Some see, few know, many choose to wander aimlessly in a fog, devoid of sunlight. I seek the light of day and leave the others to their chosen realm of ignorance. They are the ones who have brought this great nation down. I write only for the benefit of those who possess the courage required to restore our birthright.

Sunday, February 16, 2014


My most recent essay discussed the topic of an endangered species; that being 'honest politicians'. Many would argue that the words 'honest' and 'politician' should never appear in the same sentence, and with most who enter the world of politics, I would be inclined to agree, with rare exception. All who venture into that world do so in a quest for power, and there is no getting around that basic reality. Power, therefore, should perhaps be the basis for understanding those who are led into the realm of the politically motivated.

Look to any school yard at recess, even among those in the first grade. Watch these kids for a few minutes and before long you will determine who are the leaders and who are the followers. Without fail, there will be one 'leader', and around him you will find several of his friends, 'lieutenants' if you will, and the rest of the group are relegated to the position of followers. 

I am not being critical of this pecking order as it is part of human nature. We are by our very nature social animals, and though many dislike the terminology, the human race has a herd instinct. Many sociologists choose to reject that term, supplanting it with the more politically correct, ''social' or 'human' interaction'. However. political correctness aside, we still have a herd instinct.

Followers, i,e,: The masses, are generally adverse to making decisions on the their own and so follow the dictates of their accepted leader without question, at least until problems begin to arise, which leads to mass confusion and doubt in their leaders. Sound anything like today?

What creates a leader? 

Many are quite naturally narcissists, thriving on the admiration of those around them. Others are deeply troubled, seeking to justify their own wretched existence by controlling the minds of others. These people come in a variety of forms, both great and small, from Adolph Hitler to Charles Manson. Others, thankfully, do display a benevolence based on their moral code and a genuine desire to make this world a better place. To this end I submit the Founding Fathers.

But, what all leaders have in common, whether for good or evil, is the power to influence, and therefore lead, others. Power! What a terrifying word. It has been rightly said that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. With that statement I have no disagreement, and to that end must state that no one should ever have absolute power. One oddity about the premise of absolute power; moral men seek it not.

Those Founders that we admire so much also sought power, and there was nothing wrong with that pursuit. Power must be employed to affect any change in the course of history. They sought the authority to lead men and form a great nation, based on the ideas popular during The Enlightenment that free men could govern themselves, unrestrained by monarchs and oppressive dictates from the church. 

To form the state of affairs they envisioned the Founders accepted the fact that their own control over the affairs of citizens had to be very limited, and to that end our Constitution was born, stating not what citizens could do but what the government could not do. These are the negative powers of the Constitution that Hussein Obama is so critical of.

I like the word 'oddity' and use it frequently, for I find it so odd that the freedoms born here found their way back to the nations of Europe from which our ancestors fled. The freedom of speech, of thought, and self determination found root in nations once subject to the absolute rule of a monarch, and the whole face of Western culture changed due to what had taken place here. A new day began, and a new page in the history of mankind was turned.

Freedom and rights are not conducive to the pursuits of those seeking to control their fellow man. One would think that after being liberated from the tyrannical rule of kings men would appreciate their new found liberties, but no. Once again an oddity; men like Karl Marx, and Lenin stepped forth as leaders, and found their following among millions, quite ready to forego their new found liberties and be led, unthinking to their own doom.

Any thinking person can look back on that, shake their head in confusion, and wonder how people could possibly have been so stupid. Any thinking person can look to today's events and wonder the same. The Progressive leaders of this nation and those of Europe are systematically stripping away the rights their citizens, and though many complain, none act. The problem goes back to the basic idea of leaders and followers.

The followers will always be there for they are the multitude. Their destiny is determined by the morality, or the lack of morality, of those who lead. Ronald Reagan, idealist and moral man, restored to America what Jimmy Carter had stolen; national identity and pride. Now once again another moral degenerate occupies the White House and one of his first acts was again to steal our identity and pride as he sallied forth on his apology tour, damning this nation for all the good it has ever done.

If you want to break a man, strip him of his pride, his wealth, his good name, and his morality. You no longer have a man. You have created an unthinking and apathetic automaton who will bow to the master's bidding. Fortunately not all will bow. Those with sufficient mental perceptions will acknowledge the fact that something is terribly wrong with the current leader and seek a new one. Enter Ted Cruz.

Now I am not going to get into this unending debate about the 'natural born' citizen clause. Bypassing that issue I shall address human nature and the precepts of Saul Alinsky. His forth 'rule for radicals' reads "Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules."

We all know the tactics of our main stream media. They conspire to sweep under the carpet all that does not meet with their narrative. While all of conservative America was questioning where Obama was born and decrying the fact that his father was not a citizen of this nation, the MSM played down the topic, but I will guarantee you this. If Ted Cruz chooses to run for President, the media is going to throw the words of conservative Americans back into our faces, with the battle cry of "Hypocrisy!"

Personally, I do not believe that there will be an election in 2016, as Obama is not planning to step down and he will generate a crisis to 'delay' that election. Whether I am right or wrong remains to be seen, but for the moment, Ted Cruz is the closest thing that we have to a responsible and moral leader. It behooves American patriots to heed his words and warnings, and that now brings me to the title of this essay. 'Of Moral Leaders And Sleeper Cells in the GOP'.

In my most recent essay I used a link that bears repeating...

This from Breitbart...
Ted Cruz: 'Hell Will Freeze Over' Before Establishment GOP Listens to American People
Cruz said earlier in the interview that many Republicans in the U.S. Congress wanted to increase the debt ceiling, "Make no mistake about it, Cruz said, "This was their desired outcome. An awful lot of Republicans wanted exactly what Barrack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid wanted, which was to raise the debt ceiling."

That phrase "An awful lot of Republicans" just keeps running through my mind. He did not tell us that a few RINOs betrayed us. In no uncertain terms Senator Cruz stated that the entire GOP has been thoroughly infiltrated by Progressives.

In one of my previous essays If This Doesn't Rock America, Nothing Will I quote a list of forty five points put forth in the 1958 book 'The Naked Communist' and communism's plan to take control of this nation. The fifteenth point in that plan is "Capture one or both of the political parties in the United States."

It is quite obvious that they have totally succeeded with the Democrats and just how far they have infiltrated the GOP is uncertain, but that 'Awful lot' comment leads me to believe that they have also been very successful with the GOP as well. Which now leads to another troubling thought: 

Many conservatives who have not yet come to terms with the reality that the GOP establishment has already sold us out are looking forward to the 2014 election, with blinders on. The popular belief is that if we can just hold onto the House and gain a few seats in the Senate we can 'Take America Back'. Please, do not be that gullible.

Just a few days ago the debt ceiling vote came up and based on Harry Reid's nuclear option it would have passed the Senate with all members of the GOP opposing it and pleasing their constituents. Ted Cruz invoked a technicality thus disallowing said nuclear option and forcing a requirement of sixty votes to proceed. Suddenly the GOP managed to switch enough of their votes to pass the bill that they want and that their constituents oppose.

Seven Senators does not an 'Awful lot' make. There are far more behind them and far more in the House that will support the Democratic Agenda if so directed by their leaders Mitch McConnell and John Boehner. We are now back to the Leader/Follower concept, and that takes us to the 2014 elections and blind hope. Retain the House, capture the Senate, and we are still under the control of those corrupt leaders of the GOP who follow the ultimate leader ... Barrack Hussein Obama. They put on a good show, but you know as well as I that at the last minute they always cave to the Progressive agenda.

In short, even if we win the few seats that we are hoping for we still lose, because that goal is still just counting Republican vs Democrats, but when you subtract the RINOs we come up with a whole new count. Now subtract the sleeper cells who always vote the conservative platform but when the chips are down will still go Progressive ... "Houston! We have a problem!"

I would like nothing better than to be able to truthfully believe, and write, that we have better days ahead. I could do that, but that would not be honest on my part. Our government, our media, our schools, our law enforcement, and to a degree, our military have been infiltrated and influenced by an anti American agenda. 

I find myself in an odd position of not liking the things that I write about. My readers are in the same odd position. They do not like what I write about either, as many would prefer to believe otherwise, but they keep reading for one simple reason: Unlike the rhetoric of our politicians, what I write makes sense.

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  1. I went to hear Trevor Loudon speak in January. He said and I am not quoting him exactly "we have 2 1/2 years to turn this ship around people, and it doesn't matter just vote for anyone with an R by their name, we must keep the house and gain the Senate if we are to fix the path we are on."
    I admire and respect this man from New Zealand who loves this country like I do. I loved hearing him and was truly energized by his lecture. I know by reading your archived essays that you hold him in high regard as well. But he unlike you does not want to give up on the political process yet, he does not want to give up on us, the 5% that still care either, he believes we can do this.
    I know we can win in 2014, but will it fix our current situation? NO! I am in total agreement with you the progressives are too firmly entrenched with in the republican party. Is there somewhere we can put our combined energies that will make a difference? I know myself Danny, I can't sit on the sidelines and do nothing, for doing nothing means you have accepted defeat. And I do not accept this fate.

    1. 5%!!! What a disgusting low head count of those who love this nation. Sadly, I believe that your estimate is just about right. As for Trevor, he is one of the truly greats we have today and I have mentioned him in the essay on which I am currently working. Odd how so many of our patriots are foreign born, or in the case of David Horowitz, born into the world of communism.
      The political process is, in my opinion, a lost cause, as you seem to believe in accepting my assessment. Glenn Beck is promoting 'Defund the GOP" which I agree with, but the Catch 22 of that situation is that we are now fighting a two front war. One against the communists of the DNC and another against the Progressives of the GOP. As for accepting defeat; as a young man I was a paratrooper and defeat is not in my vocabulary.
      As for what can be done: I can envision only one thing. Let us call it Tahrir Square USA, and I lack the influence to implement it. It would take a gathering of all of our outstanding leaders from Louden, to Cruz, Gaffney, Beck, Bachmann, Palin, Gohmert, and so forth, coming together and calling for protests every weekend between now and November.
      Not everyone can get to D.C. like the original gathering of the Tea Party, but they can all gather across this nation at our respective town halls. Now that would be a series of protests to remember. Fifteen plus million people raising their collective voices week after week for months and it would grow. Our military, as did the Egyptian military, would most certainly take notice and perhaps honor their oath to defend this nation against its domestic enemies.
      Short of such an uprising, I see nothing short of civil war or total government dominance in our future.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. That 5% was Trevor's # not mine. He used that # to describe what we the 5% are up against. He said that the communist/progressives are 5% and the remaining 90% are up for grabs. It is up to us to go after the 90% and sway their vote. A lot of work, yes and I agree with you it will take Beck to gather us up like he has done in the past and get us going towards a town square somewhere. My fear is TPTB (the powers that be) will be waiting for us with the billions of dollars worth of ammo they have been accumulating over the past few years.
    I was at a family and friend gathering when one of the young men stood up and asked his cousin, a marine, point blank: If there was an uprising in the U.S. against the government who would you stand for? He answered so fast it was frightening. "I will do what the President asks me to do, he is my commander." There was total silence until the young men started laughing at him at telling him he was brainwashed and generally giving him a very hard time.
    I see this as one more thing we are up against, the young and the brainwashed.

    1. Glenda, you have just inspired another essay. Due to the time it was published it will not be automatically sent out until tomorrow but I thought you might like this

  4. Danny,
    Thank you!!!
    I agree with you on all your points 100% !!
    We do need a leader, no doubt!, what are we to do?
    I tell you what,
    go right down to the basics!
    revolt and demand current 536 "representatives" to leave their position and go...
    when Walesa stood on a fence back in 1980 it was only roughly 70,000 behind him.. ( about 4% of at the time Poland's population)..
    out of 300 mill American population we need 12 mill to show up at Washington De City, and at all State Capitol buildings, city buildings, townships, villages... to say:
    "enough is enough! we demand change and we demand it now!!!!"
    that would disburst people throughout Americal...with majority in DC..
    but we need a LEADER....
    one not afraid to climb on a fence dividing 'We The People' and Washington DC establishment.
    ...are we ready for it?...
    not at the next few years in my humble opinion...
    Americans did not suffer enough, did not experienced hardship enough to be seriously thinking about the traitor and dictatorship taking place over their lives...
    so, like I said before: unless the only thing in a fridge will be light, Americans will be happy at their poverty status, hoping for better times and weather changing soon....


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