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Friday, November 15, 2013


Chuck Hagel Secretary of Defense
I have no doubt that most liberals, should they read my last five essays, would gladly relegate me to the lunatic fringe and declare me to be a raving fear monger. After all, the very idea that a sitting President would actually set the stage for a act of nuclear terrorism on New York City, is stretching credibility to the limit. I myself would also like to believe that I am mistaken in my conclusions, but this administration's policies, when viewed in their entirety, leads me to believe nothing less. Furthermore I am convinced that the plan was formulated before Obama was chosen to run for office.

For those just beginning to read this series, the following are the last five links that I refer to.

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Think back to Obama's early days in office when he stated that 911 made us stronger and if such an event occurred again we would be able to 'absorb' it and become even stronger. Lies! All lies! The terrorist attack of 911 did not make us stronger. What it did accomplish was to give our federal government evermore power to intrude on the privacy of free Americans. As to the statement that we can absorb another attack; one nuclear weapon, properly placed, will bring this country to its knees. 

The very idea that we can absorb such an attack instead of preventing it, gives one an insight into Obama's personal views, priorities, and loyalties.

George Bush did this nation a grave injustice in telling us that Islam is a Religion of Peace. He was guilty of a further lapse of judgement in assuring our people that the government would protect us and the most patriotic thing we could do was to go shopping and keep the economy strong. What he should have done was to warn all Americans that a dangerous foe was now on the prowl and that we needed to act accordingly, shore up our defenses, and expel those who intend us harm.

We should have regarded 911 as our ancestors did Pearl Harbor. Instead, a badly frightened and apathetic public followed the lead of a progressive government intent on promoting the welfare of those who would harm us. Now we find mosques being used as indoctrination centers, terrorists training camps across America, and CAIR calling the shots for the FBI. 

And just to spice things up a little, anyone who dares tell you that there is a conspiracy afoot is branded as a 'conspiracy theorist', and ridiculed by the MSM. Call me what you will, but I am telling you that there is indeed a conspiracy in the works, involving the elected and appointed leaders of this country. It designed to take this nation down, and those conspirators are fully prepared to use a nuclear weapon to enact their agenda.

Politics as usual is leading to the fall of a great nation. That political agenda controls our media that hides the truth from America, and I can think of few situations more appalling than to die ignorant of what befell me. Israel has long dealt with the great evil of Islam. We would do well to follow their lead, instead our leaders scorn Israel and invite that evil among us, laying the groundwork for our own defeat, and curtailing our people's right to speak their own beliefs about the danger.

Staying abreast with current events and the traitorous activities of people such as Obama, Kerry, and Hagel, I have concluded that they actually want Iran to become a nuclear power. Most assume that if Iran succeeds they will immediately target Israel with their first nuke. Following my belief that most people are wrong most of the time, I delved farther into our baffling support of Iran and concluded that the U.S., not Israel, will be the target, pinpointing ground zero to New York City, with the bomb delivered via a cargo ship and detonated in New York Harbor.

Part Five was largely devoted to the followup nationwide terrorist attacks and its ruinous effect on this country. Such a scenario is custom made for the goals of the Obama administration, allowing him to finally declare martial law and begin to disarm American citizens.

I had fully intended to write this essay based on the world wide effect of the terrorist attacks on America and the ensuing martial law. My original plan was sidetracked due to a very valid comment.

One astute reader I shall refer to only as "D" left the following comment at the end of Part Five:
"You do not need a terrorist attack in NYC. Just a false flag will do it."

I must agree with him. A false flag nuclear attack would indeed serve the same purpose but leave a lot of loose ends, therefore such an event would be best left to terrorists if at all possible. However, I will not rule this out as Israel may well attack Iran and prevent the attack I predict. But, the plan must go on. Whether as an act of terrorism or a false flag occurrence, the followup would be the same. 

When an aircraft falls out of the sky or is shot down there always remains tell-tale evidence as to the cause. Not so with a nuclear explosion as all of the evidence is vaporized, leaving no clue as to the originators of the blast. Hussein Obama would doubtlessly appear on television vowing to assemble an investigative committee and research the problem as he did with Benghazi. Meanwhile martial law would be imposed, for the good of the country of course.

In regards to a false flag attack, recent events tell me that the stage is set to enact such a possibility. Obama has been purging the military high command this year, paving the way to his dictatorship. In Part Two I provided a list of nine flag officers dismissed already this year. Regarding the changes necessary to implement such a false flag the following excerpt from that list shows two officers who have been dismissed, to be replaced by men chosen by Obama:

3. Air Force General Michael Carey. Two star commander of 20th Air Force. Commanded three wings of ICBMs, 450 nuclear weapons. Covered three Air bases across America.
4. Navy Vice Admiral Tim Guardina. Three star Vice Commander of all US nuclear forces. Relieved of command. Demoted in rank to two stars.

With security matters being what they are, not even a President can make a phone call and say, "Hey General, I'd like to have some of my people pick up a nuclear bomb this weekend. Please have it out on the tarmac by noon Saturday." It just doesn't happen that way! However, with Obama's choice for Secretary of Defense, Chuck Hagel, in position, old school patriots dismissed from command, and a new Admiral and General personally appointed by Hussein, the possibilities are endless. Needless to say, should it come to this, there would have to be many mysterious deaths occurring to cover the trail.

Little tidbit: Since I wrote Part Two, two more Admirals have been dismissed from command, and Allen West is demanding a congressional investigation into this rash of firings.

Let us view a few of today's headlines that further endorse my views. It goes without saying that any government agency is always pursuing an ever increasing role. Secretary Hagel is doing just the opposite in his effort to weaken the military and bring their policies more in line with Obama's.

This from Military Times...
Hagel: Pentagon Should Have Lower Profile In U.S. Foreign Policy

Personally I trust the military much farther than I do Obama, Hagel, and Kerry.

The French, calling it a 'Sucker Deal', recently scuttled Obama and Kerry's effort to give the farm to Iran, but the effort has not been dropped.

This from Yahoo News...
UN Ambassador Power: Iran Talks Need More Time

Iran, on the other hand wants that deal and Hezbollah is beating the drums of war to get it.

This from JPost...
Nasrallah: Failure to strike deal with Iran will result in regional war

As mentioned earlier, my original intent was to dedicate Part Six of this series to the worldwide effect of the fall of America. Admittedly I got sidetracked, and it is too late in this essay to engage such a topic; next up! But allow me to jump slightly off topic and express my delight with some of my readers.

Most reading this knows that I ran into a technical problem with my long established Freedom Rings 1776 and so have just begun this new site, with some previous followers just finding me. New or not, this site is beginning to show its potential, and my blogstats are revealing something very special about this series in which I am engaged.

I have written several series of essays in the past on other topics and have watched a pattern occur. Without fail essay number one will be widely read, essay two a little less, and the pattern continues downward as reader interest wanes. That is not happening to this series. This is telling me that I am on track and my readers grasp what I am writing and are finding my conclusions to be well within the realm of possibility, and are reading Part Five with all of the enthusiasm of Part One. Thank you so much.

The main problem that I have is that I have no solution, no quick fix, and no easy answers to the problems we face. My talent is limited to being able to connect the dots. I cannot erase them. But the fact remains that I would rather face a danger head on than turn my back on it and die in ignorance. That is probably due to the fact that I am an old school patriot.


This series of essays is now complete with a total seven articles on this topic(Unless breaking news forces me to update the series). The following is an introduction to the the entire effort with links to all seven different pages:
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  1. Won't destroying the economy via NYC be a problem for the government as well? Or, am I just wishful dreaming?

    1. No. That is what they want. Obama has long been following the Cloward and Piven strategy of overloading the system to force it to collapse.


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