Some see, few know, many choose to wander aimlessly in a fog, devoid of sunlight. I seek the light of day and leave the others to their chosen realm of ignorance. They are the ones who have brought this great nation down. I write only for the benefit of those who possess the courage required to restore our birthright.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

THE STATE OF OUR UNIONS Submitted by Paul Collings

In a week when President Obama has given his State of the Union address, a speech delivered with such grandiosity, and received in a sea of apathy,  you can be forgiven for thinking this post is about that. Although it would be true to say I will be referring to the American union in general, the Unions I want to speak about those of the United Kingdom and Europe.

News is reaching me that the house of Lords, has voted down a bill that would have given the UK a referendum on its membership of the European union. A bit like Texas voting to leave the United States.

It was Prime Minister Cameron who gave a guarantee, that the people of Britain would get a referendum on our membership. The guarantee being a 'politician's guarantee', was one that would rely on many other things, like Europe not being willing to renegotiate some of the treaties or refusing to repatriate some powers back to Britain's Parliament.

The revealing thing is why would there be a drive to leave this union that promotes itself as heaven on Earth. You'd think we didn't like having 85% of our laws forced on us by an  unelected secretive body. Why would we complain when we have to take as many immigrants as we can squeeze onto our little Island? And pay them, look after them, and accept all their 'cultural' differences, such as having up to 4 wives, who walk around in niqab's and burqa's. People who want us to eat their religiously slaughtered food, and pay a tax for doing so. We must look like we want hate preachers on our streets and Mosques on every corner. While no one minds a bit of diversity, we do not like the idea of cultural annihilation.

As it stands now, we'll only get a referendum 'IF' we vote in a Conservative government, and provided David Cameron is still the leader of the party. And I'm sure a few other 'IF's' will be invoked before we get a vote. Although there is a big IF happening soon.

What is this big 'IF' you may be wondering? Well, Scotland, a country England has been in a union with for centuries is gearing up for a referendum of their own. They are voting to see if they want to remain part of the British Union. (no way their referendum won't be allowed), That's the Union of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. 

Over the past couple of decades,  countries in the British union have set up their own Parliaments, and assemblies and have been making their own laws, and setting some of their own budgets. Although limited, because we use the same currency, they have had a lot of powers devolved to them. Now Scotland wants independence, but their vote will take place before they find out if England are going to vote on the European issue. So they could vote to stay in the UK, and then England might vote to leave Europe, which Scotland does not want to do, if the polls are accurate.

I'm sure if Scotland votes to stay in the Union, we will never get a vote on Europe. That's democracy for you!

So Scotland gets a referendum, and if they vote to leave, what would that mean?(For us as well as them) Are they in or out of Europe? Will they have to reapply to join Europe? If they join Europe will they join the monetary union (Eurozone), or will they keep the British Pound; would we want them to? Doesn't sound like a very independent Scotland if they have to do these things.

What about Scottish people in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, will they need to leave and apply to re enter these countries? Will they just be issued with dual nationality? Will they have to give up their Scottish passports and become English, Welsh or Irish? Or do they just want it all their own way? These Union things are complicated aren't they? Imagine America with its 50 states, or is it 52 as Obama claims?

All these things seem simple enough to solve, or at least members of the Scottish national party say they are. The problem is, at some point the English are going to want to have a say, especially if the English Parliament ties us into deals that favour a country that wants to leave. I'm sure we'll get no special favours from Europe if we leave; although I don't think Britain will ever leave, but that doesn't rule out Europe crashing on the rocks and breaking under its own weight.

We in Britain generally like Europe. We like going abroad, we like working abroad, and we like being able to live abroad,(in Europe). We don't, despite the cries of racism and xenophobia, complain about immigration as much as is made out. It's the problem of Islamic immigration that causes us the most problems, the constant demands and threats, and the cries of Islamophobia  that get up our noses. Multi-culturalism is destroying all social cohesion.

We don't like the constant stream of illegal no goods who for some reason, in the name of diversity, we have to take.  We don't like not being able to deport criminal foreign nationals who use our human rights laws to protect themselves. And we don't want people who bring their own legal system with them.

We are being left with some hard choices. Membership of Europe
seems to involve a ridiculous amount of unwanted side effects. Immigrants of a certain religion are acting like victorious invaders.

Criminals seem to have more rights than honest people. Honest people are struggling to pay their bills and feed their families, while people who have nothing in common with them, people who have paid  nothing into the British system, yet they are getting everything out.

Life for indigenous people appears to  be getting harder, while life for immigrants, legal and illegal  appears  to be made easier. People wave signs saying to behead us,  while we can't say boo to them.  Violent rapes are on the increase everywhere mass immigration from war torn states has occurred, child grooming is on the increase. Foreign legal systems are running along side our own.  Our politicians claim this is nonsense, but with so much evidence they must think the people are completely stupid.

There is a massive upheaval of populations going on. Hundreds of thousands of people have moved away from Britain, with more coming than leaving. The people of Britain did not get a say in this population exchange. We were never asked. And the powers that be, keep denying it is happening. The truth is we would have liked a say as all these things have affected us.

If Scotland leaves the Union, which is up to them, then I think it only fair that the rest of the Union should get a voice about whether or not we continue. We'll decide who we share our currency with, we'll decide who sits in our parliament.  I respect the right of Scotland to make their own choices, but if they want to be independent, then that's what they should be. Once they have left, the rest of us should be free to make our own choices; independently of them.

I hope Scotland decides with a big majority to stay within the Union. But how complicated would it be for them if England voted to leave the European Union, and Scotland wanted to stay. It could be a clause that would have to be put in their referendum that gives them the option to leave later.

I also hope Europe can change enough to make it a viable future enterprise for everyone.  Europe has to change laws that allow criminals and foreign ideologies to ride rough shod over our cultures and way of life. Europe has to slow down! If we keep allowing millions of immigrants from Islamic nations in, there will be no Europe. Islam follows its own rules.

We have to take charge of who comes and goes if we are to build a Europe we want to live in.  We also need a better educated public. A public that understands political ideology. People should be made well aware of all the competing ideologies they are voting for, and how they will affect our lives.

The shape of our world is being changed by some very radical agendas and the voting public have no idea what these agendas are. Very few people have any idea of the true implications of treaties signed on their behalf. Most would be horrified if they knew. I thought we voted for leaders who would protect our nations, not destroy them and make it so we can't stand the sight of each other.

When President Obama said he was going to transform America, no one had a clue about what he really meant. If he'd stood up and said, he was going to divide the country along racial and class lines, if he said he was taking the country to a single payer healthcare system, if he said he was going to give amnesty to unknown millions of illegals, at an unknown cost, would you have voted for him?

What about the scandals of fast and furious, the NSA spying, and Benghazi? Are these things all so embarrassing  that no one wants to talk about them? Does no one care about these things enough to insist that their public servants explain what's happening? Or is Hilary Clinton's, "What difference at this point does it make", outburst explain it enough for you?

America  is having an  agenda forced on them, an agenda the progressives of both parties don't want you to know about. They want your vote to give them legitimacy, but they don't want you after that. Soon they won't even need your vote. They'll have changed the population to one that will vote the way they require. Alex Salmon, leader of the Scottish National Party(SNP). is  hoping the people of Scotland will vote for his agenda, even though no one really knows what that is. 

Just as an observation, I thought Nationalist parties are considered Right wing fascist parties. The British national party is considered right wing, Marie Le-Penns, national front party is considered right wing ... the SNP?  Scotland, for those that don't know, is considered a left leaning country. The Conservatives have been all but wiped out in Scotland. Maybe the Conservative party isn't far right enough for them.

It was the Scots after all who were up in arms about immigrants getting special treatment. Not very tolerant and diverse of them. Can't imagine the English behaving like that. And, can you imagine the English voting in a Nationalist party?  Still stranger things have happened. America voted in a Socialist.

Of course Obama won't stand up and say he's a socialist, but the policies he's tried to enact are. Look at what's going on in the US, and look at Europe, an openly socialist continent, and make your own comparisons.

So what state is your Union in? I suspect if your reading essays such as this you feel something is wrong. Some people know what's wrong, some of you won't. I can point out many ills. Most of them will be to do with the overreach of governments who have for decades been giving themselves evermore power. I will point to the Islamic death cult that has brutalized followers and non followers alike, and those that promote that brutality as somehow peaceful and benevolent, and have allowed it to take a foothold across western countries.  I point to the disinterested millions that allow themselves to be openly deceived.

I also have a beef with people who for what ever reason won't vote. I talk to people who won't or don't vote quite a lot. They claim it doesn't make a difference, or that its their way of protesting.  And then they moan that they hate the government. This is true in what ever union you live in.

The European Union was supposed to unite Countries that for centuries had warred with each other. The Union was going to bring us all together. The trouble is no one told the inhabitants of Europe what the full plan was. We weren't told we'd all have to break up into little diverse groups of different cultures, colours and classes. We didn't know that nation states were going to be destroyed by immigration.  We weren't told about monetary union and borders open to hoards of illegal immigrants. We weren't made aware that people from countries that didn't have the same values as we were to be allowed to live, work, and vote in our towns and cities, shaping the political landscape in their favour.

Does any of this sound familiar to any Americans reading this? There are millions of illegal as well as legal immigrants, needing homes, money, jobs, health care. Armed with a vote, imagine who they would they vote for. Take a look at Detroit. Keep watching New York.

The British Union may soon break up, the English would love a chance to vote on the European Union, and American states have been talking of seceding from the US Union. So much for Socialism being so great for unity.  Divide and rule being the more likely outcome in the short term. A world totalitarian government in the long term.

Do many people believe their governments represent them? Why aren't people out protesting/ Maybe the people of all these great and wonderful Unions realize, that should they speak out and demand  their leaders bend to their will, the will of the voting public, then all these democratic loving leaders will start acting like the despots they claim not to be.

Are we to exist as free individuals with a common goal with just laws. Or are we to be subjected, because of our apathy, to a life of servitude to an elite class. With Globalisation the world elites are coming together and shaping the future. Look at school programmes like 'common core', and see what the kids of tomorrow are being taught to believe.

In September the Scottish will vote on Independence. And then their leaders will ask to join the European Union. So the plan is not Independence. England isn't getting any votes or referendums, so we obviously aren't expected to vote as required. Soon the people of America will go to the polls. When they do, I hope they think very carefully, as this may be the last time they get to vote in an election where any side can win. Very soon they will  be confronted by a voting block of entitlement loving new Americans. Then the American Union will look like European Union ... And it is starting to look like the Soviet Union.

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  1. Paul, if ten percent of Americans knew UK and EU politics as well as you know ours, I would say that I live in an enlightened nation.

  2. Please read this article and comment. Read the comments from people in UK and Belgium.

    This wasn't supposed to happen. At a time when the European Union, reeling from the ongoing near collapse of the Eurozone, has been preaching its key benefits - the removal of borders and the free transit of labor - moments ago Switzerland, with a tiny majority of 50.4%, voted in favor of new immigration curbs which requires the government to set an upper limit for foreigners, risking a backlash from the (utterly toothless) European Union.

    1. Loved the closing thought...
      Most importantly, it also goes against the core European principle of ignoring what the majority wants because everyone in centrally-planned, banker-controlled, insolvent European nations knows- only a few "good" unelected bureaucrats know what is best for everyone. As such the democratic vote must always be ignored, especially when it goes against the thesis preached by the politicians, the central bankers, and, of course, Goldman Sachs.

    2. Glenda,
      all of what you say is true...there are also "small print" disclosures preventing foreigners to invade Switzerland as they did Germany in 70'/80's and GB ever since.
      Their acceptance of foreigners are so restricted there is no way they will be swamped to the ocean
      with a tsunami of muslims or others any time soon.
      trust me! no one is going to mess up with their banking and their chocolate!!!
      no matter how the EU concessions sound like.

  3. Paul,
    Thank you ever so much for spelling out the problems hurting UK and its rightful citizens.
    I must admit being honest with you that Scotlands seperation and independence was always utmost importance to Scotts and they keep close-knit society not allowing strangers easly into their circles.For the last 30 years I visit my friends in Aberdeen, Inverness, Fort Williams spending pretty good amount of time in Scotland and the faint mention of my friends in Swindon (ca. 60 km west of London) brings on a tug-war between Scotland and England.
    At any point, I think what has happened to UK did happened to Germany several years earlier.
    A need for foreign cheap labor started to be obvious and powers to be used it as a great push to achive their way with 'thank you' notes kisses and hugs all over thecommunication channels..before Germans and British realized what is going on it was too late!

    "Just as an observation, I thought Nationalist parties are considered Right wing fascist parties. The British national party is considered right wing,"
    ...Hitler's party was
    National Sozialistische Deutsche Arbeitspartei
    The names are just to serve an agenda of powers pulling the marionettes...nothing more, nothing less..
    Take GS for that matter and you will find out that his great sounding companies have nothing to do with implied name...I would dare to say in 1992 (?) his innocent sounding org brought English banking system to its knees.
    and now his theatrics are about to perform final act...
    Like Danny Jeffrey always say:
    it really does not matter if Scotland separate from UK, it does not matter if we vote a republican president in 2016, all have been decided decades ago and
    I say:
    we as We The People
    were way too comfortable way too ignorant to let it happen on our watch.

  4. Thank you everyone for you comments, only by others sharing their thoughts and experiences do we all realise that we are not alone in our fears and concerns.
    Our Governments have been laying plans, as has been said for decades. The ideology that their brains tic toc too, has been perfected over centuries. World leaders, supported by unprecedented levels of technology, knowledge and manpower are drunk with power.
    People like Soros are quite mad. Trying to shape the world like a well written text book will never work. The problem most people have is believing that progressive means progress.
    Seeing is believing. So, if obama care is progress, why can't we see it? if al Qaeda are still defeated, why can't we see that!. If borrowing billions of $ will make us all better off, why are we Broke, and if socialism/marxism or any other 'ism' will turn the world into paradise, why does every socialist style country resemble a second hand swap shop.
    Liberalism is no more than a cult along the lines of Islam. The leaders will be all powerful,living in a heaven on Earth. The rest of us will learn of hell long before our dying day.
    People should remember, the Berlin wall was built to keep the residents of Utopia IN!

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. It apparently takes someone from outside our nation to give us a jolt and your essay is pointedly on target. I don’t think that anyone could have stated the “globalization” taking place any better. From a British prospective, you have glaringly given us a preview of what is coming and is now in the process of taking place in this country. Many comments stand out.

    1. “We don't like the constant stream of illegal no goods who for some reason, in the name of diversity, we have to take.”

    2. “We don't like not being able to deport criminal foreign nationals who use our human rights laws to protect themselves.”

    3. “And we don't want people who bring their own legal system with them.”

    4. “Criminals seem to have more rights than honest people.”

    5. “Life for indigenous people appears to be getting harder, while life for immigrants, legal and illegal appears to be made easier.”

    I am reminded of Alexander Tyler’s statement that "A democracy is always temporary in nature; it simply cannot exist as a permanent form of government,” and he goes on to list the reasons why. Using Tyler’s analysis, Professor Joseph Olson of Hamline University School of Law in St. Paul , Minnesota went on to state that he believes the United States is now somewhere between the "complacency and apathy" phase of Tyler 's definition of democracy.

    It was an eerie feeling as I read your essay for I felt as though you were describing America. Your warning at the end bears repeating and I will take the liberty of capitalizing the words that stood out glaringly to me:

    • “Soon the people of America will go to the polls. When they do, I hope they think very carefully, as THIS MAY BE THE LAST TIME THEY GET TO VOTE IN AN ELECTION WHERE ANY SIDE CAN WIN. Very soon they will be confronted by a voting block of entitlement loving new Americans. Then the American Union will look like European Union ... And it is starting to look like the Soviet Union.”

    Thanks for your insight and I pray we wake up before it is too late.

  7. I have for a few days, due to weather conditions, had the chance to do some reading. I found myself reading of the life of John Locke, and of his influence on the American founders, more precisely on the drafting of the Declaration of independence.

    What a remarkable man he was. He understood how governments could be corrupted, because he seemed to understand how power by small groups of people or even individuals could turn a persons mind and make him feel almost god like.

    Locke, along with the founders themselves, understood that we all had the same rights as each other, and that no man should be a slave to another. Locke wrote a lot about natural laws that we were all entitled to.

    These laws, and principles were written into the Declaration and used to help create the Constitution and the later adoption of the bill of rights. All of these documents combined are the foundations of America. Or at least they used to be.

    Today Laws are written and discarded as required. Rights are given to the very people who would deny rights to all others, those charged with protecting the people use the consent of the people to bully and control, and any natural law that you believed you had now belong to the executive branch of Government.

    I have spoken to many people from the US. many say the same things. I'll list a few.
    We won't let government take our guns.
    Well last time i looked, the government was making laws so strict, soon it will be impossible for anyone to get one. So why would the government bother to out law what you don't have. Laws have been change to make almost everyone a criminal, or a drug addict, or mentally ill and so ineligible for gun ownership.

    Never let the flag touch the ground.
    Its a non stop bonfire with the Stars and Stripes. Grubby sandal wears everywhere are stamping and burning the flag so often you tube is running out of space to put the up loads.

    In America we have freedom of speech.

    Hate speech excluded that is, and anything else that your government doesn't want you to say. Your kids get indoctrinated in school, and over in Dearborn Michigan, half a town came out to stone some people who thought they had freedom of speech.

    I don't want my reply to sound like a lecture, but pussy footing about is a waste of time. I'm from Britain. And You in America are just a few short years away from us. Our laws are made to further an agenda, they are not made because they are the best laws. We cannot speak openly, we are certainly not allowed to point out things that may look obvious such as the amount of people who are in our country turning it into another Islamic hell hole.

    Our leaders are destroying our national identity, they are destroying family's, our history and our education systems. Its been happening for years, and we probably will not be able to turn this around. Not without action right this minute.

    America is different, despite what the lying toady media say, most people do still believe in principles of America, they are just not using the tools given them by the Constitution. There's enough evidence that this and previous administrations have abused the very laws they swore to up hold. You just need a few men with the balls of people like Adams, Jefferson,Franklin, and Sherman to stand up in congress and say what needs to be said.

    That sadly is not going to happen. The brave men of congress are few, most are just hoping the elections go well for them, or they'll have to get proper jobs.

    It is up to the people to take what is theirs. Any one who is not sure what that is needs to read the Declaration of Independence, Your bill of Rights, and the Constitution. It doesn't require a single shot to be fired to get your Country back. It just requires that everyone follow the laws. That includes everyone up to and including the President.


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