Some see, few know, many choose to wander aimlessly in a fog, devoid of sunlight. I seek the light of day and leave the others to their chosen realm of ignorance. They are the ones who have brought this great nation down. I write only for the benefit of those who possess the courage required to restore our birthright.

Friday, January 31, 2014

WHO'S 'TRUTH' DO YOU BELIEVE? Submitted by Paul Collings UK

"In just my life time I have seen the world I knew, of truth and inquiry turned into a fictitious storybook world, written by social engineers, whose own lives were created by the spawn of Frankenstein."

In a private exchange with Danny Jeffrey I wrote the above sentence. He said it would make a great start to an essay. I am never quite certain how to start a post, or a reply to someone else's comments. So I have taken his advice.

The original essay that I started writing last week has changed several times, mainly due to a conversation taking place on the 4Freedoms site that was covering some of the same points I was trying to make, that being about truth.

'Truth' ... It seems such a simple concept. The truth is, 'that which is fact', the opposite being a lie, that which is false, not based on fact, fabricated. At least that’s how I thought it should be, but as is often said, truth is stranger than fiction. 

Let us look back in history a few hundred years to the 17th century and the time of witch burning, something that was quite prevalent in Europe, while Britain preferred hanging convicted witches.

I'm sure most people are familiar with the stories about what made you a witch. Thrown into a pond, and if you floated you were made of wood, and were therefore a witch, if you sank and drowned then you were innocent. We can all laugh at that now, but I should add that many places and cultures in the world in the 21st century still believe in such things.

Maybe I should go on to lying for a while. I'm sure most of us don't like being lied to, but most of us will at some point tell a lie. We'll convince ourselves it’s just a little white lie. And it’s for the greater good for whatever reason.

We all know the lies that are OK don't we. 'I'm late home because I got held up at work', or 'the traffic was horrendous', when really we'd popped into the bar for quick drink on the way home. But what the hell, it saved an argument, and as long as the other half believes you, no harm done.

How many times has some one rung you up and said, 'can't come round today/tonight, for the party/drink/night out etc, because I’m ill.'? You probably think they're lying, but what can you say? We'll all need that lie at some future date for ourselves, so that lie can be a 'truth' whenever needed.

The lie about being ill is hardly a lie at all, but that’s not the problem. If someone claimed they were ill and they weren't, that would be easy to prove. You could soon go round and see them. But the problems resulting from such an action would not be worth it to us. No one likes being called a liar! Not that the problems would result in our death, proving you’re not a witch meant you had to die.

So at what point do we call someone out for being a liar, How about when someone says you can keep your health insurance, when it’s quite obvious they know that’s not true. How about, 'I did not have sexual relations with that women'. Did everyone accept that lie? 'I have no knowledge of the break in to the Democratic offices in Watergate'. At least that was proven to be a lie.

At this moment in time the world is under attack from an ideology ...  Islam. In every corner of the Earth, Islam is attacking the beliefs of other people, telling them that they are no better than cattle. And yet almost to a man, the leaders of nearly every nation have refused to blame a single death, a single beating, or a single rape, on the teaching of Islam or the Muslims that follow that ideology.

In most countries that have had terror attacks aimed at them, Britain, America, Spain, France, India, the Middle East, Africa and almost anywhere else you care to mention, have had governments made up of left-wing and right wing parties, but the pattern of denial of Islamic inspired violence is a constant.

It is well believed by many commentators that the left of politics are the ones who have decided to 'adopt' Islam and protect it from the terrible stream of bad words aimed at its God, its prophet, and the Koran from which the Islamic terrorist's claim justification for their actions. Britain’s Prime Minister, a conservative, seems to have adopted the lefts position on Islam. Violence can never be blamed on a religion that claims to be Peaceful.

Those so called 'Peaceful' actions include suicide bombs that kill thousands every year. the raping of thousands of women, the beating of many women. Honour killings, the stoning of women who have been raped, the killing of gays, and the persecution of thousands of non-Muslims in many countries that are predominately Muslim. These actions are fact!! These actions are there for ALL to see. These actions are screaming at everyone who has a TV, a radio, a newspaper, and especially anyone who lives in one of the Muslim majority countries from around the world. And yet none of these actions are blamed on Islam.

When those planes hit the Twin Towers our leaders, both in America and the UK, were saying that it had nothing to do with Islam and that Muslims were also horrified by the attack. That was a lie! The Islamic world was partying on the streets, blaring out car horns, handing out cakes in celebration.

It was the same after the attacks of 7/7 in Britain and after the Madrid bombing. Look at the horrors of Belsan Russia and of Mumbai India.  There was no outrage from the Islamic world, just a few token words of condolence. This doesn't mean individual Muslims aren't outraged, but it shows that they are too frightened to protest, if indeed they ever felt like it.

Think of the non-outrage by the Islamic world after the terror attacks around the globe, then think about the outrage shown after the Salmon Rushdie book  'Satanic Verses', or the Danish cartoons that triggered riots. What about the 'Accidental' burning of some Korans in Afghanistan, and a speech that caused offence to Islam by the Pope.  There was outrage and death. The whole world knew that Islam had been Offended!!

If we are to believe our leaders, not one attack by a terrorist, who happens to be a Muslim, can be attributed to Islam or its teachings. Despite the terrorists claiming that they are enacting those teachings, and despite the 'fact' that text in the Koran does give very strict instructions on how Muslims should live their lives, and how they should treat non Muslims. This is FACT! It is there in print, and those facts come gift wrapped in 1400 years of bloody history.

So our leaders, from all political parties, tell us that we know nothing about Islam, certainly not as much as they do. They are telling us we should believe them, and not the evidence. Our leaders, who after every terrorist outrage (about 22000 terror attacks since 9/11) carried out in the name of Islam, come out and spout the words, 'Islam is a religion of peace'. They tell us that a group of extremist Muslims highjacked this peaceful religion for its own means, ant that we, along with all the silent Muslims, must reject this perversion of Islam.

We think that our political parties are different; many still believe that we have a choice, that by voting for a different party we'll be able to rid ourselves of the curse of Islam. The evidence does not show this to be true. Apart from a few outspoken individuals, our representatives remain united in blaming a group of people called 'Islamists' instead of identifying the real problem.

Let us be in no doubt, if the western world wanted to destroy Islam, we could. We have the military might to slaughter them; we could consign them to the history books.  Our military have been fighting with their hands tied. I believe that our leaders have no intention of winning any more wars abroad, as this seems to anger our enemies.

We have (with open arms) allowed Islam and its followers to spread across Europe and America. And despite all our great and powerful leaders claiming Islam is Peaceful, what the people see is an increase in riots, rapes, and no go areas. It is now the case that our police have become paramilitary. Britain is placing water cannons on its streets, and America has huge armoured vehicles in the possession of its Police. With so much peace on our streets why are the means to crush the public being built up?  

We are at the point where the powers that be, are telling us lies,  And we know they are, but  still we accept these lies as truths. No one wants to call them out on their lies, so we agree they must be telling the truth. Not much seems to have changed since the days we were letting people hang or burn women for being witches.

In Britain 40% of the public believe civil war is inevitable. They believe Islam will be the cause of this war.  57% of people believe Islam has a detrimental effect on the country,  yet our leaders keep promoting the incursion of those from Islamic nations. They totally ignore any concerns the people have, and actively seek to punish anyone who dares point out Islam presents a danger to all of us.  

The truth, it seems, is the possession of those that can enforce it. If your version of the truth can get you charged with a hate crime and imprisoned,  then maybe you are a liar. At least that's what the general public will be led to believe. Freedom of speech is considered hate speech when used to criticize Islam.

Islam does not allow anything to contradict the Koran. The Koran itself encourages lies and deceit, even though our well informed, Koran reading leaders don't seem to know that, or at least they don't want us to believe such things.

When I was at school, if I wrote an essay I was expected to show references to the sources that I had used. In today’s world we are asked to ignore books we reference for our knowledge. The Koran is a book of instructions for Muslims. We as non-Muslims are not allowed to refer to it in proving our point.

Karl Marx and the Communist Manifesto give great insight into the progressive mind-set that dominates the thinking of our political class.  Our future is almost here. And it will not be the future we've been promised. Money will not last forever. Islam is not a religion of peace, and our leaders do not want freedom and democracy for all. What do you believe?

What do you believe indeed! When I speak to people I know, they often dismiss the things that I say as conspiracy theories. Well if it’s all a theory, why is it that its easier for our government to arrest people for saying bad words against Islam, even though most of those words come from their own holy book, than it is to arrest someone burning western flags, on our streets.

If I waved a placard saying 'Death to Muslims and Christianity will
dominate the world', how quickly would I be thrown in jail? How many Muslims are under police guard because of death threats by Christians? How many suicide bombers have been from your local Methodist church, or from NO church at all?

As you have noticed, I have mentioned Islam quite a few times. Do I believe Islam is the cause of all misery in the world? Not quite. As I’ve said, we could flatten the world of Islam. Islam is just a tool. A tool of western governments.  Islam is the sharp instrument that is used to jab us. It’s a tool our leaders can hide behind while they proceed with their agenda; an agenda well hidden by the constant drivel that emanates from the MSM.

In Britain I see the big story of the day is a Labour party pledge to raise the higher level of tax by five pennies. From 45 pence, to 50 pence. That will keep the majority of the population busy for a few months until the next election. That will stop them worrying about the next 100,000 or so immigrants, and the extra dozen or so mosques that will spring up, or the extra few billion in debt the country will be by the end of the year.

America will need something soon to take their minds off the rise in costs of the ACA, and the millions being given to Islamic countries, while the numbers of people out of the job market and those put on part time hours increase. Entire cities are on the verge of bankruptcy while the government out sources jobs for the sake of globalization. I'm certain that others can think of a dozen horror stories of their own.

America is on the verge of an energy revolution with fracking. Whether this will produce millions of jobs, and help pay ofF the trillions in debt, and the trillions in pensions I don't know, but it is a start.

With the build-up of a military style police force, I don't think the government is expecting the future to be that rosy, and yet they keep insisting that things are improving. I suppose that outlook(truth) depends on who is asking the question, and who is believing it.

What do you think is the truth? Is it what the government is telling you? Is it what you can see for yourself? Or do you just believe what is easiest ? The truth will reveal itself eventually. Will you believe it when it does? Will anyone even recognize it? 

If our various Progressive governments are so benevolent, then why does everyone feel so threatened?

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  1. Thank you Paul for devoting the time and mental energy it takes to write the things that are on your mind. I wish I could have that time. I own two businesses and employ between the two 45 people. I tell people I am a business owner but what I really am is an adult babysitter. On this Saturday morning I wanted to concentrate for a few minutes on something that is so very important to me, and that is my country. Even though I don't have enough time to sit down and articulate my thoughts into a blog, I do my reading and research every morning and night for a minimum of one hour each. I began this practice in the summer of 2008 and have been addicted to following the trails ever since. I wanted to research and know the candidates for president, I wanted to understand why everyone hated Bush, how did McCain rate getting the nomination, why young people were following Ron Paul, why was Hillary ditched for this know nothing, arrogant, narcissist.
    I started with Ron Paul and it lead me to a site I will be forever grateful for and that is From there my world opened. Believe it or not it was through this site on a comment that I found Danny. You see the comments on articles are the greatest learning tool to what is happening in the world. And with that said I wanted to comment on your blog and answer the questions you put forth.
    "What do you think is the truth?" I believe truth is everything you and Danny have written. My research comes to the same conclusions.
    "Is it what the government is telling you?" No, and since the election I have grown VERY fearful of my own gov't.
    "Is it what you can see for yourself?" I see it in bold letters everyday. I urge myself with a to do list to stay on track with my finances, with preparing both know what I mean.
    "Or do you just believe what is easiest ?" No I have never taken the easy way out of anything. I am not lazy and generally have a low regard for people who are.
    "The truth will reveal itself eventually. Will you believe it when it does? Will anyone even recognize it?"
    I believe there is a major reset fast approaching and that we better be prepared for the ride of our lives. GS has revealed himself to us who have done the research, he couldn't hide his evil agenda forever. He is 84 in insurance years, and has a limited time to see the full wrath of his hatred come to fruition. Hussein has his instructions and is following along like the good sociopath that he is.
    Thank you both again and you too Joanna. We will survive this reset because WE know what we are up against.

  2. And here is a perfect article to read from zero hedge.

  3. Well I have been wondering how I could put my feelings into words and you have put it so aptly. Now I know . . . good sentence. ("In just my life time I have seen the world I knew, of truth and inquiry turned into a fictitious storybook world, written by social engineers, whose own lives were created by the spawn of Frankenstein.") I feel your pain.
    Well, you’re right Paul. America and it seems the whole world has lost their moral compass. Only with morality can a people govern themselves, have respect for life, liberty and those freedoms we so enjoy. Without morality there is no discipline to the world . . . no respect . . . no compassion and we are left to the devices of greed. Also, it is very important to destroy religion if you want to rule a people. Religious people have morals and moral people are disciplined and disciplined people are hard to control. So . . . dumb them down . . . take away their God and then take away their freedom and wallah!

  4. Just a side note: Another website on preparedness was spotlighted on Judge Jeanine's show via FOX Some very interesting and helpful tips given.

  5. Thank you for your excellent commentary, Mr. Collings. You have given us a detailed account of current events that needs to be given some serious thought by those who are still in the dark about Islam and the agenda they have for the world.

    There are only a few governments who are now waking up to what Islam is all about and have started to take the necessary steps to quell the onslaught of Islam on their countries. We can only hope and pray there will be a movement to replace the leaders of nations who have welcomed Muslims into their countries. If this fails in the near future then there will be civil unrest in America and the UK.

  6. If our leaders were doing the very best for us, there would be no need for lies. We have all accepted our politicians lies. Lets hope enough people wake up to change our present leadership before we are crushed by their omni potency. Enforced by people who are only following orders.

    When the lies of this and previous administrations have been revealed, and proven the public have taken no action. Most people are scared of non existent laws governing free speech, and said nothing. Free speech doesn't need to be taken away, not when people are prepared to give it up willingly.

    The progressives will tell you they believe in free speech while telling you to shut up, you will be told they don't want your guns while they pass laws that make it against the law for you to own them, and you will be paid what your worth in food stamps. For as long as you have a worth.


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