Some see, few know, many choose to wander aimlessly in a fog, devoid of sunlight. I seek the light of day and leave the others to their chosen realm of ignorance. They are the ones who have brought this great nation down. I write only for the benefit of those who possess the courage required to restore our birthright.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014


More and more I find my writing influenced by the thoughts of my readers. This effort will be no exception.

We all witnessed the great Tea Party protests at the nation's capitol, the Lincoln Monument, and the Alamo. and all of these events bore witness to the patriotic spirit still alive in many of our American citizens. Sadly those events did nothing to change the course of this nation, with one exception. The unity expressed there emboldened many and due to the efforts of the Tea Party members, we were able to retake the House from the DNC, only to be rewarded for our efforts by a swift kick in the teeth by the GOP. But even that kick was a learning experience, for with it the Progressive agenda of the Republican establishment began to unravel.

In June of 2012 I angered many with an essay entitled Republican Party R.I.P.. Today that anger has diminished as people heed Glenn Beck's efforts to defund the GOP. Defund the GOP! Somewhat akin to the rock and the hard place syndrome, as we find ourselves attacked on two fronts, one being the Democrats/communists of America and the other the Progressive elite of the GOP that has abandoned the patriots of this nation.

Outnumbered, surrounded, and outspent because we cannot hope to match the contributions of the various Soros foundations, the unions basking in the wealth of tax dollars, the vast political donations of NWO billionaires and the bloated bank accounts of the wealthy liberals of Hollywood. Needless to say, this is a dismal scenario, which leads me to propose a different plan of attack/defense.

I have a politically active friend in North Carolina who is keeping me abreast of the breaking news on local and state political activism within the GOP. He tells me of a Progressive tactic known as 'Moral Monday'. The fact of the matter is that there is nothing moral about it. It is Progressivism at its finest, or perhaps I should say worst. Every week they rally on Monday putting forth their wretched agenda while attacking all that we hold dear. Recently they staged a 'Moral March', again I must question their definition of 'Moral'. I am collecting data on those events which will encompass an entire essay in the near future, but for now I wish to explore the concept of those weekly rallies, and how we can benefit from that concept.

In one of my recent essays: Moral Leaders And Sleeper Cells In The GOP I stated my belief that there are so many Progressive infiltrators in the Republican establishment that even if we win the Senate the combined number of remaining Democratic and Progressive Republicans still have us, the conservative base of America, outnumbered. One of my readers agreed, leading to a comment, a plaintiff cry of "Is there somewhere we can put our combined energies that will make a difference?"

Yes there most certainly is! Her comment led to another essay: Tahrir Square U.S.A. In it I outlined a plan of action. Admittedly I lack the influence to enact it but will work if endorsed by someone like Glenn Beck and other leading Patriots of America. It quite simply is weekend rallies, every weekend, all across America, rain or shine, with Patriots descending on the Town Squares and Town Halls, and State Capitols of this endangered nation, voicing their concerns, addressing not only the loyal as seen in the great Tea Party rallies, but educating the ignorant once a week.

That essay led to a comment from yet another. It would appear that blogging is becoming more interactive for me with each passing day. Most people are busy and consequently read only the headlines of an article and form an opinion. One such person, a Patriot true, left a bold and well informed comment to my Tahrir Square essay. It reads: (Please note especially the highlighted line)

An American Spring, a Tahrir-like event, Oh how wonderful it would be! But could I go? Could we-the-people leave our homes and give up our jobs for a week? Could we afford the travel expense? Where would we park our cars; where would we stay? And who'd take care of our children and pets? Maybe, I think yes, we might find a way if only we could know for absolute certain that the coming event would the THE EVENT, the event that would be big enough to demand change and would turn the tide. Month by month our awareness of the ongoing destruction caused by our current leadership grows stronger and stronger. I believe very soon there will be a time when we look at our neighbor and he will look back, and we will know that it is THE TIME. In the meantime we should still work to win the Senate this November.

Now this man is a realist! Unlike the 'Moral Monday' crowd of communists, liberals students, union agitators, and welfare recipients rallying in North Carolina on a work day, he rightly defines the impossibility of millions marching on D.C. and remaining there until Hussein Obama is unseated. He has responsibilities and he takes them seriously. The highlighted segment above tells me everything that I need to know about him. He hides not from the reality we face and when THE TIME comes he will do his share as a true Patriot. He can cover my back any day of the week.

The one minor flaw of his comment was that he had not carefully read my views. I pointed this out to Reginald and later he replied:

Danny, I have read your articles. I read your articles very carefully. They are good articles. Sorry about skipping over your idea that weekly protests will attract new followers, "like a snowball rolling downhill." It is a good idea. Obviously I had been thinking about the May 16th American Spring and feeling guilty that I probably would not be able to attend. A series of local protests would be much easier for many of us to handle rather than a long trek to Washington, but I definitely don't want to discourage any who are able to make that May 16th date.

Again I have highlighted something very revealing about this man's character. His love of country is such that he feels a degree of guilt about not being able to attend a rally that may or may not be successful. Thanks to Obama's economic attacks on our people, many who would like to go are having trouble putting food on the table.

Personally, I am none too enthusiastic about this May 16th American Spring rally for several reasons. I am convinced that the series of local protests I advocate could have a dramatic effect on the American public but also well aware that it will never happen unless Glenn Beck and associates read and endorse the concept. To the best of my knowledge, no well known conservative leader has come forward to support The American Spring movement. I shall address that topic in my next essay.

My other reason for skepticism is that I do not feel that the plan is well thought out and is overly optimistic. I would rather see no protest than a protest that never was. Recall the great hullabaloo about the Truckers Strike Protest, and about thirty trucks showed up. That gave the Liberals something to laugh about.

American patriots can indeed unify but our first and foremost problem is that we lack leadership. There are many great leaders up there; I have mentioned them before and they are worth mentioning again. Beck, Cruz, West, Palin, Bachman, Gaffney, Horowitz, and the list goes on. They inform us, they enlighten us, they inspire us, and they share a mutual problem. They are all well aware of what is taking place and none can openly call for revolution.

The best that they can do is start a movement, drop it into the laps of patriots and take it from there. From small acorns do great oak trees grow. These people have endorsed and continue to support the Tea Party movement and have emboldened great one day displays of true American loyalty, but as mentioned before: Those one day events are feel good affairs; those who attend return home feeling great, and nothing changes. To that end I advocate this change in tactics.

The great speeches and pep talks are necessary. Americans need to feel good about themselves, and they should. We have long shouldered the burden of so many, and to a large degree have done so very little appreciation from those we help. Weekly rallies can not only inspire, they can educate. They can not only give you the strength to endure another week, but the anger and conviction to recruit others to the cause.

Apathy is as American as Mom and apple pie. That apathy must end, and that end will come only if we keep the people of this nation informed and fired up with a huge fire under their collective asses.

We need an Elmer Gantry.

Most of my readers are old enough to have seen Burt Lancaster portray Elmer Gantry; for the younger set I shall briefly tell the story.

Elmer Gantry was a con man; a whiskey drinking sort with a gift for preaching the gospel. He joined forces with a travelling evangelist portrayed by Jean Simmons, who crisscrossed this nation spreading the love of God ... none too effectively, until she attracted Elmer Gantry. Their techniques were diametrically opposed. Gantry addressed the people with a fury, threatening hell fire and damnation. Then Jean Simmons would emerge, softly praising the love of God and redemption. The people returned home hopeful from her words and realizing from Gantry's powerful presentation that they had better wake up NOW. Overnight the travelling ministry became a success and their followers grew in number as the message spread.

Now I am not saying that we need a hard drinking con man, but we most certainly need that fury that Gantry delivered, and like that travelling ministry the message must come to the people, for not everyone can get to the message in a Washington Tea Party rally. And hearing that message once is not enough; therefore the weekly rally in the hometowns of all America. Repetition is the only way to truly impart the message that we are on the verge of ruin.

Look at the posts that cross the internet. So many compare today's events with Nazi Germany and the birth of the Soviet Union. It scares the hell out of people, and it should. We are facing the same danger, and so many don't even know it, and much of that ignorance is due to our feeble presentation.

I truly admire Ted Cruz, Frank Gaffney, David Horowitz, Trevor Louden and many others. They have been not only the source of much knowledge for me but inspiration as well, but they all share a common weakness. They lack Fury!

These are some of the best informed people in our nation and they calmly present those facts as would a college professor. Put Elmer Gantry behind that podium delivering the same message, not as a calm presentation, but with the driving force of a Thomas Paine or a Winston Churchill. Hellfire and brimstone: That would get some attention. Follow that with enthusiastic and patriotic appeals for unity and end the day with the message that on the tables in the rear are pamphlets ... Cloward and Piven, Obama's terrorist connections, Saul Alinsky, and links to website validating all evidence put forth that day.

Send the people home, mad, frightened, and yet hopeful, wanting to discuss these issues with family and friends, and wanting to bring the family and friends with them next week. That is how to grow a cause.

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Read some of the comments, and post this across the internet. If enough see it this will find its way to Glenn Beck.


  1. Agree.

    I was under the imression the May 16th Washington protest was to be supported by protests in front of State Capitol buildings, and local "governmentoues" establishments for those who could not make it to DC.

    I would never be critical of anyone skipping a protest, march or whatever! No need to feel guilty, but do your best from where you at and do what you can.
    Many opose the idea of writing a letter and or e-mail to our reps being local, state or national scale.
    I humbly disagree. If they would receive a letter/email counted in couple of millions a month, short, few sentences citing an important point they would pay attention because nothing scares them more than giving up their warm seat.
    I understand we all have our lives and families to take care of but no one will find excuse not to have 10 minutes a week to muster some mail.

    It is very interesting to observe articles posted (at different sites) and than check the number of comments...
    I almost fell off my chair when everyone was talking about michelle obama blue/black dress and the comments went into dozens or thousands on some sites while freedom grabbing Washington power house articles hardly produce few or would be something to think about...

    1. That May 16 plan is a disaster waiting to happen.

  2. Danny,
    I was away for few days and are not up to date with everyhting what has been happening...but it was good to be removed from any mass media as I was in the mountains where the only view of the world was provided by a window and front porch...
    ...wood burning cooking stove and a massive goose feather comforter as the only heating source.
    I love it!!! though in all honesty I think I was wearing everything I own!
    ...and yes! water for washing was outside at a manual pump (or creek) and needed to be warmed up ...
    yeah..I am pretty though, but at my age I do refuse to wash myself in 34F water! I was coming back to my late parents estate, I was listening to some radio and check my e-mails and spent few minutes reading news headlines...

    I got your point and reasoning for May 16th, I do understand and mostly agree with you, but I also have a strong feeling that nothing will change until good man will do something...
    because wishing for all the abuse of power to go away is not going to happen, and no fairy dust will make it go away.
    Everyone is looking for a short rope and a tall tree to hang Yanukovych (sp), not realizing obama is even worse.
    What I understand, Ukraine's Parliament dismissed our congress ready to do the same ?...with obama come May?...

    1. My stats tell me that this past week I had twice as many readers in the US as I did in Poland, Bulgaria, and the Ukraine combined. That is very disappointing on the American agenda. The people of those three nations and I do not even share a common language, necessitating the use of my Google translator, and they are reading my efforts because they can relate to my message while Americans just keep stumbling along 'hoping and praying' as one recent comment stated. Joanna I cannot help but believe that this phenomenal amount of interest there began with you showing my work to your friends and they have spread if far and wide.
      Most Americans quite naturally have no idea where the Ukraine is and have never heard of Yanukovych. Although revolution was vital there I am none too optimistic about the future of the Ukrainian people. George Soros implemented the original Orange Revolution and his involvement still runs deep. Choosing between communism and Soros is like choosing between the rock and the hard place. Crushed from either direction.
      As for Obama and May, do not expect a favorable outcome. That is a lot of reckless, unplanned, and dangerous hype. Read my

  3. "As for Obama and May, do not expect a favorable outcome. That is a lot of reckless, unplanned, and dangerous hype."

    As far as Ukraine protests and "freedom revolution" started back in December (I think), my feelings about it was just as good as openning under sink door and discovering the garbage was taken out for few days...
    Given the time and reviewing happenings it would be my opinion that a lot of sincere people were taken for a ride, and now find themselves between grounding stones of history.
    There is no doubt in my mind Washington has its fingers (and money) in Ukraine uprising, and also there is no doubt Putin is going to let it go ununaswered.

    We can count on obama 'civilian security force as well funded' as our military or better (I am paraphrasing)
    to be May 16th at their post costing havoc and disturbing the idea.

    I am also sure that nothing short of tipping Washington monster will do, and no election, and no Jesus walking on water will help...
    we are so deep in the quick sand of lawlessness, abuse of power, corruption, dishonesty, communist running our Country, no man, not few good man can change it ...agencies taken life on its own..not mentioning the oath all of 536 representatives took upon taking tenant's office in People's House, handful of them upholded, the rest qualify for treason in my books.
    One question always bugs me:
    who of us being employed and working would hold on to its job performing on our representatives level?
    Did Americans forget who is the the employer and who is the emlpoyee?

    I don't know what May 16th will accomplish or not, but I do know that the longer we postpone bulldozing this old beloved house the harder it will become...

    well...sometimes the most endearing home, we proped up and fixed must be demolished, because regardless of fixing the structure is simply rotten beyond repair...

  4. Danny,
    I am sorry for the double post, feel free remove it.
    My computer and/or Internet is doing funny things maybe it wasn't my little fingers getting wild at the keyboard after all.


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