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Monday, December 23, 2013

AMERICA, LOST AND CONFUSED PART TWO . . . . . . Getting Your Ducks In A Row

To some it may seem that I am never at a loss for words. Let me assure you that is not the case, as I begin this essay with only the sketchiest framework in mind of how I am going to present my thoughts. My most recent essay 'America, Lost And Confused Part One' had to do with the Duck craze sweeping the nation and how it is such a divisive tool employed by the left to distract conservative Americans from what they should be concentrating on. It is also a furtherance of the Alinsky plan. Conservatives are having a field day with the verbal attacks, but so too are the liberals as outlined in Alinsky's rule Number Six: "A good tactic is one your people enjoy." 'They'll keep doing it without urging and come back to do more. They're doing their thing, and will even suggest better ones. (Radical activists, in this sense are no different than any other human being. We all avoid "un-fun" activities, but we revel at and enjoy the ones that work and bring results.)'

I do believe that most would agree that A&E only began Duck Dynasty to discredit American Conservatives. I also believe that the members of the dynasty went into this arrangement with their eyes wide open. Those open eyes were seeing a growing bank account simply for being themselves, willingly sacrificing some of their privacy, readily trading it away for more fame and fortune.

I have never watched Duck Dynasty and had never even heard of it until a few days ago, as I have far better things to do than watch a bunch of people act out the role of bad examples of American culture, held up to be laughed at by those who regard themselves to be enlightened. Surely, someone in that dynasty realized the role they were playing. That brings to mind the adage, "Unto thyself be true." Were they true? In my humble opinion they allowed themselves to be used to portray an image that ridiculed our most sacred principles, and the American way of life.

Allow me to show you something very revealing. The following is a photo of Kay Robertson with her sons taken before the 'Reality Show' began; from left to right Willie, Alan, Jase, Jep. Where are the beards? This looks like a red blooded, all American family; hardly what A&E wanted to portray, and so the all American family altered 'Reality' to fit into the liberal agenda, all for fun and profit.

As mentioned above, I have never watched this program and therefore cannot speak as an authority on much of the subject matter broadcast by A&E, but I must put a few questions before those of you who have become fans of the Ducks. Were I the CEO of A&E, with an axe to grind, I would want to show these modern day Beverly Hillbillies in as poor a light as possible. I would want them to be killing birds, catching fish, skinning grizzly bears and giving PETA cold chills.

I have read that there was mention of Jesus, largely edited, in their everyday talk, but the questions that I have: These people are portrayed as personifications of conservative values; how much did you see them discussing the conservative matters we discuss on the internet? Did they gather around the table and debate the dangers of a communist living in the White House? Did they talk about the dangers posed by ObamaCare? Were they at all concerned about Cloward and Piven? Were they upset about the Progressive agenda and the coming train wreck it has planned for America? Or were they limited to depicting a far right wing lifestyle of living in a backwoods mansion, dedicated to the killing of wild animals, and living off the land? One further question: Was this 'Reality Show' reality?

I know that I am going into deep waters by not going with the flow and jumping on the defend the duck bandwagon. I have been in deep water before and have usually proven that I see through the fog that blinds others, and if you will read further I shall explain my reasoning.

As for being a conservative, I wear the label as I support much of the conservative agenda, but in truth I am a libertarian such as Jefferson, Franklin, and Adams were. I may be two hundred years out of date but I still hold true to the principals they outlined. To be even more specific, I am an Objectivist, per the Ayn Rand doctrine, but libertarian is far easier to define in a short summary, so let us go there.

Wikipedia describes Libertarianism as 'a set of related political philosophies that uphold liberty as the highest political end. The includes emphasis on the primacy of individual liberty, political freedom, and voluntary association.'

It was inevitable that at the ripe old age of sixty nine I would become a philosopher of sorts. I highlighted 'voluntary association' for a very specific reason; the reason being that we are being stripped of this right. We are having a narrative forced down our throats by the left and this is taking place due to the Progressive agenda and it is being supported, by default, by conservatives who fail to grasp the true significance of what is taking place and what we are losing.

Phil Robertson had every right to voice his opinion about the homosexual agenda. It is his right to have an opinion. It is also his right to voice it, as per the First Amendment. It is also GLAAD's right to disagree with him, and that is where it gets really sticky because my conservative associates feel that GLAAD is unjustly attacking Mr. Robertson for his views, while they in turn feel justified in boycotting those who support the liberal agenda.

I shall get back to 'voluntary association' shortly, as that it what this is leading to. For the moment please be patient and hear the views of a libertarian who truly believes in freedom.

You had best believe that the producers of Duck Dynasty went into this deal knowing that at sometime in the future one or more of the dynasty would do exactly what they wanted them to do which was bring 'unwanted' attention to the program, and the contract must have had some sort of morality clause and given the producers the right to terminate any who cast their brand in a poor light. Phil spoke, GLAAD attacked, and the trap snapped closed, and somewhere in hell Saul Alinsky is laughing hysterically.

Now to the voluntary association as put forth by the Founders and The Enlightenment. Each of us has the right to associate or disassociate ourselves in regards to others. The Robertson family chose to become part of the image that liberals chose to impose on the conservative movement. They altered their entire lifestyle to meet the specs laid out by the left, but deep down there yet flickered beliefs that they could not dispel, not even for fame and fortune. That was the 'Gotchya' that A&E had long awaited. A rational time to terminate that voluntary association, but no, it has become a time to embroil all of American in a contract dispute.

Benghazi under the rug, Syria out of mind, forget the economy, government graft, and corruption. Disregard all that is destroying our country, but in the name of all that is holy defend the ducks!

I have stated that this whole thing is Saul Alinsky at his best, once again taking in the gullible, and I am going to prove it.

Rule Number Two: "Never go outside the expertise of your people." The liberals at A&E set the stage, pulled the strings, and when the time was right, triggered the trap.

Rule Number Three: "Whenever possible, go outside the expertise of the enemy.They have certainly succeeded in this effort for those on the duck bandwagon have no idea what is really taking place.

Rule Number Four: "Make the enemy live up to his own book of rules."

Rule Number Five: "Ridicule is man's most perfect weapon."

Author's note: I shall get to Four and Five in detail below.

Rule Number Six: "A good tactic is one your people will enjoy." I have no doubt that the liberals at A&E have long enjoyed the trap they have been setting. Now they savor their moment of triumph.

Rule Number thirteen: "Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it." Phil Robertson was the target, not the entire Duck Dynasty. The goal is one specific target to focus on. From the past I give you Sarah Palin. She, not the Republican Party, was targeted, frozen, personalized, and polarized. Saul Alinsky was right. The left did not want to smear their poster boy McCain, and so Palin was chosen to be attacked.

Now let us get back to Alinsky Four and Five:

Ridicule is indeed a potent weapon. While it may stir animosity in conservatives, and cause some backlash such as boycotts, it further strengthens the left as they find common ground to oppose us. They could care less about boycotts. Soros is backing the whole thing and will make good any losses with tax deductible donations to A&E.

This from The Daily Kos...
Duck Dynasty is a Fake Yuppies-in-Red-Neck-Drag Con Job

"Make the enemy live up to his own book of rules." And that is where they destroy us every time. Most will not read the above link, but I did as I firmly believe in the adage "Know thine enemy." Unfortunately so do the tacticians of the left, for they take the words of the Bible that Phil Robertson promotes and makes him look like an absolute phony as he is not living up to his own rules.

The Daily Kos author turns the Bible against against the leader of the ducks, quite possibly because he knows the Bible better than does Robertson, and most certainly knows how to turn it into an Alinsky weapon of choice as he quotes Matthew Chapter Nineteen, verse 16 through 26. 

Briefly those verses recount the story of a wealthy man inquiring of Jesus how he might go to Heaven. Jesus told him to follow the Ten Commandments, sell all of his possessions, and give the money to the poor. The man left, unwilling to do so. This confused the disciples and verse 23 tells us: Then Jesus said to his disciples, "Truly I tell you, it is hard for someone who is rich to enter the kingdom of heaven." and in verse 24: "Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for someone who is rich to enter the kingdom of God."

And then the author adds the coup de grace or perhaps I should say the Alinsky touch as he writes:
"So if Mr. Phil Dynasty wants truly to be as perfect as he claims to be, as perfect as he wants other people to be, if He Wants To Enter the Kingdom of God then he should set a shining example and sell ALL HIS POSSESSIONS AND GIVE IT TO THE POOR and then, only then, will he have treasure waiting for him in the Kingdom of Heaven."

Many atheists know the Bible well. This one most certainly does, as he quotes Corinthians 11:14: "Does not even nature itself teach you that if a man has long hair, it is a dishonor to him?"

He goes on to add that Mr. Robinson, if he practiced what he preaches, would sell all that he has, distribute the money to the needy, and get a haircut.

Corinthians was written by Paul and if you accept what he wrote to the church in Corinth, then it is highly unlikely that our present day image of Jesus is even close to what he really looked like, as wearing short hair, as per Paul, was the accepted practice in those days.

This liberal, or Progressive, from The Daily Kos and I stand at opposite end of the political arena, and yet I would not want to debate him on the merits of this case, for I would most assuredly lose were I standing in support of Phil Robertson. Following Alinsky's methods, this man accurately quotes a source that no Christian can refute, and shows Phil Robertson for what he really is.

As we blindly follow and defend charlatans, I must ask is it any wonder that we are losing our liberty?

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  1. It is fair to say that I am not a fan of all these 'reality' programs, but that is not the problem. Whatever Duckman Phil has to say, 1) he's entitled to say it, 2) no one has to agree. He doesn't have to agree with anyone else's life style and he doesn't need the bible to back up his beliefs.

    As long as he is prepared to be tolerant of other people and not call for any harm to befall anyone I don't care what he says. It is true to say he never said anyone should be harmed, although many called for him to suffer many horrible punishments with not a word said about that.

    Again that isn't the point. Whether any reality program represents reality at all I doubt, but this case has been used to good political effect. It should also be a warning to people that the principles of America as written in the Bill of rights, and the constitution are being torn up and rewritten right in front of them.

    America is supposed to be a constitutional republic. The first amendment gives everyone the right to free speech, short of shouting fire in a pack theatre.

    What is happening at the moment is the Constitution is being ignored, So, how is America being governed? is it just by guesswork? is it just by chance, or is it by the mob. Is the country being ruled by he who shouts loudest.

    I suspect the majority of Americans (if they were given a voice) wouldn't give a damn what Phil said, or what those that disagree with phil said. All they would care about is Phils right to say what he wants and for the right of others to disagree.

    Most people in the world bump along together without to much ado. What the progressives have decided is this status quo is not going to continue. Everyone, and that means Everyone is going to obey the laws of socialism. Everyone is going to sing from the same song sheet. Everyone.

    The bill of rights, the constitution, old values, old loyalties can all go hang. A new world is being sculptured and the old carbuncles of free choice, free speech and free thought are being chiselled from this new world design. you'll have to wait for the unveiling to see if you like it.

    Many people were warning America that Obama was a hard line socialist before he was voted in. Obama himself boldly proclaimed he was going to transform America before he was voted in. Did anyone stop to ask what that meant? Not a chance. You'll have to vote for it to find out what it is seems to be the un spoken policy of this administration.

    The Americans have been blind sided by people who want everything for themselves while sharing whatever's left out to the rest.

  2. This is the second part of my post, the first half ended with this sentence,

    The Americans have been blind sided by people who want everything for themselves while sharing whatever's left out to the rest.

    While people argue about the length of Phil Robertson's hair, and whether or not he grew it to portray an image for A&E maybe they should be more concerned about what their children are being taught in school, as common core will be how our future looks. Will anyone who is taught using common core 'Techniques' care about the bill of rights or the constitution or even America herself.

    As you have rightly pointed out, duck dynasty is just a distraction, while everyone's looking at the magician waving his right hand in front of you, his left hand is robbing your wallet leaving you destitute and homeless.

    The NSA have your number, they are logging your opinions, and so are schools, Doctors and your local Law enforcement AKA Military Police, everyone is being categorised and their threat level noted. All the Americans are at this moment bit by bit being disarmed and criminalised. And they are getting away with it. The Americans long ago being put into a minority by people who have never sworn allegiance to the US, but by people who hate America, but who believe America is a never ending land of freebies. They too will be victims of any coming collapse, they too will find out they are only pawns in a bigger game plan.

    If people wanted freedom, they should not have put people they don't trust in charge. The founding fathers warned off big government. Now government has become the new Olympus, and

  3. Danny, Paul...
    Danny, your writing became a daily "scripture" reading in my life ever since I have discovered your FREEDOMRINGS1776 a while back.
    Paul's comments are very welcome and add a great potency to the the subjects written.
    Thank you both so much!
    ...I read this article before and read it/translated to my Sister and her I do many times...
    but this morning checking out for words of wisdom from Danny, I returned to the 'duck stories'...
    well, I shall not hold any opinion or judgment because first of all I am not in States at present
    and second:
    even if I was back home I am not one to watch TV at all aside of few minutes in the morning to give me a local traffic/weather updates before I hit the greater Detroit area..
    Any reality shows to my knowledge would recall from commercials have NOTHING to do with reality!!

    I have no idea who Robertson's are , nor I want to know!!!
    but being forced to read and/or listen to such idiotic stories(from various media)
    I have couple of questions:

    how many of Americans watching the "reality show" attended a local gov meeting..being city, township, village..?...


    does anyone take a Bible quotes of giving up their wealth still believe their political representative
    to hold any truth!!!..?????
    kerry with his yahts..(and his treasonous statements)..
    ahh...obama missed jane fonda!!!!
    is she not feeling well?
    she would be a great poster woman for military sacrifices ..!!!!
    ok...I think I am going to be stomach sick!!! recalling all the great news ...

    clintons with the poverty loans from friends hardly affording an apt after THEIR presidency was over..
    ...and body count to impress Sherlock and Watson fanfiction.....
    ...kennedy's multi-criminal behaviour (enough in the clan to fill up a 10 most wanted list)...
    ...and please!!!!
    do not even mention boehner...
    as a speaker of the house I would like to kick his axx all the way back to Ohio until it will be square!!!
    ohh my age my mind may be absent., but there is a call..a message to march, to be in
    MAY 16TH!!!!
    and/or at
    U S A !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    and not leave
    current representatives are gone!!!!

    For certain I will be a part of this event and I want

  4. Dear Joanne,

    Its always good to hear that someone has decided to join the political arena. The founding Fathers wanted the power to remain with the people. For to long people have become impotent, believing government holds all the ace's.

    Good luck on May 16th. I hope many others realise government needs to be reigned in. And its the people who need to haul them back.

    Kind regards



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