Some see, few know, many choose to wander aimlessly in a fog, devoid of sunlight. I seek the light of day and leave the others to their chosen realm of ignorance. They are the ones who have brought this great nation down. I write only for the benefit of those who possess the courage required to restore our birthright.

Monday, January 20, 2014


The European Court of Human Rights
My original plan was to dedicate Part Three of this series to what is now taking place in the UK. You know what they say about the best laid plans of mice and men. My concept was flawed, and as I began writing about what is transpiring in the British Isles it became quite apparent that many of their problems are not theirs alone but are shared by all members of the European Union. All Western cultures live in a politically correct world, affected to a great deal by actions and decisions made far from the shores of each individual sovereign nation, by men who feel no loyalty to any European state.

That last sentence needs further definition before I proceed. The term politically correct is a misnomer. 'Politically biased' would be far closer to the true agenda that being forced on people once free. The term 'sovereign nation' should also come under careful scrutiny as that sovereignty is being eroded on a daily basis by the Globalist agenda that infiltrates all Western nations, usurping the rights of citizens to decide their own course of action, their destiny, and their very beliefs.

Earlier today I read an excellent essay by Daniel Greenfield entitled
'Academics in Wonderland' and in it he tells us that sociology has done more damage to civilization than crack cocaine. He also adds that the academics of Harvard, Oxford and the like, live in a world of theory and are imposing that theory on us. I must quote one paragraph from that essay that pretty well sums up the outlook possessed by those who guide the world.

Academics are good at theory, not just the theory of riding a bicycle as opposed to the physical act of riding one, but of inhabiting a universe entirely based on that theory. An academic can create a theory in which bicycles cannot be ridden on, in which cars have no mass and exist indefinitely in that world. If his theory is trendy enough, if he recruits enough students who become faculty who recruit more students into his peculiar world, the theory will spill over into the real world and begin to affect it.

And that is exactly what has happened to our various cultures. Marxism does not work, as proven by history. However our academics believe that Marxism is the ideal state for humanity and so history is being revised to accommodate a theory. Global warming has proven to be erroneous, but that does not dissuade them; they just changed the topic of discussion to climate change. 

Moral equivalency tells us that all cultures are equal, none better nor worse than any other. Again, history, if studied, reveals another badly flawed theory, but simply ignoring history puts that issue to rest. And so we continue chasing flawed theories, ignoring reality, and unwilling to admit that the consequences of such behavior will be a horror of such a magnitude that few can conceive.

The problem is that when these men who are trying to redefine the nature of the human race conspire with those seeking power, disaster awaits. We find such men in the UN, the EU, our own legislative and judicial branches, and when they call on these academic 'experts' whom they fund, the cards are stacked against any and all who would promote logic and reason over flawed theories.

We all are aware of the UN and Agenda 21 and their promotion of this 'green' concept. Both the U.S. and the EU are reeling under the assault. All of the countries of Europe and America are now under control of Progressive leaders and headed for ruin, both morally and economically. Europe however faces a problem from which we have been spared, and that is that they collectively entered into a cultural suicide pact by joining the EU.

The European Union was initially formed, ostensibly to improve trade relations, but has degraded into nations without borders as promoted by George Soros' Open Society Institute. Further degradation is evidenced by the growing ambitions of those appointed members of the EU and their ever expanding authority. Their weapon of choice: Human rights.

Above there is a photo of The European Court of Human Rights and to the left you may view these 'citizens of the world' known to some simply as 'the elite' who administer their theoretical version of human rights. One of the 'rights' that they advocate is the right of any citizen to migrate to any nation in the EU that they so choose. 

There are both prosperous and poor nations on the continent of Europe and it seems only reasonable to assume that a person would much prefer living in a prosperous nation than one stricken with poverty. Consequently England is already overcrowded and feeling the brunt of a continuing wave of mass immigration, with a huge portion of those immigrants looking for a free lunch.(Explored in detail in the following essay in this series.)

The demise of the native American Indian cultures was due to the fact that they had no laws governing immigration. If they had such a law and it had been enforced, history would have been written far differently. The simple fact of the matter is that any sovereign nation must defend its borders, and determine who can and cannot enter therein. 

Two cultures cannot co-exist within the same nation. One or the other, must and will, supplant the other. That premise leads to a question: What then is the purpose of those Globalists who are promoting multiculturalism? The answer: To create anarchy!

The people of the UK, of France, Belgium, Sweden, German, and all of the other nations of the EU are protesting against the incursion of the Islamic culture whose followers openly admit their intention to dominate those host countries. They protest in vain, for the leaders of their individual nations and the overlords of the EU continue the push for an open society, and the ruin that such a concept brings.

Of all of the nations of Europe, England is by far my favorite, due to the fact that it was there that the Magna Carta was signed, heralding the birth of freedom. In June of 1215 a Baron with a sword in one hand and the Magna Carta in the other stood before King John at Runnymede and the King affixed his seal, granting rights to free men. Few are aware of the fact, but eight weeks later Pope Innocent III declared the document to be null and void. Witch doctors and despots share a common belief that men should not be free; and thus began the English civil wars.

Five hundred plus years later the basic concepts established by the Magna Carta and the free thinkers of The Enlightenment brought forth upon this continent, a new nation, conceived in Liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal. That concept, born in the meadows of Runnymede, nurtured in the hearts of men, sprang into being in America in a founding document that we call The Constitution. That onset of freedom, once full blown, spread back to England, from which it sprang, and later to all of Europe.

Now it stands in great peril, once again at the hands of witch doctors and despots, as the Pope and other religious leaders seek dialogue with Islam, and the high courts of the EU, and other Globalists, seek to snuff out the rights of free men once and for all. They seek another age of darkness, and unless free men stand to oppose them, then such an age is soon to befall a craven world. If such a thing occurs, we have none to blame but ourselves.

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  1. What you write Danny it is so very, very sad.
    Your title for the past and future essays "In World gone mad" coudn't be more of essence.
    I remember my generation young and eager to change the world, live free, with dreams of everyones voices taken into consideration, and not being punished for having a dream of better tomorrow...
    I do remember as a very young child being awaken by my father listening to 'Free Europe' radio broadcast at 2:00 am in the morning, blankets over kitchen window and volume so low we were practically glued to the radio...(such behaviour was punished by the watchful eyes and ears of communistic regime wanting to keep everyone equally unaware of outside world).
    I hated all what I was exposed to in school and as a young adult, but I was proud of polish/german heritage and appreciated all the history of two nations brave enough to stand and fight for their countries (and yes, the appreciation ended with 19th century)
    Since my stay in Poland starting in 2010 (after almost 30 year absence), I was (and still am) in a constant shock how the young, new generation is oblivious to anything but money!
    On the most patriotic holidays I could walk for hours and not find a single polish flag displayed..there is no sense of "belonging' to anything else than bank account, and knowledge of grand polish history equals 0!
    I went to UK 3 times in the past 3 and half years to visit friends in Scottland but last time I was in London was early May in 1995...I was walking for hours the most incredible city in the world and if I wouldn't know I am in London, I certainly couldn't tell by all the various languages spoken , seldom english popping here and there...
    ...almost 20 years later I only can imagine their horror.
    I am not some super mind, and certainly can not speak with any authority what is the problem,
    but for sure I know one fact: I will never allow any guest in my home to make changes in my house or redocorate my rooms!!!
    Anyone is welcome being here in Poland or at my home in States, but you either adjust to my rules or don't let the door hit you on your way out!!!
    In a respect to countries my idea seem naive and stupid, but living in States for so many years, being immigrant myself to a host country I truly can not understand how visitors/guests have the guts to demand their ways upon a host supporting their very survival!
    When and where did we forgot about our home rules and let the guest run down our properties?!
    I must agree with you that education, indoctrination, rubbish spewed into children heads took its tool over the years but where are the adults?!
    It looks like I might be able to back in States for the May 16th march and demand by myself and for all that all of 536 elected personalities clean up their desk and move to whereever they come from.
    Yeah, I am dreaming, but somehow I hold a hope that my generation still remembers what AMERICA WAS!

    In Europe every country fell into the greatness of unity!
    It would actually be funny if not for the tragedy in it!
    Before I left Poland my parents lived on a little country road with 10 houses or so with ample gardens to grow all the veggies and fruits supplying every means to have year long harvest including raising a pig, dozens of chicken, turkeys, rabbits, sheeps etc...
    ...well ever since (thanks to agenda 21 rubbish) some of the properties has been divided and we have about 22 houses in the same area, but I was the only one having extensive garden feeding myself and my Mom, canning, preserving literally hundreds of jars with anything and everthing that did not run away from me, including 40 chickens for eggs and another 40 for meat, 6 sheep and 25 rabbits.
    All I want to say is:
    we need to stand up for our rights and be ready with a riffle accross our chest when strangers are aproching our property!!!
    It truly breaks my heart to see UNITED STATES OF AMERICA ,
    to go down like Titanic
    with all elected goverment officials rearanging chairs on a deck to a tune of empty music notes....

    1. Joanna, I truly wish that my fellow Americans had the experiences that you have had, perhaps then they would appreciate what they are so willing to throw away. If I only had a button that when pushed would transport them back to the communist Poland that you grew up in. One month! I would love to see these mindless liberals live under communist rule for just one month. It may sound heartless but were there such a button I would push it, knowing full well that many would never return. They would break under the strain of a harsh reality as they will one day break here when the world they are building becomes all too real.

      I am a great fan of Sir Winston Churchill. England went to war when Germany invaded Poland and the one and only major criticism that I have of Churchill was that when the war ended he ceded Poland to the communists, and the odd part was that Poles were the very finest pilots that flew with the Royal Air Force. They taught the English how to fight the German Luftwaffe. You may enjoy this video:
      Polish paratroopers were used by the Brits and a great many of them were killed during Operation Market Garden at Arnheim. The Brits largely regarded the Poles to be crazy, because they seem so fearless, both the pilots and the paratroopers. They were not crazy, nor were they fearless. They were quite simply mad as hell. Their country had been crushed by the Nazis and they wanted it back at all costs, and all were prepared to die in the endeavor.
      Those brave men had one advantage that we lack. When they left Poland they had somewhere to go to carry on the fight. We do not have that. Freedom will be won or lost here, and if lost there is nowhere to run to. It will be over once and for all time.

  2. First of all I want to apologize for not respond in timely matter, but my Mother past away and though it should not have been a surprise, and I was well prepared for it for the past 3 years it did rattled me more than anticipated.

    Thank you for the link about polish pilots.
    no matter how many times I watched or read about it ..the whole heroic actions of polish soldiers and people in general starting with Westerplatte defence displays brave people with some aura of lunatic belief they can do it against all odds.
    ..not mention german enigma code broken by 3 polish itelligence officers...
    I like Churchill too and admire him,
    the popular vote among polish older generation is "sold-out" version especially that Britain for the longest time did not acknowledged this very 'narrow margin' of victory delivered by polish crazy bravados.
    What really is causing a lot of tention is the hidden and sugar coated fact of September 17th 1939 when Russia squshed us from the east...every time this subject is brought up you can hear the shimmering hair on everyones neck getting stiff...coupled with after the war 50 years of their boot on our chest it is going to take another generation to regard Russia as just another country.
    Forgoten, doomed Soldiers 'till 1963 is a whole another story.

    "The bloody history of communism" is a good watch...
    and of course a visit to Auschwitz always will be a nighmare some say it did not happened... the very generation that could bear a witness is gone mostly by now, but I must say:
    my second visit as a young adult guiding visiting relatives gave me nightmares for this day every time I talk about it I can see a picture of thousands upon thousands little children booties...absolute HORROR!!!
    and if anyone would have little time and spend few hours on reading they may go back to Adolf Hitler's rise to power docs and judge for themselves at what point we fit into nowdays evil schedule....

    with your magic button transported Americans to my 70's Poland would populate Atlantic Ocean like a Memorial Day community pool after just a week, trust me!

    1. Sorry to hear about your mother Joanna. You have certainly proven yourself to be a worthy daughter.
      I was just sitting here thinking of mankind's sordid history and how it is always just one massive bloodletting after another.
      We had Attila the Hun, Genghis Khan, Napoleon, the Nazis and the Communists. One day the Democrats will be added to that list and people are just too stupid to see it coming.


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