Some see, few know, many choose to wander aimlessly in a fog, devoid of sunlight. I seek the light of day and leave the others to their chosen realm of ignorance. They are the ones who have brought this great nation down. I write only for the benefit of those who possess the courage required to restore our birthright.

Saturday, November 23, 2013


Hiroshima At Night
A short time ago a friend commented about my tendencies to make predictions and the hazards contained therein as, if mistaken, it could prove to be quite embarrassing. I am not dissuaded, for I am not mistaken, and so continue the practice as, thus far, I have a very good batting average on those predictions, and nothing other than what my writings project make any sense at all in view of today's events.

Allow me to take you back to a an essay I wrote in May of 2011. I had concluded by then that Obama's foreign policies would inevitably lead to nuclear conflict if allowed to continue, and in my previous website Freedom Rings 1776 I wrote 'Obama...Forcing A Nuclear War'.

The simple fact is that Obama actually wants to trigger a nuclear confrontation leading to the fall of the United States and the destruction of Israel. Some who have read my work have rejected that premise because they 'know' that nuclear war will lead to the extinction of the human race, and so believe that no one would actively pursue such a plan. They are sadly mistaken. 

Such a war will not entirely doom humanity, and if one but closely examines the progressive policies of today it becomes quite apparent that they are indeed pursuing nuclear confrontation. Bear in mind that the Elites all have large, luxurious, and well provisioned bomb shelters, shelters that somehow we the people lack.

Author's note: I must admit a certain degree of respect for those who have read of my beliefs and reject them. My greatest contempt is reserved for those who refuse to even read or consider what I have to say, for they face the future, totally unprepared.

Our best scientists, prior to the U.S. dropping the two atomic bombs on Japan warned that a nuclear bomb site would be uninhabitable for ten thousand years. They were mistaken as well. The image above is of Hiroshima at night, beautiful, thriving, and productive. Click this link to view other images of a beautiful city was expected to be a nuclear wasteland for a hundred centuries. Yes, even scientists err, failing to take into account the resilience of the human race, and the cleansing properties of nature.

New World Order...Three simple little words. When combined many see it as the only lasting hope for mankind. Do away with the concept of individual countries, put an end to nationalism, embrace the philosophy of 'citizens of the world', and all mankind will learn to love each other and, hand in hand, enter as one into a Golden Age. Rubbish! When Bush the Elder first announced the coming New World Order, he was knowingly setting America up for a great fall, and fallen we have, and now so many are foolishly blaming Barrack Obama.

In regards to Obama, he is but a symptom, not the cause.

When placing blame, peer past the superficial and perceive the source. Look to the elite members of the NWO who ushered Obama into a position of power, and the ignorant, the lazy, and the greedy among us who allowed that assumption of power to take place.

These elite, numbering perhaps a few hundred people, are quite adept in the art of manipulating 'the masses'. I once despised the term 'the masses' as I felt that it degraded a noble spirit in mankind. Now in my waning years I have come to believe that this noble spirit exists among some of us, while the bulk of the human race grovels for any and all that will suit their needs for the moment. The future, and the consequences it holds, is an abstraction that most minds cannot conceive.

The elite of the NWO are convinced that the world is overpopulated, and unfortunately I must agree with them. There are quite simply far too many people on the face of this planet for the food, water, and resources available. The solution that they advocate, is to reduce the population, and I must wholeheartedly agree, but not by nuclear war. 

While it may rancor some of my conservative friends, I firmly believe that any woman, giving birth to a child she cannot support, should be sterilized in the delivery room, whether she approves or not. The same holds true for the people of the rich but starving nations of Islam, and those of the poverty stricken nations to our South, as well as Africa. A fact of nature is that all species will multiply until they outstrip their food supply and starvation weeds out the weaker among them. Mankind is unique in that we add war to the weeding process.

We cannot sidestep the edicts of Mother Nature, not even with religious or cultural doctrines. We must work within the limits imposed by nature or deal with the consequences. Fifty years ago we were all made aware that due to our improved agricultural techniques and life saving drugs, people were just not dying like they once did, and the human race was undergoing a population explosion. The responsible adults among us adjusted our lifestyles accordingly. Other cultures did not, and today we are being called upon to pay for the error of their ways.

One of the most haunting pictures that I have encountered in all of my
research is seen to the right; a poor innocent starving child, has been abandoned by a mother who could not feed him. He has not been abandoned, however by a vulture, waiting patiently for him to breathe his last, that she may feed her own hungry offspring. The world is a cruel place and only the strong survive. Americans were once a strong people, but today we are weak and growing weaker by the day, led by a self serving man who seeks to abandon us to the vultures of the world.

Back to the NWO and their plan to reduce the population: Reducing the population is not their only goal. They also seek unrestrained power over the entire human race, in the process, reducing our status to that of cattle in the field. Furthermore it is the burgeoning populations of irresponsible cultures that they have recruited as allies/weapons in their quest, and look at those whom they are targeting; the Western cultures that have brought their own population growth into acceptable levels.

The progressive agenda is destroying Europe and the United States with an imposed open border policy. That policy is inviting waves of immigrants, who multiply like vermin, that our societies cannot afford to support, and so those societies are being bled into extinction by government mandated policies, caring for immigrants while destroying their own.

So many people feel that Obama is supporting Islam when in fact he is using them and is fully prepared to sacrifice their fanatical followers of that belief in pursuit of the NWO agenda. Many disagree with me on that point but I cannot help but feel that they are only looking at what is immediately apparent, and not taking into account the fact that if Israel is destroyed, so too will be Islam.

Israel is well aware of the danger they face and following the doctrine of 'Never Again' they are prepared to die in the defense of their nation and, if die they must, they plan to kill many many millions as their final act of defiance. They have a policy known as The Samson Option that calls for a last minute launch of all their nuclear might, which is a bare minimum of eighty five nuclear weapons, and possibly as many as two hundred.

Think about it. The only Muslims that Israel need fear are in the Middle East and northern Africa. Should Israel so choose they could irradicate the entire problem overnight. They have not chosen to do so for unlike their Muslim counterparts, the Israelis seek peace. 

No sensible person can imagine Israel being conquered by a ravaging band of terrorists. Get enough terrorists together to accomplish that goal and Israel simply blows their homelands away. That tiny nation is mighty, and has thus far been fighting a purely defensive battle with one hand tied behind their back.

So far Israel has been living the role of 'Mister Nice Guy' choosing to stockpile, but not use what would end the problems they face daily. They have elected to restrict themselves to the use of conventional weapons as others threaten to wipe them off of the map, but think not that Israel will be reluctant to employ nuclear weapons when all else has failed them.

The Jewish state may well be one day wiped off the map but it will not be by Islam, for they lack the ability. If that day ever comes then it will be at the hands of Russia and/or a transformed United States.

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  1.'s sickening to see few comments or readers (not sure how many you have, yet stupid stuff on FB gets 14million views. So it is obvious what you say will come to pass, albeit so sad. It's similar yet much worse than the Jews/Germans willingly getting on those trains to their death...unfortunately, again... too little, too late! Linda-Jean

    1. Linda-Jean, over a period of five years of writing my two primary sites have a bit less than three million page views. Sounds like a lot but it is a mere drop in the bucket. Sadly I know that I am right and you are well aware that most people quite simply do not wish to know the truth.
      A few days ago a friend in London sent me an update on the image above of the vulture and the dying child. It seems that the man who photographed the event committed suicide a year later leaving the thought that he 'should have done something.'
      National Geographic photographers and journalists follow an agenda of non-interference in the ways of nature. So too did the Germans in their pursuit of an agenda. So too are our people as they choose to be politically correct rather than standing forth with the words "Give me liberty, or give me death!"
      Gone are the passions of our people as today fitting in and becoming part of the collective is more important to them than standing for the truth and showing a willingness to die for what is right.
      Apathy always leads to despair. Worst of all, that apathy will lead not only to the fall of this nation, it will trigger a collapse of western civilization and a new dark age.
      Well, on this round we got far enough to land men on the moon, maybe next time around we'll get to Mars.


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