Some see, few know, many choose to wander aimlessly in a fog, devoid of sunlight. I seek the light of day and leave the others to their chosen realm of ignorance. They are the ones who have brought this great nation down. I write only for the benefit of those who possess the courage required to restore our birthright.

Saturday, January 11, 2014


Editor's note:Paul and I have been internet friends for about the last four years having become acquainted through a unique group based in London and spanning a great deal of the globe. These people are some of the most dedicated and best informed freedom fighters of Western civilization and I have learned much from them. In general a post at that site is far more like an essay than a mere comment, and reading Paul's views over the years I have encouraged him to take up blogging. Like a true gentleman he has politely declined, but I got him this time! His most recent post shows a depth of understanding that I feel will resonate here in America, and so he has allowed me to publish it here on my website. Please welcome Paul, our English cousin from across the Great Pond...

As many of us are beginning to realize, there is not much daylight between the Conservatives and the other political parties, and that applies whichever side of the Pond you are on. The only true opposition to oppressive government are the people. If they get out into the streets and demand action from the powers that be, then the elected leaders will have to do the bidding of the electorate or face the consequences.

Having said that, it does not always happen overnight. A lot of shows of dissent have resulted in a show of strength by those who are supposed to serve those who have put them in office. The police and the military are then used to subdue, not protect, the people.

This is tyranny, and it takes brave men and women to fight against this form of totalitarian rule. Vast numbers of our population may very well die, but as has been pointed out by many here, it looks like the majority will exchange their freedom for security.

And so the future looks like one of total control of the population by their power hungry leaders. I am certain that resistance will take place, but when armies are prepared to beat down their own at the command of tyrannical government then don't expect to win back your homeland or your freedoms very quickly.

History shows us that civilization come and go, and the world as we know it is changing. I have no concrete idea just how far it will go but I do believe that it will get messy. Wars are erupting in some very volatile parts of the world, such as those parts where the populations are huge compared to Europe.

The war in Syria has caused over two million refugees to swamp surrounding sovereign states, with central, western, and northern Africa likely to produce yet millions more. And the western nations are being asked to pick up the bill. One has to wonder how long that can go on, when our own economies are are already on the brink of collapse.

The countries of Europe, and the United States are going through enormous social changes, and those governments are at full stretch trying to find ways of keeping the power on, the food flowing, jobs created, immigrants absorbed, and the financial system from collapsing.

Europe, as in the European Union, is expanding its governing powers. China is flexing its military and financial muscle, and Russia is rebuilding its political power. The Middle East is a tinder box, and America is going through a death spiral.

Everything will probably hinge on the economy and if the monetary system cannot cope, then governments will enforce martial law or people will start rioting and killing each other for a bit of food and water.

Maybe none of this will happen. Maybe our great rulers have factored all this in and we are all going to continue eating, drinking, absorbing millions of immigrants and refugees...Maybe!

Not for one minute do I believe the world can go on as it is; something must and will change. Britain for one does not have the infrastructure to keep taking in more immigrants, not unless more 'Brits' move out and more senior citizens die quicker. And, if this does happen, this country will have changed beyond recognition.

We lack the schools, the housing, and the collective social will to keep on letting in troublesome refugees and low skilled migrants. And so our future will depend on how far we will allow ourselves to be backed into a corner and whether or not we come out fighting, or lie down and accept whatever compromise that is offered to us as long as we can continue living; even as slaves.


  1. I have much more stronger feelings and words but
    everything Paul said is TRUE to last letter he put on.
    All we see from obama and UK can spell only into one word:
    for both of our countries, though UK is possibly more advanced with all the "tolerance" (mis) conception...

    It just make me wonder how long it will take to set the barrels of gun powder be set on fire....
    ...a total distruction and uprise is a is just a matter of time...
    EVERYTHING considered , Paul is is not going to end well..not at all...

  2. None of my here in Poland family matters to anyone,
    but as I harvested veggies and fruits through Summer and Autumn months,
    canning and drying food, making jars and bags of ready to use meals it occured to me:
    how many Americans are ready to survive on food storage to feed their family for lets say a week?
    I have no idea, but the last cold spell (never mind political evil lurking) shall place a serious thought into many minds...and be self sustained for couple of weeks ...
    I am proud to say that with little effort I do not need leave the house for a month to be well fed (includes 6 people within the house)...
    ...I think all the people in the flyover country will just fine...
    well, with this comforting thought I am sleeping much better.

  3. I am on a business trip and cannot wait to sit down and read your blog.

  4. Civilizations rise, decline, fall, enter a dark age, recover, rise again, and repeat the pattern. Unfortunately, we never learn from our historical past and continue to repeat the cycle. We are now in the period of decline. The masses seem to have been lobotomized, bought off, and are now in the fold of dependency managed by those who would destroy us.
    Are there enough of us who are aware left to break this cycle and save ourselves from another Dark Age?

  5. Dee Fatouros wrote,
    Civilizations rise, decline, fall.

    Imagine just a couple of hundred years ago. Farmers would be in their fields, workers in their factories, and mills. Most could not read, most would not live to be 50

    If war broke out, and an invading Army was marching across the land, how many of these people, our ancestors, would have known about it.

    Most people may not have known what was happening until a foreign Army marched into their Town/Village and told them they were now subjects of a new king. This may have been preferable to the local Lord coming into Town telling them they were now in the Army and were of to fight.

    Our Ancestors had few choice's in life as to who ruled them. The Sovereign would have been an all powerful figure whom most people would never have seen, but who had the power drag them to war and their death.

    Today, although we elect our leaders, they still act as Sovereign's. We give them the power to act for us in all things, so that we can get on with the important task of raising our family's, or just living our lives.

    The trouble is that's not the truth. Our leaders have more power than some old dark age King. We can't live in relative isolation until the king comes knocking. Our leaders can reach right into our homes and schools, our work places and even where we take our vacation.

    Our leaders decide how we live and breath more than any Medieval barbarian King ever could. And yet, with our super highway of instant information, many realise this less than any illiterate peasant toiling the land 12 hours a day 7 days a week.

    Very few people question the power we give to our leaders. For fear those leaders wield that power against them. How many times have our modern leaders behaved like despots. They take us to war, they give away our money, they bring into our countries who they please, they bring in laws against the will of the people, and when the chance to vote them out on their ear arrives, the people believe their election lies, and vote them back in again.

    Modern social engineering has produced a docile compliant pubic, and to defend us we have an army that are not allowed to win wars, because winning would be imposing our culture on another. And that would never do.

    We have given our leaders all this power over us. Our silence gives them the authority to continue. And no one questions where we're going, no one questions the decisions made in our name. No one dare!.

    Its said that the pen is mightier than the sword. In todays world it appears that is very true. To have someone write the words 'YOU are a racist' is enough to slay the biggest foe.

    And our leaders who people think are there to protect you from attack, are the ones who have built this modern arsenal of weapons, that no man can stand against. Words that crush all opposition. But do not think our modern rulers can't back those words up. They have their personal armies that will shove the key words, like racist, diversity, plurality, Obedience, down your throat!

    Our civilisation is in free fall, and we're going down with out a safety net. Some people will land on their feet. But most will land on the head.

    Can we save our way of live. Well the Roman empire limped on for a few hundred years after Rome had fell. The future isn't written. But then the world was a bigger place 1000 years ago.


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