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Monday, December 16, 2013


We are being assailed from all directions with an overwhelming load of information and even more disinformation. One of the greatest tactics of warfare is disinformation, and let there be no doubt; we are losing a war that is designed to bring this nation to its knees. 

I encountered the image to the left yesterday and love the utter simplicity of it. We see logic at it finest: Many have concluded that Obama is a Muslim, promoting a new Caliphate, others regard him to be another Hitler, still others; a communist, and let us not ignore the peace sign. After all he received the Nobel Peace Prize before doing anything to earn it. Today so many have yet to understand the agenda that Hussein Obama promotes because of the overwhelming news cycle mentioned above. Allow me if you will to demonstrate his true intentions by the process of elimination.

We may as well start with the peace sign. Utter rubbish, although many mindless liberals still promote Obama as a man seeking peace. True, he is advocating dismantling our nuclear deterrents, weakening our military and purging its loyal commanders, but that has nothing to do with the pursuit of peace. His plan is simply to make this nation vulnerable to foreign influence and/or attack.

His assault on Libya on the behalf of Al Qaeda, should have dispelled any belief in his peaceful intention. Not so! The efforts to get us more deeply involved in Syria should certainly have laid any further belief in his quest for peace on Earth to rest. That did not work either. All that effort accomplished was to demonstrate that Putin is a stronger leader than Obama, thus leading Americans to admire a communist.

Let us try the Nazi symbol: We have all seen many photoshopped images of Obama sporting that ridiculous mustache and a Nazi armband, but is he a Nazi? The answer is a most definite NO! 

I will be the first to admit that he has employed many of the revolutionary tactics utilized by the Nazi high command in their bid to gain control of Germany. However the Nazis were Fascists, claiming the German people to be superior to all others and therefore qualified to rule other nations by force. Extreme nationalism is the trademark of Fascists and none can accuse Obama of any feelings of nationalism, extreme or otherwise, for the U.S..

Quite the contrary, he diminishes our self worth by telling the world that we are no more exceptional than Greece. Nor is he intent on spreading our domination of others. Again, to the contrary, he advocates a back seat role for this nation among world leaders. So much for his being a Nazi.

On to Islam: In dealing with Muslims, most Americans are at an extreme disadvantage. Our belief in the freedom of speech and freedom of religion have given them great leverage in promoting their own doctrines while attacking ours. One fact about Islam that dates back to the death of Mohammed and the subsequent dividing of the Islamic belief into the Sunni and the Shia: If they are not fighting with others they are fighting among themselves.

Much of Obama's education in his younger days was taught under the Sunni traditions, and he still speaks with reverence for the 'Holy Qur'an'. Do not allow yourself to be taken in by his catering to Muslims. They are but a tool to be used and expended in the quest for his true agenda.

I must admit that several years ago, I too was convinced of Obama's Islamic loyalties. Hindsight is always 20-20. He was raised a Sunni, and were he indeed practicing what he was taught his loyalties would lie with Saudi Arabia, and here comes the spin: Obama was allied with the House of Saud in his endeavors to overthrow Syria, but his recent concessions to Iran, which is Shiite, have now alienated the Saudis, for they live in dread fear of Iran. Western logic would lead most to believe that Obama changed sides but I would dispute that. He never had a side; he is fully prepared to sacrifice both Sunni and Shia. Neither matter to him.

The image above has a caption stating that Obama cannot be all four; neither can he be both Sunni and Shiite, and I have concluded that he is neither. Obama is undoubtedly the fourth option from above. He is a hard core, dedicated, dyed in the wool, communist. He is what his mother wanted him to be. He is what Frank Loyd Davis trained him to be. And, his is exactly what George Soros, and his Globalist allies, sought in the man they chose lead this nation to its ruin.

As admitted, I was once convinced that he followed an Islamic agenda when he was deposing Mubarak, Egypt's strong man leader, and empowering the Muslim Brotherhood. That view was further enhanced as he aided Al Qaeda in their bid to overthrow Qaddafi, but then the puzzle started to come together with our involvement in Syria.

Earlier I wrote of a 'spin'; allow me to explain: This traitor was fully prepared to have our military engage Syria on behalf of the Saudis, and what would we have gained if, like Libya, we delivered another nation into the hands of Islamic terrorists? Nothing! All that would have accomplished was to add even more anarchy to the already troubled Middle East.

Anarchy! That is quite a word. In fact it is the Key Word to what is taking place. So, being politically outmaneuvered, Obama was unable to start a war with Syria, and his next move was to give the entire farm to Iran, who supported the nation he wanted America to get bogged down in.

Think back to the early days of Obama's regime. He began his reign of anarchy by offending our staunchest allies. Returning Churchill's bust to England was a slap in the face. Betraying many of their military secrets, was far more than a mere insult, for that move endangered the lives of the English people. Eastern and Central Europe has long relied on the protection provided by America, and Obama began dismantling their protective anti-missile shields, while reducing our own military down to its current two brigades of combat ready troops.

His assaults on Israel's security are too numerous to mention in one essay, but I have no doubt that you are aware of many. Egypt was a reliable ally and now they are turning to Russia for their security needs. Saudi Arabia, although a dubious ally, has also been alienated and are turning to Russia. Libya, another dubious ally, was at least helping us in the war on terror, and in the fight against Al Qaeda. They were sacrificed to the same Al Qaeda that we are currently supporting.

We have long managed to avoid major war by maintaining a 'balance of power' in the Middle East. That balance is being destroyed by Obama, and Islam will not gain from it. Russia will. Through Obama's actions we are driving the nations of the Middle East to seek alliances with Russia, leaving only Israel, and we are abandoning that small nation to fend for itself.

Again, Obama and Islam: Glenn Beck would have you believe that Obama is actively pursuing a new Caliphate. I must respectfully disagree. Were a Caliphate to be established it would be in either Saudi Arabia or Turkey. If this was his goal he would not be aiding Iran in their quest for nuclear arms for they have no interest in a Caliphate. Their mullahs choose to cause the end of civilization through chaos, and create a new world under their long dead Imam.

As said, he cannot be both Sunni and Shiite, as he is working both for and against both groups. This is anarchy at its finest. And to what end is this anarchy being fostered? To the implementation of a New World Order under the auspices of communism. Anarchy is the key to empowering the New World Order, and Obama holds that key.

More in Part Two.

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