Some see, few know, many choose to wander aimlessly in a fog, devoid of sunlight. I seek the light of day and leave the others to their chosen realm of ignorance. They are the ones who have brought this great nation down. I write only for the benefit of those who possess the courage required to restore our birthright.

Monday, April 21, 2014


If I controlled the media, I could control the thoughts of most of our citizens, our election results, and those whom I had manipulated into positions of authority. Fortunately I do not have such control as the old adage of 'power corrupts' can effect any and everyone who wields so much authority. Far better to be but a small voice informing and, to some small degree, influencing like minded people who choose to fight the rampant corruption in our own limited way.

Nearly four years ago I began writing that we are headed for civil war. At that time most conservatives were convinced that with enough phone calls, Emails, petitions, Tea Party rallies, and voting for Republicans that we could turn the tide and either impeach Obama or vote him out of office. Consequently they viewed my thoughts as somewhat extreme. Times have changed.

Now it seems that we have reached a turning point as any who were not aware of the vast rift that has formed between between a growing bureaucracy and a people unwilling to surrender the rights they were born with have certainly developed a better understanding today. The Bundy Ranch episode saw to that.

When Ronald Reagan assumed the Presidency he began an effort to minimize the control over the rights of people that had been growing for so long. The day he left office that control was again implemented and speeded up to make up for the time that Progressivism had lost during his term of office, and George H.W. Bush appeared before the American people with starry eyes and spoke to us of a New World Order. The die was cast and this nation began its gradual descent into the Abyss.

That gradual descent changed into a power dive as Progressives gained influence and manipulated the communist Hussein Obama into the oval office, and the true transformation of America began. Left behind were the words of JFK when he said, "Ask not what your country can do for you--ask what you can do for your country." Today anyone putting forth the views of JFK would be ridiculed as a DINO(Democrat In Name Only). This is a link to his entire inaugural address. Read it and compare JFK's dream with Obama's transformation.

Read Martin Luther King's 'I Have A Dream' speech and consider the tactics of Jesse Jackson, Jeremiah Wright, Louis Farrakhan, and Al Sharpton. 

These are the now famous words of Abraham Lincoln:
"From whence shall we expect the approach of danger? Shall some trans-Atlantic military giant step the earth and crush us at a blow? Never. All the armies of Europe and Asia...could not by force take a drink from the Ohio River or make a track on the Blue Ridge in the trial of a thousand years. No, if destruction be our lot we must ourselves be its author and finisher. As a nation of free men we will live forever or die by suicide."

Compare those thoughts from one of our greatest leaders, and consider the Republican leadership in their rush for the 'brown vote' and Amnesty. It would appear that death by suicide is imminent. Who to blame? So many choose Obama but he did not initiate today's events, he is only moving the ball further down the field, at a rapid pace I might add. Had this nation not already been so corrupt and its people so apathetic he would never have been elected. 

I have long warned that those who are foolish enough to believe that another rigged election is going to change the course of history are just that ... Foolish. With the exception of a few die hard patriots in Washington that you can count on your fingers, they are all, both Republicans and Democrats, playing the same game. Today I shall offer yet more proof of my assertions.

I regularly read the articles in Front Page Mag and today I found a great one.
From Front Page Mag April 20, 2014
Harry Reid wanted $600K bribe to make federal investigation go away.

Gotcha Harry! No, not actually. I have learned to never take anything at face value on the internet, and always do background research. That research led me to an archived article.
From The Salt Lake Tribune ... January 12, 2013
Indicted businessman: Utah A.G. tied to alleged scheme

Here in what is ostensibly the most religious state in the Union we find a business man and the Attorney General involved in an effort to bribe Harry Reid into getting a federal investigation dropped. This story broke fifteen months ago, and why wasn't the GOP all over it? The fact of the matter is that this occurred just a short time following the rigged 2012 election and the GOP was so involved in their political strategy for 2014 that they had little time to deal with the federal corruption that endangers the freedom of all of us. Now, many who suffer from wishful thinking are looking forward to that election but let assure you, nothing is going to change.

I began this page with mention of the media. Let us now return to that topic. We all know full well that the MSM is no more than propaganda, half truths, concealment, and evasion. Such as the following:

From Washington Free Beacon...April 17, 2014
Brian Williams goes with Clinton pregnancy over crisis in Ukraine

Now a young lady being pregnant with her first child can undoubtedly be exciting to her and her family, but it is hardly earth shaking news. Events occurring in the Ukraine however are, as this could well lead to a major military conflict if not WWIII. Those events were overlooked to cover a Clinton pregnancy. Do not, however, blame the MSM for not doing their job. They are doing the job that they were ordered to do.

As mentioned earlier I do my background research and connect the dots:

From Breitbart ... April 19, 2014
Clinton administration feared internet's ability to democraticize news 3 years before Drudge bombshell

Why would honest leaders fear the American public knowing the truth? Silly question; forget that I even asked it. This was in the days before the internet became so widely used by so many people around the world and even then political leaders began to see a potential threat from readily accessed and widely spread information. After all they had long had a strong degree of control on the media and did not want to lose that edge.

Still, the internet was here to stay and they had to cope with the reality. Many tactics were tried such as the Fairness Doctrine, taxing the use of the internet and others, but all failed. By now the public was becoming acutely aware of the fact that our MSM was being subjected to political correctness as more and more they began to rely on the alternate media for the truth. Truth is the antonym for politics and something had to be done. Something was. Hoax sites, crackpots, and 'conspiracy theorist' became rampant.

While the liberals among us were quite content to be indoctrinated by the MSM, the conservatives were somewhat more rebellious and doubting ... and gullible. While they had learned not to trust the media, many in search of something to believe in, fall for every hoax that surfaces on the internet. 

Never underestimate the devious nature of a corrupt politician. Lies, confusion, smoke and mirrors; this is their specialty and for everyone who recognizes a hoax for what it is there are a hundred others who fall for it and pass it on, all in the effort to wake America up. As a result so many Americans are so confused, but then that confusion was the intent when they set up so many of these hoax sites. I am not saying that all of these sites are government sponsored, as there are many jerks among us who simply like a cheap thrill, but the mere fact that conservatives are the target lead me to Washington D.C. and the Progressive movement.

To that end allow me to present the thoughts of one of my readers. Hat tip to J.S.
I think that the purpose of many conservative websites is the same as the liberal ... stir the pot ... incite and agitate, and this is where anger easily boils over.  I feel that anger often and I believe all of us do.
Keeping perspective and purpose is the key and you seem to be doing a good job at that

And as we near the abyss a hat tip to D.F.
Yes, the situation has evolved, as many of us thought it would. As any student of history knows, and as Beck himself said, "Those who start the revolution are rarely the ones who finish it". Historically, moderates begin it with a process involving elections, discussion, etc., and they are either manipulated into defeat, rebuffed, marginalized, demonized or executed.

There is no doubt that revolution lies in our future. Nor is there any doubt that the casualties will be horrendous and the outcome uncertain. Americans should have reacted when they knew for certain that the 2012 elections were rigged but they did not. Now they await another election hoping for better results and we still face the same problem that we have had for years. We have NO leader. The Progressives have a way of insuring that.

I doubt that any who read my continuing essays still profess any loyalty to Mitt Romney. I declared him to be a Progressive shill before the election and ran afoul of those who cried, "Anyone but Obama." Many came to agree with me after the rigged election that went unchallenged and his son telling the world that Mitt never wanted to be President in the first place. Now he is back, supporting the left wing of the GOP and their RINO candidates. Still, I cannot help but believe that the worst thing he ever did was to gerrymander Allen West out of reelection. Now there was a leader, and as mentioned earlier, the Progressives know how to eliminate them.

Without a doubt, the greatest 'leader' we have had thus far has been Glenn Beck, teacher extraordinaire. Now there was a man who woke a great portion of America up and he had no trouble dealing with the ridicule that was heaped on him by the left. Nor was he intimidated by the possibility of being killed in the pursuit of his quest to enlighten the masses, but time and stress have taken their toll. He began that journey with an unshakable faith in the divine but now seems to have assumed the mantle of a modern day Job.

I have nothing short of the greatest admiration and respect for the man who sounded the clarion call of danger but I am not cut out to be Job and I will not follow Glenn down that meek and passive road surrendering to evil in the name of accepting one's fate, believing that fate to be the will of God. Glenn Beck is a broken man and that fact saddens me beyond belief. None among us have given more than he and none ever will. For years he has labored to enlighten, sharing knowledge and vision while never abandoning his faith. Now it would appear that his faith is all that he has left, and I cannot help but wonder if he has yet asked the age old question, "My God, My God, why hast thou forsaken me?"

Many attribute those words to Jesus but he was only repeating them. They predated him to the Jewish captivity in Babylon, and King David's 22nd Psalm, and to a chant by the Jewish while slaves in Egypt. Men of great faith have always stood in awe of the mystery of how the God they follow can allow so very much suffering in this world without intervening. To them I have but one thought, though not original: 'God helps those who help themselves'. 

Glenn Beck knows beyond a shadow of doubt that it is time to pick up a sword, and he quite simply cannot. In his time of denial he has chosen to retreat into his faith and claim victory in surrendering. Those of like mind will undoubtedly do the same. They who persevere will indeed embrace that sword, and will in one fashion or the other shape tomorrow.

I shall close this essay with an unusual observation: The women of this nation seem far more prepared for the situation that lies before us than do many men. I can only attribute this to the maternal instinct. Our men have gone to foreign lands to fight evil throughout our history but this fight is going to occur on our soil, and will endanger our children. May God have mercy on the liberals for I do not feel that our women will. 

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  1. The gerrymandering of Allen West was a real travesty, but what loomed like a dark ominous cloud over it all, was the fact that more votes were cast from his district than there were actual residing voters. And guess what . . . NO ONE CAME TO HIS RESCUE. He was left abandoned and our own GOP remained SILENT, which has become the standard behavior. This is the greatest travesty of all and is the very reason most of our congressional leaders need to go. I'm sick of all of them and I am voicing the same feelings that millions of Americans feel. When is enough enough and when will we begin to stand! That's not rhetorical by the way.

    HOW THE PROGRESSIVES HAVE PLAYED US. ___ I am in favor of an Allen West/Ben Carson ticket and wouldn't that just chap those Progressive bunns! That will go NOWHERE either.

    1. We cannot win in the political arena as the followers of Alinsky have learned the power of mis-using words. If all conservatives supported West and Carson we would be accused of pandering to the blacks just to prove that we are not racists. And so, 'racists' is a title that we are stuck with because conservatives seek honest debate and honest debate cannot withstand a smear campaign.

    2. "When is enough enough and when will we begin to stand! That's not rhetorical by the way."

      It a very good question!

      In my heart and my gut feeling the answer is:

      when Americans will be knocking at the bottom from below...
      ...unless we as Americans are ready to top the barrel upside-down of totalitarian, dictorial, fashist, overgrown, overreaching, and lawless government ...nothing will change...
      voting for any lesser evil is kicking the can down the road...
      And, yes, Allen West was kicked out because he did not fit with GOP establishment(read: USA traitors)...
      there is no more option to save the " old house" is time to buldozer the house, clean up and start anew... a drastic way...
      all of the alphabet governmental agencies need to be abolished and send on a standard gov welfare of whatever money it is given to people on a dole nowdays...
      Janette, we are not ready for it, I don't really care, if Allen West, Ms Palin, Ted Cruze today will have a total free hand and option...nothing will happen (aside of minor regulations)..our problem are
      renegate agencies running wild...
      what really, really ...really bugs me...
      that people who receive help, being food stamps, free phone..or whatever...
      are thinking it is
      Santa Claus!!!
      ...I was out in my thinking the other day...and
      what if for one single year all who pay income tax refuse to do so....??...
      ...what if we would refuse to pay property taxes?...
      (I did this years ago with a landlord...set my rent money in a seperate account for the due month ahead and told him: either you fix the apt or you are not getting your money! sue me!!!)
      ...what if for 3 months the disgrundled part of Americans cancel their subscription for cable/satelite TV, refused to buy soda, chips, Campbell soups....
      well...none of it is going to happen because American do not know
      what real poverty and hardship is all about... we wait few years....

  2. Oh I know that a West/Carson ticket would never fly, which is the reason I said it would go nowhere. It just simply epitomizes to me the perfect concept of a "dynamic duo" ... ever strong believers in the Constitution and the basic fundamentals of freedom coming from backgrounds that understand the true meaning of struggle. And this coupled with the innate articulate ability they posses to DECLARE, not just speak truth, brings forth a force which none can approach. And frankly, I don't care what I am accused of because I'm going to be accused of it anyway so I may as well state my case. Down with timidity and diplomacy. That has gotten us NOWHERE! These two men own the hearts of the American people and are the only ones I see other than Ted Cruz and Trey Goudy who have the cojones to pull the task off. Show me some AMERICAN GRIT. Can you feel my pain! Hell people... stand up and be counted!

  3. I make no apologies for the above. It is the true essence of the frustration and the Ire of an American public fed up with the corruption, lies and broken promises from those they ELECTED to serve and defend them! It is time to rejoin the Tea Party and put your armor on. Will you do it or will you sit in your easy chair and watch while your country is destroyed, because you're afraid someone will criticize you? How many times have you written or called your congressman? How many townhall meetings have you attended? How many petitions have you signed? I rest my case. Now you can click another link and pretend you never saw this and welcome in a New World Order.

  4. Danny and Joanna ... those last comments I made were not thrown at you. They were thrown at Mr. and Mrs. Apathetic American and seemingly, no matter how loudly I scream at them, they never respond. Yes, I know that what I'm feeling is the same assortment of emotions that millions of others are experiencing and I know we need answers. I really, really don’t like the doomsday scenario but see no alternative. What is most infuriating is the fact that too many simply refuse to see anything at all. We need a Moses and we need divine intervention.

    PS I like that part about not paying taxes. Imagine ... protest in mass on April 15th at every courthouse square in the land. (Probably followed by martial law and massive confiscation of property and bank accounts).

    I'm signing off. I'm getting too cheery....

  5. In 2008 I sat on the board of directors of our local Chamber of Commerce. I served for three years and took my position seriously enough to never miss a meeting in three years. As a small business owner I wanted to get to know the "players" in the small business community. The first year I learned everyone on the board (except for me) felt very guilty for their hard work and guilty for their earnings from that work. There was a constant stream of charity cases, high schools needing helmuts for the football team, artificial turf fields for the high shools, gardens for elementary schools, on and on and on. And every time these board members would get out their checkbooks and give money.
    After 6 months of this "group think" a board member decided to put a guilt trip on me and told me if I wanted to be a real board member the first thing to do is show you care for everyone in the community and give a little to everyone showing up. Show that you care! That was my first taste of a bleeding heart liberal business owner, and my first taste of explaining my anger to a liberal. Out of 15 board members I was the only one who said NO and I continued to say NO for three years. I will give money to causes that have meaning to me. Not to parents that want “extras” for their kids sports.

    In early 2010 I joined the Tea Party, made my calls, marched on Washington. Because I live outside of the DC, I made it a point to go to every rally, attended one town hall. The Congressmen here do not hold town halls (except at the local old folks communities) because they are scared to death of the population. I confronted Rep. Jim Moran (D) in front of 200 people and asked him if it was possible to give me yes or no answer to a question I asked. He turned an even brighter shade of red (he had been drinking wine at the podium) and the people in attendance GASPED at my gall. I did not back down. Nor did I let the people intimidate me and of course he never answered. He came up to me after and pointed his finger at my chest and said "I know your name, I know what business you own, and I will find out where you live." And he walked away. I was freaked out for weeks about that episode. His intimidation tactic worked on me. After a few months I realized I had a lot of very liberal customers who made it clear they were not coming back.
    I laid low in the community for a year and my business survived without them and as Danny says people are fickle. They all came back and then some.

    One of my customers invited me to be her guest at a charity ball last weekend. Hundreds of these events happen in DC every weekend, it never stops as I said above “on and on and on”. I very reluctantly went and made some keen observations. These people who go to these events are soft. As I describe them they are like pudding. They will be the first casualties in the collapse. "Group think" will not work for them in a hard situation. They will lay down and die because they will not know how to survive. In this area there are millions of soft, pudding people. How many more are across this land of ours?

    Janet I tell you all of this because I have come to realize WE will survive because we are fighters in our souls, These people have become ghosts to me, providing a means to an end of my survival. This seems really harsh to say but I have to prepare myself mentally for "the reset" as I call it. These people will never wake up not even when it’s too late, they have NO idea what is in their future.

    Neither do I but I at least I am prepared.

  6. Thanks Glenda. I know you're right. I'm just frustrated and I know that does no good, but what I also know is that this "attitude" I have displayed is indicative of millions of Americans today and growing. At or in some moment of conflict, this same anger, frustration and fed-up attitude may quite possibly spill over into that civil war Danny mentioned. (If we don't plunge ourselves into WW3 first.)

    I’ve said it before and I am going to say it again, these people won't wake up until there is blood in the streets. They won't take a stand until they are the ones suffering personally. I agree that we are a people who know how to survive and to fight when necessary. I just don’t want to give up.

    Be prepared ... like the scouts …”like.”

  7. Danny, Janette and Glenda my motto: Strong Faith, Strong Mind, Strong Body. Danny is correct the women are more prepared, the men are too busy trying to keep this broken train going. I will never give up.


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