Some see, few know, many choose to wander aimlessly in a fog, devoid of sunlight. I seek the light of day and leave the others to their chosen realm of ignorance. They are the ones who have brought this great nation down. I write only for the benefit of those who possess the courage required to restore our birthright.

Saturday, December 14, 2013


Author's note:
This is not for the young, timid, or faint of heart. This essay uses photographs of what communism does to its victims.

In Part One I wrote of Americans and their mindless embrace of totalitarianism and displayed some vintage color photos from the early days of Hitler's persecution of the Jews in Poland. It matter not the race, the time, nor the nation; when an ideology supplants the basic foundations of any culture, people and their beliefs must, and will, be sacrificed. My greatest concern is that Obama's 'transformation' is just beginning that sacrificial process here in the United States. Meanwhile the same thing is occurring in the UK and Europe under the tutelage of the Globalists.

To best understand what is taking place we must look to the pages of history, for historic recurrence is indeed a reality, i.e.: human nature never changes and our species keeps doing the same things over and over again. That is why empires rise and empires fall, and why the idealism and devotion to the principles that creates empires is destined to degrade into barbarism.

After this intro there will be a collection of photos of the horrors, known as the Holodomor that took place in the Ukraine under orders from communist leader Joseph Stalin. I seriously doubt that even one percent of the American people have ever even heard of this historic event, but the past echoes while the future beckons. That future is fraught with danger, and those who understand the lessons of the past have a better chance of survival than those who are content to wallow in ignorance.

There is a tradition in the Ukraine that takes place every year on the 23rd of November when 30,000 candles are lit, commemorating the death toll of the same number of people who died of starvation each and every day due to a communist administered 'famine'. It was not a famine associated with a drought that had been imposed by the whims of nature. No, this was something far more sinister; its purpose was to fully impose the communist agenda on the freedom loving and independent citizens of the Ukraine who were rejecting collectivism.

If you can understand what occurred there, you are more able to grasp the significance of this new wave of totalitarianism that is enveloping today's civilizations.

For everything that occurs there is both a cause as well as an effect. The 'official' Holodomor took place in 1932 through 1933, but to understand why this event occurred one must look back to when Joseph Stalin gained power in Russia.

In 1917 Lenin and his fellow communists gained control of Russia. In 1922 the Soviet Union was formed with the Ukraine as one of its satellite states. In 1924 Lenin died and Stalin took control of the Soviet Union. His goal was to transform the S.U. and create an industrial base as well as a mighty military. His plan was to buy manufacturing equipment from foreign nations and turn city dwellers into his production line robots.

The Ukraine has the very finest farmland in the world, and this fact shaped their culture and class structure; and having been descended from serfs they were not about to return to that status no matter what Joseph Stalin said. Stalin, of course, saw otherwise. The Ukrainians were a stratified class of people. Some were but simple farmers, others were quite successful, while some gained vast wealth, thanks to the bounty of their land. All, regardless of their station in life, were a fiercely independent people.

In 1928 Stalin created a plan that everyone had to give up their land, farming equipment. and livestock with the state being the sole owner of everything.

Independence and collectivism are not synonymous. They would not yield and Stalin was not a man to bargain. He wanted the fruits of their labor to feed his cities and military and also a surplus to sell abroad to finance the equipment necessary to industrialize Russia.

Today we see Obama introducing class warfare among our people. He is just following the lessons of history, as Stalin did the same in the year 1929. The successful were blamed for all of the problems of the lower classes and that year saw the crackdown begin as the leaders, the intelligentsia, the wealthy, all referred to as Kulaks, were dragged from their homes and shipped to Siberia. This massive deportation also included the children of these families. All faced starvation, freezing, and death, in a barren land.

Even after being stripped of leadership, the independent people of the Ukraine still resisted the forces of collectivism and then Stalin took virtually everything they had grown, leaving them to starve and eventually turn to cannibalism to survive. Hundreds of thousands who did manage to survive were declared to be enemies of the state and summarily executed.

In the photos below you will see the Ukrainians, mostly naked, and they are naked for a reason. Facing total starvation some began trying to sell clothing for food. Since death by starvation was Stalin's goal they were divested of the last thing they could barter. Now you are about to view the results of the ideology that Americans are voting for to get free cell phones and their welfare checks that will prove to be temporary.

A train bound for Siberia.

Our ancestors in the West knew what was happening and yet continued to buy Soviet grain from Stalin, sold him the industrial equipment he sought, and FDR was the first national leader to officially recognize the Soviet Union, thus granting to Stalin the international recognition he sought.

There is a vast store of such photos at this link, should you choose to view yet more, but I feel that I have made my point with the above. There stands in Kiev a solitary statue of a starving little girl to remind the world of what takes place as communism, or for that matter, any form of totalitarianism that gains control. She stands there day and night, regardless of the weather telling us all, "Don't let this happen to another little girl."

If people would but heed the warning; especially Americans, for we have long been the beacon to the oppressed of the world. But people do not see or hear; they turn a blind eye and a deaf ear on these warnings from the past. Maybe they are simply too busy to listen and learn. Perhaps texting on their free Obama phone is more important than understanding what voting for communists will do to their children's future.

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  1. Danny,
    you have managed to deliver the perfect blow to my day.
    I was born several years after the war in a communist Poland and in the best years of such system we were standing 4 or more hours to buy a pound of sugar, meat, flour....(1970's)
    Before Christmas lines of people were forming in the evening in front of any grocery stores
    (forget toys; few could afford such luxuries)
    in hopes to get a sniff of an orange or chocolate bar...
    Ever since I reside permanently in States (last 30 years)there is not a single day going by that I don't think about the 'taken for granded' attitude represented by all.
    I guess my point is:
    Let the chips fall where they may and see who will manage to get the point.
    and the sooner the better !!!

    It is a real SHAME that the greatest Country that ever was and its people are
    suffering from a serious case of attention deficit disorder.

    Great articles you write and don't you ever stop!!!

    1. Joanna it is always good to hear from you, for you speak as an insider to a world that few here can imagine.
      After Obama was first elected I started writing with an optimistic, though mistaken belief, that America would rise and defeat the evil that had gained control of this nation. I was mistaken. Our military should act; they will not. Our people should rise; they will not.
      I keep watching as people look forward to next year's election, hoping to make a difference. The last election taught them nothing, and they will not learn from the next. There yet remains a handful of courageous political leaders but they are too few to make a difference. They speak brave and true words, but change nothing. 'Land of the Free' has become meaningless, and 'Home of the Brave' laughable.
      Several times in the past you have written "Let it burn." and you are correct, for they will not know what they had until it has all been lost. When they stand defenseless and persecuted among the embers of what was once a free nation, they will wish in vain that they had taken a stand for liberty while they still could have.
      I have watched many documentaries of WWII and one of the most tragic scenes was of a B17 with part of a wing blown off. It rolled over and, inverted, began spiraling toward the ground. The helpless crew was then pinned to the ceiling unable to exit the doomed aircraft. That is called a death spiral, and the United States is now in a death spiral, and most are not even aware of it.
      I began writing in hopes of saving the nation I love. I have failed, but shall continue to write, but only to warn of the impending crash.


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