Some see, few know, many choose to wander aimlessly in a fog, devoid of sunlight. I seek the light of day and leave the others to their chosen realm of ignorance. They are the ones who have brought this great nation down. I write only for the benefit of those who possess the courage required to restore our birthright.

Saturday, March 8, 2014


Can you handle the truth? Admittedly there was a time that I had trouble with it myself, as the truth seemed so incomprehensible. To even understand that truth I had to come to terms with, and understand pure evil, for that is the force that now directs our world. I have described the experience as lifting the lid on hell and peering in. Been there - done that! Once I finally grasped the agenda it simply became a matter of connecting the dots.

Any sensible person is acutely aware of the fact that nothing that is going on makes any sense at all ... Unless you accept the premise that the destruction of our entire civilization is ultimate goal. Accept that and things begin to fall into place.

Human beings do have a limited attention span (Not being critical. That is a fact) and so I have always tried to keep my essays fairly short. The problem with short essays is that they cannot address a lengthy problem. My solution was to divide those problems into shorter subtopics and continue using my short essay format. Consequently those essays now read like chapters in a book and I have compiled them below.

That book is an ongoing project and as I add new chapters they will be appended at the end of this essay. If you find what I write to be interesting then either bookmark this article or follow my thoughts on my website Fix Bayonets.

Critics would no doubt refer to me as a conspiracy theorist. I deny that title. I am exposing conspiracy facts. All of my work is well documented from reliable sources; the deductions are purely mine, but a great many of my fellow patriots have come to agree with my findings.

The format below is of older essays posted first and newer ones appended to the end as I write.

Nuclear War! Once considered unimaginable; in fact Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD) was considered to be our greatest safeguard, as no reasonable nation wants nuclear war. Times have changed and Iran (Not a reasonable nation) in trying to resurrect their twelfth Imam by triggering a nuclear exchange, and the Obama/Soros agenda caters to the mullahs of Iran. I have long believed that Obama is indeed pursuing nuclear war and the evidence is provided below. 

Iran, Obama, and Nuclear War Part One
Iran, Obama, and Nuclear War Part Two
Iran, Obama, and Nuclear War Part Three
Iran, Obama, and Nuclear War Part Four
Iran, Obama, and Nuclear War Part Five
Iran, Obama, and Nuclear War Part Six
Iran, Obama, and Nuclear War Part Seven

We speak of the 'Good ole days'; I recall those days when I would never have believed that so many Americans would actually want communism in America. Those good ole days are gone.

Americans Want Communism Part One
Americans Want Communism Part Two
Americans Want Communism Part Three
Americans Want Communism Part Four

"It could never happen here." We have all heard it and there are still many gullible people in this nation who believe that to be true. Those who are not so gullible are well aware of the fact that the way things are going we are well on the way to a totalitarian state.

American Gulag Part One
American Gulag Part Two
American Gulag Part Three
American Gulag Part Four

Any person even dimly aware of current events knows that something is just not right. We face economic collapse and will not stop spending. Islam threatens to destroy the West, and yet all of the nations of the West have rolled out the red carpet for them. We know that the Hispanic invasion that crosses our southern border unimpeded will bring ruin to this country, and still our politicians press for amnesty and a still greater tidal wave of immigrants. Racism was hardly discussed before Obama assumed office and now we are all being called racists. If this is not a world gone mad then I do not know what is. I explore the dangers below.

In A World Gone Mad Part One
In A World Gone Mad Part Two
In A World Gone Mad Part Three
In A World Gone Mad Part Four The UK
In A World Gone Mad Part Five The Globalists
In A World Gone Mad Part Six The U.S.A.
In A World Gone Mad Part Seven Abandoning Reason
In A World Gone Mad Part Eight Soros And Puppets Inc.
In A World Gone Mad Part Nine The Assault On Morality 
In A World Gone Mad Part Ten A House Divided

Much of what I have written above has to do with George Soros and his agenda due to the fact that he and his associates have created so much of the turmoil we deal with. Earlier I mentioned lifting the lid on hell. Understanding pure unadulterated evil was a necessity in comprehending Soros and his plans for the world. He is intent on recreating the world in his image and seeing it destroyed before he dies. To this end he has become a king maker and with his NGOs has created a shadow government that already directs much of what occurs in the world today.

Thoughts On The Soros Agenda
The World According To Soros Part One
The World According To Soros Part Two
The World According To Soros Part Three The Tides Foundation
The World According To Soros Part Four Groups And Foundations
The World According To Soros Part Five The Epitome Of Evil
The World According To Soros Part Six The Ukraine Crisis
The World According To Soros Part Seven International Crisis Group

I do not believe that the Benghazi debacle will ever be resolved. Granted many are trying to reveal the truth as it happened but the fact remains that many of those assigned to investigate it were appointed by George Soros as will be shown below.

Benghazi Reveal Part One
Benghazi Reveal Part Two
Benghazi Reveal Part Three
Benghazi Reveal Part Four

Many post that Obama and his administration are incompetent. I disagree. Everything is going wrong because that is part of their grand plan to destroy America.

Anarchy And Chaos Part One
Anarchy And Chaos Part Two
Anarchy And Chaos Part Three
Anarchy And Chaos Part Four
Anarchy And Chaos Part Five
Anarchy And Chaos Part Six
Anarchy And Chaos Part Seven
Anarchy And Chaos Part Eight

Guest Bloggers...
Paul Collings 'Oppressive Government'
Paul Collings 'Stand Where You Are Told'
Paul Collings 'Important Reply To 'The World According To Soros Part Six'

Janette Scarborough 'A Reader's Feedback'

Paul Austin Murphy 'Islam And David Cameron'

Addendum March 23...The above essay and my readers'  response to the format of grouping essays by topic has led to my building an internet library where you will see not only this featlure in a section called Serial Essays, you will also find a wealth of data that I have collected over recent years. Please visit Fix Bayonets Library.

I have been frequently asked if it is alright to share my essays. By all means please do. The icons on the lower left allow you to email an essay, post it on a blog you follow, post to Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, or Google Plus.


  1. I don't know if you have read this article yet by Trevor Louden It is a great addition to your essays.

    After reading the above article posted on there is a video of Glenn Beck's program on the lies and fiction of BHO. I am thinking the video was from early 2012. I have seen it several times, but in conjunction with Trevor's article and your articles, if this doesn't hammer home to everyone reading your blog that we need to be prepared for the fight of our lives, I just don't know what will Danny.

    1. Glenda, when I first read your comment I was thinking that this would be the first time that I disagreed with Trevor Louden. Then I read his essay and noticed that he too has doubts that Soros is a communist as his title was presented in the form of the question, 'Is Soros a communist agent?' At one time I considered the possibility myself but have since dismissed it. Soros is playing his own game of destruction, and while he sides with communism against the West, he also sides with Islam, Neo-Nazis, and anyone else that opposes liberty. As I pointed out in Part Five of The World According To Soros, he is also disrupting the communist agenda with his color revolutions.
      Incidentally the format that I laid out above has suddenly increased people's interest as the topics are now compiled into groups rather than simply being scattered essays.

    2. Glenda,
      In all honesty I did not read Trevor's article in its entirety...
      it somehow bugs me when people are voicing their opinion formulated from behind the desk of academia or/or power.
      It was a question (rethorical in a way) I posted few days ago on soro's article, how a teen came to such power to bring Bank of England ?
      That he cooperated with soviets, I have no doubt...If a child is able to sell another person to gain (something) you know you are dealing with a phychopath...
      soros never was a communist or any other brand for that matter...
      he reminds me of the teens killer in Milwaukee...dahmers (sp)...who lured boys and young men into his apt , killed them and then ate part of their bodies as a it sick, or the best "diet pill"...the fact of the matter is that soros mind is as sick, as twisted but on much higher level...
      and yes...there is a lot to be affraid of.
      Soros does not care who is believing what, he does not care if they pray to Jesus, Zeus, Satan or a celery plant....
      In my opinion he wants to bring our world to the end...
      he does not care, at his age he will be gone soon anyway, why would he care what happens to everybody else.
      I have said it before, and I will say it one more time: with his brilliantly sick mind I think he wants to see his work finished before he joins the dusts of Earth...
      and yes, it is scary to think about "reset" buttons at his disposal....

    3. Johanna, I now have my old website back under control and that won;t happen again. It takes a long time to build a new site and attract readers and Fix Bayonets being only a few months old was slowly growing. Suddenly it is by leaps and bounds as followers of Freedom Rings now know that I am here and are rushing over here as well. I shall keep both sites working and am going to build an internet library. I am certain that I have some of the smartest readers on the internet, and the rest...Oh Well.Today this site had more hits than it used to get in a week, and much, very much, of my efforts in the future will be to inform people about the TRUE agenda of Soros. You know what it is but others still have a lot to learn.

  2. I am sorry that you are so afraid.

    1. The short answer would be:
      'only a fool is not affraid'...

  3. Mr/Ms Anonymous, you need not concern yourself with my level of fear, as I firmly believe that fear is a natural reaction to being on a field of battle. Of course every battle does have those fearless foolhardy souls around who fear nothing; predicting their destiny becomes so easy. When the battle finally subsides I shall watch for your name on the casualty list, and when I find it I shall waste not my time feeling sorrow. Some things are just meant to be.

  4. Hi Danny,

    Yes the new lay out seems to work. Its better than bouncing around so to say.

    You find you have to speak to people of differing levels of awareness so having information grouped in one place will help. It is of course up to the individual to follow links and read them fully if they want to understand how we arrive at our conclusions.

    MrMs Anonymous, I second what Danny has to say. I would also like to say that if you have nothing to fear, maybe you have nothing to lose. I'm not suggesting that you have nothing to fear, but I would suggest you save your sorrow for those that suffer the most. The poor, the weak, the down trodden and the ignorant.

    1. Especially the ignorant. The poor, the weak, and the down trodden often have the wisdom to avoid problems. The ignorant just walk right in, sit right down, and say "Bring it on baby, I'm not afraid."

  5. Gentlemen, we have a troll among us.

  6. Danny,

    Thank-you so much for all your research and articles. I can't say I enjoy reading your articles, but they really help in looking at the bigger picture. We are in the midst of pure evil. Also there is a process of digesting your articles. First your fearful of everything, then your mad as hell, and then you work on preparing yourself to know it is going to be really bad and pray for the strength and fortitude to do what needs to be done. And trust no-one on the political/money agenda. Thank-you again for writing these articles.

  7. Thank you my friend. You mentioned "I can't say I enjoy reading your articles"...That is a level headed bit of honesty, and in all truthfulness, I cannot say that I enjoy writing them, so I know exactly what you mean. None of us have a guarantee of surviving future events but I am convinced that knowledge will give us an advantage, and it is to the pursuit of knowledge and understanding that I have devoted my life.

  8. Danny,
    Thank you for reminding me (and maybe others) of everyone responsibility,
    of our inner judge directing our actions
    and virtues we shall live by (all but forgotten) in our politacally correct, equality dreams enjoyed only by those who smoke or drink too much for their own good.

    "A Few Good Men" the movie,
    and here is a clip I wish people would devote 90 sec and view it, and than take few minutes and think about it...

    1. That Colonel and I have much in common. He led men in battle, I try to lead them to knowledge. Either way it is quite an effort.

  9. I really like this format. Really much like the chapters you described and it makes it easy to choose what I want to read. This is a keeper.
    I also think the comment by Anonymous is fitting for the title of this article. . . evidently he/she can't stand the truth . . . lol.

    1. It is a good start but it is only a seed. Over the next month or two I shall build an internet library, with an index branching to the many different topics that Americans are concerned about. I have written nearly five hundred essays some of which are here on Fixed Bayonets and some on my original site...Which I have now managed to repair giving me two sites to monitor. Henceforth anything that I write will be posted on both.
      With the feed problem I had on Freedom Rings I lost contact with thousands of readers and now many of them are back. Overnight my hits on Fixed Bayonets tripled. It is like a feeding Frenzy, And even though I had not written anything since November FR is still getting an average of 2000 hits a day. So that library will categorize all of my past writings from both sites as well as grouping extensive data that I have accumulated. It will also have a search feature for anyone seeking a specific topic
      It is a lot of work and I am looking forward to it. I have a mission.

  10. I should check what I write before I post. Anyway, don't let time or circumstances get in your way and don't bow to pressure to create. You are on a roll.

    1. I can always delete errors like the one that WAS above. I fortunately am on a roll. Since I regained control of FR1776 things have changed dramatically. Between the two sites they have accumulated over a quarter of a million hits Some of the most read essays from FR number in the many thousands of hits each and they are some of my most detailed essays..Like I have mentioned before, a lot of smart people visit ...Thank you very much. I will be bringing some of my most popular essays from there to here and putting the info into my library at the same time. I also have access to an enormous amount of data at 4F in England. Janette it is such a relief to have my old site on line again, as it takes years to really build a group and as you know, we don't have years. Fix Bayonets!


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