Some see, few know, many choose to wander aimlessly in a fog, devoid of sunlight. I seek the light of day and leave the others to their chosen realm of ignorance. They are the ones who have brought this great nation down. I write only for the benefit of those who possess the courage required to restore our birthright.

Monday, January 13, 2014


Future essays in this series will deal with the individual nations of the U.S., Europe, and the UK, and how they are being affected by the Islamic hordes, the Hispanic incursions, and the far left policies that now infect their cultures. However, before dealing with specific problems facing those diverse nations it would be best to lay a groundwork and investigate the motives of the prime movers who are promoting the disease of socialism, the mass immigration, the infiltration, and the economic ruin of those nations once free.

Many years ago Ayn Rand published a monthly booklet entitled 'The Objectivist' where she discussed then current events and compared them to the warnings projected in her various books. In one of her publications of The Objectivist she wrote of being at the Barry Goldwater for President campaign headquarters as the gloomy reports came in that he was losing to Johnson. She made mention of her long standing criticism of Goldwater's theme of "In your heart you know that I am right".

Her logic was to address the American public on an intellectual basis, appealing to their minds rather than their hearts. That was one of the few things that she has ever advocated that I disagree with, and yet I cannot help but practice the premise that she that she put forth. I know full well that in adopting an intellectual rather than a distorted emotional argument I have eliminated the bulk of our society as potential readers. 

In all honesty I am simply not capable of the emotional approach. Sitting at this keyboard I am unable to tell a blatant lie, present a half truth, or offer false hope to the lost, the fearful, and the weary, in an effort to attract more readers. My words are based on my perceptions of the truth, as are the projections born of those perceptions. Meanwhile I take a certain amount of pride believing that I do attract some of the more intelligent ones among us.

It is a fact, and a very real problem, that most do indeed think with their hearts rather than their minds, being more easily influenced by an emotional rather than an intellectual approach. That human failing is what makes propaganda such a powerful and dangerous weapon in the hands of leaders intent on betraying those who have entrusted them with the reins of leadership.

So very many look to current events and declare that all of the leaders of Western cultures are incompetent. Well, that is one answer, and certainly the easiest explanation of why our civilization is in such an advanced state of decay, but it is not the right answer. They are not incompetent. They are pursuing an agenda and reject any suggestion of a reasoned approach in regards to our problems, relying instead upon their ability to manipulate the masses via an emotional appeal.

"Turn the other cheek", "do unto others" and "live and let live" are all emotional concepts, and conducive to harmony in a peaceful society, but totally out of place in a time of war; and let there be no doubt about it, we are at war. The outcome of that war that will determine if our way of life survives or not, and at the moment that survival is quite dubious, to say the very least.

I cannot help but wonder how the term 'common sense' ever came into being, for it is so terribly uncommon. View the thoughts of many bloggers, scan the photoshopped images and cartoons, read the comments in our various and sundry groups and you most assuredly will see the term 'incompetent' applied frequently to political leaders both here and abroad.

They are not incompetent, but are marching in lock step with a carefully orchestrated agenda, whose purpose in the total domination of free men everywhere. At the moment they are content to exert ever increasing pressure from new and damaging legislation. When the puppet masters have deemed the time to be right, legislation will end, and anarchy will take its place; anarchy delivered at the hands of our own malcontents, and the foreign interlopers who now walk among us.

If you are skeptical about my opinion regarding competence as opposed to incompetence, allow me to present a few examples: 

If political decisions were based on a coin toss, our leaders would be right fifty percent of the time. If those decisions were made at the whim of a politician, annoyed that his golfing has been interrupted by those demanding leadership, that whim would prove beneficial on some occasions. Picture a political leader, awakened from a drunken stupor by those needing guidance; even such blurred thinking would on rare occasion prove beneficial.

The simple fact of the matter is that each and every decision emanating from the seats of power across the diverse cultures of the West is proving to be destructive. Such a track record could not possibly be the result of mere incompetence, but a carefully crafted plan designed to bring great nations to their knees. Those who subscribe to the incompetence theory are the ignorant base upon which power hungry tacticians build their master plan.

Many are the weapons in the arsenal of the those who crave power, such as prejudice, greed, deception, and let us not forget hatred, but one of the most effective, if not the most effective, is Guilt. If you can make a man feel guilty, you have him at a severe disadvantage. 

One of the greatest factors in the rise of civilizations was the human race's inborn conscience, for it is upon that foundation that laws were written governing the everyday affairs of society. Those who are at the same time both evil and wise, have learned to play upon and manipulate their fellow man by imposing guilt, whether deserved or not.

Today our leaders of both parties have an agenda that requires that we ignore our own laws and disregard our southern border and the danger imposed by those who cross it with impunity. The weapon of choice by those corrupt leaders is none other than guilt. 

They like to point out the misfortunes of those south of us while comparing their poverty, and oppression with our relative abundance of material goods and rights. However, those manipulative leaders fail to mention that our forefathers shed life's blood to build the nation where such things are possible, choosing to disregard the fact that those south of us never put forth the same effort.

We are held up as the poster child of all that is evil for having more than those in foreign lands. It is only human to be concerned about the welfare of others with less than we, but it is inhuman to be made to feel guilty about that disparity. We did not impose the problems faced by the people other nations, and have no reason to be held accountable for their discomfort. But any of our citizens who dares protest the invasion of prosperous nations by those seeking a free lunch are decried as "Racist". That one all inclusive word has cowed many a good man into silence, lest it be applied to him. How many others moderate their own thoughts, presenting only half the truth, for the very same reason? Now let us add "Bigot" to the equation and see how many more retreat in despair.

Slavery! I am so sick and tired of hearing about slavery.  It reeks of evil, of elitism, of a select few who are allowed to own another human being, and a day long left behind us. That day ended due to a lot of white men dying to end the great injustice known as slavery. Even when it did exist within the confines of our United States it was limited to a very small percentage of the white race. 

I have never owned a slave, nor ever wanted to. I do not know a single person who has one, and there are none in this nation that legally owns another human being. Yet we are attacked, guilty by association, due to the actions of a others and what they did two hundred years ago. Enough is enough. I am also quite sick of being called "Racist". I am not guilty, and yet called upon to feel the burden of such guilt, That is an emotion that I cast off.

Across the Atlantic, the people of the U.K., Europe, and Scandinavia, are also being assailed for having a better life style than others as they are made to feel guilty about their relative prosperity while Muslims live under the yoke of a degraded morality imposed by an evil warlord those many centuries gone by.

The citizens of London, Copenhagen, and Paris have no reason to feel remorse
about the plight of those seeking to spread Islam, and yet they too, in an effort to defend all that they cherish, are being described as guilty racists, both by their political and church leaders.

We here in the U.S.A. are in danger of becoming the suburbs and the providers of Latin America and yet our problems pale in comparison to the Islamic encroachment across Europe and England. That invasion is becoming all pervasive and has reached the point that many feel that the greatest danger they face is Islam. I disagree. Islam is no doubt an apparent, in your face, grave kind of danger that is readily discernible by all, and therein lies the greatest danger.

Political leaders currying votes, promote the incursion of a foreign people who owe no allegiance to their host nations. Courts, out of a sense of political correctness, strip native born citizens of their rights while awarding a free lunch to the invasion force, and still few dare look beyond the curtain. They prefer to confront the obvious danger of the Muslim next door, choosing to regard their leaders as merely incompetent for promoting Islam rather than puppets of a morally twisted scheme that will ultimately return slavery as a way of life for the 21st century.

That century has arrived and with it comes ever growing bureaucracies and ever diminishing rights among those apathetic citizens of what were once free nations. They are passive, compliant, submissive, and almost certainly doomed. I state this with confidence based on the belief that they have fallen prey to an undeserved guilt, to a dependent nature, and a craven demeanor that will not allow them to gaze beyond the wizard's curtain. 

To truly grasp what is taking place beyond that curtain would be somewhat akin to lifting the lid to hell and peering in, and few have that kind of courage. Those who have been subdued by the guilt premise, lack the moral fiber to stand before the world and say "No, you cannot have this. It is Mine!" Instead they write letters, send faxes, make comments on Facebook, and entrust their uncertain futures to morally decadent politicians who offer no resistance other than feeble compromise.

The feeble have never won a war, and compromise is out of place on a battlefield.

The next installment in this series will take us to the British Isle, that you may behold some of what our future has in store for us and our fading liberties.

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  1. Agree with everything except your concept of emotion. Emotion is not a weakness. . I personally believe that in order to be effective, one MUST present his argument/case from both areas . . . the heart and the mind. I also believe that it will be the heart message that ultimately convinces the mind.
    I don’t like the term “emotional” approach because I think deep sincerity is always heartfelt, or as some like to say “emotional”. But as you well know, this word “emotional” carries with it certain connotations which society has stuck on it, thereby making it a stigma instead of an identifying marker of strength, i.e. sincerity and heartfelt characteristics. Not to cast aspersions here, (lol) but men generally seem to have a harder time with this word “emotional” because they often have it lodged into their psyche that emotional means “weak.” Women recognize it for what it is . . . sincere . . . from the heart and often raw in its revelation. It is what we are good at. When sincere and truthful, emotion can be a powerful moving factor in the delivery of the message. Emotion is not a human failing. It is strength. Undirected emotion can be a failing and so can undirected intellect. The magic is in the correct mixture of the two.

  2. PS Also I don’t believe that "Turn the other cheek", "do unto others" and "live and let live…." are emotional concepts. I believe they are literal rules/concepts which when followed, can at times be devoid of emotion but prove to work in a peaceful society where common courtesy thrives. I turn the other cheek because I know the benefits of the rule, even when my emotions tell me to knock his head off. But, you are right; these rules don’t apply in wartime and this country is at war. I too am tired of the “slavery” issue and tired of hearing the word ”racist” thrown out at every turn. I am tired of seeing my tax dollars being given to useless programs and people. I want the destitute and broken to be helped but I also want my tax dollars to be directed toward useful purposeful programs not Obama’s socialist agenda of collective equality.
    Remember when Jesus went into the temple and overturned the tables and drove the crooked money changers out with a whip. He didn’t act on emotion or in some violent fit of rage. He thought about it long before he acted. He did what had to be done. It’s called righteous indignation.


  3. PPS Almost forgot...Goldwater was upfront, honest and yes, did speak from the heart. I remember well the convention and all the hoopla that surrounded it. It was then as it is today though, fraught in back room deals and corruption which Johnson was so well known for. (Being from Texas gives one a certain perspective.)

    1. By the way Janette...You should also be blogging.

  4. Janette, I wrote a reply to your comments and it exceeded the size limits. Therefore...
    Part One
    I may at times seem cold, distant, perhaps even ruthless, but the simple fact of the matter is that I am very emotional by nature, perhaps too much so. I just try to keep those emotions in check controlled by reason and logic. My idealism is based on my emotional nature. My complaint is that emotions are often utilized as a means of controlling people, and that is criminal.
    Example: We both know that our political and religious leaders love to make us feel guilty because we have a better life than do the Latinos south of us and the Muslims from the Middle East. They are turning our emotions and our natural concern for others, into a weapon to be used against us, very careful to avoid an intellectual discussion of the problem.
    What would be the outcome if they did factor intellect into the discussion? What if they went into great detail about the misfortunes of others and brought us to tears and then revealed that if we felt emotionally compelled to help those less fortunate, we would wreck our economy, our nation, and the futures of our grandchildren? How many, knowing the facts and the ultimate outcome of giving into their emotions, would be willing to jump on the 'I am my brother's keeper bandwagon'?
    In my essay I showed a photo of a lady vicar in England proudly proclaiming her love for Muslims. You know as well as I that 'love' will result in many more Brits being murdered and their daughters turned into sex slaves.
    As to my emotional nature: My girlfriend of many years came from Guadalajara, and she once told me of an old woman who lived in her neighborhood when she was young. Once a week the old lady would go to the market with her very few pesos and purchase a few potatoes, an onion or two, a few tomatoes, and a chicken foot. Note...A foot! She could not afford to buy a chicken leg. That was her fare for the week. This would be a stew that she lived on. That woman is most assuredly long since dead. I never met her, nor knew her name, and yet I could not hold back the tears(Can't right now) when my girlfriend told me this. Now, she and I look about and see obese Mexicans living on welfare and food stamps and driving new SUVs. She gets mad. I simply take note, as anger is a luxury I seldom allow myself. I figure that if I am not in control of my emotions then I have lost control. I do not lose control.
    Soros expresses the desire to be the 'The conscience of the world', and his every argument of why we must do things his way is based on an assault of our emotions. He, his allies, and his Open Society Institute are calling the shots at the EU and the UN and any and every time that someone tries to interject reason into the madness we deal with, he is branded a racist, a bigot, or an Islamophobe. The evil ones among us will not allow reason, and we are the victims of their emotional assaults.
    In younger days the Army taught me how to control emotions. I was not just a soldier. I chose to be a paratrooper, and in doing so stepped into a world of emotional control and mental discipline that few ever know. I am still in that world with no desire to exit. I just wish that I had even more control.

  5. Part Two
    I am working on an essay about the plight of the English people. Many of them are leaving their homeland due to what is being forced upon them. You are well aware of the Islamic issue there. Few know that thanks to Soros, the EU, the elitist politicians of England, and an open border policy, England is under a new assault and I cannot see how that nation can survive.
    On New Year's day 10,000 gypsies arrived in London from Romania. They expect that number for the year to be possibly up to 70,000 with the same in all years to come. Many of these people are being released from Romanian and Bulgarian prisons and are being sent to England so that their governments don't have to feed them.
    Click this link if you will and see an image that brought tears to my eyes. At first I thought that there were two women in the photo and then saw a head where one would not expect it to be. That lady was not even able to stand erect. These Roma(Gypsy) women are almost certainly homeless but are collecting benefits from England, as are 90,000 of their fellow gypsies, and 70,000 more on the way this year. Very interesting article!
    My emotional side reached across the miles to these women in their plight, but those emotions are also stirred about the plight of the English. Romania is a wasteland and soon England will be. That is where I turn off emotions and embrace reason. It is a hard world but sometime it is better to let nature take its course rather than spread the plague of poverty via good intention. I seem to recall something about the road to hell being paved with them.
    Many of the Brits want this migration to their shores to stop, but their leaders, both in England and the EU are being well rewarded to continue the emotional appeals and ignore the fall of great nations. To hell with the leaders. Long live England!

  6. hmmmm...
    I am not sure how I want to say it, but I do have mixed feelings about it all...
    and would have to speak with both sides of my mouth...
    I only can grade myself and say this:
    emotions are a root growing into a the tree can be swayed various ways or uprooted due to a wind and/or various weather conditions sustainable or disastrous to the tree survival.
    ...and so are humans..
    It is our ability to feel the pain and pressure yet provoke our actions into more cold blooded, calculative behaviour securing our survival which I take as a primary instict.
    While industrial and informational 'revolution' entered our lives society grew more selfish and losed its moral campus.
    "ME" generation grew up faster and spread through-out like midwinter flu...
    Americans are contributing more of their own (after taxes) money than
    and though I am in the forefront of helping less fortunate
    where is the line in a sand?!
    ...and now I think how our lives changed because a tax on a tea....

    maybe what British and Americans need is a tax on their very lives....

  7. Danny I didn't intend to imply that you were void of emotion. In fact, I enjoy the way you write because your passion for this country and its freedoms shows through and you do an excellent blend of the facts with that emotion. Sadly as I have said before, most people in this country will not wake up until there is blood in their streets.

    1. Janette, I took no offense at all; as stated; I wish that I was less emotional. Actually, if America were indeed to wake up when blood flows in the street then I would say that the loss was worthwhile. But I no longer foresee this happening. as that is when they will do what they are programmed to do, which is turn to the federal government to solve the problems said government has created.
      That disgusting photo of all of those people in Connecticut standing in a line that reached the vanishing point to register their guns, and bow before big brother. That was something of a breaking point for me. And, that was but one city in Connecticut. There were many of those lines and standing in them were those who have been trying to wake people up. They have posted brave quotes, and defiant photos demanding liberty, boldly proclaiming 'Molon Labe' but when boldness is needed they roll over,
      "Give me liberty or give me death!" should now be reworded: " big deal, but don't take away my entitlements."


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