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Friday, March 7, 2014


Editor's note: Recently Paul Collings of the UK has submitted several excellent essays to Fix Bayonets. He has now provided another, that admittedly was not intended to be an essay. It began as a well thought out comment to my previous effort. After viewing it and realizing that many never read comments, I took it upon myself to publish it as a column as well. What he reveals is of such importance that I feel that it should be read as a stand alone article.

Paul has a far better understanding of the American political processes than do many of our own citizens, and most assuredly a better grasp of UK and EU politics than do I. Consequently I often learn from his perspective.

While many people here realize that George Soros is a danger to us, few can truly grasp the big picture and how he shapes it. Paul Collings has that grasp. In his following work he mentions an issue that I did not broach in Part Six; natural gas. Europe and the UK are largely dependent on the gas that Russia provides. Which means, don't rock the boat or the gas is turned off in the frigid month of March.

Paul points out quite rightly that the latest political leak puts the EU at a severe disadvantage, and give Putin the "moral high ground." The situation is grim and we should all know more about what is taking place in Ukraine, as well as Soros' part, our part, the meddling of the EU, and Russia's position. If you have not yet read Part Six, please do so now as it will provide the basis of much of what is discussed below. 
The World According To Soros Part Six.

You paint a dark picture Danny, but the truth is probably worse. For those that don't know, Baroness Ashton is one of the elite European leaders who are not elected by the people. She like many within the self elected European Council was appointed by people who were appointed by those that got elected by about 30% of the voting public of the EU. But that's for another time.

The conversation that has somehow been recorded and released between Ashton and Urmas Paet certainly needs looking into. If proven true (if that's possible) then that gives Putin the moral high ground. And that's just the starters.

Right at the start of the presumed advance of Russian troops, the Brits were calling special meetings at the UN quicker than during any other crisis I can remember. Our foreign secretary William Hague, was also in talks with many other Foreign Secretaries. I can only imagine he was going around making sure Britain didn't have to go to war with Russia because of the Budapest Memorandum (BM).

The British government didn't want to even mention the BM, I'm sure they were making sure they had a get out clause first. America seemed keener to stick Russia with some sanctions, which I'm sure was just because Putin has made Obama look like such a chump over the past couple of years.

America has not given eastern Europe much of a look in recent years, even withdrawing the plans for the missile defence system in Poland, so as not to upset Russia. The truth is Obama is weak on foreign policy. He can't get his head around anything that can't be cured with a slogan. Obama only sees enemies within his own country anyway.

The Putin government is out leftwinging the leftwing party at the moment. After all the socialists are the right wing fascists in this dispute. Hillary Clinton did try to liken Putin's action to Hitler, which for an ex foreign Secretary was an amazing goal. Can you imagine her as President? Moving to Easter Island wouldn't be far enough away from the mess she'd make.

Putin is using all the tactics the Progressives normally use on their own. He is demanding that the people be allowed a democratic vote. He is almost invoking the Responsibility to Protect argument in Crimea, although he is denying his troops are there doing anything. The troops, whoever they are, are defacto Russian troops by their actions, and they have stopped any Observers entering the Crimea so nothing can be verified.

He has said that the people in Kiev have taken control of the country illegally, and as the members of the new parliament were elected by the demonstrators outside he could have a point.

Russia is using international rules and laws against us at the moment. How many extra liver spots have appeared on Soros' face this week. This is not the way he planned it. Although if Something happens to Europe's gas supply over the next few months it would be a great crisis that could be put to good use by the Progressives of two continents.

The Crimea is not that strategic a place any more, not in modern times. It is mainly Russian, with a sizable Muslim population, but if it voted to become part of Russia it wouldn't make much difference. What is more important is the mainly Russian speaking eastern third of Ukraine.
Because of its language and industrial ties it could well want to split as well. Because of America's and Europe's meddling and weakness this could well happen. The new government in Ukraine could well collapse as quickly as it formed, and the chaos will continue. It looks like we will have to go cap in hand to Putin to solve this crisis. Or do something stupid. Or do what usually happens when it's not going well for the socialist. Just get the MSM to look elsewhere for a couple of months, wait until someone else has sorted it out.

I differ with Paul on only one point, and only in part on that point. He noted:
How many extra liver spots have appeared on Soros' face this week. This is not the way he planned it.

Soros did indeed have plans of seizing control of Ukraine, however, the Soros agenda is quite adaptable. He wants control, but failing that he is quite content to have established a higher degree of anarchy anywhere in the world. He may not always get his every wish; Egypt is a prime example, but he continues to make progress.

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