Some see, few know, many choose to wander aimlessly in a fog, devoid of sunlight. I seek the light of day and leave the others to their chosen realm of ignorance. They are the ones who have brought this great nation down. I write only for the benefit of those who possess the courage required to restore our birthright.

Friday, December 6, 2013


Alexis de Tocqueville

Anti War! What a concept! In much younger days I lost friends to the ravages of combat, and looking through the pages of history can only begin to glimpse the horrors that Americans have endured in the pursuit of freedom, liberty, and our national honor. Yes, I am very anti-war, and also anti-slavery, and the fact remains that if we are not always prepared for war, and prepared to send our young men into harm's way, then this nation will crumble, freedom will become an anachronism, and a new reality will be born of Jefferson's words, "Those who hammer their guns into plowshares will plow for those who do not."

Today we can look upon the generation that we have bred and behold a collection of cowards, of fools, and of the irresponsible. In 2008 they lined up by the millions to enthusiastically vote for Hussein Obama in spite of the fact that his past associations with terrorists and communists were well known. Let us write that one off as poor judgement based on a mistaken belief that his promised 'Hope and Change' would lead to a better America. His reelection in 20012 cannot be written off so easily.

By the time that he was chosen once again to lead America into its final days, his goals were well understood, at least by those who chose to look. Therein lies the problem, for the majority still chose not to look, and so the course of a once free people was again placed into the hands of a man who envisions and plans on a post American world. As for those who put him there I must state that anyone who lacks the courage to view the future, lacks too, the wisdom required to live in the present.

The utter stupidity of our electorate has been pointed out by recent polls and we find that many, thanks to the debacle of ObamaCare, have now grown disillusioned with 'The One', but would still vote for him again. I have often written that contradictions do not exist and this may sound like a contradiction. It is not! Though disillusioned, they would not choose to change course. That is simply the sign of a growing apathy within the ranks of America.

They can totally ignore Fast and Furious, Benghazi, abandoning our allies, his spreading discord and anarchy throughout the Middle East, and caving in to Iran's nuclear plan. The only thing that gets their attention is something here on the home front that hits them squarely in the wallet, and even then, stars in their eyes, they would vote yet again for the greatest traitor this nation has ever known. Fools and traitors; what would the world be like without them?

There are many Americans out there who could care less about political events. Others, more concerned, watch the evening news and get their daily dose of propaganda from the MSM. Still others, actively trying to 'wake people up', get their world view from the likes of Alex Jones and other sensationalist and hoax sites. Then there are the skeptics among us who demand the truth, dig for the truth, and post nothing that cannot be verified. Sensationalist and hoax sites are more widely read.

One oddity about we the skeptics: We are honest. We seek the truth, tell the truth, and would truly like to believe that others do the same. Alas, this is not the way of mankind. Thus is born the skeptic, and the need to filter out the disinformation we find on the internet. Those who believe without verification are the gullible, and that leads me to three quotations.

1. "Trust, but verify." Ronald Reagan
2. "If you are not part of the solution, then you are part of the problem." Eldridge Cleaver.
3. "There is a sucker born every minute." P.T. Barnum

This nation and its people stand on the precipice of ruin and it is due to both our corrupt leaders and our apathetic populace. Financial collapse is unavoidable. Our political leaders seeking reelection have already spent the net wealth of our great grandchildren and Obama hastens the project in pursuit of the Cloward and Piven agenda. A further stage of that ruin is a looming dictatorship. We are hell bent on the same road that the German people took under Adolph Hitler and will endure the same end as they, a nation shattered and a people broken.

There is one great danger we face that the Germans did not. They were defeated, occupied, and rebuilt by the benevolent nations of the West. Who will rebuild America when the dust settles? The answer is No One! Americans through their dedicated self interest, greed, indolence, and gullibility have traded away not only the future of our country but also the future of the human race, for when this nation falls, so too will the world. If you feel that statement is hyperbole, stick around:

Everyone can look to the economic growth of Russia and China as they abandon communism and embrace Fascism. Both are developing great wealth as they practice part of what we once perfected, free enterprise. But, free enterprise requires a market to exist. Who is China's greatest market? The answer is the U.S.. What happens to their economy when we fall. When this nation collapses, so too does Europe, and much of Russia's wealth comes from selling oil and natural gas to Europe.

It will be a domino effect as the economies of the world are so very intertwined. Even the Arab nations who seek the destruction of the West will once again fall into abject poverty. Their only product is oil. Try selling it to nations whose people cannot afford to drive a car or heat their homes due to hyperinflation and utter collapse.

I opened this essay with mention of anti-war and now I shall you show why:

Obama is intent on becoming our absolute ruler and he cannot do so as long as we have a viable military, for they will oppose his gaining absolute control of America. Therefore, they must be destroyed, and recent events well demonstrate that he is doing just that.

Look back to the sixties and the left wing sponsored anti-war movement. Where were they when Obama helped overthrow Libya. Where were they when he tried to get us into a war with Syria. Where were the supporters of democracy when Obama didn't want to 'meddle' in the affairs of Iran as its people rose in protest. Where were they when he financed the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt? 

The left wing anti-war and pro-democracy movement is a total deception. It is quite simply anti-America. Recall the feminist rallies of the sixties and ask where are such people today? Why are they not protesting Islamic slavery of women? Look to today's headlines and ask why our clerics are not speaking out about the massacre of Christians in the lands of Islam? The simple fact of the matter is that a large segment of our churches have moved to the left. Even the Pope tells us that the church has no reason to get involved in political matters.

Newton's second law of motion tells us that a moving body will retain that speed and motion unless affected by an outside force. 

That law applies equally well to a political movement. Woodrow Wilson set progressivism into motion a century ago. The sensible Americans of that day opposed his efforts, but did not stop it. FDR with his New Deal policies applied more force, thus speeding up the move toward collectivism. The peace movement of the sixties again added more momentum, to find it later slowed by Ronald Reagan, and again speeded onward by every President since.

Now Obama, with a go for broke attitude, has us pedal to the metal in his race to finally deal the death blow to America. Some us are aware of the danger, but I fear that we are too little too late. We are trying, and failing, to hold back the tide of a state of affairs that will totally engulf this nation. We oppose those changes, but we are outvoted by our fellow Americans, and out maneuvered by those who hold the reins of power.

Even those fools who believe they are awake are just aiding the enemy when they fall for the hype and hysteria they read and pass on. We have reached the stage that nothing short of civil war is going to alter the course of history. Many are well aware of this fact, but choose not to act on what they know to be true. Negotiating and hoping for better results in the next election is still the game plan.

The really optimistic ones tell us that things will only grow worse after Hillary is elected. I am not so optimistic. Hillary will not occupy the White House as Obama does not plan to step down, and he grows stronger with each passing day.

I would like to close this essay with one final quote:

"We are sleeping on a volcano...A wind of revolution blows, the storm is on the horizon."
Alexis de Tocqueville

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  1. There is only one who can stop him.

  2. It's hard to know where to put a reply when that reply is not directly in response to the headline post, but I think this should be the place, because after yesterdays 'budget' agreement the road to ruin must surely have become a one way track now.

    Paul Ryan looked at the camera and announced a budget agreement. I think what he meant was the Republicless party agreed that they could no longer fight the democrats on anything, and so they agreed to do what ever was necessary to be able to twist language enough to make it look like they got something.

    So the taxes will rise, the ceiling that was the sequester will be raised higher and Obamacare will be funded.

    The Republicans must feel they've done enough to regain the Senate next year and so are just sitting back waiting for their turn for control to come.

    What will the Republicans do next year if they do gain both House's. The money will be spent, Obama care will be law (as it is now) they won't just be able to turn it off. If they try to cut anything the Democrat's will just pend two years sneering at them, calling them the party of the rich, racist's ect. The unions will be organising strike after strike and there will be nothing the Republicans will be able to do because they are weak!!

    Apart from a few brave souls the bulk of the Republicans have buckled under the sheer strain of looking after their own interests while trying to look like members of the opposition. With every single dirty trick in the book of Saul Alinsky the democratic party have road rough shot over everything America was, and the Republicans have let it happen. Every conservative blog and news outlet were onto Obama before he came to the presidency and his tactics have been there for all to see the entire time, and still the Rep's did nothing.

    If the republicans get into power in 2016, which I doubt, what would they do. In trying to put the economy right, they will have to make themselves the most unpopular party in the history of the Union. They can't take the strain of being in opposition, how will they take the strain of 4 years in charge.

    It doesn't matter to the dem's if they win or lose, their policy's will be the ones driving the country. If they win they carry on spending until the pot runs dry. Or they sit it out for a term and watch the rep's twist and contort for 4 years.

    There's nothing to pay the huge pensions. There's nothing to pay the interest on the debt, and there's no money to pay all the 'entitlements'. What could go wrong!

    That's just the short term problems by the way. Longer term there's things like Agenda 21, gun grabs, blasphemy laws, fights over control of north pole regions, china's increased mussel, Russia's gaining power, nukes in the middle east, blah blah blah, blah blah!!!

  3. Paul, you said above "It's hard to know where to put a reply when that reply is not directly in response to the headline post, but I think this should be the place, because after yesterdays 'budget' agreement the road to ruin must surely have become a one way track now." You also recently stated that you could not predict the future. I think that you just did a fine job of projecting what lies before us. The only better place for you to have written the above is in a blog of your own. You have a grasp of the dynamics occurring around us that most lack.


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