Some see, few know, many choose to wander aimlessly in a fog, devoid of sunlight. I seek the light of day and leave the others to their chosen realm of ignorance. They are the ones who have brought this great nation down. I write only for the benefit of those who possess the courage required to restore our birthright.

Friday, March 7, 2014


One of the blessings of aging is the fact that I have been around long enough to remember living in a nation that I was once proud of. We were involved in defeating the Axis forces that were trying to engulf the world, but then in rebuilding not only the infrastructures of the nations of Europe and Japan but their economies as well. We flew the Berlin airlift defying communism, and daily were involved in Radio Free Europe, trying to keep the hopes of those trapped behind the iron curtain alive. We landed men on the Moon, elected Ronald Reagan, sang 'God Bless the U.S.A.' and ever since then it has been a downhill journey.

We have just about reached the bottom. There once was a time when Americans stood for something, but now they will fall for almost anything. Land of the Free, and the Home of the Brave; great words from history, and to history we have relegated those concepts. Gone are the days when our people knew and lived by the principles of morality, honor and integrity. All three are largely a trickle down affair; from parents to their children, from a teacher to her students, from the minister to his following, and from political leaders to the nation as a whole. All three have been replaced with pragmatism, political correctness, and a 'What's in it for me?' attitude. All three have been laid to rest in all of the cultures of the West.

Morality, honor, and integrity ... Rest in Peace; for we now live in a world that Aldous Huxley referred to as a Brave New World. Oddly enough, I see no bravery, but only a self serving attitude on the part of people residing in societies hell bent on cultural suicide. We have forsaken all that is moral, and are now quite willing to sacrifice the security of some to the needs of the many.

Have you ever heard of the Budapest Memorandum on Security Assurances?

In 1991 the Soviet Union collapsed under the burden of its own corruption, leaving the Ukraine with the third largest stockpile of nuclear weapons in the world. Needless to say this presented a major problem for both Russia and the Western nations. Negotiations began and the crisis was resolved when the West guaranteed the sovereignty of Ukraine in exchange for them returning those nuclear weapons to Russia, ostensibly for disassembly. I am betting that right now those Ukrainians wish that they had never entrusted their future to the West and signed that agreement.

When Hussein Obama first took office he began a whirlwind jaunt around the world with his Apology Tour, while denouncing the foreign policy measures of the United States. He began twisting arms in the Middle East, thus allowing the Muslim Brotherhood to temporarily gain power and permanently instill the spread of terrorism. And he began dismantling the missile defense shield that protected those newly freed nations from Russia. These things should have shown the world that Obama had an agenda, an axe to grind, and a goal of reshaping the world. So few even noticed.

There are two types of 'conspiracy theorists': Those like Alex Jones that disregard facts that do not fit into the agenda he promotes and creates 'facts' and suppositions necessary to validate his views. Then there are those who weigh all of the facts, disregarding none, connecting the dots of those verifiable and documented facts and drawing a conclusion. There are many who would declare me to be a conspiracy theorist, but I like to think of it as conspiracy fact.

There is a New World Order conspiracy taking place, implemented by corrupt politicians and bankers, empowered by Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs), designed by people such as George Soros, and led by point man Hussein Obama, and the European Union.

Unlike most Americans who choose to be deluded by the sensationalist sites on the internet, I use that internet to find cold hard facts, looking to reliable sources and the great minds of this world.

This from the Gatestone Institute...
Ukraine's Mess: Made in the E.U.
The situation might have been different if in April 2008 the West had extended NATO membership to Ukraine and Georgia. Russia would never have dared to deploy troops on NATO territory. Given that Europe opposed the admission of Ukraine to NATO, it should not then have tempted the Ukrainians with EU membership, exacerbating the divisions between the Ukrainians and their ethnic Russian minority.
With Ukraine descending into civil war, people on both sides are blaming "Jewish Conspiracies" and attacking Jewish targets. The Jews, however, are not to blame for the crisis in Ukraine. The European Union is to a large extent to blame. Ukraine is an ethnically mixed country with a large Russian minority. Preserving the balance succeeded relatively well until the EU began to foment trouble.

The European Union is the misbegotten step child of George Soros and his Open Society policy that can only lead to anarchy. That is my firm belief and their every action validates my views.

We all hear the term 'Grassroots'. Rubbish! Poor people do not start civil wars. These events are designed, financed, and triggered by those of means. It was not peasants who led the French revolution, nor did they lead the communist revolutions in Russia, China, or Cuba. Those leaders were already wealthy and well educated, and all pursued power. For that matter look to the American Revolution, the Founders were by and large wealthy land owners and business men. The main difference between that revolution and others is that they were men of honor pursuing the concept of liberty rather than trying to seize power.

So too it is in Ukraine, designed, financed, and triggered by external forces, i.e.: George Soros and the EU. See The World According To Soros Part Five, take note on his involvement in the Orange Revolution in Ukraine in 2004.

Now if you are anything at all like me you will want more proof and I have it. Here is where it starts to get ugly!

My associates in the UK casually refer to the EU's Foreign Affairs Chief, Baroness Catherine Ashton,  as 'scum'. That sounds about right to me as this woman seems to be devoid of any intelligence, integrity, or honor, having sold out her own nation to the goals of the EU.

This from Daily Mail UK...
Estonia Foreign Ministry confirms authenticity of leaked phone call discussing how Kiev snipers who shot protesters were possibly hired by Ukraine's new leaders
The 11 minute call between the EU's foreign affairs chief Catherine Ashton and her Estonian counterpart Urmas Paet was made on February 25 in the aftermath of the massacre.
During the call, Paet claims a doctor told him both protesters and police were shot by snipers during clashes in Kiev allegedly on the orders of the opposition.

Dying in any war is a tragedy. Dying when accidentally killed by 'friendly fire' even more so. But dying by intentional friendly fire with the goal of making the enemy look bad as a false flag attack goes far beyond any form of morality. Then to know that the event was casually discussed by the very people who had engineered the insurrection in the first place is totally unforgivable. Yes, that woman is scum and far worse.

And here we see young men of Ukraine, crossing themselves as they stand before a priest who is praying for peace. Sadly, they had peace, right up until the EU, at the bidding of George Soros, intervened. Soon these men may have to face impossible odds as they encounter the Russian military machine and I cannot help but wander what each of those men are praying for. To survive? To have courage in the face of death? To see their families again? 

None of those prayers matter at all to the forces who have created this conflict. They sit in Brussels enjoying the finer things in life as these brave young soldiers stand in the cold praying. It has become such an evil world, and sadly the United States is now part of it. Ever since Bush the Elder announced the coming New World Order we have been on a downward trek to ruin, with the end always justifying the means.

We have fought two wars in Iraq, another in Afghanistan, toppled the governments of Egypt, and Libya, attempted to overthrow the ruler of Syria, and aided in the birth of the Arab Spring. We have swung our support behind the terrorists of the world and helped to launch the EU that is stripping away the rights of the citizens of Europe. Now the people of another nation are to be sacrificed to Soros and the lesser gods of the EU and this is only the beginning of the New World Order.

I began this essay referring to my aging. In younger days I enlisted during the Cuban Crisis and had I fallen in the fight to oppose communism that event would have been within the framework of what I regard the duty of patriots. The idea of just one of those men shown above dying in this Soros sponsored NWO agenda is abhorrent to any rational mind.

Now I should like to leave the topic of Ukraine while showing yet more of the EU's destructive policies(All of their policies are destructive), the people of Ukraine need not feel at though they have been singled out.

This from Gatestone Institute...
Britain: Mass Immigration Leaves Towns and Cities 'Unrecognizable'
"The free market to which our EU partners are fundamentally committed has turned out to have rather different and serious implications in the UK. The fundamental mistake was to expand the EU to include 100 million people with a standard of living of about one quarter of ours." --Migration Watch UK.
"In scores of our cities and market towns, this country, in a short space of time, has frankly become unrecognizable. Whether it is the impact on local schools and hospitals, whether it is the fact that in many parts of England you don't hear English spoken any more, this not the kind of community we want to leave to our children and grandchildren."

Let there be no doubt; the European Union was designed to destroy Europe. The plan of free trade was the bait, George Soros' plan for open societies was the hook. Now they are hooked and many wish they could escape the terms of an ever changing EU treaty, changes wrought by appointed officials.

We are seeing the exact same thing occurring here on our southern open border. Any thinking person knows that we cannot continue to absorb the poor of Mexico and South and Central America, and yet they keep coming, with the consent of our leaders. It is all a matter of loyalties. We elect them hoping that they will remain loyal to the oath they take on entering office, but in just a short while they are following Soros, and leading us down the road to hell.

The scenario is occurring across all of the nations of the West and has advanced to the degree that so many are shutting down their minds, hoping that the problem will go away. The problem, whether in the U.S., the UK, or Ukraine, is not going away, and the more people who drop out, the faster our pace of decline.

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  1. You paint a dark picture Danny, but the truth is probably worse. For those that don't know Baroness Ashton is one of the elite European leaders who are not elected by the people. She like many within the self elected European Council was appointed by people who where appointed by those that get elected by about 30% of the voting public of the EU. But that's for another time.

    The conversation that has somehow been recorded and released between Ashton and Urmas Paet certainly needs looking into. If proven true (if that's possible) then that gives Putin the moral high ground. And that's just the starters.

    Right at the start of the presumed advance of Russian troops, the Brits were calling special meetings at the UN quicker than during any other crisis I can remember. Our foreign secretary William Hague, was also in talks with many other Foreign Secretaries. I can only imagine he was going around making sure Britain didn't have to go to war with Russia because of the Budapest memorandum (BM).
    The British government didn't want to even mention the BM, I'm sure they were making sure they had a get out clause first. America seemed keener to stick Russia with some sanctions, which I'm sure was just because Putin has made Obama look like such a chump over the past couple of years.
    America has not given eastern Europe much of a look in recent years, even withdrawing the plans for the missile defence system in Poland, so as not to upset Russia.
    The truth is Obama is weak on foreign policy. He can't get his head around anything that can't be cured with a slogan. Obama only sees enemies within his own country anyway.
    The Putin government is out leftwinging the leftwing party at the moment. After all the socialists are the right wing fascists in this dispute. Hillary Clinton did try to liken Putins action to Hitler, which for an ex foreign Secretary was an amazing own goal. Can you imagine her as President? Moving to the Easter islands wouldn't be far enough away form the mess she'd make.
    Putin is using all the tactics the progressives normally use on their own. He is demanding that the people be allowed a democratic vote. He is almost invoking the duty to protect argument in Crimea, although he is denying his troops are there doing anything. The troops, who every they are, are defacto Russian troops by their actions, and they have stopped any Observers entering the Crimea so nothing can be verified.
    He has said that the people in Kiev have taken control of the country illegally, and as the members of the new parliament were elected by the demonstrators outside he could have a point.
    Russia is using international rules and laws against us at the moment. How many extra liver spots have appeared on Soro's face this week. This is not the way he planned it.
    Although if Something happens to Europes gas supply over the next few months it would be a great crisis that could be put to good use for the Progressives of two continents.
    The Crimea is not that strategic a place any more, not in modern times. It is mainly Russian, with a sizable muslim population, but if it voted to become part of Russia it wouldn't make much difference. What is more important is the mainly Russian speaking eastern third of Ukraine.
    Because of its language and industrial ties it could well want to split as well. Because of Americas and Europe's meddling and weakness this could well happen. The new government in Ukraine could well collapse as quick as it formed, and the chaos will continue. It looks like we will have to go cap in hand to Putin to solve this crisis. Or do something stupid. Or do what usually happens when its not going well for the socialist. Just get the MSM to look else where for a couple of months, wait until someone else has sorted it out.

  2. Paul,
    I could be totally wrong, but I would say it anyway:
    none of EU countries are willing to do anything against Russia (I am not politician or any smart person to say one way or another, but if memory serves me right BM is DOA, as both sides did not lived up to the agreement for what I thought it was signed for in the first place)

    EU is very dependent on Russia's energy (some 30+% for Germany),
    remember few years ago the story with mad cow disease?
    Putin held import of meat from EU to Russia,
    two years ago some ebola related problem discovered in Spain(?);
    Putin held imports from EU fruits and veggies for months , costing in both cases EU countries billions of euros.
    I was in Poland to observe the latter and it was almost funny: everytime EU presented some tests and praying in front of Putin, he would say: nope! not good enough.
    and they scramble around, wasted millions of dollars on some other tests, meanwhile the season was coming to its end.
    Now they wanted to play preverbial chess with him not even knowing who their pawns are, wiping rotten eggs of their faces and dealing with Bandera's grandchildren vicious enough to make German SS envious.
    ...and one of the headlines says: 'Pentagon reading Putins body language' (paraphrasing)
    what is next? swaping his cup and looking at the tea leaves?!

  3. "Dying in any war is a tragedy. Dying when accidentally killed by 'friendly fire' even more so. But dying by intentional friendly fire with the goal of making the enemy look bad as a false flag attack goes far beyond any form of morality. Then to know that the event was casually discussed by the very people who had engineered the insurrection in the first place is totally unforgivable."

    Danny, you are exactly right.
    I was listening to Putin's press conference few days ago (in russian) and I never thought I would say it, but here it is:
    It was on topic, it was focused, it was facts loaded, it was ...good!!!
    ...without meaningless rethorics, no oceans risings and no world 'religion of pieces' contributing to our greatness.
    I am angry and I am sick of all the news counting thousands of Russian troops being shifted to Ukraine...
    they were there all the time! (matter of Russia/Ukrainian cooperation and agreements since 1991); today Crimea declared its independance and Ukrainian military sided with Russia.
    As I have posted in response to Paul: warmongers have their pawns totally miscalculated being arrogance or ignorance or both, but now they have to deal with it!
    It absolutely make me sick Poland allowed itself to be suck into this mess.
    Do the average American know that new, protester's (justice seeking people cheered by EU and USA) gov in Kiev is not only abusing anyone with different opinion, but also torture them and refuse to feed them?
    I feel sorry for the unaware and naive being at the mids of it, but the weapon of choice should not be bullets but whips and make sure everyone returns to their everyday chores including soros and spoiled brat obama.
    It gives me a heart attack to read comments made by Americans calling for curbing tyrant Putin, establishing freedom and stand for people of Ukraine....
    before these people start to voice any opinion on country they can not find on a map, have no idea about its history, they shall look at their own yard and mess in need of some serious cleaning for freedom sake....


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