Some see, few know, many choose to wander aimlessly in a fog, devoid of sunlight. I seek the light of day and leave the others to their chosen realm of ignorance. They are the ones who have brought this great nation down. I write only for the benefit of those who possess the courage required to restore our birthright.

Saturday, December 7, 2013


As a young teenager I read voraciously in all fields of science, history, philosophy, the classics, poetry, and science fiction. SciFi may seem out of place compared to my other interests but I grew up under the threat of nuclear annihilation and reading of future possibilities gave me...well, a future. Much of our technology today was built on concepts suggested by SciFi writers and the best of the best was Robert Heinlein, long regarded to be the Dean of Science Fiction.

Heinlein in writing of the future put forth not only new fields of technology but also tackled moral issues as well. One small example: In a book entitled 'The Moon is a Harsh Mistress', the central characters of the book living in a colony on the Moon became involved in a revolution against Earth. He described a widespread belief among certain followers, referring to them as 'Randites'. That book was written in the sixties and he knew without a doubt that the writings of Ayn Rand would last the ages.

But on to Starship Troopers mentioned in the title above. ST was about our future military, training for and engaging in a space war with aliens and it was about one young man going through his extremely harsh military training, and later into the war. During that training, our hero and his fellow trainees were crossing open terrain and were ordered to hit the dirt. That does not mean that you look for a comfortable piece of terrain. You hit the dirt, immediately.

One unfortunate lad dove into a small mound of fire ants and within seconds came back up screaming in pain and trying to get those ants off of him. Due to his breaking silence he was drummed out of the service. His superior officer explained to the entire class that such irresponsible behavior, under actual wartime conditions, could have gotten the entire unit wiped out. It was their duty to die rather than endanger the mission; die in silence I might add.

This may seem harsh to many but these young men were being trained to fight for the rights and the future of all mankind. They were also fighting for one exclusive right of their own: The right to vote. In Heinlein's futuristic world that right was earned only by a serving honorably in the military. I wholeheartedly agree with Heinlein's premise and would love to see it implemented today.

Now, before anyone grows angry with me for wanting to disenfranchise them, allow me to do some explaining, along with our background history of the right to vote.

The following is from Wikipedia:
When the country was founded, in most states, only non-Negro men with real property (land) or sufficient wealth for taxation were permitted to vote. Freed slaves could vote in four states. Unpropertied white men, women, and all other people of color were denied the franchise. At the time of the American Civil War, most white men were allowed to vote, whether or not they owned property. Literacy tests, poll taxes, and even religious tests were used in various places, and most white women, people of color, and Native Americans still could not vote.

The Founding Fathers knew full well what they were doing in restricting the vote to those who had a personal interest in the welfare of this nation. They knew that democracy had, without fail, led to cultural suicide throughout history. Today 'democracy' has become a hallowed word among Americans as we promote it worldwide. Many communists like the concept of communism, but both are equally dangerous. Democracy simply takes longer to destroy a people. Instead of crushing them, as does communism, democracy slowly erodes away all of the values once held sacred.

To that end the Founders created a Republic with leaders chosen by a limited democracy, and emphatically warned that an unfettered democracy is a form of national suicide.

I am quite aware that what I write here is purely an exercise in a hypothetical concept. All indications are that we have already succumbed to that national suicide and that soon we may as well take down the flag, and disallow the use of the word 'liberty' evermore. 

My whole purpose in writing this is based on the slim chance that Americans will rise, depose their corrupt leaders, and begin anew. Should that slim chance become a reality and such social upheaval come to pass, it will once again be doomed to failure if we do not overhaul our concept of voting rights. Reconstituting the sickness of democracy after such an event will simply kick the can down the road for another generation to deal with.

Abraham Lincoln was convinced that he could not win the election of 1864. The war was dragging on with extreme losses, and much of the public was turning against him. The voting block that decided the election and kept Lincoln in office was the military vote. Look to more recent times, and recall the vote that Obama managed to have go uncounted; the military vote. Why is the military vote so important? The answer to that is the men and women who serve in the military love this nation, else they would not be there.

In Lincoln's day a man hit by a minie ball in the arm or the leg was going to lose that arm or leg. A man hit by a blast of canister shot from a cannon was subject to having his body torn into fifty different pieces, and yet the men facing such horrors helped to reelect the man who had sent them into harm's way. Because they loved Lincoln? No. They loved the country, and Lincoln's goal was to keep it intact. Those men were patriots as are those who wear the uniform today and brave possible death and dismemberment from IEDs under a man who is imposing insane rules of engagement.

Today, I come before you with a very bleak warning of what is to be. We, as nation and a once free people, will either buckle under the looming dictatorship of Hussein Obama, or there will be a great and bloody civil war to remove him and those like him from office. If we choose to buckle under then it is goodbye to liberty forever. On the other hand, should such a civil war begin, it will be to no avail, if we continue to practice the democratic views that has brought us here.

I cannot help but believe that most people are not qualified, nor should they possess the right to vote. What do the masses bring to the table but their own self interest. The Founders were correct in their views that this must be a Republic, functioning as a democracy with the voting franchise restricted to those with a vested interest in maintaining that Republic.

Times have changed greatly since 1776, when the largely white, land and business owners of that day were those who chose the direction this nation would go. Today with the world's economy so intertwined many in business can make greater profits voting for the interests of foreign nations rather than our own. I can only have faith in those who have laid it all on the line, and risking life and limb, have served this nation by donning its uniform, and shouldering a weapon in the cause of liberty. None but they, be they man, woman, Native American, or the descendants of slaves, should have any say so about the course America is following.

Now, well aware that what I have advocated above would strip away the right to vote of many of my readers and that concept may well find disfavor among my friends, but consider this:

In a nation of three hundred million people, we cannot possibly vote on every issue, therefore a representative democracy is the only option. How those representatives are chosen is the great question. The old system has failed us, leading to the brink of ruin. Is your own self interest so great that you would cling to your right to vote, and in doing so extend that right to vote to all others? Or do you have the humanity in your heart to realize that choosing our leaders and our course would be best left to those who have risked everything out of love for this nation.

I shall close with one final thought: Were what I have described above actually being practiced today, would Obama, Pelosi, Reid, McCain, and Boehner be in office? They were not put into office by those who have served this nation, but by those who seek a free lunch, and there ain't no free lunches. Someone must pay!

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  1. This is what I have heard, and believe to be the truth. The government has the populace believing that they are in control of who gets in the WH. They could not be further from the truth. Fact is, every election is staged, the votes are rigged so no one finds out who is really responsible for the elected. Only by G-d do the elite have the power to put one in the highest office in the land. George Soros is the elite of the elites, and while Obama may serve him, I believe Soros to be Obama's biggest fan.

  2. The only way to destroy democracy and give power to the power seekers is to ensure everyone has a right to vote.

    You Must ensure the weakest and most ignorant get to vote, because they are more likely to believe empty promise's, but more importantly a promise of a loaf of bread a day may be all it takes to get their vote.

    For the power hungry this means they need lots of poor, low cost, low info voters. People who have nothing better to do than swamp local offices with their demands for things the government have told them they are Entitled to.

    The organisation that have sprung up in the name democracy are countless. The ideology that drives them is always one that requires a god on earth to oversee the fair distribution of everything. Which means 1 for you and 10 for them!

    From the start of human kind people have been taking charge, from village elders to kings and queens, from emperors to demi-gods theirs always someone who taking the time to tell everyone what it is they need to be doing.

    In the past the leaders of groups were ruling over small populations, they were normally living within the group and had a vested interest in doing what the people wanted. The problem with todays leaders is they follow ideologies. They have long term plans, plans that do not do take into account what is best for the people, only what is best for the plan.

    Plans require strategies, they also require people to carry out these strategies no matter what the cost in the short term, always believing the ends will justify the means.

    The plans, the goals the means are there for all to see in the writings of many scholars through out history ( Karl Marx, being most peoples favourite) and yet most people have no idea of the ideologies that drive their political parties, preferring to vote for the party that promise's them the things they want.

    The power hungry have promised everyone entitlements. Soon they will not be able to deliver on their promise's, but this does not mean they will give up on the power they bribed us to give them.....And we will not be allowed to vote them out, because our system of voting only allows us to vote for the next set of broken promise's.

    We need a set of standards or common rules/laws that all elected officials should be duty bound to follow, but most of all we need an electorate that insist our leaders follow those rules. The constitution was a guide for the people to follow, a standard that the people should have insisted our leaders followed. Once the people allowed the constitution to be changed by the men in power, and not by consensus, then the people had again become sheep. To be ruled over.


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