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Sunday, November 10, 2013


November 11, 2013
I have a most annoying habit of predicting the future, as well as an equally annoying habit of being correct in those predictions. 

A knowledge of history, combined with a familiarity of current events, coupled with logic, and a willingness to accept those logical conclusions, is what led me to the internet. I have a driving need to fully understand and write of what I see coming at us like a freight train out of control.

History is quite full of Cassandras who have applied the formula I have described above, and tried to warn those about them of what was to come. As a rule these people have been largely ignored by those who simply do not want to know. They were disregarded until it was too late, but that is the nature of most of mankind, seeking feel good projections of the future.

A few minutes ago I received an Email that a reader had left a comment on an essay entitled Anarchy, Its Pursuit And Its Goals that I had written in Freedom Rings 1776. This person left a very profound comment of "How unpleasant it must be for you to be so fearful." He was quite correct. It is unpleasant, and yes, I am very fearful. Other than that acknowledgement I regard this person to be a village idiot for he chooses to reject the facts put before him.

Unfortunately there are a lot of village idiots among us.

In 1860, with the Civil War looming, most were convinced that there would be one great and glorious battle and the issue would be settled. William Tecumseh Sherman saw otherwise, projecting a war lasting years with a horrendous loss of life. He was literally regarded to be quite insane and treated accordingly. Later, needing the wisdom of this 'madman', Sherman was drafted into service, and he served well, so well in fact that he is regarded to be the father of modern warfare. 

Still later, in England, with a war weary population desperately hoping for peace, Winston Churchill was considered to be over the top and also disregarded, right up until the moment that England could no longer survive without him.

So goes the lot of the Cassandras of history.

Today events are unfolding that make absolutely no sense to many, and broadly dismissed by others. I regard most of my readers to be some of the best informed people in this nation and to them I say: Look past the smoke screen, and see what is coming. 

I wish that I could tell you that Hussein Obama and John Kerry are also village idiots, but that is not the case. They know exactly what they are doing. They, and many others, are involved in a very devious plan that requires careful timing and they do not want that timetable disrupted in any way.

Iran is quite capable of disrupting that timetable. 

Israel lives with a sense of dread over the day that the Iranians have their first nuclear weapon and they keep suggesting that they will launch an air strike, on their own if need be, to prevent this occurrence. Saudi Arabia lives with an equal dread of the day that Iran becomes a nuclear nation and begins flexing its power in the Middle East. To this end the Saudis have now purchased nuclear warheads from Pakistan, as well as missiles from China, and have built launch rails aimed at Iran.

Common sense, so scarce in the world of progressive politics, would seem to indicate that Iran's plan to wipe Israel off the map should be taken seriously, and yet Obama defends the mullah's right to become a nuclear threat. The problem is that right now they are endangering his timetable, and so he is prepared to make concessions that they may fall into line behind his grand plan.

Six months! He is not asking Iran to forego their nuclear pursuits, demolish their sites, or junk their centrifuges. All he wants is for them to just delay their plans for six months. To this end he has offered to release fifty billion dollars of frozen Iranians assets. He is openly offering to allow this rogue nation the right to pursue their nuclear ambitions if they but slow their efforts to meet his schedule?

Netanyahu is a man seriously seeking peace and that is perhaps his greatest weakness. His brother was killed and he was wounded in the Yom Kippur War. He hopes in vain to keep such a war from ever occurring again, and to this end he has made many concessions of land and prisoner releases, but he can see absolutely no benefit to Obama's effort to simply slow down Iran's nuclear pursuits, while lifting all sanctions and throwing billions of dollars at Tehran.

Saudi Arabia wants Israel to attack Iran's nuclear facilities and to this end they have offered to allow Israel unrestricted use of Saudi airspace in the endeavor, and I certainly hope that Netanyahu chooses to take advantage of the offer before it is too late. His great weakness is that he is still hoping that the US will join him on a joint strike but I cannot foresee this happening with Obama in office, for he has plans of his own.

Six Months! This period is a double edged sword for if everything goes according to Obama's plan then it will guarantee that Israel will not attack during that period, and that Iran will have that much more time to build centrifuges, thus allowing them to jump start their enriched uranium production when the waiting period expires. Fifty billion dollars buys a lot of centrifuges and hardens many underground sites. That six months also gives Hussein of the White House yet more time to further his agenda here in the States before the Middle East is scheduled to blow up in our faces.

Obama's domestic policy is the key to the whole reason for these dangerous negotiations. More on that shortly. First Israel Hayom has an excellent article about what is taking shape with these negotiations.

This from Israel Hayom...
U.S. Capitulated on  Iran deal Jerusalem says
Israeli officials were furious at the Obama administration over the emerging deal on Saturday, with one diplomat saying that "the Americans capitulated to Iranian maneuvering."
"Kerry wants a deal at all costs and the Iranians are leading the Americans by the nose."

Even France describes what is being sought as a "sucker's deal".

It is a sucker's deal and Obama could care less if we are being led by the nose. His primary goal is to buy time, and fifty billion dollars and many concessions are but a small price to pay to enact his overall agenda.

This from The Weekly Standard...
Netanyahu: This is a bad deal-A very very bad deal
"I met with Secretary Kerry the night before he left for Geneva." said Netanyahu, "I reminded him that he said that no deal is better than a bad deal. Iran is not required to take apart even one centrifuge. But the international community is relieving sanctions on Iran for the first time after many years. Iran gets everything that it wanted at this stage and it pays nothing. And this is when Iran is under severe pressure. I urge Secretary Kerry not to rush to sign, to wait, to reconsider, to get a good deal. But this is a bad deal--a very very bad deal. It is the deal of the century for Iran, it's a very dangerous and bad deal for peace and the international community."

John Kerry is playing hardball with Israel, threatening them with the potential for a third Intifada if we do not give into Iran's demands, and in doing so is lighting a fuse that can readily lead to another Islamic uprising, but then, that is part of the plan.

This from The Algemeiner...
Top American Jewish Leaders Slam Kerry, Obama Admin. Over Iran, Peace Talks Comments.
"The danger here is that you legitimate an escalation by saying that 'because there is no progress, it can start an Intifada.' There are elements there that will use this to legitimize what they are doing."

Now, back to that agenda:

Obama wants Iran to obtain nuclear capability and is trying to pressure Israel into not launching a preemptive strike for at least six months. He hopes to delay the Middle East implosion until his friends manage to overthrow Syria, as their services will be needed to attack Israel.

Meanwhile, on the domestic front, we are continuing down the road to ever more inflation, government controls, many are preparing for civil unrest, and there is an ever growing number of radicals in Obama's private army, i.e.: the DHS. The apparent plan appears to be timed for 2015. The administration fully expects an armed uprising, in fact they plan to initiate it on their own terms and timing.

It will be triggered by an abrupt disruption of our entitlements program, and blamed on the GOP and the Tea Party. It does not take much imagination to conceive of what will happen when welfare and EBT payments are suddenly discontinued. On the day this occurs you might be wise to form a neighborhood militia because those welfare collecting city dwellers will be heading out of town once the shelves no longer contain food, water, and alcohol, and the cities are ablaze.

The collapsing economy here will trigger a cascade effect that will ripple worldwide destroying all western based economies. This is to be the key to the NWO's implementation of Martial Law.

More on the both the domestic and the nuclear agenda will come in 'Iran, Obama, And Nuclear War Part Two'.

This series of essays is now complete with a total seven articles on this topic(Unless breaking news forces me to update the series). The following is an introduction to the the entire effort with links to all seven different pages:
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