Some see, few know, many choose to wander aimlessly in a fog, devoid of sunlight. I seek the light of day and leave the others to their chosen realm of ignorance. They are the ones who have brought this great nation down. I write only for the benefit of those who possess the courage required to restore our birthright.

Friday, February 14, 2014


In ancient Greece there once lived a man named Diogenes. He was known to be eccentric, rude, witty, and distrustful of authority. I would add one of two traits to that description; that man was either very foolhardy, or very brave, for he even chose to be rude to Alexander the Great. Well, Alexander took that behavior in stride for he had nothing but the highest regard for Diogenes as this rude eccentric had a most unusual habit. Wherever he went, day or night, he always carried a lantern, in search of an honest man. Oh, he should walk the streets of our nation's capitol today; a fruitless walk to be certain but good exercise nonetheless, unless of course he gets mugged, or becomes a victim of the 'Knockout Game'.

Dealing with facts and employing reason has led me to become the ultimate skeptic and there are many who would regard me as a progenitor of doom and gloom. As the case may be, but I flatly refuse to embrace wishful thinking in the face of overwhelming evidence that wishes do not come true.

So many are now looking forward to the elections of 2014 and on a broader note, the elections of 2016. I cannot help but see both elections as a well choreographed drama designed to give hope where none is valid. I hate giving any credit at all to Hillary Clinton but for just this one time I shall quote her. "What difference does it make?"

Case in point:

There is a narrative taking place before us and come hell or high water it will be fulfilled. We hear great speeches, bold comments, and well phrased declarations of defiance from those who seek reelection in the Fall, but when the chips are down, they wave a solitary finger at us and follow the Progressive narrative.

This from Roll Call...
Six Republicans Senators Switched Their Debt Limit Votes

I hope that you will click that link. The article is very short, but quite revealing of what is truly taking place in Washington D.C.. The vote was taken with Republicans opposing an increased debt limit. The vote, as it stood, would have passed on a simple majority and still allow members of the GOP bragging rights on how they opposed it. Then a strange thing happened: In rode the Lone Ranger, i.e.: Ted Cruz, who managed to block the 'Nuclear Option' which would allow for a fifty one percent vote to pass the bill.

Cruz would not accept this nuclear option and so he forced a showdown requiring a minimum of sixty yea votes for passage. Uh Oh. Time to meet in the backroom, and so they did. And when they emerged six members of the GOP Senate flipped their vote. Unlike Ted Cruz, these men know how to play ball with the establishment. To further validate my skepticism they prohibited announcing who had changed their vote...but it still came out.

Excerpt from the above link:
The tally sheet is the only record of which senators may have switched their votes because the Senate clerk -- in a break with tradition --- didn't name names during the nearly hour long vote. Capitol Hill reporters are protesting that change, still within the rules, as lacking transparency.

Transparency -- That is what the GOP leaders accuse Obama of lacking. Well, I have heard that birds of a feather do flock together.

Those six Senators, apparently ashamed of their part in this vote are:
John Barrasso of Wyoming, John Cornyn of Texas. Jeff Flake of Arizone, Orrin Hatch of Utah, John McCain of Arizona, John Thune of South Dakota, and minority whip Mitch McConnell. Yes, I know that is seven, but Mitch McConnell had not voted at all in the original vote. Ashamed or not, they still follow orders, and the order was to pass that bill.

Being the political skeptic that I am, I would venture to say that if the vote required seventy instead of sixty, ten more would have flipped their vote as well. The narrative must and will go on! Needless to say, Ted Cruz is none too popular with his fellow Senators, as he exposed their puppet like behavior, but patriotic Americans love him. However, I cannot help but feel that Senator Cruz is fighting a valiant one man battle against a Progressive agenda that has been gaining momentum for the last century.

Still more on the story here:

This From Roll Call...
Cruz Calls Out GOP Leaders as Dishonest on Debt Issue
"Why is Congress at a 13 percent approval rating?" Cruz asked on the "Mark Levin Show" Thursday, "Because people don't like to be lied to."

And this from Yahoo News...
Cruz's demand ensnares GOP leaders on debt vote
Cruz showed no mercy in exposing Republican leaders to widespread criticism from their primary challengers over a procedural vote on the debt limit after their pronouncements about the imperative of spending cuts.

Loyalty is a noble trait, but it comes in many flavors. Among politicians there is loyalty to one's party, to one's constituents, and to one's country, and I might add, to an agenda. Ted Cruz is knowingly putting himself in harm's way as he boldly demonstrates the fact that his loyalty to those who elected him, and this nation, far exceeds any loyalty to a traitorous GOP establishment. Allen West did the same and he was quickly discarded, but not silenced. That leads me to wonder about Senator Cruz's future.

I admire any man who speaks bluntly, willing to take the hailstorm of criticism for doing so. I also admire any with the courage to be the point man in enemy territory. Ted Cruz does both.

This from Breitbart...
Ted Cruz: 'Hell Will Freeze Over' Before Establishment GOP Listens to American People
Cruz said earlier in the interview that many Republicans in the U.S. Congress wanted to increase the debt ceiling, "Make no mistake about it, Cruz said, "This was their desired outcome. An awful lot of Republicans wanted exactly what Barrack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid wanted, which was to raise the debt ceiling."

That bold statement well defines my views that nothing will be accomplished in the coming election. Most of that "awful lot of Republicans" are safely hiding their true agenda. Vast numbers of democratic Congressmen allow these RINOs to openly vote against the Obama agenda while knowing full well that said agenda is going to pass. Their voting a losing conservative platform is simply a way to once again be elected by gullible conservatives who trust them, but if it gets 'down and dirty' their loyalties lie with the Progressives. As for those who are dedicated to the people that elected them, and to this nation ... Few and far between.

The following may seem off topic, but it is not. This is an indicator that something is dreadfully wrong with this nation.

This from Roll Call...
Number of Americans Who Renounced U.S. Citizenship Soars

It goes without saying that any nation will always have a certain number of malcontents, but there is a great difference in those malcontents who renounce their citizenship out of spite and those who are saying "I am mad as hell and I am not going to take this anymore." Far more have chosen to leave the land of their birth than have taken the irrevocable step of actually renouncing their citizenship. It may be 500 to 1 or it may be 1000 to 1. I have no firm idea of the real ratio, but look at the graph below and note the upward trend since Hussein Obama took office.

People, something is wrong here. That Statue of Liberty in New York Harbor once beckoned to the desperate of foreign lands. Now the desperate are fleeing America in vast numbers. You know why, I know why, and Ted Cruz knows why, and he is trying to turn this nation around. However, I cannot help but believe that he is fighting an uphill battle and will fail. He is quite simply outnumbered. He keeps revealing truths, but until the people of this nation develop the anger and the courage shown by the citizens of Cairo as they demanded the removal of a dictator, nothing will change.

The voting machines and the illegal voters are rigged. You saw it in 2012 and you are going to see it again in 2014. The only thing that has changed is that the administration is stronger now than they were in 2012, and we are weaker. Anger, determination, a willingness to sacrifice, and taking to the streets in protest, is the only thing that can stop this Progressive agenda. Senator Cruz is leading a valiant struggle but he cannot do it without the support of every Patriot this nation can muster. Ted Cruz is a great leader but he cannot win the fight for us. The ball is in our court.

I opened this essay with thoughts of Diogenes and his frustrating search for an honest man. I shall close it on the same note. Were he indeed to walk the street of D.C. as I envisioned, it would be such a relief seeing him approach Ted Cruz. I believe that he would come close, pause, lean closer, and then hold his famed lantern next to the Senator's face and say, "There you are ... At last."

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  1. I have a Ted Cruz story I would like to share with you. In 2012 I attended FreePac, an event held in Dallas hosted by FreedomWorks and Glenn Beck. I talked my sister into going with me and what a time it was. I had been involved in the TP movement since 2010 attending the great event on the Mall in DC, where I have never felt so empowered in my life. We were a million strong people, calm, well mannered, and we cleaned up after ourselves. Did not leave any trash behind! Sounds weird I know but very meaningful to me.
    You see I live here in this cesspool called our nations capitol. I was on the mall the day before and the day after the inaugural of Hussein. Words can't describe the filth, the trash, the shear destruction of the grounds in and around the mall. It took well over a year and the replacement of the turf to look good again.
    Before going to the event in 2012 I did my research on the candidate running against David Dewhurst in the primary for the Senate in Texas. His name, Ted Cruz. I knew then that this man was the real deal, an honest man. I made my decision to go to Texas to help get him elected in the Primary. I had never done anything like this.
    It was so hot that summer, in the 100's, but door to door we went with a car load of yard signs and voices filled with the hope of neophytes. Every person we talked to was on board, and in just a few days we successfully turned a candidate no one had ever heard of into a winner. He won by 10 percentage points. And then went on to win the Senate. Amazing what the grassroots can do when we put our hearts and souls into something.
    As I told you before I continued with that same energy working for Romney. But Romney's campaign was different. His people liked to keep everyone in the dark, lots of secret meetings and I knew right away the difference between him and Cruz, was honesty. Romney lost that race for so many reasons. But the one that stands out to me is honesty. He wasn't fighting for the people he was representing, he was fighting for the status quo, the go along to get along crowd, the mediocrity crowd. I am not one of those people and will never be mediocre, it's just boring!
    Senator Cruz continues to walk the walk of the grassroots and I am very proud that I played a part in allowing him to become such a fierce fighter. I will only fight for a few and he is one of them.

    1. Glad to hear from you again Glenda. Hope your special friend is doing well.
      Regarding Mitt Romney, I wrote an essay prior to the 2012 election that angered a lot of people can cost me some fair weather friends...Oh well. There anger was due to the fact that I stated bluntly that Romney was a shill whose only purpose was to make certain that Obama got reelected.
      As I say this one angered people:
      After the election I wrote yet another that made people think:
      And then I had my proof:
      A few months ago I enjoyed my moment in the sun when one of my critics of the past referred to Romney as a 'Shill'.

  2. Good article and so spot on. I am glad we have a few in there fighting for us

  3. Diogones now days would need a high power laser flashlight at high noon to find anyone hardly resemble honest man..none in Washington DC to be sure!
    Ted Cruz saying 'hell freezes over before gop establishment'... considers the will of the people who put them on a high chairs...well...
    what can I say?...
    high chair is a temporary setting for a baby, toddler...
    so maybe as the adult parents we are we will yenk the high chair from under way too comfortable bum-bums!
    Enough is enough!!!
    How much can we take!?
    We want answers
    "yes" or
    mark the box!!!
    there is not enough room for a story!
    did you do what you were swearing to do?
    yes or no?

    well...I am sorry, I get way too emotional about it..
    yeah..I know,
    Danny was writing not long about emotions versus hard cold assessement of a situation.
    I don't remember commenting on it, but I would disagree overall.
    Acting without emotions are necessary and life saving quality argument there, but we are not talking about military personal, we are talking about average citizens, and a cold, calculated, brain managed position seldom lead to major changes the one in Poland in 1980..
    people were emotional, they were PO'd and they said: stop!!! no more!!!! now it is going to be our way or highway!!!...
    and for a while there was 'our-divided-freeway' but in the end they won and for the past 23 years enjoy the ups and downs of free World placing themselves very high in all statistical groups.
    Before the critical point back in 1980 people were making soup as the only meal a day out of literally few quarts of water, spoon of rice and a potato if lucky enough to have it...
    so that's why I am saying, Americans crying "poverty" is like crying proverbial "wolf", until the real one showing its teeth way too close for comfort....
    ohh well...
    people learn best the hard way, so we need to wait a little longer....

    1. About my emotionless demeanor: What works for me is not necessarily right for everyone else. My latest essay The Great American Protest ended on a note that Americans need to get mad or they will do nothing.
      After all these years I still think like a paratrooper and I am too damned old to change. Wouldn't want to either. I know full well that I could sit behind a window and hit a target two blocks away and feel Nothing. It is just a target.Such self control works for me, but I am not like most. Nearly everyone before they fire a shot in anger would have to be angry. The problem with that is anger affects marksmanship. Divorce yourself from anger and you aim improves, after all, it is just a target.
      Before he was murdered Chris Kyle, the greatest sniper ever, was being interviewed by some liberal reporter who asked him "Don't you feel anything when you kill a man?" Chris smiled and answered "Only the recoil of my rifle on my shoulder." Now that is professionalism. One shot, one kill, no remorse..
      But...most are not cut out for such a degree of self control and before they act they have to be made as mad as a nest of hornets. Then things will proceed.

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