Some see, few know, many choose to wander aimlessly in a fog, devoid of sunlight. I seek the light of day and leave the others to their chosen realm of ignorance. They are the ones who have brought this great nation down. I write only for the benefit of those who possess the courage required to restore our birthright.

Monday, February 3, 2014


Dedicated to Janette Scarborough with much gratitude for her thoughts.

Oh those readers; what would I do without them? For they push me beyond established limits and lead me to think; but then, is that not the very purpose of a philosopher's life?

Responding to the thoughts of one of those dear reader's comments to an article in a series of essays that I have been working on, now leads me to leave that series, momentarily, and embark on a quest for answers, for she has touched upon the very foundations, the weaknesses, of human nature. I have no choice but to go there with her.

In a recent essay, In A World Gone Mad Part Eight-Soros and Puppets Inc., I wrote of the motives, tactics, and purpose of George Soros, convinced that his ultimate goal is the destruction of the human race and the world as we know it. Most simply do not wish to even consider the possibility that I may be correct in my beliefs and turn away. Others who have traveled with me, reading my thoughts through recent years as I sought to understand the machinations of George Soros, are not nearly so hesitant to consider my views.

Causality is the relation between an event(the cause) and a second event(the effect). The study of causality gives one a limited ability to anticipate an outcome in advance. A very simple version of this cause and effect concept is one can depress the accelerator on his car and expect it to accelerate. Take that concept to its extreme: Depress that accelerator to the floor and hold it there. Rest assured that your car will accelerate wildly, and in all likelihood, meet with catastrophe. Cause and effect are inseparable. Causality is the study of this chain of events.

I look to today's occurrences and learn of the control exercised by George Soros on the various governments of the world, and cannot help but anticipate catastrophe. Cause and effect. Soros also understands causality and is applying its principles as he seeks to reshape the world in his own image.

He is an enigma and the effort to understand him has been the greatest undertaking of my life, for he does not fit in with the rest of humankind. Far worse than Hitler, or Napoleon, or Stalin, or Mao, this man's inner nature is so totally evil, and his every move is aimed at spreading that evil across the face of the earth, exterminating billions of human beings in the process.

My friend left the following noteworthy comment at the end of the above mentioned essay:
"I don't think that it is possible for many to understand the depth of evil you speak of. I've had people say to me, "Well, I don't think it will ever get that bad," and they go into their reasons why, which range from belief that God would never allow such tribulation, or they will say that they believe the root of mankind is inherently good and that ultimately good will win.
That would be nice wouldn't it? This though, only tells me that most of us are naive and haven't the foggiest idea of what true evil is."

And she adds...
"Trouble is, most of us don't look ... we don't want to see anything that's not palatable. Question: How do we get people to look/see when they don't want too? Answer: We don't."

My friend has just taken a giant leap; the same one that I took when I stopped trying to wake people up and began concentrating on those who think that they are awake.

Thoreau, in his over simplified view of the human condition, stated that men go through this world living lives of quiet desperation. He should have added the fact that this desperation was born of a self inflicted ignorance, and an unwillingness to accept the truth around them.

I am an idealist by choice, and a realist by necessity. Sadly those two concepts are often at odds with each other. 

Of all of the movies that I have ever viewed, I do have one favorite scene, for none could better portray that idealist/realist dichotomy. It is from the musical Man of La Mancha, and at one point a hardened skeptic challenges the idealistic views of Miguel de Cervantes and compares idealists to madmen. This is a link to that scene, and these are the words of the character:

"Life as it is! I've lived for over forty years and I have as it is. Pain...Misery...Cruelty beyond belief. I've heard all of the voices of God's noblest creatures...Moans from bundles of filth in the streets. I've been a soldier and a slave. I have seen my comrades fall in battle or die more slowly under the lash in Africa. I have held them at the last moments. These were men who saw life as it is...but they died despairing. No glory...No brave last words...Only their eyes, filled with confusion...questioning "Why?"...I do not think they were asking why they were dying, but why they had ever lived...When life itself seems lunatic, who knows where madness lies? Perhaps to be too practical is madness, to surrender dreams, this may be madness. To seek treasure where there is only trash; too much sanity may be madness, but maddest of all to see life as it is and not as it should be."

That, perhaps, is the best summation possible for how I view most of my fellow Americans. They see not life as it is, for they turn from the truth in abject horror, preferring ignorance and self delusion, always hoping that divine intervention will clean up the mess that we have created here on Earth. 

Nor will they see life as it should be, for to do that one must be willing to dream, and from that dream comes the courage to strive for life as it should be; to be willing to fight, and if need be, die, to bring that dream into reality. As the song says; "To be willing to march into hell for a heavenly cause." So few will venture to take even that first step. Far far better to show their bravery by going on the internet and posting "Wake Up!", then taking a nap in the recliner.

Mankind, or at least the bulk of mankind, hovers in this nether world between those two concepts of life as it is and life as it should be, unwilling to face one, and too fearful to pursue the other. And this lack of conviction creates the situation upon which Soros thrives.

Conviction...The great dividing line between leaders and followers. Conviction, while not always good, is what determines the destiny of mankind. Ronald Reagan had conviction, Winston Churchill and Adolph Hitler did, and George Soros most assuredly does. He is a man who should be feared by all, for he is a leader of leaders, and none would follow were they to understand where he is leading them.

I hope that you read or reread the essay mentioned above and the comments that followed it for after reading Janette's thoughts and posting my answer, I could not sleep. One phrase of Soros' kept running through my mind, and that was his stated desire to be the conscience of the world.

As a rule, my readers are far better informed than most and I have no doubt that all are familiar with Soros' thoughts of being god-like, a somewhat odd thought for an atheist, but understandable when you grasp his aspirations. But that term 'conscience of the world' has troubled me all day and led to further thoughts on Soros' mental makeup.

Ever hear of the term 'moral imperative'? Wikipedia has the following: "A moral imperative is a principle originating inside a person's mind that compels that person to act." and adds "Later thinkers took the imperative to originate in conscience, as the divine voice speaking through the human spirit."

We all have a conscience and are influenced by it to one degree or the other. George Soros, I believe, is the one exception to that rule. Having no conscience, he decided to become conscience itself, personifying the mystic judge of what is right, and what is wrong. Totally devoid of any human empathy, he stands aloof from the human race, sitting in judgement, and regarding us to be a curse upon this planet. 

It must be horrible being George Soros, a man who looks into a mirror and despises the fact that he is a Jew, for his greatest hatred of all is of his own people. Such self loathing is all consuming and must find an outlet. Thus he blames the entire world for what he feels is an undeserved fate.

Being the diabolical genius that he is he has grown wealthy; wealthy to the point that he can influence all of mankind, allowing him the luxury of regarding himself the conscience of the world. He, in his god-like reverie, has judged the world and found it to be unfit. A guilty conscience has driven many a man to suicide. Being the conscience of the world George Soros has determined that the world should follow the dictates of its conscience, and it is toward global suicide that he directs the human race.

Leaders and followers...And when the leader is driven by an obsessive hatred of both himself and his followers, there can be no good outcome.

Again quoting Janette's thoughts: "This though, only tells me that most of us are naive and haven't the foggiest idea of what true evil is." Until enough people can grasp the concept of true evil, identify it for what it is, and point it out to others, we have no hope of defeating George Soros, and escaping the future he has planned for all humanity. He has told us that the happiest time of his life was serving the Nazi death machine. Now in his final years he again seeks such happiness, and plans to walk upon the ashes of those brought down by he ... the conscience of the world.

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  1. Not much to add . . . though disheartened, I refuse to relinquish hope. Sadly, it will take dire and ugly consequences to awaken most of the population, but “…hope does not disappoint” and deep inside I believe mankind will eventually awaken. Question: Will it be too late at that point?
    Last night I attended a gathering of Chinese and American thinkers/Christians/educators/students. What stood out glaringly was the eagerness of the Chinese to learn. They are intensely learning English and working hard to further their education. Many of these students and teachers are sponsored by organizations, churches and individuals who love their country and their God. To see the eagerness in both groups was refreshing and I found myself wondering what impact they will eventually have on America. They bring such passion with them. I found myself wishing our own American children could have such passion and drive, but we have dumbed down our education system to the point that our own children know nothing of their own history and the pains and sacrifices it took our Founding Fathers to establish as country built on Judeo-Christian principles and they certainly don’t have any earthly conception of what it is to sacrifice. (They don’t know what Judeo-Christian principles are.) They are more interested in “reality shows.” Let me tell you, “They ain’t seen reality yet!”
    I love the words to that song, “The Impossible Dream” I think it is called but I doubt few people have ever contemplated these words. I think you should post the words and ask each reader to examine his own perspective when he reads them.

    1. Janette, I have long contemplated those words and have done my best to live by them

      To dream the impossible dream
      To fight the unbeatable foe
      To bear with unbearable sorrow
      To run where the brave dare not go
      To right the unrightable wrong
      To love pure and chaste from afar
      To try when your arms are too weary
      To reach the unreachable star

      This is my quest
      To follow that star
      No matter how hopeless
      No matter how far

      To fight for the right
      Without question or pause
      To be willing to march into Hell
      For a heavenly cause

      And I know if I'll only be true
      To this glorious quest
      That my heart will lie peaceful and calm
      When I'm laid to my rest

      And the world will be better for this
      That one man, scorned and covered with scars
      Still strove with his last ounce of courage
      To reach the unreachable star

  2. Reading over and over essays written by you, Danny...(discussing and/or translating )
    reading comments as well...
    glancing over some titles (on few selective sites) I do agree with Janette:

    "Not much to add . . . though disheartened, I refuse to relinquish hope."
    I do refuse give up hope!
    there must be millions of Americans loving this Country for what it was established for and protected from to give up at the pinnacle of its existence to forces as pitiful as obama marionette with all its strings attached to hardly a skeleton of evil play master.
    What does scare the living daylight out of me is GS approching the age of no return...
    He does want his masterpiece brought to an end!!!
    He wants to see America destroyed, and lets face it: he does not have an option for years ahead...
    it must happen soon so he can decay happily ever after.
    Danny , you are right, whatever the finale of his orchistrated play might be it is going to happen pretty soon.
    In his evil well proclaimed by him self or documented , experienced by others I absolutely can not him pass away without America resting at his dying feet...
    or so he dreams about...

    ...for some unexplained reason
    "Huston we have a problem"
    movie line jumped at me like a bucket of a cold water...
    it is not the famous saying getting my attention,
    but the resolve to stay alive and fix everything and anything impossible to fix
    against a common sense that took over and brought them back safely...
    yes, Americans are facing the very neck death hold and
    I for one am not going to let the baby-pool intelligence drown me in it!!!
    Please tell me I am not alone...

    1. Joanna, rest assured that you are not alone. Millions of our fellow Americans realize that we are facing a serious problem, but we lack unity, and the sad fact of the matter is that most cannot even comprehend the true nature of the danger we face. Look at how many are posting that Obama is incompetent. They state this view out of ignorance, totally disregarding the fact that he grows more powerful as we weaken. That is not an indication of incompetence.
      'Know thine enemy', so the saying goes, but how many do? I would bet that less than one out ten Americans even know who George Soros is, and there are not more than a handful of us who understand his agenda.
      So many suffer from myopia, seeing only what is immediately before them, i.e.: Hussein Obama, and as long as they see him as the number one problem and regard him to be incompetent, then there is no hope of defeating the plan that he is enacting. He is no more than a point man, the person up front that will take the brunt of an attack, while the leader and the main body are safely out of harm's way, continuing the mission.
      As long as Americans refuse to think there is no hope of defeating the Soros agenda.
      Sadly I have given up all hope of 'saving' this nation and its principles. The only hope I still retain is that after the chaos subsides there will be enough of us left to rebuild a new America.
      Hitler caused the death of some seventy million people, and he was an amateur compared to the man who regards himself as the conscience of the world, but like my hero Don Quixote, I shall oppose this man with my last ounce of courage.


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