Some see, few know, many choose to wander aimlessly in a fog, devoid of sunlight. I seek the light of day and leave the others to their chosen realm of ignorance. They are the ones who have brought this great nation down. I write only for the benefit of those who possess the courage required to restore our birthright.

Saturday, December 14, 2013


I shudder to think how many 'enlightened' Americans don't even know who Anne Frank was. Many of them no doubt deny that the Holocaust ever happened, still others have never even heard of it, and many of those who have heard of it are convinced that it could never happen here; surely not to them. They are but abject fools who choose to call themselves American, seeking their slice of the pie, and doing nothing to earn it, and yet they vote early and often. There is a two and a four year cycle of recycled lies that are spouted by the elites among us seeking the power and financial rewards of leading the gullible and deceiving those who seek a better way.

I despise politics; always have; always will. The simple fact of the matter is that now, in my waning years, politics has become the very reason that I exist and carry on day by day. Now, my continued existence is inextricably intertwined with those whom I detest, and that is not due to my having learned to love the political arena, but a dread fear of what tomorrow brings.

Americans have long been, by and large, apathetic about politics. We have had good, bad, outstanding, and mediocre leaders, and when things are not so good have always looked forward to the next election when we will vote them out and build a brighter tomorrow. Such apathy has led us like sheep to the slaughter into today's world, where we now know that there will be no brighter tomorrows.

The more learned among us began to realize in 2008 that something was terribly wrong with the likes of Obama winning the Democratic primary and being thrust onto the American stage to portray the messiah many have long sought. After hearing this man speak I was made well aware of the danger he posed, but in all honesty, my eureka moment was inspired by John McCain.

That moment came while watching a video taken at a town hall meeting when McCain gave the mic to an older lady who voiced her concern that Obama was planning to turn the U.S.A. into a socialist state. My real wake up moment was when he took that mic back and told America that Obama was not a socialist, and that he was a good Christian family man that loved America. That is when the light came on and I began the life of an activist, fighting desperately to preserve a world I had long taken for granted.

Well, that election has come and gone and one would hope that Americans had learned the error of their ways. Not so, as Obama's reelection in 2012 once again found him firming his grip on power. I once read an odd statement, that read: "God watches out for drunks and Americans; it's his profession." I hope that he continues to watch out for the drunks because American, sadly, are going to get just what they deserve.

That may sound somewhat harsh but that attitude was once well expressed by John Wayne when he told us "Life's hard. It's even harder when you're stupid."

To prove just how stupid Americans are they recently elected Bill de Blasio, known communist, to be the mayor of the world's most important financial center, New York City.

This bio from Discover The Networks...(With thanks to David Horowitz)
Bill de Blasio

This from Rush Limbaugh...
Rush: Bill de Blasio is a Sandinista Communist

This is from New Zeal Blog by Trevor Louden...
de Blasio: File Number One. Communists Support de Blasio

And this image is from The New York Post...

One day the people of NYC, and for that matter, the U.S.A., may choose to plead ignorance and deny the fact that they knowingly elected such people to high office. Ignorance is no excuse, nor is stupidity. The truth was right before them for all to see, and yet they knowingly embraced communism.

While there are some differences between Nazism and communism, their tactics are much the same, always with the end justifying the means, and always with the victims seeking an escape hatch.

The following images were taken by Hugo Jaeger, Adolph Hitler's private photographer. They were taken in the Polish town of Kutlo in 1939 and 1940. Jaeger treasured his photographs and yet, following the war, such images would have marked him as a war criminal and so he chose to bury them in attache cases packed in glass containers.Twenty years later he sold them to Time-Life, thus preserving the images for all time.

These photos were taken prior to Operation Reinhardt, 'The Final Solution', when the Nazis began putting these people to death in Trablinka in 1942. Come, take a guided tour to the future with me, as I show you the past. Odd as it may seem, the Nazis were humanitarians when compared to the communists.  The first group of photos were taken in happier days when the Nazis crammed 40,000 Jews into an area of that had once been a sugar processing plant. Some of these people, not knowing what the future held in store, still managed to smile, despite their hardships.
Interesting photo from 1939, early confinement period. Note the wagon, the woman is sitting on a stool, there is a crib, and a couch of sorts. These luxuries were to disappear the following winter, burned to keep from freezing to death.

It is most unlikely that any of the people seen in this group of photos survived the war, but in 1939 they had no idea what the future had in store for them and so they were still able to smile. Times changed.

Unlike Hitler, his photographer bore no hatred for Jews and photographed them behaving at their best when their daily life had been turned upside down and they were being stripped of all vestiges of culture.

Also from 1939 we find this image of a beautiful young lady, still vibrant and appearing happy in spite of what was happening around her. I cannot help but wonder if she were still smiling in 1940, and by 1942 when she was shipped to a concentration camp it is highly unlikely that she could ever remember the day when she smiled.

Such is life and death under a brutal regime, and history is quite full of atrocities for those with the wisdom to but look. One oddity of history is that the wise often fall victim to man's inhumanity to man, a condition frequently brought about by the unthinking falling for the guile of the evil ones among us. Today we can witness the decline of America and our people still smile, blissfully unaware of the fact that our nation is dying and soon someone will be photographing them as this nation crumbles about their heads.

My fellow citizens should enjoy their air conditioning, heating, hot and cold running water and plenty of food while they still have a roof over their heads, for Poland's past is about to catch with us.

Living behind barbed wire, cold, and never enough to eat. These were a conquered people who did nothing to bring such misery to themselves. I can only feel the greatest sorrow about their plight. I shall not be so magnanimous when such a fate befall those who have voted for the communists now holding office and planning our future.

And here we see a lady, her child, and her home; a lean-to built perhaps with a few pieces of pipe, covered in rags and held in place with broken bricks and stones. No matter how humble, there's no place like home... or so they say.

We find this young lady washing clothes by her improvised homes of rags and some sort of framework. Under such squalor there is not much that can be done inside as there is inadequate lighting.

Another activity that was restricted to the outdoors was cooking what little food was available on a brick oven as we see in the photo below. Americans have a lot to learn as so many who elect not to cook, go to the nearby fast food for take out, and they super size it.

Of course it wasn't all bad. Some had a life of relative luxury. Case in point, the lady below had a real roof to sleep under in the guise of a discarded automobile.

By now you may be wondering why I entitled this essay 'Americans Want Communism' and have only shown you some of the early day atrocities committed on the Polish Jews by Nazi Germany. As mentioned earlier, there are many similarities between the Nazis and the communists but I cannot help but feel that communism produced the greatest horrors.

In addition to the fact that communism has been responsible for so many millions more dead than was Nazi Germany, their methods were even more brutal. That story comes in Part Two.

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  1. Danny,
    Americans do not know what communism means in a real day to day living.
    The propaganda of equality made most people blind with sugar plums dancing in their heads of equal riches,
    the collective mental ignorance is not allowing any history reading or listening so the truth of
    equal poverty in a communism system is dismissed.
    'Work harder, earn less to support your country'...that was the last communist party leader in Poland before I left...
    Edward Gierek was saying: "Will you help to build your country?"
    and everyone said:
    Yes we will help !!!!
    ...from this deal he got mension with crystal chandaliers, silver grout between tiles, and luxuries rich Americans never yet come to imagine...
    ...and the workers hardly could afford their allowed rations of food...
    that's how communism works:
    Equal poverty for all!!!
    Luxuries for few!!!

  2. The poor sods, the Jews, thought they were going to be resettled. Had Hitler maintained his sanity and won the war they may well have all ended up on Madagascar; this was one Nazi solution. Just 70 odd years ago people were dying in their millions, before that another vast war, and then looking back into history; wars, violence and human suffering. With periods of civilization and relative peace interspersed. We have been, despite the cold war, living in one of these relatively civilized periods. Technological advances should have given us universal prosperity and peace, but we lack the collective wisdom to achieve this end. The first one to lay down his gun is the one that gets shot by his opponent. We cannot dismmantle our defences as we have been doing lately, (defence in every sense of the term), we have to be realistic. For the forseeable future there is always going to be an enemy in some form or another. Right now we are in a war the like of which we have not seen before. Usually the enemy is easily identifiable and leaders emerge to rally to resistance. We are in a bizarre situation, our leaders send our troops abroad to die in wars in which there is no gain, while at home the enemy makes gains and wages war by other means, well assisted by our leaders and pathetic justice system, that does us no justice.


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