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Thursday, December 19, 2013


David Horowitz
Patriot, Founder Front Page Magazine
All of my recent writing has been about the spread of communism in the United States and the danger it poses for our people in the near future. This essay will be no exception but I shall begin it with something that seems totally off topic, and that is our involvement in Syria. It is not off topic at all, just another indication of this administration's diverse tactics in implementing their agenda to cripple the greatest nation this world has ever known.

As a rule you can tell when a politician is lying to us when you see their lips move. Nothing could better indicate this premise than what has been taking place in Syria. You have heard them all, Obama, McCain, Lindsey Graham, and Mitt Romney tell us that we were supporting the Free Syrian Army(FSA) that in turn supported Western ideals. We have also been told that the bulk of the FSA were defectors from Assad's dictatorial regime with some 'moderate' Syrians joining in the effort. Lies! All lies! The FSA never even existed!!!

Daniel Greenfield is one of the greatest researcher/patriots that this nation has to offer and I hope that you read his article in its entirety. For my purposes I shall only touch on the highlights and how they apply to my efforts.

This from Frontpage Magazine-Daniel Greenfield...
The End Of The Muslim Brotherhood's Syrian Scam
The Free Syrian Army never existed. What did exist was neither free, nor Syrian, nor an army. The FSA was sold as an army of Syrian soldiers who had banded together under defecting officers to fight against the Assad government. The real FSA mostly consisted of Islamic brigades, indistinguishable for the most part from the other Salafist brigades in the war.

While I seem to be off topic allow me to continue:

Also From Front Page Magazine-Ryan Mauro
Egypt and Russia: Cold War Alliance Revived
U.S. support for the Muslim Brotherhood and the nuclear deal with Iran is propelling the Arab world into the arms of Russia.

And one more time:
From MSM New Zealand...
Russia Missiles Alarm Neighbors and U.S.
Germany's Bild newspaper said over the weekend that Russia has deployed about ten Iskander systems in it Kaleningrad enclave, wedged between Poland and Lithuania, at some point in the past year.

Now think back to the hot mic episode when Obama promised Russia that he would have more 'flexibility' after being reelected. This nation, and for that matter, Western civilization, is now being set up by that flexibility. The Middle East is ablaze due to the Obama sponsored Arab Spring. The nations of Europe are once again living in fear of a communist takeover, China is flexing her military might, and Japan, out of fear of China, is expanding its military as we continue to fund terrorism and scale back our own dwindling armed forces.

Meanwhile, here at home, society degrades. Roving gangs of black teenagers are randomly attacking unsuspecting white people and are literally beating some to death. Few are apprehended. Eric Holder still refuses to prosecute blacks for such behavior while still looking for white people to blame. The demand for evermore government provided benefits continues to grow, as our economy reels under the unrelenting assault.

Congress has decided to go pedal to the metal on spending as Republicans do not want to be blamed for taking away government services to the people that are bankrupting this nation, and some are even forming political action committees to oppose and discredit the Tea Party.  Thanks to ObamaCare even some liberals, including Barbara Walters, are beginning to realize that he is not the messiah they believed in. Many conservative writers keep announcing the good news that Obama is being exposed for what he is and we can change things 'IF' Congress will only stand up to him.

And that is one helluva big 'IF', because Harry Reid has now employed the so called nuclear option and changed the rules that govern the policies of the Senate.
This is a headline from the Washington Post...
'Nuclear Option' In Senate Makes President More Powerful

Now passage of a new law or approving the appointment of a far left judge no longer requires two thirds approval by the Senate. A simple majority of 51 votes(Not hard to get when there are 55 Democratic Senators)is all that is required to further the Obama agenda. This nuclear option is one giant leap toward the ultimate goal of an Obama dictatorship, and the implementation of a New World Order.

Author's note: I wrote most of this essay several hours ago and at the moment am proofreading and rewriting and something just occurred to me. One of McCain's greatest weaknesses is the fact that he never met a camera he didn't like, and there is a most awkward photo that nearly tripped him up. This is that photo, and the awkward part is that he told the press that these men were part of the FSA. Later it was learned that several were members of Al Qaeda, with prices on their heads. He wiggled out of the problem stating that he could not possibly be held accountable for a few infiltrators in the FSA. This photo absolutely validates Daniel Greenfield's findings. There never was an FSA! They were just another group of terrorists that we were funding.

And, I just received the following from from a fellow researcher in London. 
From The Telegraph UK...
How Many More Times Can The Foreign Office Get It So Wrong?

The British Foreign Office says that the FSA has disappeared, "taken to its heels, giving up its equipment to its Islamist rival, while Idris himself has reportedly gone on the run."

Thank you David Horowitz, Daniel Greenfield, and Joe in London. You guys have made my day! 

Now, let us pull it all together and connect the dots...

I have long written that Assad is an evil man, but better than what would replace him were he deposed. He will not be deposed for he has won and I am delighted. His people stood by him while we armed Salafist mercenaries from all over the Middle East.

We are just learning of this but our entire Congress, yes even the ones we support, have known of this all along. I will credit the 'good guys' with having to honor the oath of national security up until now. But! Now things have changed. The above has become part of the public domain and I am helping to spread it. They are no longer bound by the intricacies of national security. How many will now come forward and blame Obama with treason?

Benghazi, worst case, can always be attributed to poor judgement and a lack of communication in a very short time, under stress. There is always some wiggle room in a short term crisis. The above, however, is no short term crisis. This has gone on for several years and in excess of 115,000 people have died, and 11,000 of them were children.

Obama is not yet a dictator. If he were they would have already eliminated people like me, and I would not be here trying to enlighten the public. The fact remains that he and the left grow more powerful everyday. Bearing that in mind, ask yourself what this country will become when he has total control over our lives. 115,000 people dead, and many were Muslims. What will happen to this nation when he has the power of life and death over white people and Christians?

All of our Syria policies have been based upon a pure collection of LIES! Everything about this whole scenario reeks to high Heaven and if any in the GOP has the courage to pursue this they could bring Obama down, or cause the public to rise with an fury unknown since Pearl Harbor.

My bet is on silence. Few if any, will rock the boat, and they will carry on, politics as usual, discussing the budget, criticizing ObamaCare, and going along to get along, seeking the 'brown' vote that freely crosses our southern border. In general I do not like to use the same image twice, but this one from American Gulag Part Three deserves an encore. They come north seeking a communist Utopia.

Obama is involved in the Globalist plan to bring communism to the entire world. The spread of communism thrives on a people who live a day to day life of despair. To that end, I give you Russia under the Czar, China under the Emperor, the people of South Africa under Apartheid, and the people of the Banana Republics of South America. Those who fell for the deceptions put forth by communist agitators had long lived in poverty, and without exception they found their lives made far worse under their new communist overlords that had promised them so much.

Most would agree that when the economy of the United States collapses so too will the other economies around the world. It is strange to what extremes those who crave power will employ. As mentioned above, poverty is a prerequisite for getting people to give up their freedom for the promise of food on the table. Those seeking such power are quite willing to cause the starvation of billions of people in their quest.

Karl Marx started the ball rolling and thus the Bolshevik leadership core came into existence, and they had little trouble in recruiting an army of Russian peasants to do their bidding. However they were well aware of the impossibility of a repeat performance in the West as those cultures did not have peasants but a better fed and educated class of citizens, and so a slow growth agenda was employed by the Fabian Socialists of England and Europe, and the Progressive movement was born in the United States.

Over time, one Progressive law after another was implemented until we now have socialism effectively attacking what was once a system of free enterprise. FDR's New Deal, Johnson's Great Society, Obama's unchecked spread of welfare, and a rebirth of racism; i.e.: class struggle, has brought us to the current day.

Many of our people dread the prospects of Obama suddenly enacting a gun grab and declaring martial law. Not to fear; for the time is not right for such a drastic move. Obama grows stronger every day as we weaken, and he is quite content with the pace. In the past I have written that he does not plan to leave the White House in 2017 and predicted that the final push would occur in late 2015 or early 2016.

The administration can trigger anarchy and the resulting economic collapse anytime they so choose. All that is required is to terminate the welfare and food stamp program and blame it on the GOP members of Congress. Instant riots! One event could hasten that day and that would be the uprising of enough Americans, finally fed up with Obama. 

I do not believe that this uprising is in the cards because we are now less than a year from our next mid term election and the hope that is inherent in that dangled carrot will keep the conservative population hoping for divine intervention as they did in 2012, and once again they shall weep bitter tears when God does not take sides in the mess we have created.

Years ago I scoffed at the notion that our Republic was an 'Experiment'. firmly believing that the experimental stage was past and we have proven that self rule was indeed a valid concept. I was mistaken. The experiment continues and its future looks dim. Thomas Jefferson knew what he was talking about when he stated "The natural process of things is for liberty to yield, and government to gain ground."

So much for experiments. I look out over our Republic and see a waste land, created not only by our leaders, but by the people themselves. It will be those people who build their own gulags, and dig their own graves.

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  1. Janette ScarboroughDecember 19, 2013 at 7:47 PM

    Wow! This has always been the plan. It's always about the agenda and the time table . . .what he can ram through in 8 years. And America is still sleeping and she will not wake up until there is blood in the streets and probably a few tanks plastered with UN markings. The pieces of the puzzle are falling into place.

  2. First of all, McCain shall retire and get a grip on all of his properties he owns before making a testament..
    Yeah, it is a rude and a cruel remark but for the life of me I can not understand the people in Arizona...
    McCain is tossing people like caesar salad and they enjoy it!!! I will figure this one out in my next life.
    I agree with you 100% and litearally can not grasp the concept of Republicans shy away.
    Boenner (or what's his name ) is one pitiful human being...
    I am going to skip all the in-betweens and say this:

    Much of the problems are born and nursed at local level...
    people are not interested in anything , most does not know who their mayor is, who is running the township, city finances, who is making decisions and who is held to be accountable...
    laziness of a mind and comfort brings to surface what we see:
    total ignorance for surroundings being local, state or country level.
    I have seen and predicted the dissaster years back and it makes my heart skip a a beat and my stomach turn.
    I am fluent in polish (of course) :)
    russian and german and from time to time I would pick up few newspapers and make a promise to myself not to do that any time soon!!!
    European Union is nothing less that Soviet Union was (any theatrical skills should be green with envy) and the news from USA are even more depressing.
    ...maybe I am just too old to hold on to the Old Glory and everything it stood for ...long time ago...


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