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Monday, November 11, 2013


November 11, 2013
If you have not yet read 'Iran, Obama and Nuclear War' Part One, please do so before beginning this Part Two. We can read a novel all day but when it comes to digesting a lot of hard data, the human mind rebels, and drifts. That is why I am writing this as a series rather than one extensive essay that few would finish. Read Part One, take a break and come back to this.

So very many people are confused about why Obama is so willing to allow Iran to pursue its nuclear agenda, and then there are the totally ignorant who don't even want to think about it. The latter group is the most dangerous, for in spite of their lack of knowledge and concern, they still go to the voting polls, making uninformed decisions about topics they don't even hope to understand, thus handing this nation over to Obama. Ignorance and apathy combined are the bane of all who love liberty.

I am certain that most who read my efforts are well aware of the Shiite concept of the twelfth Imam who, when the entire world has been engulfed in total chaos, will rise from the dead and create a Utopia on Earth for Muslims. I generally try to avoid the topics of religion and prophecy but if those who follow this belief succeed in creating the chaos they seek through nuclear war and their prophecy fails to come to pass, then we are all in a great deal of trouble, with destroyed cities, nuclear fallout. and clouds of radiation circling the Earth.

Hussein Obama was raised in the Suni culture but is well aware of the Shiite's twelfth Imam concept and knows that the mullahs of Iran actively seek the state of chaos required for their prophecy to take place. And that leads to the question of why; why does Obama supports these madmen in their quest for nuclear weapons and a potential Armageddon?

You are probably familiar with Occam's Razor, the concept that the simplest answer is usually the correct answer. My simple answer to why Obama supports a nuclear Iran is that he wants a nuclear war. They have stated, for the entire world to hear, their intention to wipe Israel off the map. Any sensible human being would take them at their word, and do everything possible to stop their hellish scheme, but all that Obama and Kerry are doing is asking them to slow down for just six months.

Most people in their right mind would tell you that only a madman wants to see nuclear tipped missiles aloft, but Obama is not mad. Obsessed yes; mad no. He and his mentor George Soros hope to see Israel destroyed, and it is there that we encounter a Catch 22. Iran is working on their first bomb, and Israel already has between 85 and 200 nuclear warheads at their disposal.

Israel is quite small and a nuclear bomb, if successfully detonated there, would quite naturally do extensive damage, but ask yourself how is Iran going to deliver it? No bomb laden aircraft is going to penetrate Israel's defensive network. The same can be said about a missile. Iron Dome is famous for ignoring rockets that will land harmlessly in a field in southern Israel while knocking down all inbound that are headed for a city. Scratch planes and missiles.

A ship headed for the harbor in Haifa would be blown out of the water by the Israeli navy, and any truck or bus transporting a nuclear device overland is going to detected by its radiation signature and destroyed. I honestly cannot see any effective means by which Iran can hope to trigger a nuke in or over an Israeli city.

They could possibly hope for a high altitude EMP attack but Israel, unlike America, is always preparing for the worst case scenario and you can rest assured that all vital infrastructure is hard wired and protected against such an occurrence.

The only means that I regard as possibly feasible is to install a warhead on a missile that is being held in reserve. Then a massive launch of medium range conventional warhead missiles would begin, coupled with a rocket barrage from Hamas. Iran would need to have observers on scene informing them of when the Iron Dome anti missile system was overloaded and could no longer withstand the assault, and Iranian missiles were falling in Israeli cities. This would be the time to launch their one and only nuclear device among a salvo of conventional missiles. While this would not be a guarantee of success it would substantially increase the odds in Iran's favor.

And then there would be all hell to pay.

All during such an attack the Israeli Air Force would be bombing the missile launch sites, and command centers, drastically reducing Iran's supply of missiles and possibly taking out the nuclear one in the process. Worst case: That single missile is launched and one city in Israel is largely reduced to rubble and that is the end of Iran. As mentioned earlier, Israel has 85 plus nuclear warheads and they would irradiate every city in the nation that attacked them. Within minutes Israel's missiles would be killing many millions of those who have chanted "Death to Israel."

And who wins? I have a most unusual answer to that question; Obama.

Now, if you are not convinced that I have totally lost my mind I shall explain the logic behind that conclusion. First off, any sane person in the Middle East would like to see Iran's nuclear ambitions terminated as quickly as possible. As discussed in part one of this series of essays, Obama does not want to stop Iran from becoming a nuclear power, he only wants to slow their efforts by six months. That in itself speaks volumes as it indicates that Obama has an agenda with a timeline attached. He wants Iran to become part of that timeline, and at the right time he wants them to have a nuclear weapon, ergo Hussein is seeking nuclear conflict in the Middle East. I will gladly welcome any dissenting views that take all of these events into account.

Many feel that Obama is a closet Muslim. I do not. I am convinced that he is an atheist but knows the ways of Muslims well. He may seem to be promoting their agenda, when in fact he is using them to promote his. Incidentally I often use the term Obama as a singular entity when in fact he is but the spearhead for a group of NWO advocates. But that spearhead seeks the destruction of both Israel and the United States, and that endeavor requires the use of nuclear weapons.

Our Commander in Chief has been rapidly reorganizing our military command structure. See 'Obama's Plan To Destroy The Military Parts One and Two' in suggested reading below. The following is excerpted from Part Two and lists Flag Officers dismissed in 2013 alone.

Note especially the highlighted officers 2 - 5. These are old school, dedicated to the Constitution, officers in charge of  armed forces in the Middle East and, you guessed it, Nuclear Weapons. Further down the list at #8 we find General Mattis, commander of Central Command in the Middle East.

1. Marine Colonel Daren Margolin. Was in charge of Quantico's Security Battalion
2. Marine Major General C.M.M. Gurganus. Commander Regional Command Southwest and I Marine Expeditionary Force in Afghanistan.
3. Air Force General Michael Carey. Two star commander of 20th Air Force. Commanded three wings of ICBMs, 450 nuclear weapons. Covered three Air bases across America.
4. Navy Vice Admiral Tim Guardina. Three star Vice Commander of all US nuclear forces. Relieved of command. Demoted in rank to two stars.
5. Marine Major General Gregg A. Sturdevant. Director of strategic planning and policy for U.S. Pacific Command and commander of the Aviation Wing at Camp Bastion, Afghanistan.
6. Marine Colonel James Christmas. Commanded 22nd. Marine Expeditionary Unit. Also commanded the Special Purpose Marine Air-Ground Task Force Crisis Response Unit.
7. Army Brigadier General Bryan Roberts. Commander Fort Jackson South Carolina.
8. Marine General James Mattis. Chief of CentCom.
9. Army Major General Ralph Baker. Commander of Joint Task Force Horn of Africa at Camp Lemonnier in Djibouti Africa.

Call me conspiracy theorist, but when I see both the high command of the Middle East and those in charge of our nuclear weapons being replaced with Obama loyalists, all in such a brief period, I must ask why is such a drastic change of command occurring when so many fear that we are on the verge of WWIII. Quite frankly I do not like my own answer to that 'Why?'.

I write of Gloom and Doom for that is the Hope and Change that Obama has loosed upon this nation, but Gloom and Doom, tires the soul and makes the mind weary, and so I shall shortly end this essay and continue later with Part Three, where I shall examine some of the other players in the scenario we see taking place in the Middle East.

Just to make certain you return for round three, here is one more topic to show you that indicates that a plan is indeed in progress. Our military is being weakened, and it is by design.

From The Blaze...
Army Chief of Staff Reveals His Greatest Fears
“There is going to come a time when we simply don’t have enough money to provide what I believe to be the right amount of ground forces to conduct contingency operations,” he said. “We’re not there yet, but it is something we are going to continue to review.”
If Army Chief of Staff Gen. Ray Odierno were to receive an order to deploy thousands of troops into a combat situation, he would be hard-pressed to comply. That’s because the U.S. Army reportedly only has two combat-ready brigades right now.

With our ground forces weakened, poorly supplied and financed, our high command being replaced by those willing to follow Obama's lead, and Islamic nations being strengthened as ours deteriorates, it is time to ask some questions and start connecting dots. That is exactly what I am doing.

This series of essays is now complete with a total seven articles on this topic(Unless breaking news forces me to update the series). The following is an introduction to the the entire effort with links to all seven different pages:
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  1. How do you convince someone who is a hardcore Obamanite, who served it two wars, and the only thing he holds against Obama is the ACA which really isn't. He watches only liberal news channels that don't say anything against Obama. Not to mention everything that is wrong in the government is all the repugnants fault.

    What can I do to wake this person?

    1. In all honesty...I do not believe that you are going to wake this person. Some simply choose not to see. As the saying goes 'There are none so blind as those who will not see." Most of my extended family are hard core supporters of this Marxist, and I have written them off as hopeless. We with the courage to face the reality before us must also face the reality that we cannot save everyone.

  2. Four more parts to this? Wow, okay, I'll get to them soon as I can.

  3. "...why does Obama supports these madmen in their quest for nuclear weapons and a potential Armageddon?"

    ...hmmm... question is how many deaths vile Iran created in the last 60 years?
    and how many graveyards America left behind all over the world in the same period of time? to show the statistics?
    ...lets start with 1953 Iran....
    and end up with the most recent Ukraine program of delivering democracy, freedom and liberty.....


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