Some see, few know, many choose to wander aimlessly in a fog, devoid of sunlight. I seek the light of day and leave the others to their chosen realm of ignorance. They are the ones who have brought this great nation down. I write only for the benefit of those who possess the courage required to restore our birthright.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Over forty years ago a dear friend, twice my age, told me that I had a lot to learn and that I would learn ... The hard way. He was a wise man to be certain. It was nearly five years ago when I began writing on the internet, and did I ever have a lot to learn; just like Bernie said ... the hard way. 

I was so convinced that I could help to wake up the apathetic people of this nation simply by discovering exactly what is going on and showing them, in detail, the danger that we as a people face. I was mistaken. Apathy is a terminal disease, and so very many suffer its ravages. That is where I must show a certain degree of admiration for you, my enemies, for none could ever say that you are apathetic. You are willing to fight tooth and nail, to conquer, enslave, and drive into poverty, those who have built a great nation.

That is why instead of writing an essay to my fellow patriot I address this letter to you, the enemies of all that I hold dear. Sort of like going straight to the horse's mouth, although I must concede that in your case it is the other end of the horse that I am addressing.

None of us are without fault and in an effort to be honest I am quite willing to admit the many faults of those I have tried in vain to awaken; I shall get to you and yours shortly. Many of my fellow Americans are not only apathetic, they are gullible, overly trusting, misinformed, craven, and in many cases, just plain stupid.

Were I to point out the greatest single failing of theirs it would have to be their adherence to The Golden Rule; not that The Golden Rule is wrong. It is the greatest concept in the history of mankind. However, it was meant to bring peace, but when peace has ended and war begun, then that rule needs to be cherished. safeguarded, and put on the shelf until that war is over. That is the key to our greatest weakness, for so few realize that you have declared war on us.

So many of my people stumble about in the fog, confused and afraid, convinced that Obama is incompetent. They are unwilling, or unable, to bring themselves to admit the fact that he is quite competent, and that every move he makes is designed to bring ruin to this nation. Americans foolishly elected a traitor and it was far easier for him to fool them, than for me to convince them that they have been fooled.

While on the topic of faults; let us get to yours. I hope that you have a little time because it is a very long list. The last fault that I mentioned of those that I care about was that many are stupid. Stupidity would be a good starting point in your category, for all of your other failings are born of that trait.

You do not live by The Golden Rule; if you did you would not have declared this war. You have never studied history, or if you have, you failed to learn anything from it. Truth to you is totally irrelevant. Your definition of justice is any decision or action that benefits you, and you never stop to ask "At who's expense?", and you never stop to consider the outcome of your actions, living only for today and trusting to your corrupt leaders to provide for your tomorrow. My friend told me that I would learn the hard way. He should have been addressing you and your cohorts, but there is one great difference between you and I. When you finally learn, it will be far too late. 

Let us move on down the list...

You are greedy, wanting the rewards won by the efforts of others, while refusing to put forth an equal effort, and you have no problem at all with lying and misrepresenting the actual reality of your way of life. You twist that reality to the point that the gullible among us sympathize and feel remorse with your so called plight. You claim to be oppressed by the 'racist' white man and excuse your own savage behavior on the grounds that you are acting on the premise of 'reverse racism'. There is no such animal. Racism by any other name is still racism.

You want the freedom and wealth that western culture has created, and your every action is destroying both. Freedom is a trait enjoyed by those willing to fight for it. Admittedly far too many conservatives would rather negotiate than engage; the ultimate outcome of such behavior will quite naturally be the loss of their liberty and even the right to negotiate. Freedom of speech is only available to those who champion liberty and are willing to fight for it.

Let us discuss now the wealth I have mentioned; whether conservative or Progressive, few understand the true meaning of wealth. Wealth is not gold, fiat currency printed on paper, or a plastic credit card. True wealth is being able to access goods and services. Many fools have been led to believe that the government is the source of wealth, as they own the printing presses. Nothing could be further from the truth, as the government produces Nothing. What they have is taken from those who produce those goods and services.

I shall illustrate that concept with an example: Were you to have a ton of gold, a billion dollars in currency, and a wallet full of credits cards, alone in the middle of a desert; no food, no water, no shelter, i.e.: no goods and services, you would be one dead liberal ... Rich but dead. I just love it when justice prevails!

You complain of your 'rights' while stripping others of theirs. Some say that it is a dog eat dog world. From my perspective it is more like a pack of wolves feasting on the sheep.

Now I am going to examine your various factions one at a time, bearing in mind that many of your groups overlap and fit into multiple narratives. Recall, as I go, my statement that all of you are quite stupid. I shall address that in detail at the end of this letter.

One thought before I proceed. Many of the below listed groups have little in common except their hatred of those who simply want to be allowed to live life as they choose, free to succeed or fail, free to worship as they prefer, free to choose their own destiny, but free! You would take that away from us.

Communists: Your very beliefs say so much about your mental makeup. You speak of unity of purpose, the welfare of all, equality, and sharing. Your purpose is not one of unity but a quest for power over your fellow man. The only welfare that you are interested in is your own. As for equality, you want all to be equal; you simply want to be more equal. As for your proposal of sharing, you want to share nothing, but want to share in the wealth of others, and your every move destroys wealth. You are contemptible.

Progressives: You are not a far cry from communists with the major difference being that Progressives lack the bloody history that communists can look back on. However, I have no doubt that if you are successful in gaining control of America and other nations of the West, you will make up for lost time. You are traitors to all that made America great.

Socialists: You simple minded people think that you are intelligent and 'liberated' in your thinking. Many of you are convinced of your own noble thoughts about how mankind could be improved under your tutelage. 'Share the wealth' is a battle cry of those who lack the true understanding of what creates wealth. You are pathetic.

Liberals: If ever there was a 'spoiled' group of people it is you. Most of you were born into affluence, attended the finest schools, studied your liberal arts and crafts, and set out to make the world a better place. You like to think of yourself as morally superior to the common man, and with your condescending ways declare us all to be 'equal'. You are not mentally qualified to understand the human race, let alone direct its course.

Labor Unions: Here is where greed, communism, and a blatant hatred of America merge. You want more for doing less and have elected your leaders from the rank and file of communism. They promised you the same thing that the Bolsheviks promised the peasants of Russia, and for a long time it worked, as America was so productive. Now you people are really showing your stupidity as you vote for political leaders who want to open the floodgates of our southern borders, allowing cheap labor to replace you. Your communist leaders will love it as they hope to see this nation destroyed. You are just not smart enough to realize that you are part of this nation.

Illegal Aliens: Oh yes! Now we come to the group that wants to take 'their country' back. Rather than being rude and calling all of you a bunch of liars, I shall give you the benefit of the doubt and suggest that you perhaps do not know your own history as well as I do. In spite of having been defeated by Texans in 1836, Mexico still regarded Texas to be their land. The Mexican American war began when the Mexican military massacred a small group of Americans after Texas joined the union. The U.S. quickly occupied Mexican fortifications in California and New Mexico, then marched on Mexico City, which fell with very little resistance. To insure peace in the future the U.S. bought Mexico's claim to to all land north of the Rio Grands in terms specified in the treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo. While still trying not to be rude I must say this. You people do not want those deserts back. While proclaiming your 'rights' you only want the wealth we have created. In crossing our borders illegally, you have become criminals and you have no rights.

Militant Blacks: You know, we were all getting along fairly well until Hussein Obama was elected and rolled out the racist/slavery bandwagon. I am so damn tired of hearing this slavery nonsense. Slavery ended long ago and 60,000 white men died and nearly 400,000 were wounded setting free the slaves that were owned by the Democrats of the South. You are another group that heeds not your own history but are being led to your ruin by a man who knows how to instigate trouble. You were suckered.

Islamists: You people claim the sanctity of religion, while promoting a hatred of all mankind. It matters not where I look in this world; if there are a lot of your people there, then there we find discord, murder, rape, mayhem, and terrorism. Pamela Geller said it best in the adjoining image.

The Religious Left: There is no such thing as the religious left, but it is a term, and a political narrative we must deal with. George Soros, Progressives,  and Communists have set up their front groups in the guise of religion, and as does Islam, evil speaks with the sanctity of religion and claims to speak for God. You people are quite simply evil.

The Main Stream Media: Now we begin to approach the true traitors and the heart of what is ailing America. Here we find the spin doctors, the liars, the cheats, and the propagandists that entice the gullible of this nation. Most journalists are well educated and it shows in their choice of words. Most journalists are also devoid of any integrity, quite willing to sacrifice anything that even resembles truth, in the furtherance of their far left agenda. Enjoy your thirty pieces of silver for betraying a nation.

Progressive Academia: What a collection of pond scum. I stated that most journalists are well educated. You should be regarded as the elite among the educated, for it is your job to teach others. Unfortunately you can trace your loyalties back to Karl Marx's 'Das Kapital'. You know full well what you are doing to mankind, and most especially to our young. Have you no shame?

The Leaders of each of the above: If you climb a mountain long enough, sooner or later you will reach the peak, and we are there. Here we find you, the true elite, and for those who  have the intelligence to disregard your words and behold your actions, the picture comes into focus. In the valley and the slopes below we find the sheep, the greedy, the corrupt, and the heartless, and they all bow to their leaders; not fully grasping the fact that you, their leaders, are soulless. You people are totally devoid of any form of morality or compassion, and in your quest for absolute power you answer only to the great god of ambition.

Here we find people among you like George Soros, Hussein Obama, Hillary Clinton, and many of the billionaires of the world. You and your friends, from your lofty heights, look down on the human race and feel that you alone are fit to shape our future. Evil such as we find here has always been part and parcel of mankind, but never in the history of the world have any had so much technology and power at the their command. Now you  have judged us and found all mankind to be lacking.

With the vast powers at your command you are molding your followers into a mindless mob, hell bent on destruction of all that man has built over these thousands of years. I cannot help but wonder if you are successful in your goals, will you truly be happy with the hell on Earth that you have created?

A closing thought: You, the liberals, the Progressives, the communists, and the militant radicals, show your stupidity every time that you open your mouth or join a protest against the freedoms that I fight for. You outnumber us, as indicated by those you send to Washington, but you do not outgun us. We are indeed the silent minority but in spite of your superior numbers you do not want to confront the patriots and the defenders of the Constitution in battle. So, you elect leaders that are taking away the liberties our ancestors fought and died for.

My people are passive but not weak. They are simply living by that Golden Rule, and you are taking advantage of their good nature. They are a law abiding people and that is why you are seeking to change the laws in your favor. That effort is indicative of your absolute stupidity, for you too have benefited from living in a land of law and and order, instead of a rule by the elite.

Those people you follow, the ones who pulls your strings and tells you what to think and how to vote, don't give a damn about you. You are their cannon fodder; their foot soldiers, in their quest for power as they seek to destroy all of us. I shall close this letter with one final thought: It the elite do indeed gain the control they seek, both you and I will be their victims, but there is one great difference between us. When my back is to the wall I shall die fighting, while you will be directed to the nearest gulag.


Frequently I am asked if it is alright to repost my essays elsewhere. Feel free to do so anytime and anywhere you like.


  1. One of your BEST ever... you covered all the bases... fantastic summary!

    1. I thank you for your kind words, but while I may have covered all of the bases, I have not scored a home run, and will not until our people rise as one and confront the evil before them


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