and embrace a more determined stance if we hope to survive this Progressive onslaught on what were our liberties. That assault is designed to enslave the passive and if we succumb to their intent we have none but ourselves to blame, for one need but look to the past to readily discern the future.

Nearly three years ago I was writing that we were headed for one of two possible futures; enslavement or civil war. Few at that time could even conceive of the notion I put forth. Today many have realized that I was indeed correct, but there remains yet many who still hold out hope that the Republican Party will, like the cavalry, ride to the rescue in the last moment. Forget that nonsense, for if you do not then you will almost certainly die hoping for a messiah that has already defected. What once was the Republican Party is now dead! Abandon it as you would a sinking ship.

Were the situation not already so dire I would be the first proponent of a third political party, leaving the GOP to wallow in its own decadence. But it is far to late for a third party to have any hope of success as we have reached the point that our voting process has been entirely corrupted.

America, if we have any hope of survival, it is up to us, the people, the patriots, the determined, and those willing to die for what we believe, to wrest power from those who have usurped it. It is our country and it is being destroyed by a man unfit to be in office, and he was put there by a people gone astray, but the problems did not begin with Obama.

An internet friend mentioned a tipping point that we have already passed, his intent being that civil strife is now unavoidable. I went on to identify that tipping point as the day Ronald Reagan left office, to be followed by Progressive George Bush the Elder. He spoke with starry eyes about a New World Order and we are seeing his dream play out before us. Obama is simply the latest in a long string of those intent on the ruin of America, and the man chosen to strike the death blow. Furthermore, he may well succeed as his followers are many and he recruits evermore from south of our border, and the lands of Islam.

All that stands between he and his dream are we the patriots, and we find ourselves outnumbered, outmaneuvered, outvoted, and completely surrounded but not outgunned. That is the one fact that may yet save liberty. The guns are many; the question that remains is one of courage. Do the patriots of today have the courage to bear arms as did those of the past? Putting it another way; when the going gets rough, will you stand and be counted? Will you lock and load or meekly get on the next bus to the nearest gulag?

In the preceding I have used the word 'desperate' many times. The online dictionary defines desperate to mean "Feeling, showing, or involving a hopeless sense that a situation is so bad as to be impossible to deal with". Now that sounds grim, and so it is. Let us face it. We have compromised, negotiated, bargained, and retreated until there is no where else to go. Our backs are to the wall, and if that is not desperate then I do not know what is.

Dante wrote that above the gates of hell there is the inscription "Abandon hope all ye who enter herein". The same could be appropriately placed above the gates to Progressive Utopia, and I shall not enter there. Our backs are indeed to the wall, and if fate would have it so then it is there that I shall die fighting, but I can no longer retreat and will never consider surrender. That leaves only one option, and that is to fix bayonets and attack when the time is right.

The future can still be ours but only if we have the courage to go boldly where others have gone before. Patriots of the past have blazed the trails. We need but follow their lead.

Addendum: As mentioned in the beginning of this essay, the feed for Freedom Rings 1776 is broken and there remains a group of articles that were never sent to the followers of that blog. In coming days I shall post them one at a time on this site as well in hopes of getting the word out on topics I feel are important. Meanwhile, in the right sidebar, there is a place to follow this new site via Email. Please feel free to subscribe if you find my views as being worth noting.

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  1. Hi Danny,
    you say the title of your new site denotes a sense of desperation. I've been reading your essay's for some time now and I don't ever get the feeling they are of a desperate nature. They do however have more a sense of realisation, a realisation that very few people are listening.

    Its quite obvious the world is in serious trouble. Trillions in debt, billions too many people, too few jobs, not enough resource's and too many ideologies that conflict with each other. Combine all that with a breed of people who what power with people who see opportunity, and given you are able to think you can start to imagine all the problems that could arise. I prefer to see all the problems that have arisen, as opposed to imagine.
    I don't presume to know or be able to predict the future.

    How I see it is there's a car coming down the road head lamps full on, someone is standing in its path, I've shouted and waved my arms about but the person in the road just keeps looking at me waving back. The human race isn't looking at the coming crash. Its too late to get out of the way. To look now would only cause a rush of panic followed by pain. Best to keep looking at the people waving and shouting.
    Lifes just one big pantomime.,,," Look out behind you"! we shouted. " Not bloody likely" came the reply.

  2. Paul...
    "They do however have more a sense of realisation, a realisation that very few people are listening."

    Your thoughts sum up my sense of desperation.

    When I first started writing on the internet after Obama took office I was naturally concerned about the direction this nation is heading. but optimistic that I and others like me could 'wake up' an apathetic public. I was mistaken. Like the character you use to illustrate your point they have yelled back "Not bloody likely." They are fools and simply do not want to know.

    The very premise of Fix Bayonets is that those who are currently aware of the impending crisis is what we must rely on, and sadly most of us are aging. When I was young I could run five miles and engage in combat. Today they must bring the battle to me. We need the young in the coming struggle and sadly they have either sided with our oppressors or are too busy with their own trivial pursuits to even acknowledge that their world is about to come crashing about their heads.

    This nation once led the world, but today its people have become ignorant, apathetic and cowardly, and if we allow the U.S. to fall, I have no doubt that the world will follow us into a new Dark Age. And so is born a sense of desperation. I begin to understand how the men at the Alamo felt, but they had one advantage over us. They knew that they were buying time for Houston's army to grow. We are not buying time for no army is forming behind us. If we fail, time is up.


  3. There's still a of Americans who know nothing. They will start finding out the hard way about their new socialist country. I don't think they'll like it, how that plays out I don't know, I don't think it will be pretty, but I don't think it'll all go Obamas way.
    As usual the socialist can't run a garage sale, and things are falling apart. The only problem is that when things go wrong for loon's on the left, they have to start killing everyone... for the good of collective.

  4. Danny,
    Thank you so much for your writing.
    It a great source of knowledge for myself and for my family here in Poland.
    I use your points and reasoning often. reading it (translating it of course word for word and meaning for a meaning)and discuss it with my Sister and my Brother in Law, and some neighbors and friends...
    You make my own fears and belifs so much more digestable to an average soul is like an elementary school for some lost in their thinking..(overall perception without an option to cast it in few sentences)..
    making a 'chocolate chip cookie out of foregin few simple ingredients' much more tasteful!!!
    My own fear for our Republic's future is not going to fade away, but your prospective it is making my goals and prepare my actions so much more focused
    and for that I am greatful to you.
    May our days and months ahead be as wrong predicted as they can get...
    In my heart I hope you are 100% wrong, though my brain is telling me I shall hope for the best and prepare for the worst!!!

    1. Joanna, there are none who hope that I am wrong more than do I. I have a friend in London who commented that one hundred years from now historians would be reading my essays as a way to help understand just what went wrong here. Nothing would please me more than having them read my thoughts and laughing, saying what a fool I was to believe as I do. Keep hoping, but at the same time, keep preparing.

  5. It's my first visit and I'll admit I was tearing up after the first few paragraphs. I feel like so much time passed by while I saw life through rose-colored glasses, the world was a simple mix between "MunchkinLand" and Leave-it-to-Beaver"-ville. That's where I grew up, or so I thought. Sheltered from the reality that was beyond our quiet, middle-class neighborhood. Beyond the "Pogo-stick" in the driveway, and our friends at the end of the block who dug their own "built in" pool. Summer vacations, one week camping at Chiquita Creek the other at our next door neighbors rental house walking distance from Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. Life was literally HOT DOGS & COTTON CANDY!

    It's still a shock to wake up in pool of sweat, realizing that AGAIN my dreams were of the "End of Days" wishing that we were once again safe, or at least had a "feeling" of safety and not the daily Hell of the past 5 years. Wishing again that the "End of Days" was only the stuff of nightmares and Hollywood... When a Harvey Weinstein flic was just a flic and not an assault on our Rights & Freedoms.

    Wishing won't make it so. The days of "Reservoir Dogs" and "Pulp Fiction" are long gone. Having read Dante's "Inferno" in High School and Dan Browns version doesn't this time last year doesn't make me feel anymore hopeful. I will fight to the death for my kids, my grandson and the little one we'll meet in August and I will do it alone if I have to. However, after reading your essay, Danny Jeffrey, I don't feel TOTALLY alone... For that I thank you. Patriots. Last ones standing. Glock in one hand & a "Fixed Bayonet" waiting at the ready! Thank you again... ~kc

    1. Welcome aboard Kristen, and no you are not alone!!! Before technical problems caused me to begin a new site my other had over 180,000 hits and has readers from 143 different countries.They are just now beginning to find their way to this new web page. There are many dedicated patriots still around, admittedly we are largely in our senior years, needing to recruit younger replacements.
      One of my regular readers is a totally fascinating woman who is currently in Poland taking care of a sick mother. Many of our greatest patriots are foreign born because, due to their perspective, they appreciate this nation far more than do many native born Americans.
      In my latest essay that I published just a few hours ago
      I mentioned her in Suggested Reading with a brief bio and it has the link to an outstanding comment that she made in an earlier essay. This nation needs thousands of people like Joanna
      That comment was originally left in regard to the essay
      No, you are not alone, stick around and watch as the readers of Freedom Rings 1776 catch up.

    2. One other thought Kristen: In an essay I wrote long ago I remarked about the fact that many women seem to have a greater sense of patriotism than men. While supposedly civilized our brains are still programmed with the law of the jungle. In that essay I noted that when our ancestors dwelt in caves it was the men who went off doing the hunting and making war on other cave dwellers while the women remained in the home cave taking care of the kids. I also made mention of the fact that I had to pity any outsiders who approached the cave while the men were gone because they would have to deal with the women who would fight like banshees and die if need be in the effort to protect the kids.
      My point being that young men go to foreign lands to fight. This fight is on our home shores and for the first time our children and grandchildren are in danger and the so called 'weaker sex', at least among us patriots, are fully prepared to stand shoulder to shoulder with men to face the danger.
      As George Washington said..."Victory or Death!"


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