Some see, few know, many choose to wander aimlessly in a fog, devoid of sunlight. I seek the light of day and leave the others to their chosen realm of ignorance. They are the ones who have brought this great nation down. I write only for the benefit of those who possess the courage required to restore our birthright.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014


In 2008 McCain's campaign was sagging and to bolster it he sought out a bright and attractive running mate, but he got more than he bargained for as he had invited someone aboard who was not only attractive but quite capable of thinking for herself and inspiring America's conservative base. To this day I have but one criticism of Sarah Palin and that is the fact that she endorsed John McCain's Senate reelection bid in 2010, after what he and his Progressive allies did to her in 2008.

She tried to speak up for America and her own party slapped her down. She tried to warn us that Obama was planning to turn this nation into a socialist state. McCain assured our people that Obama is not a socialist and that he loves this country. McCain's political advisers insisted on spending one hundred and fifty thousand dollars on her wardrobe and then leaked that information to the media, making her look like a big spender, but that media today chooses to ignore the millions spent on Obama's vacations. In the name of 'promoting' her image she was fed to the wolves of the MSM and sacrificed to the gods of Saturday Night Live. She, like none other in history, was set up by those she believed to be allies, and as she was being set up for a fall, so too was the America she had begun to inspire. 

I closed Part One with a somewhat cryptic comment that if Sarah Palin has a weakness then it must be an inability to comprehend pure evil, for she has stared it right in the face and did not recognize it for what it truly is. Perhaps that can be traced back to her Christian beliefs of 'Love thine enemy' for John McCain totally sold her and this nation out to those who would tear us down, and enslave a once free people.

The latest flap on the internet has to do with a two bit article in the New York Times that is still blaming the Benghazi event on that second rate video that few Muslims ever saw. If I did not understand the radical tactics of Saul Alinsky and his left wing followers I would be asking myself why, after all this time and all that we have learned about Benghazi, would any reporter once again rehash an old lie about that video when we all know it had nothing to do with the attack.

However, I do understand the Alinsky methodology. If you have not yet read Part One of this series you should. Alinsky's rule number six states "A good tactic is one your people enjoy." His book 'Rules For Radicals' was written for the benefit of radical leaders, i.e.: community organizers, who would follow in his footsteps. His advice to them was never to adopt a rigid framework but to allow their followers to be creative and stir up trouble on their own.

Now it may not seem overly creative to once again tell a lie that everyone now knows is a lie. However, it is creative, if you grasp Alinsky's tactics. Just look what it has done. In all honesty I have not read the latest tripe from that NYT reporter and don't intend to. What he wrote is irrelevant. The only thing that matters is Alinsky's goal of a 'means to an end'. I think of that NYT piece of trash as but an afternoon of fishing. When you bait a hook and throw it in the water you are never quite sure what kind of fish is going to take the bait.

In this case it was Sarah Palin, barracuda, and suddenly the whole paradigm changes. Now the original article is a non-story and the new story is Sarah Palin's use of the term 'shuck and jive'. Now, I know what she meant, and she knows what she meant, but her actual meaning matters not at all, for the left wing smear masters have suddenly lit up the media and the internet referring to this shuck and jive comment as a racial slur against Hussein Obama, and once again she is in the cross hairs. 

It really is not her fault as they will find ways to twist the meaning of anything that woman says. If she were to post on her site that she would never again mention Obama's name or anything about his policies you can be certain that the following day's headline would read. 'Palin Claims The President Is Not Worth Her Time'. It matters not what she says or does, they will twist it into another bout of Hate Palin.

If I were to give her one bit of advice, it would be to never be photographed eating a chocolate ice cream cone. It would be twisted and racial overtones added, and a new topic of rage would be born for the left, and conservatives would rush to the nearest store buying chocolate ice cream by the ton to show their support for Sarah.

Oddly enough, the Progressives need Sarah Palin and if that sounds
like I have lost my marbles let me explain. Adolph Hitler needed the Jews. Anyone seeking power through culture wars needs an enemy. Attacking the Jews unified the German people under his rule. The overall enemy of the left is conservatives. Divide them into various sub groups, all under attack. First and foremost we have the middle class. Below them are the Tea Party, the churches, our beliefs and our livelihood. Governor Palin personifies all of the above and has been turned into a focal point of their hatred. In essence she is a walking and talking symbol of America, and therefore their number one target for abuse and ridicule.

Think about it. If tomorrow Ms. Palin and family were to move to Australia, none could replace her in the eyes of our liberals and Progressives. She is the person they all love to hate. The bulk of the GOP has already abandoned us and the few left are also being attacked. Allen West, Ted Cruz, Michelle Bachman and a few others are constantly under the gun but not to the degree that Sarah Palin is. She is the favorite focal point of the left. Many of the lesser players in Alinsky's game plan would rejoice to see her break, but not the true masters of the agenda. They, and they alone, realize what a valuable asset she is to them, at least until they seize total control.

And what makes her such a special prize to the left? The answer to that is quite simple. We love her. If she is under attack, conservatives rally to her defense; all part of the culture wars that are being foisted on an unsuspecting public. Nothing better illustrates that than this latest SNAFU from NYT. Many might think that the author of that ridiculous piece about Benghazi and the video is either an idiot, foolish enough to believe that someone would believe him, or that he hasn't watched the news in the last year. None of the above are true.

As mentioned above, he was simply fishing, seeing who would make a comment about his absurd article. Sadly, Sarah Palin did, and we are now making news again, a new rage has set in, we embark on the latest battle in the culture war, and like a fish, we are being played by the ghost of Saul Alinsky as we disregard important events and concentrate on the shuck and jive agenda. 

That reporter probably got a hefty bonus.

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  1. The one thing you can be sure of, is a true progressive will break every single rule they insist you keep. The left are the champions of minorities and of the under privileged. And those groups had better remember that.

    The attack on SP's baby was disgraceful, but as SP' is a conservative and her child is a conservative by association, then the child gets all it deserves, and any way, the ends justify the means. Although I do remember a certain President Clinton who jumped to his daughter Chelsea's defence when the media focused on her looks growing up.

    Just recently none other than Mitt Romney was under the cosh because his son adopted a child who is Black. Why would anyone be under the cosh for adopting a child. And what sort of person would instigate ridicule against a black child and his adoptive parents. A bigoted far right racist I bet everyone would think. But no, it was an African American anchor at MSNBC, Melissa Harris-Perry.

    With Obamacare and the low poll ratings of the Democrat party taking all the head lines, the paid for by who? Obama news stations and paper mashe tabloids are out waving shiny things at the apathetic public who want nothing more than light entertainment from their politicians. And lots of entitlements of cause.

    Palin has been put on the block for daring to speak the truth. If I remember correctly Bill Clinton was put on a pedestal for using a perfectly good Havana as a sex toy.

    I'm sure I could make as many racist and derogatory remakes about Alan west, Ben Carlson, Herman Cain, and Alfonso Rachal as long as I was wearing a scruffy pair of jeans and a Che Guevara tee shirt. Maybe even smoking a nice big Havana. Maybe an old Bill Clinton one.. Emmmm. (maybe not)

    As a Conservative I would not be able to point out that President Obama has taken the country to the edge of insanity with the Obama care debacle without being called a far right wing racist, so thoroughly has the left made speaking the truth a frightful scary chore for any non left Politician. And so apart from a few brave souls who are prepared to take a few hits for the rest of us, the majority of congressmen and women and senators are merely playing at politicians. Standing tall, tall enough to blot out the light for the people they represent.

    Sarah Palin did the unthinkable. She exposed the deviousness of the left. And it was the Republican party that shivered. They knew they had to silence her. Or they would have to do something, they would have to stand up to the socialist doomsday Machine that has chewed the flesh from America. Something not many of them are able to do for fear they light may shine on them. Better to take the money and keep quite.

  2. Paul, you really should take up writing.

  3. Thank you Danny, high praise indeed, but alas I could not write as many do, not least yourself and many of my friends over at 4freedoms.

    I can however comment freely on many things, which in a round about way are the same thing. Much of what is written about the left, marxism, progressive's, islam, totalitarianism ect all rely on one thing. Truth. This Truth takes a lot of investigation, and a lot of work putting it together in a concise fashion that is readable, and provable.

    All it takes to discredit all that work is someone to call you a fascist, a racist a sexist or any other name they can't prove, yet carriers a stigma so bad no one will defend you once the association has been made.

    That is socialism. It destroys everything in its path. It clings to every success it cannot claim to have engineered, and places every disaster man made and natural firmly at the feet of anybody who they consider an enemy.

    After decades of progressive rule in places like Chicago the reason its fell to pieces is because there's still a Conservative alive some where to blame.

    With the 2014 mid terms looming, people like Sarah Palin are there to be hammered. The Democrates need, as you said someone to hate. The one thing that will not happen in the run up to these elections is a debate about the issues, and any truth raised like Benghazi and Hilary Clinton's involvement will be laughed at, while accusation's that Sarah Palin eats babies will be hailed as a fact.

    Every failing will be blamed on the republicans and conservatives. And I don't think the republicans know how to fight any more. I'll be surprised if they will win enough to take the senate, and a majority in the other place hasn't helped them any way.

    So truth means nothing unless you can get people to believe it. Which means they need a certain level of education, or understanding. I didn't have the greatest education but I can see what is going on around me. I understand the changes of the past 30 years have not been good. I don't believe in false promises, and the more outlandish promises get the 'less' likely I am to believe them.

    Socialism relies on decay, it relies on fools who believe in fairy dust. As the people of the past have had to fight for their freedoms, so will this generation. People like Sarah Palin have straightened up and decided to put their line in the sand. Mrs Palin isn't the only one, Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Trey Gowdy amongst others have stood up as well. Bill Wittle, Allen West, are constantly on the circuit exposing the Fraud that is the democratic party.

    Great modern day thinkers like Victor hanson davis, and Thomas Sewell, the great Ann Barnhardt, and countless others who are putting their two pence worth in need a bigger audience. That's what I do best. I make sure no one who has spoken to me leaves my company without being given the opportunity to go and learn a bit more.

    I make sure everyone I e.mail, text or just chat to gets a link to a you tube or face book page or blogging site that contains enough information to educate even the most ignorant. And I like to tell everyone to prove me wrong when I tell them their Governments are the biggest danger to their wellbeing that they will every have to face.

    So I shall continue reading all the excellent blogs and commenting where I can, but My main form of 'attack' if that's the right word, is in person, face to face with people, so that I may point them to sites such as this to help people understand better the world around them. And why things are as they are.

  4. Right on the money! We need to stop taking the bait.


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