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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

STAND WHERE YOU ARE TOLD Submitted by Paul Collings UK

I shall apologize in advance for this post, as it will be all over the place to start, but I will tie it together at the end, as much as possible, because for every answer there is a question.

When writing an essay I always try to use the experience of my life and what I see happening. I listen to politicians, and then look to see the results of their promises. I'm very much a 'seeing is believing' sort of person.

I remember as a child hearing everyone around me moaning about how politicians lie, and I'm sure everyone has heard the joke, 'How do you know when a politicians lying?' Answer, 'When they're moving their lips.' That's as true today as it has always been.

The trouble with those that want power, is they seem capable of saying anything (and maybe doing anything), to get that power. This doesn't apply solely to politicians, at the top of any tree there's normally someone who's had to do some lying cheating and devil dealing.

Our new breed of celebrity leaders, who understand how easy it is to
pull in a few extra votes by making unrealistic promises, are well aware that once in power they can break any promise the public thought they had made, simply because they never really promise anything. They use double meaning words and sentences that seem to mean something at the time, but once in power they suddenly mean nothing, and the voting public will never pin them down on anything, as the public never expects them to tell the truth anyway.

Most of this wouldn't really matter, if once in power the people's representatives actually got on with running the country in such a way that allowed us little people to earn a living and bring up our families in a decent manner. That is, after all, what most people want.

It is the role of a modern government to protect the rights of the individual, or at least that's what most of us believe.  After all, the only thing that most of us have is our ability to work, in what ever capacity we can, and exchange that labor for money or goods so we can live. We sometimes work and earn more than we need to live, and this is our savings. Some have more, some have less. But we all have the same rights ... Or at least we should have.

In simpler times, we would have had a village elder, or elders, and maybe a chief. And things would have been done for the common good of all. As populations grew, countries were formed and rules were made to protect the country, so that the people within could live and thrive. Of cause this left the door open for abuse by powerful men and women who set themselves up as Kings, Queens, even gods.

In more recent times it has been the custom of free countries to vote for their leaders. People put themselves forward as our political 'representatives', and tell us how they, and their party, will run things for the benefit of all. I'm sure I don't need to explain the principle of government to anyone.

I'm sure we all understand that what is best for us depends on the sort of government history has built for us.. Many of us might think that North Korea isn't a place they'd like to spend their lives. Saudi Arabia might seem disagreeable as well.  But why? what is it we don't like about the way other countries are run?

How many people have been to North Korea, how many of you have been to Saudi Arabia, or Iran? For most of us the only way we could know what its like for people in those countries would be from the accounts of those that have lived there, and from news reports. Not many of us trust the MSM, and people that leave countries seeking asylum could be lying criminals, who'd say anything to escape justice. 

In a modern world we can say with absolute confidence that the aforementioned countries are brutal oppressive countries. We don't live in the Middle Ages and we understand oppression ... Or at least we should.

I should think the first thing we need to decide on is what is oppression? What makes a tyrannical Government? Is it one that ensures that if you can't work for reasons beyond your control they help you pay your mortgage, and protect your rights until your situation improves? Or is it a government that pays your mortgage because it doesn't want to force you to do a job you don't like?

Should a government make it so you can grow food on your land, or exchange your services or goods for food, or should they make rules that stop you from being a producer and give you food stamps and set up food banks instead?

Is it tyranny to allow you to live, or is it tyranny to tell you how to live?

Some people seem divided on the subject. How much government is required to represent the people, and how much does it take before it becomes a beast that runs the people?

How many laws do you want your Government to make? The Founding Fathers made laws that allowed Americans to own and carry arms and your most recent leaders are trying to take them away. (They say they are not, the evidence says otherwise). Your new leaders, (voted in legally), have made laws that say you have to register your guns. In Connecticut people are being asked to register their guns, or have them taken from them. This has the potential to end badly for a few people ... The people who think they have a right to own guns that is.

The law in Connecticut has been made by people who know full well it could cause direct confrontations between the law, and citizens. Is this what you call a government or a dictatorship? Should 'We the People', really mean 'Us the Government'?  Are laws being made to protect you, or a wayward leadership that has motives as yet unknown?

If you look around the world it's hard to find a region that is not fighting. Iraq, Syria, Pakistan, Israel, about a third of Africa, south America, and Europe. Over in the Ukraine the Russians have 'wondered' in, to protect their interests, as they say. Now I don't want to get involved at this point in discussing this event in detail, but the reaction from the rest of the world does need looking at.

Europe, most notably Britain have neglected their obligation to provide for the energy needs of its people. We are fairly reliant on Russian gas and we are also trying to recover from the global recession, so we are unable to push our weight about. Our government will not, nor can it, stand on principle and start upsetting Russia, and America has very little interest in what's happening over there anyway.

Europe's leaders will however bash in doors and prosecute any of their own citizens who dare to 'say' anything they don't like, and over in America the law is getting ready to do the same, as well as disarm its legally armed citizens. Going door to door if necessary and shooting anyone who resists I presume.

Western countries are pulling back from far off lands, concentrating instead on the enemies within their own boarders, which seems to be its own people.  The rest of the world wouldn't become more like the west, so the west is becoming more like the rest of the world. You will say what you are told to say, you will do what you are told to do, and you will stand where you are told to stand.

Across the world you have seen protests and riots, the Middle East, Venezuela and Ukraine. All supported by our leaders. Obama, Clinton, Cameron, Merkel, they've all come out demanding that people be allowed to peacefully protest (even if they are not). Of course any protests in our lands are not permitted. The full weight of the MSM is deployed against any group that dare speak out against western leaders.

Very soon Europe goes to the polls to elect new politicians for the European Parliament; a parliament that takes its orders from an unelected commission. (We call that democracy in Europe). This European Parliament makes about 70% of the laws and rules for Britain, and despite all the hot air that comes out from our own politicians they have to play second fiddle to Europe. No matter what the people want.

The government of Britain will not do a single thing the people of Britain want, unless it meets with European approval. If the people of Britain protest they are ignored or labelled extremists, unless you are protesting in favour of an approved cause, and many individuals have their lives ruined for having the wrong opinions.

In America you have elections coming up. Whether the people of Connecticut will be disarmed before or after will depend on how politically damaging the democrats think it could be. But one thing you can be sure of, it is the intention of your leaders to disarm you. The UN will eventually demand it.

We look at regimes around the world and call them dictatorships. What do we think it takes to be one of those. What freedoms are we prepared to give up to remain free? What rights do we have as free people and what rights should we allow our elected leaders to force on us so that they can tell us we are free?

In the last election in America voter fraud was widespread. Is this in the interest of democracy? The democratic party, with the support of the Republicans are pushing through laws that could give people with no interest in a constitutional republic the vote. Is this in the best interest of democracy or the American people?

To ask such questions will make you a racist. If you don't believe that then you are not paying attention. You have only to look at Europe. We are your future, and we haven't yet finished our journey to the promised land.

In a few short years the majority of indigenous Brits will have an average age above 45. Immigrants, and their children will outnumber us in the under 30 age range by 2/1. The future will belong to them. And they are being groomed to want what the government wants them to have. Everything will be provided for them, from cradle to grave.

You will be lucky to reach the cradle, and you'll put in your grave by those who know better how you should lead your life. We now have a leadership like the tyrants of other countries; countries we don't want to be like. Our leaders can call upon its own police force, and most likely a large portion of its army to bully, arrest, and kill its own people. Our leaders can make laws that make criminals of us all, and they can in Britain impose foreign laws on British soil, even Islamic blasphemy laws; laws that are coming to America as well. Think Dearborn!

Our leaders have empowered foreign immigrants, illegal as well as legal to demand special treatment that gives them legal protection no natural born citizen can hope for, and barely a man alive stands against this obvious oppression, preferring a quiet life of increasing servitude instead.

Someone far better than me once said, people will get the government that they deserve. That may sound harsh, when you look around at all the good people who are standing up for our freedoms at great risk to themselves, but they can't do it on their own.  Look what happened to people like Herman Cain, Alan West, Sara Palin, Michelle Bachman. Look at the attacks on people like Ted Cruz, Ben Carlson, and Thomas Sowell, to name just a few. If you can't elect people who are prepared to follow the constitution you'll have no reason to complain when people who have no respect for the law or your rights are in charge.

The elections are coming. If you don't want full on Socialism you'll have to vote against it. It'll be no good making demands to keep your guns, or indeed your health care after a democratic victory.

Those that vote for a free lunch, which is what socialism promises, will soon learn; there is no such thing. Although if you can't convince people that nearly $18 trillion of debt is a problem then 2016 could well end with Hillary Clinton and her Husband back in the white house.  Only this time it will be Hillary in the Oval room with the cigar!

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  1. Thank you Danny for posting Paul Collings article.
    It should bring cold chill of ice lemonade to every American not grasping yet the heat of dictatorship lurking from every corner of obama oval office occupancy.
    Last time I was able to spend significant time in the UK (Scotland mostly) was 1995. It was most fantastic trip of my life!!! Long, lazy, not in a hurry anywhere, open-ended return airline ticket to was time of my life!!! and educational as well! :)
    and yes, I was watching for Nessie ;)
    spoke to few natives swearing up and down they have seen it... :)
    ...some day I will go back, buy a boat and wait as long as it will take to spot the great Nessie for myself !!!
    and than I will be able to write about a story I have witness for my own just like the glimpse of United States of America I was blessed to experience before it went into fairy tale land!
    and of course they were women wearing buquas where-ever I went in ENGLAND, TV news conducted by Muslim people... and in London one couldn't turn around without touching 'the religion of peace person'...
    you point it at all UK fault steps taken before hand-cuffing BRITISH CITIZENS to a point of no return...
    ...The Greatest Country ever invented/established (United States of America) has been punched almost down to a pulp over the last 100 years, with all flower children steps for communism braided into their happy grass smoking happy grass combined with free sex in the muds of Woodstock, wind in their hair, flies between their teeth...
    ...well 45 years later we have millenial generation produced by idiotic, communism influenced utopian, unicorn believing parents being taken to court for not paying a college tuition for their spoiled 18-year-old brat!!!
    well I hope every 18 year old in USA will a court motion to suit their parents for college tuition tomorrow!!!!

    It reminds me of my Opa rule:
    Message to a person's brain travels the fastest applied with a belt to a butt!! seem to me Americans are due for my Opa's rule!!!

  2. Hi Joanna,

    You are right Scotland is a Beautiful country, the people are laid back (mostly) and Nessie is very elusive. It would be a great loss if Scotland were to leave the Union, for us, them and the whole of the British Isles.

    Of the many good Scottish friends I have, none of them want to leave the Union, but it is not them who will get to vote. The vote for independence is only given to those who reside in Scotland, not all Scots. That's typical of all Politicians when they have an agenda to push, they always weight events in favour of the outcome they want, not the out come the people want.

    If Britain were to vote on membership of the EU, then every person who had any hint of a right to vote, would be given it. This government along with any future government know the vote of ex-pats would be crucial in keeping Britain from leaving. After all, over 2 million Brits living in Europe are not going to vote no to Europe. Our leaders know people vote for their own interests first.

    Its the same when you look at everything the governments do, they know how to manipulate populations, they also know things can go wrong, and their plans can need adjustment. That's why they have strong police forces ready to quell civil unrest when these adjustments are being enacted. In America they need to disarm the people as it looks like adjustments are to be made there.

    With all the focus by recent governments to their own countries, ( in the way political correctness and mulit-culturism has been enforced), foreign policy has become a shambles. America has run its overseas efforts the same way it has run its political efforts at home. Like a community project, by spending unheard of amounts of money that fall in to corrupt hands, and do more harm than good. Britain has handed foreign policy over to Europe, a continent who's policy seems to be one of self Annihilation.

    We stand down against the bullies, we fund corrupt regimes, and we beat any dissenter's in our own countries who point out the failings of our own leaders. As you say, they ideas of our present batch leaders come from the revolutionary ideas of the sixty's. And that it seems is what our leaders want. A revolution. Maybe not a streets running with blood type, but certainly a social revolution. (although the consequence is often the same).

    They see anyone who does not want this new socialist utopia that they see, in some misty vision of the future, as an enemy, who must be hated demonised and destroyed. They have no other plan than that. It has always been the same. Kill all those that can't see what they see, then what we're left with is the perfect world.

    Russia, China, Cambodia, Vietnam, Venezuela, Argentina, Cuba and many more countries have dreamed of a socialist peoples perfect society. It always starts with promise's of the impossible, then ends in death. Comrade.


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