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Saturday, November 16, 2013


This is number seven in a series of essays. These are the links to previous issues:
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Ronald Reagan was not a genius, but he was a man of vision, a man of courage, and a man of wisdom. In his most famous speech 'A Time For Choosing', he spoke of a darkness that would last a thousand years. That statement was a reference to the last Dark Ages that began when Rome collapsed, and ended when mankind once again began discovering science in Europe. Unless something very drastic changes the political agenda now in place, the dark future that Reagan envisioned lies before us without a doubt.

Everyone who has read the links above are well aware of my concern that the progressives now in control of this nation intend to allow or false flag a nuclear detonation in this country, probably in New York City. The fallout from such a blast will ripple across the world in a domino effect crippling the world's great economic powers.

It is said, and rightly so, that civilization is but a thin veneer, and Reagan told us that "Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction." Think how tenuous is our hold on this technological society we live in, and I shall show you what can be done with one stinking, dirty, little atomic bomb.

I feel that most of my readers are well informed and therefore shall not bother searching for links to prove the following point: The economic woes of Greece and Spain echoed throughout the European Union, and for that matter world wide. The economies of our various nations are so closely intertwined that one minor disruption in one small country creates a shock wave that reverberates through our entire civilization.

We are all aware of the Cloward and Piven plan to overload our economic system and know that Obama just loves to throw away money to enact it. When the Euro was on the verge of collapse he bought Euros with our money to bolster their economy while weakening our own. That is economic suicide. So is the hyperinflation potential of quantitative easing, but Cloward and Piven must be appeased. Consequently, everyday the world's economy grows ever shakier, and the international inter-dependency evermore dangerous.

So here we stand, most of the nations of the world so far in debt that there is no hope of ever recovering and yet the financial wizards continue borrowing against tomorrow to pay for the money spent yesterday. We all know that this simply cannot continue indefinitely. A crash looms, but for the moment those wizards are still managing to keep the morass afloat. 

Now let us add a major shock to the system and see what happens. Not a trivial problem like Greece defaulting, but the utter destruction of the most economically important city on Earth; New York City. My friends, that single occurrence bespeaks the extinction of freedom and the advent of the thousand years of darkness that President Reagan warned us about.

Other nations around the world also have stock exchanges but none compare with Wall Street. That location is the very hub of the world's economies. Remove that hub and watch the whole system collapse like a house of cards. In addition to Wall Street itself, NYC houses the home offices of most of the corporations we depend on for our very way of life. 

We are not an agrarian nation. We are totally dependent upon those corporations to grow our food on corporate farms, deliver that food on corporate trucks and trains, and dispense it in corporate stores, to be purchased with corporate credit and debit cards. Take away those corporations and America faces economic collapse and starvation within a few short days.

Consider the grand irony of the whole thing. The people of Islam could never in another thousand years have conceived of nuclear fission because their Qur'an denounces scientific progress. It does not, however, disallow them from hiring traitors from the West to show them how to build such a bomb.

If they manage to successfully detonate the device as I project, it will be a day of total glory for Islam and those who seek a new Caliphate. One bomb! One city! Multiple economies collapsing, and the kufars descend into civil wars throughout the West, a West that is already heavily infiltrated with Muslim radicals.

The gullible and unseeing people of the West have long been confused about why their progressive leaders are so strongly in favor of importing ever greater numbers of Muslims to further add to the welfare rolls. They should not be confused as politicians do nothing out of the goodness of their hearts. Their every move is based on the pursuit of votes and power.

Everything has a cause and an effect, and when dealing with the devious, look closely and you will find their hidden purpose. Our political leaders are destroying our economies while bankrolling tomorrow's anarchy that will grant them absolute power over their citizens. If you feel that Muslims are your enemy, look past them...Behold ye the politicians, and they are but puppets. Look past them to the New World Order, and the nightmare that George Orwell envisioned.

Now Obama has added yet another policy change to validate my 'radical' views.

This from Front Page Mag...
Obama Inc. Wants Libyan to Come to US, Work in "Aviation Maintenance" and "Nuclear Fields"

I must ask why does Obama want Libyans working in our aviation and nuclear fields. The answer is quite obvious, but only if you accept the premises that I have been putting forth.

So I have brought you to the point where Islam now feels that they are gaining control as civil wars rage throughout the West, but there is a flip side to the whole story. The progressives also want anarchy to occur, granting them a justification to impose martial law, thus creating dictatorships across America and Europe, with the elites of the New World Order calling the shots. But, when the civil wars subside I will guarantee you this: Islam loses.

As we are being manipulated by the NWO, so too are the Muslims. Their role in the big picture is simply to provide terrorism, anarchy, discord, and fear. Society simply cannot exist under these terms and when such events are rampant, the frightened people of any nation will call upon their government to restore order. That can be arranged, for it is the progressive governments that control the military and those militaries can, and will, irradicate the Islamic problem, but once done martial law will not be lifted.

Allow me to prove that point. Al Qaeda of its own accord had no chance at all of defeating Qaddafi. It was only with the entry of our weapons and our aircraft grounding the Libyan Air Force that Islam gained another country. Look to Syria, and all of the nations involved in the funding of Al Nusra, and yet Assad with a trained and disciplined military is forcing the radicals back. That is why Obama was so desperate to intervene there.

Now let's look at a hypothetical situation of terrorists attacking in the U.S., England, France, Denmark, and every nation that Islam has infiltrated. The abject terror they spread will force the people to accept martial law to rid themselves of the problem, and that is where it gets sticky, because Islamic radicals will serve a purpose right up until the people trade away their freedom for security. At that point Muslims will become superfluous and the progressives will stop providing them with weapons and food. Then they will either be executed en masse or deported back the deserts from which they came.

So many foolishly believe that Islam is going to be victorious in days to come, but that is not to be. They lack technology, they have virtually no manufacturing, and Muslim nations cannot even feed themselves. Those radicals that so many fear will be helpless when Western governments stop backing them, and that is exactly what those governments will do once Islamic foot soldiers cease being a benefit and become a liability.

Look at Libya; Islam at its best. If Islam dominates, this will become the fate of the world. Do you really believe that George Soros, Hussein Obama, Bill Gates, or Hillary Clinton want to live under such terms? 'Shoot them or send them packing.' will become the watchword. Meanwhile importing new terrorists is the current policy for the Jihadist's work is not yet done.

Once Muslims have served their purpose and are no longer of value, then will begin the great culling. Totalitarian rulers always seek a stable regime, with no freedom and absolute control. Today's Libya proves that armed Jihadists cannot be controlled, therefore they will be the first to be eliminated, followed by such notables as Glenn Beck, David Horowitz, and Frank Gaffney.

We have all read about and seen documentaries about how totalitarian regimes weed out those who do not follow the party line. We all know about the NSA, and their ability to record every keystroke that any of us make on the internet. After the ideological leaders have been dealt with then will begin the elimination of those who have been red flagged by a computer for having expressed any doubt about Hussein's divinity.

I find it perplexing that people like Bush the Elder, David Rockefeller, Bill Clinton, Obama, and his trained lapdog Joe Biden can speak of the glory of the coming New World Order and yet when any of us bring up the topic, we are branded by the left as 'conspiracy theorists'. The NWO is a very real thing. It has been long planned and its final implementation is near at hand, requiring but one nuclear blast to trigger the final phase.

Needless to say, the beginning of the NWO will be the end of freedom, and the start of the next Dark Age. One might reasonably ask why anyone would want such a future for the human race. Let me remind you that George Soros, speaking of his younger days helping the Nazis to exterminate his fellow Jews, described that period as the "happiest time of my life."

Those elite of the NWO have two basic views: One, that they hate all humanity, and two: That they seek absolute power over the human race, even if it means plunging this world into another age of darkness.

As Milton so nicely put it in 'Paradise Lost'; speaking from Satan's viewpoint..."Better to reign in hell than serve in heaven."

This series of essays is now complete with a total seven articles on this topic(Unless breaking news forces me to update the series). The following is an introduction to the the entire effort with links to all seven different pages:
An Introduction To Iran, Obama, And Nuclear War


  1. I knew for sometime what was and is going on with government and NWO and all that. I just didn't know much of the details. Thank you, Danny, for explaining it all in 'Lehman's Terms.'

    This is a great series and I will be recommending all I know to read and pass it on.

    1. Thank you. I began writing on the internet only to get the word our, your passing ir on is invaluable.

    2. i wrote an introduction to this with all seven links.

  2. It may be even worse- the U.N.'s Agenda 21 calls for a world population of 500 million. What better way to "depopulate" the planet than a nuclear war?
    But then, they might accidentally kill a butterfly!

  3. Actually...The five hundred million figure is not an Agenda 21 policy. That figure came from the Georgia Guidestones, probably constructed by Ted Turner, who is an elite member of the NWO/Bilderbergers, but I am not surprised that some of the sensationalist bloggers out there have adapted the truth to fix their agenda.


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