Some see, few know, many choose to wander aimlessly in a fog, devoid of sunlight. I seek the light of day and leave the others to their chosen realm of ignorance. They are the ones who have brought this great nation down. I write only for the benefit of those who possess the courage required to restore our birthright.

Saturday, December 14, 2013


It goes without saying that anyone who writes wants his words to be read, and my blogstats keeps me updated on how many people in what nations do that reading, but perhaps the greatest rewards for my efforts come in the form of an intelligent reply from some of those readers. Over the years, due to various posted comments and Emails, I have written several essays inspired by those who respond to my work. This is another such essay, and it is a response to a lady named Johanna.

A brief history of Johanna: She was born in communist dominated Poland a few years after World War II, and so she has 'been there and done that', speaking as an authority on what lies before us as this nation succumbs to the horrors of the communist state. As a teenager she was involved in an underground newspaper in her home country, and one cold night a friend was shot by the powers that be, and parts of his brain landed on her boots.

Later Johanna managed to get out of Poland and move to America. She loves this country, and fears for its future, as she sees us evermore ready to accept communism and the evil that it imposes on those who are foolish enough to fall for its promised equality. At the moment she is back in Poland caring for an ailing mother, but still remains a dedicated American, and thankfully a regular reader of my blogsite.

Her English grammar, while slightly less than perfect, still manages to convey the idea she hopes to get across, and in past comments has told me that Americans will never learn until they have lost everything. To that end she has stated, "Let it burn!"

My two most recent essays were 'Americans Want Communism; Parts One and Two'. Joanna commented on both. The following is her reply to Part One:
Americans do not know what communism means in a real day to day living.
The propaganda of equality made most people blind with sugar plums dancing in their heads of equal riches,
the collective mental ignorance is not allowing any history reading or listening so the truth of
equal poverty in a communism system is dismissed.
'Work harder, earn less to support your country'...that was the last communist party leader in Poland before I left...
Edward Gierek was saying: "Will you help to build your country?"
and everyone said:
Yes we will help !!!!
...from this deal he got mension with crystal chandaliers, silver grout between tiles, and luxuries rich Americans never yet come to imagine...
...and the workers hardly could afford their allowed rations of food...
that's how communism works:
Equal poverty for all!!!
Luxuries for few!!!

And from Part Two:
you have managed to deliver the perfect blow to my day.
I was born several years after the war in a communist Poland and in the best years of such system we were standing 4 or more hours to buy a pound of sugar, meat, flour....(1970's)
Before Christmas lines of people were forming in the evening in front of any grocery stores
(forget toys; few could afford such luxuries)
in hopes to get a sniff of an orange or chocolate bar...
Ever since I reside permanently in States (last 30 years)there is not a single day going by that I don't think about the 'taken for granded' attitude represented by all.
I guess my point is:
Let the chips fall where they may and see who will manage to get the point.

and the sooner the better !!!
It is a real SHAME that the greatest Country that ever was and its people are suffering from a serious case of attention deficit disorder.
Great articles you write and don't you ever stop!!!

As I mentioned above, Johanna has been there and done that. She knows already what most Americans are too ignorant to grasp.

I had to reply to her second comment, perhaps because of the remark about "a sniff of an orange or a chocolate bar". This is the only nation in the world where obesity is a major health concern among the poor. They are fools; not for being obese, but for having traded in tomorrow for today. Their mindless embrace of communism is not only selling out their own future, but the future of their descendants.

The following is my reply to a loyal reader and a patriotic American:
Joanna it is always good to hear from you, for you speak as an insider of a world that few here can imagine.
After Obama was first elected I started writing with an optimistic, though mistaken belief, that America would rise and defeat the evil that had gained control of this nation. I was mistaken. Our military should act; they will not. Our people should rise; they will not. 
I keep watching as people look forward to next year's election, hoping to make a difference. The last election taught them nothing, and they will not learn from the next. There yet remains a handful of courageous political leaders but they are too few to make a difference. They speak brave and true words, but change nothing. 'Land of the Free' has become meaningless, and 'Home of the Brave' laughable.
Several times in the past you have written "Let it burn." and you are correct, for they will not know what they had until it has all been lost. When they stand defenseless and persecuted among the embers of what was once a free nation, they will wish in vain that they had taken a stand for liberty while they still could have.
I have watched many documentaries of WWII and one of the most tragic scenes was of a B17 with part of a wing blown off. It rolled over and, inverted, began spiraling toward the ground. The helpless crew was then pinned to the ceiling unable to exit the doomed aircraft. That is called a death spiral, and the United States is now in a death spiral, and most are not even aware of it. 
I began writing in hopes of saving the nation I love. I have failed, but shall continue to write, but only to warn of the impending crash.

What I expressed above is why I chose the name 'Fix Bayonets' for my new website. Years ago I began writing with a sense of optimism that has faded. That a great struggle lies in our future I have no doubt, but I no longer perceive it be a unified effort on behalf of any noble ideals. I see no cavalry riding to the rescue at the last moment; only an act of desperation to stay alive as all that we have taken for granted crumbles about us.

A closing thought about patriots: It strikes me as odd that some of our greatest have been foreign born, but perhaps that is as it should be. They know what we do not even want to consider. Look at Jamie Glasov, managing editor of Front Page Magazine, born in Russia, desperately trying in vain to awaken this nation. Also from Front Page we have David Horowitz, while born in this country he was born to communist parents. He too heralds a dark future as the communist juggernaut gains power.

Trevor Louden is from New Zealand, and is a voice crying out in the wilderness. Ayn Rand, probably the greatest patriot of the 20th century was also born in Russia, and wrote to us from the wilderness. Nonie Darwish, born in Egypt, issues warnings of dangers we disregard. Brigette Gabriel is another who has been there and done that, and she is fighting a gallant battle for the land she has come to love.

My friend Johanna is certainly on a long and distinguished list of foreign born patriots who love and try to defend the nation that our people are voting away, for a damn cell phone and food stamps.

Johanna, it will burn, and when the flames die out, so too will the last light of liberty. May God have mercy on these poor stupid fools, for they know not what they do.

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  1. ...
    You reminded me of something that for me was as a given ...
    but may express also other people feelings as well:
    My late husband was a HUGE fan of a baseball game and so we attended all Cleveland Indians home games.
    I was always sitting at his left so he was able to place his left arm over me and calm me down while our National Anthem was performed...
    Once it was over I could not settle down being outraged with all the hot dogs and beer flying around and could not understand (still can not) such disregard...
    Often my husband said:
    'I just wish half of Americans would love the country as much as you do'...

    ...and than 9/11 happened
    the first game afterwards was a dream!!!
    We were asked to rise ..the Anthem was played...
    ...and there was not a single person that I could see without tears flowing freely down their cheeks and their hand placed on their heart...
    singing all along...

    ...a tragedy pulled all Americans together...

    that's what we need?
    another tragedy more audiable and more visable than the one happening right in front of us for all to see??

    1. We will get that tragedy, but this time all of the pieces will be in place and it will be followed by a government clampdown.


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