Some see, few know, many choose to wander aimlessly in a fog, devoid of sunlight. I seek the light of day and leave the others to their chosen realm of ignorance. They are the ones who have brought this great nation down. I write only for the benefit of those who possess the courage required to restore our birthright.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014


H.L. Mencken once wrote: "The writing profession is reeking with this loneliness. All our lives we spend in discoursing with ourselves. The loneliest people in the world we writers are." I must respectfully disagree with Mr. Mencken. While writing is a solitary pursuit, it is never lonely, at least not when one elects to write on the internet. Daily I encounter the thoughts of some of the greatest political commentators this nation has to offer. The views they express and the facts they offer, then merge with my own perspectives and become a new essay, soon published and often commented on within a very brief period. I anger some, frustrate others, frighten a few, and hopefully enlighten some who possess the courage to seek answers to our shared problem. Never lonely.
Needless to say, anyone who writes wants his thoughts to be shared by others, but one of the greatest rewards is when those thoughts come back to me as a comment indicating that a reader has grasped my intent and merged my thoughts with his or her own views, and then expresses them eloquently. This is symbiosis at its best.

I make no secret of the fact that I have absolutely no belief that there is a political solution to today's problems. No election is going to alter the course of this nation. If that course is to be altered it will be done only with an uprising of our people as we witnessed occurring in Tahrir Square in Egypt. Anything less and we are simply delaying until tomorrow what should have been done years ago.

I pride myself in having an intelligent and thoughtful group of regular readers. Their feedback often leads me off the beaten path, and that is fine, for following that beaten path has brought us to today's wretched state of affairs. It is time for some trail blazing, and we had best hurry.

In a recent essay Of Moral Leaders And Sleeper Cells In The GOP I put forth the idea that the 2014 election that so many look forward to will change nothing. Even if we hold the House and gain the Senate the GOP is so heavily infiltrated by Progressives we are still on the road to ruin. The numbers that really matter are not Republicans vs Democrats, it is Progressives vs Patriots. That is where we come up short.

A regular reader analyzed my logic and left a comment. It is noteworthy, so much so that I shall print it in its entirety:

"I went to hear Trevor Loudon speak in January. He said and I am not quoting him exactly "we have 2 1/2 years to turn this ship around people, and it doesn't matter just vote for anyone with an R by their name, we must keep the house and gain the Senate if we are to fix the path we are on." 
I admire and respect this man from New Zealand who loves this country like I do. I loved hearing him and was truly energized by his lecture. I know by reading your archived essays that you hold him in high regard as well. But he unlike you does not want to give up on the political process yet, he does not want to give up on us, the 5% that still care either, he believes we can do this. 
I know we can win in 2014, but will it fix our current situation? NO! I am in total agreement with you the progressives are too firmly entrenched with in the republican party. Is there somewhere we can put our combined energies that will make a difference? I know myself Danny, I can't sit on the sidelines and do nothing, for doing nothing means you have accepted defeat. And I do not accept this fate."

Now this is a lady that thinks. She is a patriot, fearful to be certain, hopeful in the prospects of turning this ship around, and still courageous enough to admit that what I suggested was a very real danger. Here is where the symbiosis takes effect, for she asks a very bold question: "Is there somewhere we can put our combined energies that will make a difference?" Yes there is and it came to me suddenly. The following is my reply to her:

"5%!!! What a disgusting low head count of those who love this nation. Sadly, I believe that your estimate is just about right. As for Trevor, he is one of the truly greats we have today and I have mentioned him in the essay on which I am currently working. Odd how so many of our patriots are foreign born, or in the case of David Horowitz, born into the world of communism.
The political process is, in my opinion, a lost cause, as you seem to believe in accepting my assessment. Glenn Beck is promoting 'Defund the GOP" which I agree with, but the Catch 22 of that situation is that we are now fighting a two front war. One against the communists of the DNC and another against the Progressives of the GOP. As for accepting defeat; as a young man I was a paratrooper and defeat is not in my vocabulary.
As for what can be done: I can envision only one thing. Let us call it Tahrir Square USA, and I lack the influence to implement it. It would take a gathering of all of our outstanding leaders from Louden, to Cruz, Gaffney, Beck, Bachmann, Palin, Gohmert, and so forth, coming together and calling for protests every weekend between now and November.
Not everyone can get to D.C. like the original gathering of the Tea Party, but they can all gather across this nation at our respective town halls. Now that would be a series of protests to remember. Fifteen plus million people raising their collective voices week after week for months and it would grow. Our military, as did the Egyptian military, would most certainly take notice and perhaps honor their oath to defend this nation against its domestic enemies.
Short of such an uprising, I see nothing short of civil war or total government dominance in our future.

As mentioned earlier, writing on the internet is never lonely as it was but a brief period before Glenda posted yet another thought, agreeing with my Tahrir Square U.S.A. concept and ending on a very ominous note.

"That 5% was Trevor's # not mine. He used that # to describe what we the 5% are up against. He said that the communist/progressives are 5% and the remaining 90% are up for grabs. It is up to us to go after the 90% and sway their vote. A lot of work, yes and I agree with you it will take Beck to gather us up like he has done in the past and get us going towards a town square somewhere. My fear is TPTB (the powers that be) will be waiting for us with the billions of dollars worth of ammo they have been accumulating over the past few years. 
I was at a family and friend gathering when one of the young men stood up and asked his cousin, a marine, point blank: If there was an uprising in the U.S. against the government who would you stand for? He answered so fast it was frightening. "I will do what the President asks me to do, he is my commander." There was total silence until the young men started laughing at him at telling him he was brainwashed and generally giving him a very hard time. 
I see this as one more thing we are up against, the young and the brainwashed."

She also mentioned a very valid fear. If this Tahrir Square concept does indeed become a reality and America joins in, it may very well trigger a violent backlash from this administration as Hussein Obama has no intentions of ever stepping down. What I am advocating here is not a typical one day tea party protest where great speakers energize the believers. The only thing that can turn America around is a growing protest that gains a bigger audience week after week. We saw it happen in Egypt and it can happen here.

A one day protest is little more than a social outing where friends and associates agree with each other. Forget those one day protests. Protesting every weekend is a lot of hard work and will demand the best that we have to offer, but unlike a one day event that attract both the loyal and the curious. Weekly protests will attract new followers, like a snowball rolling downhill.

So many are writing "Wake Up!" to no avail. The only thing that is going to wake up the apathetic people of this nation is fear; fear born of knowledge. Think of how many weeks there are between now and November. Think of the messages that can find voice, of the pamphlets that can be passed out, of the young people that can be influenced with an ongoing effort that grows with each passing week.

Granted there is a certain element of danger. SEIU and other union thugs may elect to create trouble. Law enforcement in liberal states may abuse their authority, and weather may not always cooperative, but even the MSM would not be able to sweep such widespread protests under the carpet. America, if you want to be heard then unite. Rise as a single angry voice. Make the founders proud.

One of the most popular comments on the internet is "Freedom is not free." How true. If you want to be free then prepare to pay for it. In paying for it, the message must change. Feelgood buzzwords like "Drill Baby Drill", "Hold their feet to the fire", and "Vote'm Out!" won't work. Such rhetoric makes people feel good and they go home feeling like winners. We are not winners. We are losing our every freedom. People need to be told the blunt ugly truth, and sent home mad as hell, waiting for the next weekend's rally.

I would like to close this essay with two separate thoughts. One is again quoting the comment to my previous essay when Glenda wrote: 
"I was at a family and friend gathering when one of the young men stood up and asked his cousin, a marine, point blank: If there was an uprising in the U.S. against the government who would you stand for? He answered so fast it was frightening. "I will do what the President asks me to do, he is my commander. There was total silence until the young men started laughing at him at telling him he was brainwashed and generally giving him a very hard time."

That is scary; but also encouraging. The encouraging part comes from the fact that young people are now beginning to question the state of affairs and realize that we may indeed be facing civil war. When the going gets rough we may well find that many of the young still cherish freedom as we do.

The second point I would like to make is that Glenn Beck is the most likely person to put this concept in effect, and the chance of my Emailing him and having him read it out of the many Emails he receives every day is negligible. If anyone has a direct contact to Glenn please send this essay and the one listed below in Suggested Reading to him. Short of that please share it around the internet. If it travels far enough the idea will reach him.

Suggested Reading...


  1. I share the same concerns as stated in your essay along with this lady’s, and I agree that the progressive movement is too entrenched to do much good unless there is a unified, organized and sacrificial dedication from the citizens of this country.

    The statement, “Is there somewhere we can put our combined energies that will make a difference?" stands out vividly and your answer was great; “It would take a gathering of all of our outstanding leaders from Louden, to Cruz, Gaffney, Beck, Bachmann, Palin, Gohmert, and so forth, coming together and calling for protests every weekend between now and November.” My next thought was, “How do you herd cattle?” Well, it can’t be done without those good old wranglers and cattle dogs.

    The one group that I believe is imperative in this representation comes from the GRASS ROOTS, and my capitalization is not a scream but an emphasis on what I consider a vital element in the formation of this group.
    I grew up in an agricultural environment and remember when well when my father, along with other farmers and agricultural leaders, sat around and discussed ways to combine the various ag-related organizations so that they could present a unified group that would better represent them in Washington. This industry was plagued with so many groups and organizations that it became impossible to push any type of legislation through because there was too much infighting and power grabbing. It wasn’t until the leaders of these groups and some of their members met together, (many times) that they were able to accomplish anything. Yes some of the groups didn’t survive. These men had to put away their selfish ambitions and put their goals first.

    I’ve had this same feeling about the Tea Party groups. There are too many Tea Party groups to be effective, but I also think that they are a driving force and this force represents strength . . . grass roots strength. The leaders of all these groups should be included and encouraged to combine their efforts toward a unified front. Only under one umbrella of freedom will the message of change will be heard loud and clear.

    Another thought here, is that our founding fathers were concerned about the danger of tyranny and too much government control in government. It is my understanding that this is the very reason the 5th Amendment was included . . . to prevent others from taking away the control by “we the people.” A convention of states could well come from unified and dedicated leaders of the people.

    My last thought is that we must be willing to sacrifice.

    PS Those young and brainwashed are brainwashed because they are the “uninformed” we regularly speak of.

  2. "My last thought is that we must be willing to sacrifice."
    Very good question.
    Someone also said:
    To do your job well you must be prepared to lose it (paraphrasing)
    I am saying it because I visit some other sides, and few of the articles I actually read..
    Early today morning I went to Townhall and red a commentary written by Dr Sowell.
    I keep him in a high regard overall, but whatever he drank or didn't it wasn't good for his thinking.
    In short he blamed Ted Cruz for undermining GOP forcing them to show their true colors...once he went into Nazi Germany back in 1930's I was ready to slap him!
    That comparison was totally uncalled for and has nothing to do with Mr Cruz.
    Matter of fact if our senators and congressmen show Cruz's resolve we wouldn't be in the quick sand bearly sticking our eyeballs out.
    Besides, I agree with Danny: no amount of elections and voting will change anything...
    We need drastic steps taken because our situation is drastic...
    For the last couple of days I was following events in Ukraine, Venezuela...
    and it made me wonder:
    how soon we (as We The People) will be wearing the same shoes?
    What it will take (unprovoked and not staged) for Americans to say: that is it!
    I really don't care if the next elction will have 100% republicans in both,
    will change aside of few options like putting a bandage on a broken leg.
    Will they discharge dept of education?
    dept of energy?
    stop all funding for idiotic researches gauging our budget into billions?
    no!, hell no!
    so why bother?
    may as well stay with what we have and wait until everyone will be at Washington gates ready for some labor pains to bring us new future.
    anything else is just waste of time.

  3. Glenda,
    Like you I like Trevor a lot and in my humble opinion he is one of the best thinkers in our times.
    I am just sick and I am tired of everyone already for months speculating how many seats in the senate we can take so "WE" (GOP) can be in charge and miraculously "WE" will be able to put on comfy flannel pj's and go to well deserved good night rest...
    (btw, if I see boehner shed one more tear I am seriously going to jump out of my skin)
    The good news for me personally is that in 2 months I will be in TX and will breathe some well deserved conservatism for a change.
    you said:
    "As for what can be done: I can envision only one thing. Let us call it Tahrir Square USA,..."
    In one of my comments recently I was writing about Lech Walesa taking a stand, with few hundreds of his coworkers at first, and dozens of thousands within a day or so, climbing on a fence dividing communistic elites from common people and demanded changes...yes some died, some were injured and many arrested, but they just couldn;t ignore the people's took some time, martial law included but 32 years later Poland is doing very well for some time now which is impressive if one considers adversaries and size of the country itself.
    I just know that what is going on it is not going end up well, and I worry mainly because Poland's communistic party was set in their comfortable warm mud paddles enjoying good life keeping desperate people at work, paying just enough to survive and brainwashing kids at school with so much subjects and so much homework no one practically had any time to think.
    What we have on our plate right now in States is deliberate, evil, on purpose destruction of the whole system:
    balance and checks, judicial, regulatory on so many fronts every independent business large or small making a domino effect of failure.
    What we see are the sniffles, bit of a soar throat...wait until the flu is going to force us to stay in bed!
    so yes...Tahrir Square is going to be the only option.
    Who would thonkit 30+ years later I will be starting the game from square one!?
    ...well I am much smarter and Way better armed!

  4. With Hussein purging our Military of Patriots, the longer this drags on the more likely chances for a Tiananmen Square. Time is not on our side.

    1. Agreed Len, we the people of America have many enemies. Time is one of them. We stop this soon or it will be too late, for we will have been transformed into something the Founders would not recognize.

  5. Joanna . . . I too have always admired Sowell and agree with your analysis of his rhetoric. I say rhetoric because that was exactly what it was. Sowell, as much as I admire him was falling in line with the established Republicans and echoing the very verbiage these progressive GOP's are spewing. I think Sowell finally drank the Kool-Aid when he should have been drinking TEA.

    “I feel your pain.” For the most part, all of conservative America is like you. They are tired and weary. I think that’s why we don’t see the same fervor we saw during the election. You can add to this the total disillusionment and utter shock we’re experiencing, along with the feeling of hopelessness that permeates the entire country. I see it in the writings of many, hear it in conversations and in conservative talk shows, and I see it in the anger posted on the social websites. I have even voiced my own anger at times. Interestingly, many people I know personally who were once on fire for freedom are now silent and what few voices that do cry out are being lambasted with the rhetoric you heard from Sowell.

    America is disillusioned. The servants she elected to serve her are totally devoid of any feelings of duty or honor toward their constituents and corruption is rampant. Our leaders have taken their masks off and revealed their true identity.

    You and I have only 3 options; give up, fight or SECEDE. Personally I prefer the last option.

    1. Thomas Sowell shot himself in the foot. As for secession, I seem to recall the last time that was tried there was one helluva fight. The two just seem to go together. Plan one, expect the other.
      Victory or death.

    2. :)
      I do have the advantage of time zones :)
      I am 6 hours ahead of EST
      checked townhall for any revelations and lo-and-behold Dr Sowell posted an article "Cruz control? II?
      He is starting with:

      "Senator Ted Cruz is a hero in some Republican circles -- and the opposite among many of his Senate Republican colleagues.

      At this crucial juncture in the history of America, internal battles within the only party that can turn things around are the last thing Americans need. Moreover, each side in this political civil war has all too many valid criticisms of the other.

      The Republican establishment's criticisms of Senator Cruz are criticisms of his rule-or-ruin strategy, which can destroy whatever chance Republicans have of taking back the Senate in 2014 and taking back the White House in 2016. And, without political power, there is no real hope of changing things in Washington.

      Senator Cruz's filibuster last year got the Republicans blamed for shutting down the government -- and his threatened filibuster this year forced several Republican Senators to jeopardize their own reelection prospects by voting to impose cloture, to prevent Cruz from repeating his self-serving grandstand play of last year. The Republicans need every vote they can get in the Senate -- plus additional votes by defeating some Democrats who are running for the Senate this fall. It can be a very close call. Jeopardizing the reelection of current Republican Senators is an act of utter irresponsibility, a high risk with zero benefits to anyone except Ted Cruz -- and the Democrats. "

      and than he blanket-cover his tracks...
      how unbecoming!!!
      For now I am placing him on a "review" shelf.

  6. This seems to be the direction things are heading. I don't know what will trigger it, but it is coming. If they begin shooting at us, I think (hope,pray) that would get the people to their feet. I believe there are many millions like us, fed up but not knowing what to do about it. I would not fear the thought of dying for freedom, many have before.

    If there must be trouble, let it be in my day, that my child may have peace.

    Thomas Paine

  7. Joanna this is a side note: I think you should post Dr. Sowell’s article "Cruz control? II?” in every blog/social venue that you can find. For the simple reason; people need to know. It should be read by every conservative and every black and white who have given kudos to this man. He is a sheep of the established GOP.


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