Some see, few know, many choose to wander aimlessly in a fog, devoid of sunlight. I seek the light of day and leave the others to their chosen realm of ignorance. They are the ones who have brought this great nation down. I write only for the benefit of those who possess the courage required to restore our birthright.

Thursday, January 9, 2014


Were I pressed to name one place in this world where reason prevails it would have to be Israel, for it is there and only there that we find a national agenda that largely makes sense, and that agenda is being attacked by the rest of this mad mad mad mad world. Their goal is simply to survive in the face of what appears to be a collective insanity that is sweeping the entire globe.

Perhaps my greatest concern about my fellow Americans is that most lack the knowledge to justify the various agendas they follow. First off: We all have an agenda, and that is at it should be. We are all sentient beings and quite naturally seek to live in a world based on our beliefs, our morality, and our reasoning, assuming of course that we apply reason, which is always debatable with the bulk of the human race. That statement may sound harsh, arrogant, and condescending, but to validate it I need but point to the fact that this nation elected a communist community agitator to our highest office, and after four years of growing despair, elected him again. Wherein lies reason?

When Obama was first elected few in this nation were aware of the growing Islamic threat. One who was acutely aware of the danger was Frank Gaffney, a truly great American patriot. Links to some of his major efforts will be found in Suggested Reading below, but in keeping with the theme of a world gone mad I would like to present just one single day of the efforts put forth by Gaffney's think tank Center For Security Policy(CSP).

Going into this I am well aware that most will not click the links provided by CSP. With this in mind I leave a brief remark about the significance of that link hoping that between the headline and my short mention of its contents that you will begin to grasp just how truly dire things have really become. Most Americans feel that they are fighting for freedom simply by making a comment on Facebook and urging other Americans to wake up, while knowing so very little themselves. I fear that the day will soon come when they will wish that they had learned more while there was yet time.

CSP has a huge staff that follows all newsworthy events that occur on each day around the world and while it is virtually impossible to list them all, they select those that are most pertinent for Americans actively seeking knowledge. The following links in green are their selected news bits for January 6, 2014:

This from The Guardian (UK)...
Explosion Kills 10 Members of Family in Pakistan
It is hard to imagine a news report about Muslims that does not contain words such as 'Explosion', 'Murder', 'Death', 'Rape', and so forth, as such events are part of their culture. They live in a violent world with multiple wives and expendable children as they multiply like rodents, while blaming the people of the West for their misfortunes.
An explosion has killed 10 members of the same family in a remote tribal region in northwest Pakistan according to a government official. Tahir Khan said an artillery shell stored in the house in the village of Dars in the Tiran valley may have been the cause of Monday's blast. The dead included women and children, he added.

This from The Jerusalem Post...
Kerry Leaves Region Empty Handed
Kerry said his role was not to impose US ideas, but rather to facilitate the parties in their own efforts at trying to bridge the gaps on those issues.
And if you believe that, I know a real estate agent who has a really good deal on a famous bridge. Anyone with but half a brain knows that Kerry is a Progressive and lying is part and parcel of the agenda he promotes. Contrary to his statement above I give you this from The Algemeiner...Report: Kerry Pressuring Netanyahu to Allow Limited Arab 'Right of Return'

This from NDTV...
10 Year Old, Allegedly Intended As Suicide Bomber, Rescued in Afghanistan
As mentioned above about expendable children:
The Interior Ministry spokesperson Sediq Sediqi said she was spotted by Afghan soldiers who she was sent to attack. Sources say she was forced into the planned attack by her brother, a top Taliban commander.
Same mentality, different article: This excerpt from CNN Al Qaeda Controls More Territory Than Ever in Middle East...
In August ISIS launched a propaganda series on video highlighting their activities in Syria, which includes interviews with fighters, the "graduation of a group of mujahein "cubs"(aged 7 to 10 years old) from training and sermons at local mosques preaching al Qaeda's interpretation of Islam.

This from ABC News...
Syrian Rebels' Fight With Al-Qaida Group Spreads
We all recall just a short time ago when Obama was advocating the spread of 'Democracy' as he promoted the 'Moderate' Muslims that were trying to overthrow Assad and spread Islamic fundamentalism to that nation. ABC is still promoting the non existent Free Syrian Army. I say non existent for good reason; Daniel Greenfield and a British Newspaper have revealed that the FSA (as defined by our leaders) never even existed.(Much more in my recent essay American Gulag Part Four).
We also recall that the Obama administration was involved in supplying these so called rebels with American armament to aid in their plan to bring another nation under control of Al Qaeda. Putin outfoxed our dear leader and he backed off. Now he is supplying Iraq with Hellfire missiles and drones to kill those terrorists that he was backing a few weeks ago.
Now with the administration supporting both sides in a war, many seem confused saying that Obama lacks a consistent policy. I disagree. He has a very consistent policy and it is not promoting peace, democracy, or Islam. His goal is furtherance of anarchy, and when that anarchy engulfs this world, the Globalists' plan is to crush it and implement totalitarianism. That is the end game of the New World Order.

From Voice Of America...
Iraqi PM Urges Expulsion of Al-Qaida in Fallujah

If memory serves me correctly I seem to recall that prior to the 2012 election Obama informed us that Al-Qaeda had virtually been brought to its knees by his masterful planning. Now it seems that they are multiplying, fighting among themselves and spreading that 'civil war' to Iraq. You remember Iraq. That is the rogue nation we fought two wars with; one to expel them from Kuwait, and a second one to free the Iraqi people from tyranny. Then this administration almost abandoned them, but not quite, as we are still providing them with weapons to kill the Al-Qaeda terrorists that we finance, as they invade Iraq.

Then we have this from Fox News...
House GOP Blasts NY Times Benghazi Report

I hate to admit but there are times that I must admire the evil genius we know as Saul Alinsky. He is dead and gone and still managing to wreak havoc on a gullible world. The NYT, employing Alinsky's tactics, knowingly printed an article that was nothing but lies and deception. Everything they put forth has already been dismissed as smoke and mirrors, and yet by once again spinning those old lies the have managed to create yet another smoke screen. The Middle East crisis grows worse everyday, ObamaCare is the train wreck we predicted, and Obama's poll number are taking a nose dive. And what has become the prime topic of conversation? The New York Times, and their article that promotes all that we know to be wrong. But, the plan worked. That article is now front and center, relieving much of the pressure on this administration.

This from the Los Angeles Times...
Egyptian crackdown targets secular activists as well as Islamists
Once again we encounter anarchy. When Hussein Obama took office the Middle East was basically stable, with the greatest danger being the festering Islamic hatred of Israel and of Al Qaeda hating all of the West. Today, thanks to Obama forcing Egypt to legitimize the Muslim Brotherhood, the entire Middle East is ablaze. Tunisia has fallen, Libya has fallen, Egypt elected a president from the MB and he is currently on trial for the crime wave he launched upon Egypt. Syria is involved in what the media persists in calling a 'civil war', but the rebel participants are not Syrians. They are no more than paid mercenaries from all over the Middle East.
Call them civil wars, democratic uprisings, the Arab Spring, or anything else you choose to call them, but the fact remains that anarchy is the goal and it spreads like wildfire among the primitive tribes of the Arab cultures.

A little closer to home where traitors are elected to high office:
This from the Washington Free Beacon...
Group Run by al Qaeda Terrorist Invited to Brief Dems on Drone Policy
About a year ago Allen West caught a great deal of flak about his comment that there are about 90 communists in Congress. This is the group that he was referring to and they support our enemies while decrying any effort from those patriots who still defend America.
Progressive Caucus Holds Hearing on Implications of U.S. Drone Policy

This from the BBC...
Egypt unrest: 11 deaths at Muslim Brotherhood protests:
Again we encounter anarchy. Obama knew perfectly well that the criminals in the Muslim Brotherhood were incapable of running the state affairs of Egypt and that they would by necessity be deposed. But once the genie is out of the bottle it is quite another thing trying to put it back in. I cannot help but wonder how many deaths this Peace Prize recipient has caused.

This from the Wall Street Journal...
Fallout From Syria Conflict Takes Rising Toll on Mideast
I hope that you are paying attention because the WSJ is now pointing out what I have been stating for months.
This broadening instability, according to Middle East diplomats and experts, is placing the White House in a growing diplomatic quandary as its regional allies fall into competing camps amid a intensifying proxy battle between regional powerhouses Iran and Saudi Arabia.
While the U.S. is trying to shore up the Shiite-led government in Iraq, it simultaneously is strongly supporting Lebanon's government and Sunni militias in Syria that are attempting to weaken Iran's political allies in Beirut and Damascus.
This policy is what we call playing both ends against the middle. We are spending billions of tax payer dollars fomenting a regional war in the Middle East that all previous administrations have tried to avoid. Keep the word 'anarchy' in mind as you watch events unfold. Citizens never benefit from anarchy but it is a great tool of the power hungry who seek a tomorrow that none of us want to see.

This from the Washington Times...
U.S. troops prevented from helping even as al Qaeda overruns Iraqi cities
You had best hope that this policy continues for even in the nightmare of inflation that Obama promotes there are still only so many dollars available. The multi-billions that he has spent bolstering anarchy had to be taken from somewhere else, and that was our military. As revealed by General Odierno, today we have only two combat ready brigades to call upon. That is only two thirds of one division. Basically our military might has been gutted to finance the growing Islamic threat to the world. If they are thrown into a combat situation they will be no more than sacrificial lambs of Obama's Progressive agenda.

This from Reuters...
Iraqi air force strikes city to try to oust Al Qaeda
We are now providing drones and Hellfire missiles to Iraq to kill the terrorists that we are financing. Strange world we live in, is it not? Let us make it even stranger with this bit of information. The terrorists are overrunning Falluja.
We, as a western culture would naturally assume that Iraq would send in their army to repel the invaders. Not so.
In Falluja, ISIL's task has been made easier by disgruntled tribesmen who have joined its fight against the government.
"As a local government we are doing our best to avoid sending the army to Falluja ... now we are negotiating outside the city with the tribes to decide how to enter the city without allowing the army to be involved." said Falih Eisa, a member of Anbar's provincial council.
My God! While our politically correct leaders stress moral equivalency and tell us that there is essentially no difference in the worth of various cultures, we are trying to deal with those who still possess a tribal mentality. And, as the man said, it is not one tribe but tribes, and each unemployed warlord is seeking his own share of the wealth from this venture.
Further down the article we see: TRIBAL LEADERS HESITANT.
I hope that you choose to read the whole article in the green link posted above as it well provides a sobering reality of what is taking place in the Middle East. They are tribal, they are primitive, they are murderous, and we provide them with modern sophisticated technology as we foster the anarchy there that will in time take down all of the West.

The day would not be complete unless Frank Gaffney's CSP did not include at least one suicide bombing.

This from Fox News...
Suicide car bomb attack at eatern Afghanistan checkpoint kills e police officers, wounds 3
Afghan forces are seeing their casualties mount as the U.S. led international force there pulls back ahead of its withdrawal at the end of 2014.
It is here that we find the final twist of irony, for Muslims are trained from birth to hate America. Many chant "Death to America!" on a daily basis, while our presence in their retrograde nations have kept many of their people fed and alive. Now that episode is coming to an end and, thanks to the Obama agenda, anarchy rears its ugly head and our role will be restricted to providing arms and ammunition to both sides of the conflict.

The above essay is long and detailed and not nearly as entertaining as many of the hoax sites that America loves, and some that began reading this dropped out long ago. If you have made it this far count yourself among the curious and the patriotic. Now I ask you to go yet a step farther. Frank Gaffney writes a weekly op-ed and this week is a particularly hard hitting and very informative one and I hope you will take the time to read it as well. The Wages of National Security Fraud.

There is no finer source of information about the dangers of Shariah than Frank Gaffney's Center for Security Policy. David Horowitz and Trevor Louden, the man from New Zealand, are two of this nation's greatest patriots. Both are warning us that communism is encroaching day by day on our daily lives. Then we have the New World Order, a term which many shy away from for it bears the stigma of 'conspiracy theory'. I maintain that it is a conspiracy fact. A more acceptable term today is 'Globalists' and whether you choose Globalists or NWO I am going there in coming essays.

It is my firm belief that Sharia is but a tool that is being used to implement the NWO that I warn of. The United Nations, the European Union, and the Obama administration, are the administrators of the coming NWO, with the ultimate goal being a world controlled by communism.

In a recent presentation at Hillsdale College, one of Frank Gaffney's guest speakers referred to the alliance and the similarities between communism and Islam, and stated the following aphorism to highlight his views. "There is no god, and Karl Marx is his prophet."

For those who seek the truth, I am beginning a series that will reveal just that. Before Obama mesmerized the useful idiots of this nation he told us that the U.S. needs to be more like Europe, and he is indeed charting that course as he continues his transformation of America. And so. one essay at a time, I am going to show you what Europe is truly like. It is a long and arduous journey and is meant for none but the bold. The rest can continue watching Alex Jones and trying to wake America up to the reality that he presents.

Suggested Reading...
Understanding The Shariah Threat Doctrine

The above link leads to many other links; pursue them while we still have the internet and before the First Amendment is declared to be hate speech.


  1. I was going to read all of the 'world gone mad', and them post at the end. Because of the shear quantity of links and the ground covered i have realised this is not possible. So i shall reply over time to each of the chapters.

    Its always hard to know why so many people will go to hoax sites and believe absurd stories, without any credible proof, and yet a serious site with ample proof is called by the same people 'a conspiracy theory site'.

    It must just be easier to believe something fantastical rather than the cold hard truth. A made up story can be ignored most of the day, while a cold hard truth could mean having to do something. And so it seems escapism have triumphed over fact.

    When i look at the hard work that goes into bring facts to the public, which the public then ignores i have trouble understanding why anyone would bother. What we should say is, the world is being taken over by space aliens, who've come to earth to kill or enslave everyone and they are all dressed as 7th century camel herders, they come to earth through time portals hidden in mosques. The koran is full of hypnotic verses which give mind control over those that read it, but eating pork renders the effects of the koran usless. This would probably get a
    better reaction than any truth anyone could tell.

    Around the world the armies of Islam are continually attacking every person alive that is not a muslim in one way or another. Even if you don't think you're affected by Islam, you are. If islam becomes dominant on Earth, it will leave no place and no one in peace. If you have looked up just once in your life you will know this. It seems to me most people are just prepared to do nothing, hoping they will make it through their life unscathed, leaving the problems for a future generation.

    Our Children will pick up the true price of our Folly. The debts, the totalitarian rule. The Slaves of the future are slowly but surely being placed in chains as each day turns into night. Socialism is sold as a dream, but it will be a nightmare, as anyone who has experienced it will tell you.

    Russia, China, Saudi Arabia, North Korea, Islamic states, Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy, if any one believes these sates were utopias, will they please tell all those that were murdered, or just vanished why you believe that. And if you don't believe anyone of these places would suit you, then why do nothing to stop your own countries fall into the clutches of ideologically motivated leaders.

    Move to Venezuela if thats your choice, but don't move Venezuela here. Anyone who reads even half of the above essay and still votes Democrate at the next election must really be Mad!

    I'm not saying i trust the republicans much more, but a return to a constitutional government would at least give people breathing room.

    1. Regarding your comment "When i look at the hard work that goes into bring facts to the public, which the public then ignores i have trouble understanding why anyone would bother." I'm surprised that you would say this, after all, I have been eating pork. Clears the thinking.
      You could send your space aliens story to the EU Times, it would be published, picked up by GodLike Productions, and Before It;s News, and Alex Jones.Within a week millions would believe it and pork sales would go ballistic. Good time to invest in Pork Bellies.
      You made another observation I like and will turn it into an essay "Our Children will pick up the true price of our Folly".


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