Some see, few know, many choose to wander aimlessly in a fog, devoid of sunlight. I seek the light of day and leave the others to their chosen realm of ignorance. They are the ones who have brought this great nation down. I write only for the benefit of those who possess the courage required to restore our birthright.

Monday, March 3, 2014


This world has seen such evil since the dawn of civilization. Malevolence unimaginable by the rational mind has swept periodically across the face of this planet, ruining and ending lives, cultures, and entire civilizations, but never until today has such depravity stood before us while so few can even identify or name it. Allow me to do the honors: The evil incarnate that I speak of was born into this world as  Schwartz Gyorgy. We know him better as George Soros, and I cannot help but believe that none in all of our sordid history has ever been filled with so much hatred for all mankind as he.

Upcoming essays will explore the Soros network of non-profit organizations he has spawned in an intricate web with but one purpose in mind, and that is the ruin of our entire civilization. My last essay, GS Groups And Foundations, provided an extensive list of the various groups that Soros utilizes in his plan to reshape the world. Future essays will include far more specific data on some of those groups and the people who serve the Soros agenda. But for the moment I feel that we should explore the man himself and what makes him tick.

What is he? Many have described him as a Nazi; others as a communist, still more cite his support of Islam, while the groups he has founded declare him to be a champion of the people and democracy. I reject all of the above and state for everyone who will listen: George Soros is a Destroyer, and I must admit, a brilliant one.

Look to history and the motives of the men who have shaped it. The quest for the power to rule, dominate, and enslave their fellow men has long been the purpose of those who chose to embark on the road to conquest. Each and all sought to control and profit from their endeavors. Marx, Hitler, Lenin, Mao, sought personal glory and the rigid framework of a totalitarian state. Soros, on the other hand, is spending vast fortunes and his goal is quite simply to destroy all that mankind has ever accomplished.

While many believe that the Soros agenda is to establish a world wide totalitarian rule, I must disagree, in part. He seeks world wide chaos and anarchy, and his every move demonstrates this plan. Then there are his puppets, as he has something for everyone. They, the political leaders of the New World Order do seek totalitarian rule and follow him blindly, looking to future days of glory and power, blissfully unaware of where he is leading them.

Fortunately Soros does not win his every battle, but even when he loses, anarchy follows in his wake. The following link and the two following paragraphs are from The World According To Soros Part One. I repeat it here as it is so very important and revealing of the Soros scheme.

This from Discover the Networks...
International Crisis Group(ICG)

So many Americans mistakenly believe that Obama and his so called "Muslim loyalties" led to the Arab Spring and the unleashing of mass terrorism and instability throughout the Middle East. Obama was but a trigger, a symptom, and as many describe him, a puppet. What Hussein did was not even his own idea. He was just following orders.

Excerpt from the above link:
In a June 2008 report, ICG urged Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak to "pave the way for the regularization of the Muslim Brotherhood's participation in political life" as an Islamist party, characterizing Egypt's longstanding government crackdown on that organization as "dangerously short-sighted."

Soros/Obama managed to bring the Muslim Brotherhood out of the shadows and onto the world stage, in fact managed to temporarily hand them control of Egypt, knowing full well that those thugs were not qualified to lead a nation. Quite naturally the people of Egypt after but a brief period concluded that they had endured enough, and a new uprising began.

Soros had hoped to put Mohamed ElBaradei, member of the ICG, into power but that plan backfired, and General Sisi is now the reigning favorite. Even though the plan failed to materialize as envisioned, chaos had been introduced into the every day lives of the Egyptians and continues to this day. George Soros has a peculiar gift; even when the master plan fails, he still wins.

Look at what is happening today in the Ukraine. Continue reading and I shall link it and others to George Soros. Have you ever heard of the Color Revolutions? They are part of the reason that I write that Soros is not a communist, for he fosters unrest that opposes communist party movements throughout the world.

We have the Yellow Revolution in the Philippines in 1986; the Bulldozer Revolution in Yugoslavia in 2000; the Rose Revolution in Georgia, 2003; the Orange Revolution in the Ukraine, 2004; the Cedar Revolution in Lebanon and the Tulip Revolution in Kyrgyzstan both in 2005.

Excerpt from the above link:
The colour revolutions are notable for the important role of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and particularly student activists in organizing creative non-violent resistance.

NGOs; the Shadow Governments of the world; fomenting instability and revolution in the name of democracy and freedom. One such Soros group is the ICG, mentioned previously, and will be the topic of a future essay. What a noble sounding name; The International Crisis Group; one would think that they work to prevent crisis, when in fact their goal is just the opposite. They create crisis and the unthinking masses follow blindly.

Let us now add some other nations to the list where revolution simmers, always advocating 'peaceful' protests and the youth movement. The list includes: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Burma, China, Moldova, Mongolia, Pakistan, Russia, Uzbekistan. As for my view that Soros is not a communist; I rest my case.

Well he is not a Muslim either and yet he is so involved in their efforts to spread world wide, taking murder, rape, and mayhem with them wherever they go. In my previous essay GS Groups And Foundations, scan the list of groups and see just how many are Muslim related. The same can be said about Latinos, and he champions their 'right' to come to America claiming benefits on arrival. 

Just along for a ride on the Soros Express are the Progressive politicians of both parties advocating amnesty, with the Republicans knowing that the advent of millions more from south of our border will be the end of the GOP. They know this and proceed anyway as following the Soros agenda is the path of least resistance, allowing them to remain in office for yet another term. Resistance is futile.

He pulls the strings of the overlords of the European Union and there does the same, advocating a non stop flow from Islam and the poverty stricken nations of Europe as they migrate to better feeding grounds in the more prosperous nations of Europe. His open borders initiative spells the end of all of our cultures, and that in essence is the game plan. Open borders guarantee anarchy, chaos, civil wars, and the fall of civilization.

Many are fearful of an economic crash, and fearful they should be for it is inevitable, but it will not be the result of unforeseen circumstances. The collapse will be arranged, planned, choreographed, and timed very carefully. There are websites that track Soros' every sale and purchase. Those sites are followed by investors and when Soros sells, they sell, when he buys, they buy, but they know not what they do; because they do not understand the puppet master.

They seek to enhance their wealth by following his lead, but know not where he is leading them. Unlike his followers Soros is not a greedy man. To him money simply means Power; the power to reshape the world. His power is so great that at the time of his choosing he can begin a massive sell off of his bonds and stock holding and create mass panic in a manipulated market. That imposed panic will trigger a crash that will make all past crashes of the stock market look like mere economic adjustments.

This will be the ultimate trigger on his plan to enact anarchy world wide. When the market collapses utterly and money becomes worthless, the event will be followed by civil wars in every civilized nation. National leaders will also panic and declare martial law to control their rebelling populations. Wars will break out between nation states; each hoping to survive a little longer on the booty garnered from conquest.

Best case scenario; back to the Dark Ages. Worst case scenario; back to the Stone Age. Either way, Soros will die a happy man as he, the 'conscience of the world' has judged humanity, found us to be lacking, and has decreed cultural suicide for all.

My approach to the problems we face is admittedly less than upbeat. I offer no buzz words of encouragement, no false dreams of restoring our freedoms if we but Vote em out in November, and no easy answer like hoping and praying as so many suggest. The simple fact of the matter is that if you trip while walking on a hilltop and roll all the way down the slope, it is going to be a lot of effort getting back to the top. Unfortunately I do not believe that most are willing to expend the effort, but if that effort is not expended then the final curtain falls on America.

George Soros is a very thorough man. Like the disease that he is he has permeated our entire society, not just here but in Europe as well. The attack on liberty did not begin with Soros. Progressives and communists began that slow assault many years ago, he is simply taking advantage of their efforts and moved those efforts into overdrive when he put Hussein Obama into the White House.

If you have not yet read Part Four of this series please do so. Note the all encompassing influence of those groups. They range from politics, to family matters, to racial discord, to faith based institutions, to our schools, to our courts, and to our immigration policies; and the aforementioned points are only the smallest tip of the iceberg. Everything that affects our way of life is under attack by the puppet master, and we as a people are going to fall, unless we as a people choose to unite and rise, then tear it down and start all over again.

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  1. If we take into account two of GS organizations established in Ukraine in 1990 it shall leave little doubt of the goals reaching its pinnacle last month.
    It is very sad to see so many well intentioned Ukrainians being played for fools...
    ...without the free phone offer! (sorry, couldn't resist)

  2. So, is it to say that Soros is the king pen of the Illuminati aka Jesuits?

    Where's Godzilla when you need him.....


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