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Friday, February 14, 2014

A READER'S FEEDBACK Submitted by Janette Scarborough

Anyone who writes periodically suffers from what is commonly called 'Writer's Block' when you just can't seem to put your words together. The problem is always temporary and more often than not, it is the views of a reader that snaps me out of my reverie, launches me on a new train of thought, and sends me back to my keyboard. One such person is Janette Scarborough, and as an expression of my gratitude I dedicated a recent essay to her for thoughts she expressed in a comment.

For the record I have been trying to get this lady to take up blogging as the views she expresses are well worth reading, for any and all American patriots. Thus far she has declined the suggestion. Perhaps, you, my readers, can sway her where I have failed. At least for the moment she has graciously allowed me to publish the contents of one comment she tried to post.

Google limits a comment to five hundred characters, and her post exceeded those allowed limits and so she Emailed me as her views are far too valid to be discarded. Brief history: The lengthy post that Google disallowed was a very well phrased reply to another reader's comment to the article In A World Gone Mad Part Nine, The Assault On Morality.

And so, as Rod Serling used to say, "I now submit for your approval.." 'A Reader's Feedback': Please welcome Janette Scarborough.

What I believe most of us fail to realize or recognize is the slow erosion of our institutions and religious foundations that began during the 50's. Most are aware of the destruction of the churches and synagogues, the death camps and even confiscation of property that early Communism brought to the masses in Europe. But that was war. Vivid and horrific and it left an indelible imprint on our psyche. (Many of our own children in this country know nothing about the gas chambers and execution squads of that time.) But we know nothing about the quiet systematic indoctrination of socialism. For the most part Americans have been sheltered to the ills of the world and we have failed to learn about this slow, systematic indoctrination.

Back in the late 50's and 60's the John Birch Society was loudly proclaiming and attempting to alert Americans to the slow progression of Communism into American society through our schools, universities, churches, synagogues, media, etc ... all the things that Danny listed. But Americans labeled the JBS as radical and accused them of using scare tactics and therefore the slow erosion of our institutions continued. Surely that could never happen in America. Surely we have learned something from our past mistakes. Surely.

Our schools began to incorporate new teaching system ... new math ... new English, and wouldn't you know ... learning how to get in touch with one's inner self. (Much of this came out of the University of Berkeley ... I know, I was there). When my son was in the first grade in California, his class sat in a large circle for thirty minutes three times a week and did meditation. After all, their psyche was far more important than the three R's. Now America has the dumbest kids on the planet.

There has been a slow erosion of our history and basic studies. We no longer believe that history is important. I have a friend who worked with the Texas Text Book Committee, which usually sets the standards for our text books. You would not believe how our history has been re-written or in many cases even omitted.

Churches during this time were having their basic principles of belief challenged and I remember well when the Methodists had a huge fracture over, would you believe, ... the virgin birth. If a church member held tightly to the basic fundamental beliefs he was classed as a legalistic fundamentalist and the opposed were labeled dangerous liberals who abused scripture. (Divide and conquer.)

The Liberation Theology that Danny mentioned is a perfect  example of the fracturing of basic principles of doctrine. Whenever you see the word "collective" you better perk your ears. Liberation Theology is a doctrine of "collective" salvation. It is based not on "individual" salvation but "collective" salvation. It is not a doctrine of grace but a doctrine of works, i.e. if I have offended someone or damaged/taken advantage of someone, I must make restitution before I can belong to my spiritual brothers and sister. Ah-h-h! Now we have paved the way for the gospel of REPARATIONS. (You owe me because of what your forefathers did to my people.) $$$$$

Jeremiah Wright, Obama's favorite spiritual mentor, you know the one
who said, "...God damn America", preached Liberation Theology and Obama sat in his congregation for years. Glenn Beck had a "pastor" and I use that term loosely, on his show who explained all this in detail. So look out for those key words ... "collective" and "social justice". They don't mean what we think they mean.

Everything that Danny listed here is factual. The Communists, Socialists, Progressives, and Populists are following an agenda and they have a slogan: "EVOLUTION NOT REVOLUTION". Russia once announced that they would bury us and would do so without firing a shot.

Take away the people's religion. Take away their history. Dumb them down while you get them accustomed to government subsidies and food stamps, then preach the gospel of class warfare and you have them. Now you can control them.

We are glaringly on this path. Unless we start teaching our children their history and basic studies, and unless we return to the foundation principles of our Constitution and morality we are doomed. I am very much afraid for this country that I love.

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  1. Janette,
    and Danny,
    Thank you for posting it.
    Well, I remember one time in early 80's sitting in a car with our baby Daughter waiting for my husband to do our banking on Friday afternoon ...out of nowhere in my face at the passanger window appeared a young man giving me a sheet of paper saying at the same time we need to consider communism because the capitalistic system is going to kill all of us (I do not remember his exact words but paraphrasing that was basically it)...
    Within a split of second my brain engadged and I was in a murderous rage!
    I jumped out of the car, almost knocking him over, and I guess my face expression forewarded to him a "danger" message, because he took off like a bullet, chasing him and almost getting this little sob I was able to tell him exactly what to do with his sick ideals and where to stick it...well at the time I was young and stupid..
    now I cary Browning semi automatic 9mm anywhere I go...
    (half joking/half serious)
    Janette, I hope you will not take an offense if I tell you my cabbage patch story.
    I just thought about it this morning as I was planing to do the window box sowing for spring planting...
    well...late September cabbage in my garden was really beautiful! 4-6 pound each...I was procrastinating with the harvest since the weather was perfect!
    One late morning I came to the garden and my cabbage patch looked like scud missile exploded in the mids of it...all the heads exploded, and though there was not any other damage they were half shredded!
    What happened to the cabbage is not important, because that is not the point of my story (I shredded all of them and made a barrel of sauerkraut)
    but here is my point..
    I can explain all the things about the cabbage growing from a seed to a full grown spieces to be used one way or another, and I can explain why their head explosion took place...
    society does have more brain than my cabbage patch...
    so as hard as I try I can not explain how various "signs" and 'dead-give-aways' fooled so many people for so long
    at the same time?
    One answer I got is a participation in a local agenda...
    In my permanent place of residency I would go to a township meeting, village meeting and there be 15-20 people...
    of 5,000 residents!
    and therein lies American problem!
    we grew so comfortable and so ignorant we took the kissed fairy tale princess act as for granded happiness to live happily ever after...
    every relationship is like a rose in a garden needs care and attention...
    'We The People' did not attend our garden, did we?

    Out of Berkeley comes Lauren Robertson (?) with a vegeterian cooking book "Lauren's Kitchen" is a book I hold most dear next to my Bible!!!!

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  3. Delightful! I think I would enjoy being your neighbor Joanna. That bit about the Browning semi-automatic just warmed the cockles of the heart of this Texas gal. (Had to look that one up as I really didn’t know what a cockle is. (“…the chambers of the heart resemble a mollusk's shell, also called a cockle.”) Now aren’t you enlightened…lol.

    Anyway, you are correct when you say Americans have grown too comfortable. We have dumbed down our educational methods of teaching and enlightening generations of our young, who will grow up to be the leaders, (Now that’s a scary thought.) of this fair land.
    But besides being too comfortable, we are the products of a Judeo-Christian society that preaches that life is sacred and teaches respect for all mankind. It is impossible to conceive that anyone could think differently, but this too has been eroded along with our morals and ethics. It’s hard for many in this county to conceive of what is going on, and many are just simply naïve. We can’t fathom the cruelty and the lack of common ethics that permeates our culture and those infiltrating it. We don’t know how to combat this problem because we’ve been taught to turn the other cheek and practice the Golden Rule which Danny wrote about. We don’t know so we do nothing. This is the reason we’re called the “silent majority.”
    You stated that you “can explain all the things about the cabbage growing from a seed to a full grown species” and perhaps that’s our clue. We can’t explain how our cabbage (nation) grows and we certainly don’t know anything about the “species” (history and roots) because we haven’t studied any of it and we therefore are incapable of tending our garden (Land of Freedom). Those of us who have studied are frustrated with those who haven’t. We are at a loss as to what to do which leaves us feeling paralyzed, doing nothing.
    There is a great void in our educational system and I believe this is where it all begins. We are now seeing the fruits of our complacency, that “too comfortable” society we’ve created. Our educational system is where we’re supposed to learn about our roots, learn how to respect our fellowman, where we learn how to defend and fight for our freedoms, and to learn where the balance is. Apathy, complacency and loss of our moral compass are our downfall.
    We have to begin to care about all these things. How does one awaken a society? I wish I knew. This one thing I do know though; it will take many souls brave enough to take a stand and repeat the words of one of our Founding Fathers . . .”Give me liberty or give me death.” Freedom isn’t free as we have so often heard.
    Joanna, I love your spirit. Keep standing.
    “I appointed watchmen over you and said, `Listen to the sound of the trumpet!’ But you said, `We will not listen.” ~ ~ 'Jeremiah 6:17

  4. PS I forgot to add that most of this void and erosion exists because of the socialists methods we’ve allowed to take over our education system and permeate society as a whole,. This is where ignorance and apathy have been allowed to bloom. It is men like Soros and his armies of socialist propaganda zombies who quietly slither in on the scene and began their patient method of indoctrinating the “uninformed.”

  5. @ Janette,
    "warming cockles " of your hear is fine with me...
    ..and we may be neighbors after all.
    I am coming back home (to the Greatest US of A) in the next few weeks...pack my stuff and move to Austin TX.
    the errosion of our society is long and premedidated...
    imho obama (there is no way in hell I will call him a "president")
    is a 2 cent thug ...marionette manipulated by the powers that be...
    it really does not matter anymore...
    what ruffles my feathers are multi-prong facts regarding our congress...
    ....baboon monkey group ...
    and this point the only difference is a bank account... American people can be so blind is way beyond my compahention...

    couple of days ago I read an article about former polish President Lech Walesa and his opinions..
    I'll be honest!
    At the time of his glory (1980+) I thought he was way too primitive and too stupid to fethom the events on a table..
    I must admit now, that most of the time I agree with him.
    I guess we both grew up!
    Walesa was JUST an electrician in a shipyard...things got so bad he decided to call few co-workers, they called few friends and before we knew it 100 thousand people were protesting..being shot at..arrested...
    but desperation was of the highest order...
    general jaruselski called for Martial Law (December 1981)...many were withheld..but they (gov)could not prolonge citizens unrest...
    ...well, the rest is history, I guess
    Now Poland freedom of the press is at #19 while USA- THE BASTION OF FREEDOM AND HOPE at #46...
    just a footnote:
    if polish President (Komorowski or Pm Tusk) took steps, obama did?...they would be hanging on a short rope on a tall tree!!! no doubt...
    Polish people take the 20+ year freedom very seriously and there is no way in hell any of the cover-ups would survive more than a week!
    My hat off to Lech Walesa for not meeting with obama in 2011 (?) ...(way too lazy to check)...
    when obama visited Poland and scratched out the missile program...
    Walesa was "otherwise engadged" and couldn't meet with barry-the-king-in-his-own-mind...
    The truth is Walesa hates obama and see obama as everything and anything Walesa and hundreds of Poles stood against...
    ...hundreds of Poles died opposing dictatorship obama has already imposed on AMERICANS...
    and what we hear?...


    well, maybe what Americans really need is
    grocery stores supplied only with vinegar and salt...

    AMERICAN poverty compares to
    in my old country...
    so we will wait until american refrigerators are full of ...refrigerator...LIGHTS!!!
    as the only commodity to serve...maybe some brain lights will shine through...

    In all honesty?
    I hope the infaltion will be tripple digit, the grocery stores will be empty, and there will be no feds check distribution!!!
    ...the sooner the better!!!

  6. I wanted to apologize for late response.
    Though here in my South center sliver of Polish woods :)
    we have a beautiful Spring this Winter! :)
    we do have strong winds from the mountains (called: halniak)
    and of course electric power play a hovoc...
    so my computer was ok but my keyboard was DOA, as my fridge and washing machine...
    but the dryer worked great!!!!
    ....clothes-line with and a load of pins)

    1. Joanna, it stands to reason that the bulk of my readers are here in the U.S. and one would think that other English speaking nations would naturally produce the next greatest number of readers. Not so. I am uncertain if it is due to your efforts or the fact that the Polish people having lived under communism relate well to what I write, but my flag counter tells me that Poland is number two on my readers' list. I truly wish that Americans could understand the dangers of communism as well as the Polish.

  7. I just noticed that I used the word Libertarian instead of Liberation and I don’t know if that was an automatic correction due to my spelling but the word is supposed to be Liberation Theology . . . not Libertarian Theology. Please note. Quite a difference there….

  8. Joanna, it's been a good bit hectic and stressful around here lately and I'm behind in my reading. (And I just ordered another book which is probably going go sit on the shelf for awhile.) Sorry for not answering sooner.
    I agree with all you have stated and your comment that perhaps what America needs is to go without food for awhile might just be on the horizon. We are spoiled, sheltered and don't have a clue of what it is to go without here in America. As you said, poverty here equates to riches in the old country. How true. I believe that we are on the brink of an economic collapse and God forbid we get hit with something like an EMP
    The memories of oppression are still indelibly imprinted on the minds of people of other countries just as it was our forefathers, but America in her state of denial and apathy is in for a rude awakening. She has no idea what we are in for if we can't turn this all around.
    Hope you are back in God's country (Texas) by now.

  9. Hey Danny . . . "Predictions from 1958 by Robert Welch of the John Birch Society" has been removed.


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