Some see, few know, many choose to wander aimlessly in a fog, devoid of sunlight. I seek the light of day and leave the others to their chosen realm of ignorance. They are the ones who have brought this great nation down. I write only for the benefit of those who possess the courage required to restore our birthright.

Sunday, April 27, 2014


While, to the best of my knowledge, there has never been a definitive study on panic in times of strife, I cannot help but believe that in such times panic is the number one cause of death. Sadly, I see many of my fellow Americans on the verge of panic, and this need not be the case. They have been led to this point by a well thought out and applied campaign of disinformation, that is rapidly spreading across the internet. The antidote to this condition is knowledge and that antidote is not utilized by the bulk of our people as they turn from the truth and fall for hoaxes, embrace sensationalism, or simply resort to denial. One facet of that denial is a continuing belief among some that calling or Emailing a congressman is going to make one iota of difference. For your benefit they still say the right things but vote as Boehner instructs them.

The following is a prime example of sensationalism and pushing the panic button. Note the date:
From Patriot Net Daily...April 24, 2014
Obama's Litmus Test to Fire upon American Citizens if they Rise Up against the Government

I have never been one to minimize the danger that we American citizens now face. In fact I was writing of the prospects of civil war nearly four years ago, but the great difference in many bloggers and myself is that I always post links from reliable sources that have led to my thinking. So very many bloggers openly state, as a fact, items that are totally unsubstantiated, quoted from 'anonymous' sources and therefore probably erroneous. Take for instance the sub heading of the above mentioned blog ... 'Breaking News and Alerts'. Rubbish!

The source of this breaking news dates back to January 21, 2013 to none other than Dr. Jim Garrow, who, as usual, quotes an anonymous source. Not familiar with Jim Garrow? This link leads to a Google search that will tell you a great deal about this man. At one point he released a statement that Obama had three nukes prepared to be used in an EMP attack against America. According to the good doctor we were saved due to the intervention of our military and one of those nukes was detonated underwater off the coast of South Carolina. Again I say "Rubbish!" Such an event would have triggered at least a small tidal wave and would have been detected by every seismograph in the world. No tidal wave and no international outcry. That reveals something to anyone who chooses to think.

That collection of links will also reveal his statement that Reagan planned to nuke Mecca but God stopped him. Among hoax generators Garrow ranks near the top of the list, and yet he is followed by thousands and believed by millions. Again; there are those who think and those who choose the alternative.

The list of stories from this one man is long and distinguished, all bearing the 'anonymous' trademark and all reeking of sensationalism, and or hoax. Daily they spread across this nation via other websites that rely on sensationalism and daily they are read and believed by gullible Americans.

Recently I have been writing about the danger of believing the many lies that are rampant on the internet and have concluded that most prefer the sensational to the truth. The sensational can be put forth in a site with but a glaring headline and a few paragraphs. The truth requires a bit more effort both from the author and the reader, and most simply do not choose to go the extra mile required to verify the veracity of what they read. Consequently many of our people are living in a state of near panic, believing lies and shunning the truth, relying on denial, wishful thinking and divine intervention.

And that is a recipe for disaster.

I pride myself in believing that my regular readers are some of the most intelligent people on the internet and much of what I write about is a form of feedback to their thoughts. This essay is one such as that. In a recent comment one of those dear readers observed that we, the American people as a whole, and we of the conservative movement in particular are splintered. I could not agree more.

Many have long chosen the path of denial and lived a day to day existence, head firmly planted in the sand, choosing willful blindness over the reality that grows more dismal by the day. Not all, but surely some of those that have been living in a state of ignorance recently got a rude awakening with the BLM versus Bundy fiasco, or perhaps that would be better described as BLM versus conservative America. All that it would have taken was for one hot head on either side to fire a single shot and all hell would have broken loose. We were but a few pounds of pressure on a trigger from the second shot heard round the world.

Yes, the Bundy scenario most assuredly woke up many. Perhaps not to the basic cause of the problem, but most assuredly to the danger that civil war is a very real danger. People who once said that it could never happen here are now forced to rethink that mistaken premise. We were that close to the abyss.

As for many of our long time 'wake up America' enthusiasts, and those just joining us due to what happened at the Bundy Ranch they are likely candidates for the coming wave of panic. We have all long known that the MSM is pro-administration and thus most who still value liberty have turned to the internet, the Alternative Media, for the truth. Lately I have come to believe that the bulk of this alternative media is far worse than the MSM. The MSM downplays or ignores anything that puts Obama and the Democratic Party in a bad light. Many of the sites on the internet are lying, distorting, in your face hoaxes, and this is what our new found converts are going to encounter. They in their new epiphany have found that things are amiss are going to run right into the lunacy and lies of people such as Dr. Garrow, Alex Jones of Infowars and Prison Planet, Before Its News, and Above Top Secret. 

Many of us long time believers have learned to disregard the ravings from such sites. These newcomers will be going into it blind. You know as well as I that most people simply read a sensationalist headline, believe it, post it, and spread the confusion, and that situation is going to worsen without a doubt as we near the 2014 election, and will grow still worse beyond.

In any combat situation (and yes I see a great deal of combat in our future) anyone can be at the wrong place at the wrong time and become a casualty. However, as a rule, the person most likely to survive is the one who does not panic and lose control, or hold out hope where there is none. Let us add being misled to that. Many of our people are hopeful that we can 'flip' the house. No chance at all! Gain a few seats; perhaps. It would actually be to Obama's benefit to loose a few seats in this midterm election, leading Americans onward for another two years chasing the dangled carrot of false hope, while he continues his transformation of America.

Today frightened Americans are being led blindly to the 2014 elections. They failed to learn anything from the last rigged election and the GOP retaining control of the House and gaining a seat or two in the Senate is still a moot point. For those who have not noticed, RINOs are in control of the Republicans in both the House and Senate. Factor in Hussein's statement about his pen and phone. That man is laughing as those who still hope for a political solution to the chaos born of so many many years of Progressives systematically taking over everything from our Legislative Branch, our courts, our schools, and our military.

My friend above who stated that we are splintered is correct. She has also stated that America will not wake up until blood is flowing in our streets. Another learned reader likes to use the term 'Reset' where I apply 'Civil War'. It matters not your choice of words, for the fact of the matter is that these two ladies and many more are fully aware that blood will indeed flow in our streets and that no amount of calling your Congressman is going to alter that destiny. 

Such effort is totally wasted and is no more than rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. It is going down, and the sooner you face that fact, the better are your odds for surviving the onslaught.

The above paragraph would make for a good ending and I always try to limit the length of an essay as many that are too long are never finished. I shall take that risk and continue for I am about to demonstrate just how serious I am about my beliefs.

I have long lived in Southern California and have loved the weather and the ultimate convenience of having everything I could possibly need within a few miles. I am about to abandon this life style of the past thirty five years and move to a small town north of me thirty miles from the nearest city. That is ideal. Until it hits the fan, modern conveniences are still not all that far away, but I figure that thirty miles buys me a week to prepare when all hell breaks loose.

I have long written that I believe Obama will trigger the collapse in late 2015 or early 2016, creating a state of crisis and a good excuse to 'delay' the Presidential election. Now a new factor has been added to the agenda, and that is our so called 'victory' against the BLM. Most of my regular readers know my beliefs about what really happened in Nevada but briefly for the sake of new visitors to this site: The BLM did not expect to win. That whole episode was a dry run testing the pulse of conservative Americans. Details in Suggested Reading below.

Back to my move and the logic behind it. I have in excess of a ton of food as well as provisions of all sorts to last several years. Where I am now I have no viable means of defense as I am surrounded by both the dangerous and the ignorant. When the problem finally strikes it will begin in major cities. Those cities will burn and food and water supplies will be exhausted within a week, leaving them no choice but to spread to outlying areas in search of sustenance.

That allows me about a week to train the panicking locals on the tactics of ambush and house to house fighting. Six months would be nice, but a week will probably be the upper limits. A week will not produce a disciplined military unit, and so I can hope for no more than a very motley militia. Fortunately in the early days we will not have to immediate cope with Federal forces. They will largely hold back until America is hungry and demoralized. Then they will make their move to make things right for all of us, under their terms of course. Until that point it will be a public gone totally mad, police departments overwhelmed, and the National Guard (Weekend Soldiers) stretched to its limits.

I still maintain my belief that Obama hopes to delay the ultimate crisis until a year or less before the 2016 election, but this Bundy thing is a curve ball. Now, many of our conservative members feel cocky after that showdown and will be even more inclined to engage in civil discord. This could upset both my projections and Obama's timetable.

I feel that I understand the agenda of George Soros and Hussein Obama far better than most but when it comes to predicting the behavior patterns of a bunch of overly confident cowboys, or panicky Americans who base their beliefs on the hoaxes found on the internet, that is a little out of my league. And so I now plan for adapting to the unexpected.

My actual move will occur on May 5 and so I shall sign off the day before and be out of touch until I get back online a few days later. 

Suggested Reading...
Bundy Ranch-Roadmap To The Future
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  1. Danny I know you are very critical of Infowars and honestly I agree with you; however they actually did a good piece on how Cliven Bundy was smeared by the NYT and Media Matters. I cross posted that article from Infowars following some of my thoughts on my blog:

    However, if you just want to read the Infowars piece without my blog here is that link:

    The Infowars article shows the unedited video of the Bundy interview that was used to smear the old cowboy as a bigoted racist. It even places the deleted portions of the edited version in bold print to read the distortions for yourself.

    I'm not saying Infowars is a credible source for they are often fear mongering with sensationalism; however this is a good one. In my humble opinion.

  2. How interesting that you are moving. I made a plan very soon after you posted IRAN, OBAMA, AND NUCLEAR WAR-PART FIVE in November of 2013. I decided then that is was time to consolidate my life and get out of the DC area.
    Twenty five years ago when I started my first business, I decided to stress myself out completely and buy a property in a nearby college town for rental income. That eventually led to 10 rental properties. So at the end of 2013, because of your insight and reading a lot of real estate futures information, I put all of the properties on the market. Giving myself at least a year to rid myself of excess worries. I have plans for my businesses that I am putting into play now. My only very emotional tie is to the house I built. A smallish house (for the dc area) with every bit of me in it. I have a passion for woods from the pacific northwest…

    My plan is to leave here by July of next year. I have not decided where yet. I have it narrowed down to three places, and I will visit those places this summer to make a decision.

    I get angry often because of this hand we have been dealt. I sometimes get so angry that I say just stay put, who cares, just deal with it as it comes, and then I come to my senses and say…

    I will never give up, or give in to these evil people. I plan on winning at this game.

    1. Glenda, I read the above several hours ago and have been mulling over your decision. It pleases me as I feel that this is the right move. It also troubles me somewhat as what I have written has led to a drastic change in your life. I have never claimed to be all seeing or even correct in my views. When I sit down at my keyboard I always do so hoping that I am mistaken and things will simply work out in the end and prove me to be a nervous old fool. But the simple fact of the matter is that given the information that lies before me, nothing other than my projections of future events makes any sense at all.

      You are one of the most intelligent of those who read and comment on my essays and I love your attitude about winning. Losing and surrender never did appeal to me. Right now one of the major problems we face is that we lack military leaders and in the early days of the Reset, as you call it, that fact will cost many lives, but in several of my older essays I dismissed that lack of leadership as a temporary state. Out of the chaos leaders will arise, and you will undoubtedly be one of them, as will I.

      Have you ever seen the movie 'True Women'? I cannot help but think that you and several other readers are a great deal like the woman that Dana Delaney played in that movie. In a recent essay I brought up the topic that what is coming at us will be like no war in which we have ever been involved and made mention of the fact that women, along with men will engage the enemy. In such women I have the greatest confidence, both in their courage and leadership ability.

      A week from today I shall be moving and yet have much packing to do so I shall naturally be forced to spend less time on the internet but will try to stay abreast of events.

  3. This plan of mine has been a long time coming for many reasons.
    Your essays are so logically thought and laid out, and I only believe/trust only a few people on this earth to speak the truth. And I believe you are speaking the truth, and I don't feel you say anything sensationally. I am a very logical person so to put it simply you make sense to me!

    And I know you will find this interesting. I have never posted a comment on any forum on the web, FB included, except on your site, and it took a long time to get up the courage to do so.

    Good luck on your move.

    1. Send me a friend request if you will...

  4. Regarding “Obama's Litmus Test to Fire upon American Citizens if they Rise Up against the Government”

    That the government has a method by which they filter out military officers and service men and women I have no doubt, but I certainly don’t think they ask obvious questions like would you fire on American citizens. And if there was such a litmus test you can rest assured no one would know about it. They don’t need a test. They know full well where the loyalties of each military man and woman lie. I do believe though, that they have systematically gotten rid of many whose loyalties do not lie with their administration and I believe that if our current situations worsen Obama will not hesitate to declare martial law and/or use UN forces if need be. And I agree, these websites only fuel the fires of fear and in some ways it reminds me of that old game of “Gossip” we used to play. Sadly both sides are participating and igniting the flames and are seemingly unconcerned with truth. Their goal is to incite.

    Your comment that, “Many of us long time believers have learned to disregard the ravings from such sites. These newcomers will be going into it blind….” is definitely true. I have swallowed, hook line and sinker, some of those lies myself and felt like an idiot when I realized that I had swallowed it all. What most need to recognize here is your use of the word “learned.” This is all a "learning" process and we are waking to new realizations every day. Mainly that we are all prone to be gullible and we had best check our sources. I am working a little harder on that now and your library helps.

    About the Bundy Ranch Roundup:

    I agree that this was a dry run and I still maintain that the goal over all is to gain control of ALL our natural resources, including water. He who holds the resources holds the keys to survival and this government will not hesitate to strip resources from private owners. I know a man in Texas whose ranch land has been in his family since the early 1800’s and he has the deeds plus the historical documents to prove it yet the BLM is telling him that this land has always been “public.” What can a small rancher do to fight a corrupt and conniving bunch of government thieves? You tell me.

    Glenda, you made the comment once before to “be prepared” and I think this is key. I don’t feel as prepared as you and Danny seem to be but I am getting there. Perhaps a list of helpful tips would be in order here. I think I am in a unique position if something happens and it will remain. Now it seems to a matter of supplies. Any tips?

    I look forward to updates on the move. Thanks Danny.

    1. Janette, do you have a pressure canner, and a good food dehydrator? And if you are going to dehydrate food, a meat slicer would come in handy. Also do you have a bread maker and a sewing machine?

  5. No to all items. Gave that stuff away a long time ago. Any website suggestions regarding such?

  6. What good is a sewing machine or bread maker if you have no electricity ?

  7. This is so long that I had to post in part one and two
    "Now it seems to a matter of supplies. Any tips?" That question took me back several years. When I first started writing everyone I encountered on the internet was convinced that this nation would lose all electricity and the internet. Now I am not so sure of that. Power outages to certain, selective power shut off in especially rebellious areas will undoubtedly occur but the internet is the key to the future. The entire world now revolves around the web. Even North Korea, Russia, China, Iran rely on the internet and our government most assuredly does. These other nations definitely censor the internet and so too will we, but the internet must go on, and that means that electricity must continue to flow. To explain the whole thing about the items that I mentioned will require a complete essay but I shall give you a few tips right now. This is a pressure canner that is heated on a stove top
    The sewing machine is not an essential but there is a little trick that I developed. All of these survival sites want to sell you items that will remove moisture and oxygen from a food storage container, and you pay dearly for not knowing how to do it on your own. I know how.
    Moisure: You know the little packs of silica gel that you find in potato chips and such that say 'Do not eat'. Silica gel is quite cheap if you know how to buy it. I do. I made little porous cloth packets, roughly two by three inches, on my sewing machine, filled them with silica gel and sewed them shut. One goes in each container and the source...Crystal cat litter is pure silica gel and a five pounds of this stuff will make thousands of these air dryers. Oxygen removal. Little medicine bottles or something similar with a few little hold drilled in the lid is ideal. Moisten steel wool, cap it up and cover the lid with more of that porous cloth and rubber band it into place, The steel wool rusting extracts oxygen from the air. The Bread Maker...
    If you have a worst case scenario and are without electricity I can build a somewhat functional oven from bricks and bake bread that way, at least I have the recipes from the bread maker to go by.
    Bread flower is gawdawfully expensive unless you go to Sam's Club. Twenty five pounds is about seven dollars. Yeast is also cheap there.
    There is a Dollar Tree store nearby where I can buy a variety of food storage containers for one dollar. Fill them with flour, corn meal, sugar, beans, rice, or whatever toss in an air dryer, moisture remover, seal with silicone and I am good for years.
    Food dehydrator, cantaloupe, bananas, Jerky and such...
    These guys consume a fair amount of electricity and during the day power is the most expensive. Dehydrate after 5 PM when rates drop.

    1. Part Two
      After I move I will be going to Wal Mart and buying water storage containers.
      Stored water gets tepid due to its deoxygenation. There is a cure. A small aquarium air pump, air stone, and a few feet of plastic tubing is the answer.Once a month open the cap on the container, drop in the airstone and pump in fresh air, seal, and you are good to go. Never store these containers on concrete. If it is hot and the concrete reaches 90 degrees the plastic will leach into the water. Store these container on a piece of wood.
      That is the basics. I have 100 pounds each of sugar, flour, beans, rice, A ton of canned food and items that I have canned.
      Don't worry about expiration dates on cans. Those are for items stored under the worst possible conditions. Canned food is safe unless the can or lid shows signs of swelling. Toss it. If you open a can and liquid is expelled, it is under pressure and should be dumped.
      You will need eggs for cooking, powdered eggs are available at one of the links I posted above. Buy powdered milk and unsweetened canned milk or baking and general purposes.

  8. I am a no one to advice any, but as child of post war (WW2) my family survived well on most grown veggies and farm animals (pigs, chicken, turkeys, rabbits and once a year cattle slaughter)...aside of sugar and salt we really could live on self sustained products kept in sand, cold cellar cabbage, carrots, potatoes and canning for anything that did not run away...
    nowdays of course we face more 'civilised' society, but being in Poland for the past almost 4 years (with few visits home here and there) I returned to the old fashioned way of growing, making 300+ jars of food mostly available for nothing more than few dollars worth of seeds..."spinach" jars made out of nettle greens, sauces (gravy) ready to use from wild mushrooms gathered in nearby fields, forests, parks...beet greens used for soup, roots for dinner sides, wax beens used for soups, gravies, dinner sides...
    what is the saying?...
    necessity is a mother of invention?..
    I think the biggest revelation I developed is a ready to use combination of grains and dried herbs (like lovage, parsley marjoran, thyme etc) in a plastic soda bottle...all you need is a couple of quarts of water and source of heat, like simple racket stove (couple of tin cans and few wood pieces {old picture frame will do if you in a city} and one can feed family if things go very bad)
    ...dandelion...hated by most spayed with heavy duty chemicals costing Americans udles of money...
    flowers are a perfect cough remedy, leaves and roots are very good for salads,and soup add-ons bursting with vitamins and minerals, same with some 10+ weeds I know of and dozens I am not familiar with to be sure.
    Every spring for the past 30 years I make several little jars with nettle and dandalions greens as "pesto" dinner side dish...or sandwich add-ons or sauce for dinner...
    I am sorry for the rant...
    I am passionate about doing something out of nothing...
    and 100% against ready to eat meals expiring in the next 30 years...
    I would rather eat grass than waste my money and health on something that must be loaded with chemicals...
    You will laugh, but I do have about 50 lbs dried up whole grain bread stored...because if nothing else I can use rain water and few "pesky garden weeds" to make tummies full on a dime or less....
    Hard times are coming to our beloved Country without a lets be somewhat ready for the bad times!

  9. Danny and Readers...
    I want to share something with you...
    In the last 2 weeks I took 5 trips with my nephew to Ukraine (he is a truck driver)...
    every time we went (a 24 hour trip back and forth) I took a touch more than 100 lbs of various grains with me...being rice, kasha of all sorts, flour, sugar, beans, split peas...
    We traveled with the 'back roads' as he was way!!! overloaded and between Polish town of Przemysl we wander into his destinations in Ukraine's towns Lutsk and Rivne...on a way there we stopped at little towns, villages, to grab something to eat or eat home made sandwiches in a middle of nowwhere...
    well...once we stopped at little village west maybe 50 miles west of Lutsk (something like marynivka) because I saw a human body in the field ...sure enough it was a lady looking like in her 90's (come to find out she was 64 years old) folded in a middle of a field...she was dehydrated, hungry working fields to assure her granchildrens survival...(her son perished few years before and her daughter in law died few months before...)
    Her shack was maybe 12x17 ft with a bonfire pit in one corner, most of any cooking done outside...
    4 of her grandkids returned couple of hours later with branches and pine cones, few squirrels and a wild rabbit from the woodland-forest area...just in time for a pot of kasha cooked on smoked bones with pound of sausage sliced ever so thinly .... hour later I and my nephew left for our destination leaving them with few pounds of kasha/grains/salt/sugar and heavy hearts never experiencing such poverty and hunger satisfied only but lucky catch and kill...
    I am going there back tomorrow with approx 50 lbs of seeds(beans, carrots, beets,cabbage, peas)+ 200 lbs of potatoes to of course dried food staples, few bags of dried bread and hundreds pounds of bread flour
    ...we really do not know what hardship means...and for the sake of all my friends in US I hope they will never find out...

    1. Joanna, having just moved I have been offline for the last week. You, my friend, saved an old lady's life, with your care and concern. Kasha is a new one on me. Naturally I had to do a background search and leaned its history. It is so sad; the Ukraine has some of the finest farmland in the world and once again the people are starving. So goes the wonderful world of communism, and our foolish Americans and those crossing our southern border have so much to learn, and learn it they will...The hard way.

  10. Joanna ...just now reading your comments. Thank you. I admire your I ingenuity, insight and indudtriousness. I don't think I'm measuring up. I used to help my mom can food seasonally and prepare foods for freezing but not to this degree and it seems a little overwhelming to think about. I have more to learn. I remembered that part about the dandelions and flowers. I'm going to have do some research. I'm taking notes. Thanks. Check back later.

  11. John I like what you had to say and I agree that Bundy was smeared and I also think he was manipulated. It's easy to manipulate an emotional old man who has just watched his cattle being run until they dropped then pushed into a hole and covered up by people from his own government. If most of us had watched the entire interview we might have been a little less critical. At least INFO did show it in its entirety


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