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Tuesday, February 25, 2014


To understand George Soros you must try to understand the mentality of Michael Jackson who tried to become white, the transvestite who hates the fact that he was born a man, and any other human being who quite simply despises their own birthright. To spend your every waking moment hating what you are, must and will, take a terrible toll on your mental well being.

In an effort to grasp what molded Soros into what he is today we must go back many years to a POW camp in Russia during the First World War, where his father found himself trying to survive by any means necessary. War had ravaged Europe for centuries and appeared to be unending. Back in 1887 a Jewish doctor named Ludwig Zamenhof came to believe that language barriers must be torn down before the world would ever know peace. To that end he created a language that came to be known as Esperanto hoping that it would become a second language for the world

Soros' father, learned that language while a prisoner in Russia and in an effort to conceal his Jewish background(He too hated the fact that he was Jewish) changed his name to Soros, which is Esperanto for 'To soar'. He also adopted the belief in a unified Europe and passed the concept on to his offspring. 

By now we all are aware of George Soros' childhood and how his father bribed Hungarian officials to claim his children as their own, thus protecting them from the Nazi war machine. We are also aware that he regards this period to be the happiest time of his life.

I have spent countless hours researching this man and trying to 'get inside his head'. Needless to say it is virtually impossible to totally understand another human being, but believe that with Soros I have come fairly close. A fourteen year old boy, nurtured on a hatred of his own people, taking on a new surname that implied his ability to soar over others, proving that ability to soar as he survived WWII while fellow Jews were sent to death camps. Survival of the fittest, so they say, and young George Soros certainly personified that trait.

What was going through the mind of a fourteen year old atheist as he walked through the valley of the shadow of death? He claims at one point to have seen two bodies hanging from a lamp post; one bearing a sign that read "This is what happens to Jews that hide.", the other with the sign, "This is what happens to Christians that hide Jews."

What shaped his thinking as he survived while those endangered Jews about him spent their time hoping and praying, to no avail? Surely what he witnessed reinforced his teaching that there was no benevolent god that protected the weak and sorrowful. Just as surely we can glimpse the situation that made him feel so godlike in his demeanor. Among the many millions who died while he soared over them, he could not only survive but prosper.

Survive he did, as has prospered as have none before. The mind of a fourteen year old was warped beyond any semblance of normality and he soon charted his future course to not only soar over mankind but to rule and reshape it in his image. One might reasonably assume that after having witnessed such horrors young George would have devoted himself to the pursuit of peace one Earth. Not so. His god aspirations had to be fulfilled, and that could not be done through a search for peace. The end, after all, would justify the means.

All would be conquerors of the past have relied on vast military might. To each his own talents, and military tactics were not on Soros' list; making vast sums of money was. Also high on his list of talents was a keen understanding of human nature. Perhaps that merged with and strengthened his understanding of market manipulation. And so the die was cast. With his talents finely honed and his own godlike image well established, a young man set out to rule the world.

"If truth be known, I carried some rather potent messianic fantasies with me from childhood, which I felt I had to control, otherwise they might get me in trouble." Soros once wrote. When asked to elaborate on that passage by The Independent, Soros said, "It is a sort of disease  when you consider yourself some kind of God, the creator of everything, but I feel comfortable about it now since I began to live it out."

That statement is boldly honest, uttered by a man unconcerned about the mere humans on this planet ever being able to stop his agenda. He openly admits that his god-fantasies are a disease, with which he is now comfortable as it endangers him not, in fact he enjoys the role. That disease, however, is proving terminal for the human race, as this king maker reigns supreme, wielding power as have none before, totally indifferent to the lives and nations he wreaks in the process.

It may well have been with the best of intentions that Soros' father passed on to his son the concept of a unified Europe, but you know what they say about good intentions and the road to hell. Later that concept was further enhanced by Soros' exposure to Karl Popper's open society agenda. In time this led to George Soros' Open Society Institute and it has all been downhill for all mankind since its founding, as he then began to set up 'shadow governments' around the world.

Soros acknowledges Karl Popper to be his spiritual mentor and so it would seem appropriate to briefly view those concepts that Soros adopted.

I cannot help but feel that Popper spent far too much time trying to incorporate the illogical premises put forth by Friedrich Hegel and Immanuel Kant into his Open Society scheme, while also trying to round off some of the rough edges of Marxism as he embraced many of its basic precepts  The following excerpt is from Discover The Networks - Open Society Institute:
Popper did not share the American founders' confident assertion that certain truths were "self-evident," and that certain rights -- such as the right to "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness," as referenced in the Declaration of Independence -- were "unalienable" and thus not subject to doubt, because they had been granted to mankind by the ultimate authority, the "Creator." George Soros, as he grew to maturity, would likewise reject the founders' premise.

Today America is reeling under the impact of our open borders policies implemented by the various Soros foundations. He has bought and paid for so many Progressive lawmakers in both parties that the few remaining patriots stand helpless, unable to stop the unending flow of welfare recipients and Democratic voter that cross our southern border every day. 

Open borders and national security are not synonymous, therefore we are not secure, and the same thing is happening across the European continent compliments of the European Union; not quite the happy world that Soros' father dreamed of in Siberia, but it is nonetheless, the world his son is bringing into reality.

The world's leaders all foresee a catastrophic failure looming and are desperately trying to delay it. Push that awful burden of responsibility off onto posterity. They hope to evade blame, attempting to postpone the inevitable collapse but the fact is evident to all who will but look, that these politicians have sold their souls to Soros, and he is in a hurry to see the end of our civilization.

I hope that all who have read this essay will follow future ones as I show you The World According To Soros, but be forewarned, it is anything but the Utopia that the Progressives promise.

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  1. One thing always bothered me:
    at the end of WWII Soros was but a teenager; how is it possible that hardly 40 some years later he brings down Bank of England to its knees?
    I understand rags to riches road and some fabulous money made by some, but to tinker with a bank of such magnitude one need more than money and good luck (imho).
    Maybe I am wrong in my thinking but can not shake out the idea that he got plenty of help from the World elites like Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Russels, Van Duyns, Krupps, DuPonds to name few.

    There is only one thing that scares me more than anything else (and I think I expressed the feeling before):
    with Soros approching his final destination as a mortal I just wonder how long it will take before puzzles of his evil lifetime work will interlock as a final and total ecstasy crown of ultimate fulfillment?...

    1. Joanna, you are one of the few who can grasp Soros' ultimate fantasy. While I do not believe that he has the power to totally eradicate the human race, I do believe that he can send us back to the Stone Age.

  2. I hope to God you are right about his limited powers and outreach, but I do hope you are wrong about the stone age...medieval would be bad enough...though sometime I wonder if bonfire as the only cooking/heating source of heat wouldn't be a well deserved lesson for Americans...
    soros visible scratches on the ground all over the globe have his imprints on it.
    Early this morning I was glancing over some polish/russian/ukrainian sites plus of course the main alternative media from US...
    and I am lost for words!
    Boehner have actually have the audacity to say something about a "RESPONSIBILITY" regarding US stand for Ukrainian mess!!! unbelievable!!!
    before uttering such statement he should recheck his own job description and party loyalties he was elected to uphold.
    Anyway, I am way too upset and way too emotional, after having a shout out about neo-nazis in Ukraine and their murderous agenda since Hitlers days of glory...

    1. Joanna the Stone Age remark is due to a train of thought that I am investigating in my Soros series. The next will be entitled 'What is he?'
      That man is the greatest mystery that I have ever encountered. He has been called a Nazi. That does not fit him. He has been called a communist but you know that he was involved in the Ukrainian Orange Revolution against communism. He most assuredly is not a Muslim and yet seems to be backing their revolutions. The term anarchist does not fit him. He is creating widespread anarchy and yet he seeks total control. Everything he does is disruptive and revolutionary, designed to bring chaos to the entire world.
      Were he simply wanting communism or Islam to take over the world then I would have to conclude that a dark age is his goal. It is more than that. He seeks to destroy all that is orderly about the world. Even communism is orderly/controlled. Soros seems intent on eliminating all forms of order, thus chaos. He seems to be intent on reducing all mankind to utter savagery, i.e. Stone Age.
      His hatred seems hell bent on destruction, and nothing else.
      I have to learn more about the Orange Revolution,

  3. Danny,
    I have hard time to grasp the whole concept regarding Ukrainian's problem.
    Most of it being influenced by my own upbringing under USSR boot...
    and there is another concept to be taken seriously;
    Ukraine as a country, really does not have many options left aside of understanding each other position and voting for their best interest.
    That being said lets review historical happenings to Ukraine...
    most of the time (for the past 1000 years they were under someone else's rule)...
    some would argue 20% , some 50%+ Russians ...
    I really do not care of the percentile...what is important to keep in mind: Ukraine always was "russian".
    Few months ago all we heard on the news was Vitali Klischko (famous boxer, turned Ukrainian hero fighting for Ukrainians freedom), not anymore...
    with all his money and his fame he was shifted on a back burner because some other powers came to be more important than his fight for free and independent Ukraine.
    Ha! Here is my problem:
    Anyone and everyone can state their opinion about the road ahead for Ukrainians...citing ethnicity, political leanings, or whatever...
    My own opinion would be this:
    let Ukrainians figure out their own way!
    There is no doubt in my mind US/EU paws prints are all over the current situation without understanding the past couple of hundreds of years of their history at the least...
    Putin will never go of strategic military points(a long story by itself) and Cremea Russians don't want to have anything to do with EU
    (anyone in doubt shall ask Greece how EU marriage worked out for them)...while Brussel is laughing all the way to the bank...
    Ukraine is much more complicated than Poland, Czech Republic, Slovenia Lithuania, Estonia etc...

    as a foot note:
    if one would ask all 40 millions of Poles if they want to return to pre-1990 years of communism?...
    I can tell you right now:
    they would!!!
    ...draw conclusions yourself


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