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Sunday, April 13, 2014


One of the things that bother me about the MSM and most bloggers is their hope to be first to report with the most sensational headlines. While it is true that this policy attracts many readers it also leads to mass confusion and mistakes that are later best left unmentioned. I have long believed that in any stressful situation those who go off half cocked are creating a dangerous situation. Those who do not lose their heads while those about them do will tend to the casualties after the engagement ends. Consequently this is the first that I have written on the Bundy Ranch topic.

Admittedly this was no more than a dry run on the part of the government but for those who can back away from the hysteria of the moment, there is much to be learned. Sift through the massive amounts of misinformation that has been dispensed recently, find the actual facts, and apply logic. Then it will all fall into place, and future engagements will be more readily understood from what we have just witnessed.

We, the patriots of America, have just won a small battle, and celebration is certainly in order, but while celebrating do not believe that this administration has not learned a great deal from the Bundy crisis and will apply that knowledge to their future agenda.

Think back to when Sheriff Joe Arpaio and a few other sheriffs stood up to the federal government. Suddenly everyone got their hopes up that our nation's sheriffs would be our salvation; not so in Clark County Nevada. Their sheriff developed a hands off policy. Thankfully the citizens of that county left him comfortably ensconced in his office as they rallied to the call of liberty.

Since a short time after Obama was first elected it has become increasingly obvious that he plans to pursue absolute power at all costs. Consequently many of our citizens have been banding into newly formed militias around the nation. Now we know that these militias will rally in time of need; not only in defense of their own neighborhood, but from surrounding states as well. The DHS has also learned this and will be better prepared to deal with the problem in future flareups. 

By now, thanks to Alex Jones, probably everyone has heard the theory that this whole problem is due to a Harry Reid alliance with a businessman from China wanting the land for a solar plant. I generally feel safe in disregarding any and all that comes from Infowars as in this case. The problem, as acknowledged by all, began twenty years ago, not this month when the BLM stepped in, or when Harry Reid set out to make a quick buck.

There is also a report from American Thinker that this was not due to a tortoise, or the Chinese, but sub-surface water rights. Oh the theories begin and no doubt more will be added, but try this one:  The administration would have loved to have won this round for that would have told them that America is ready to roll over. I do not believe that they expected to win, this was simply an experiment; testing the patriotic resolve of conservatives, and they learned that we are quite prepared to die for liberty. Molon Labe.

Note the following excerpt. Read it carefully and then I shall endeavor to make some sense out of it.

From Reuters...
Nevada ranching family claims victory as U.S. government releases cattle
An official with an environmental group that had notified the government it would sue unless federal land managers sought to protect tortoises on the grazing allotment used by Bundy's cattle expressed outrage at the end of the cattle roundup.
The sovereign militias are ruling the day," said Rob Mrowka, senior scientist with the Center for Biological Diversity. "Now that this precedent has been set and they're emboldened by the government's capitulation, what's to stop them from applying the same tactics and threats elsewhere?"

'Environmental Group'. I am beginning to detest that phrase. Their agenda has far more to do with Progressivism than the environment. Environmentalism is but a weapon to be used against the human race. See Environment and Climate Change change in my library. George Soros, Hussein Obama, the Left, Progressivism, Global Warming, Agenda 21, Environmentalism, and the United Nations are all connected at the hip.

From the beginning the tortoise has been the excuse and that excuse allowed one wing of the Left to threaten to sue the leftist federal government. Also from the beginning when it became obvious that Clive Bundy was not going to comply with government edicts the news media and social web have been mentioning Ruby Ridge and Waco. This latest scenarios was a potential disaster in the making, and in all honesty I believe that the federal government handled it quite well. They did not want another Ruby Ridge or Waco. What they were doing was taking the pulse of America. They got the information they wanted and backed off.

Allow me to once again quote the 'scientist' mentioned above: "Now that this precedent has been set and they're emboldened by the government's capitulation, what's to stop them from applying the same tactics and threats elsewhere?"  That is indicative of the next page to be turned, for it is a warning to all liberal states to move against such rebellious behavior by implementing gun and ammunition control, thus allowing Obama to pay lip service to our Second Amendment rights, while some states take them away. 

Back in January of 2013 I wrote an essay entitled 'Firestorm-Coming to America'. (Now republished and listed below in Suggested Reading) Obama had just been sworn in for a second term and the hard push for the Left was becoming apparent. People were afraid that Obama was about to employ an executive order and start taking our guns away. Rush Limbaugh stated that Obama was trying to make America 'snap'. I disagreed and wrote 'Firestorm'. In it I stated that Obama was in no hurry as he wanted to build his forces and weaken us before he began his final bid to crush America. So far he is right on the schedule I predicted. Watch for late 2015 or early 2016.

Right now more drones are being built to monitor the skies over America, MRAPs are flowing out to local police departments, the police are being militarized, while our military is being feminized and turned into liberals. I have always liked the phrase 'Nothing is as it seems', and you can count on the truth of that in any involvement with the government.

In my second paragraph I used the term 'dry run'. Allow me now to explain. The military play war games as a training method and those games allow them to judge the tactics and combat readiness of the troops involved. So too does the State Department, DHS, and in this case, the BLM. What did they learn from the Bundy episode, and what can the wise among us learn as well?

First off, just like at Ruby Ridge and Waco, federal agents follow orders. They have done so in the past and they will do so in the future. When they were ordered to be menacing they were. When they were ordered to withdraw they did. When they are ordered to fire on the American public, let there be no doubt; they will. Two hundred plus armed men, some armed with sniper rifles, surrounded a ranch and would have without question shot every person in sight if ordered to do so.

Were the goal actually to move the cattle off of land administered by the BLM they could have done so in one night. Cattle can be herded with helicopters and government owned SUVs. Were the cattle indeed the problem it could have been resolved easily and quickly. Why then did the whole episode become a show to be enacted very slowly, televised worldwide, and even an area was set aside by the BLM for public protest. 

Lights, action, camera! 

What we have just witnessed was another indication that 'Nothing is as it seems'. This was Kabuki theater at its finest and it told this administration exactly what they wanted to know.

The hype and hysteria, distorted news items, and panic on the part of some was to be expected. Testing their own rangers and marshalls was but a small part of the narrative. The prime question was how would our 'militias' and Bundy's neighbors respond? They got their answers and those answers will shape future tactics. Now if they come for your guns there will be no surrounding the house and demanding with bullhorns that you surrender. They will drive up the street with a ram mounted on the front of an MRAP, make a quick turn and knock down the front of your house and send in the storm troopers.

They know that America is gearing up for civil war. 

I watched one video of an older gentleman comparing today's events to Bunker Hill. The camera panned the audience and there were at least several hundred people there; men and women, ready to fight and die if need be. I'm sure that at least one of Obama's people saw and reported on that video as well. The rebellion is taking shape. Truck loads of armed men from surrounding states converged on the Bundy ranch and the narrative was allowed to play out as long as it did to see if those reinforcements would indeed arrive or if our patriots were just talking tough. Obama got his answer and then immediately withdrew the Rangers before any actual shooting started. Case closed.

If it sounds like I am saying that in spite of the Fed's retreat, they won; that is exactly what I am saying ... but so too did we. He got the information he wanted but we got the information we so desperately needed. Good patriotic Americans will indeed come together when the time is right. We will fight not only for ourselves but for each other, and we will fight not only for each other but for generations yet unborn.

We are outnumbered to be sure. Recent elections have shown that to be a harsh reality. Out numbered; no doubt, outgunned; no way! I would put one aging, Bible thumping, gun toting conservative against six young weed smoking Obama voters any day of the week, and bet on the conservative.

If memory serves me correctly it was John Paul Jones who announced, "I have not yet begun to fight."

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  1. Good post, Danny.
    As to who actually owns the Gold Butte lands, seemingly our federal government does for there was a provision in the 'Enabling Act for Nevada Statehood':
    • "that the people inhabiting said territory do agree and declare that they forever disclaim all right and title to the unappropriated public lands lying within said territory, and that the same shall be and remain at the sole and entire disposition of the United States."
    This should not have been since in makes Nevada inferior to our original states in that our original states had control of all the land within their boundaries. It is my recommendation that the Nevada Legislature should meet and disavow that condition, that they should assert dominion over their own lands.

    1. I am glad you brought this issue up R.C. The DAILY KOS, far left rag, is now firing up the left with this topic. Divide and conquer has been Obama's battle cry since entering office and this is just one more great divide. Bundy is indeed on federal land and the fact that so many support him is just one more bit of propaganda to use against the activists of America.

    2. Forgot the link...

  2. I think this is only a precursor of what is coming. The principle of using "ecology/environment" has been in effect of a long time...same with the tiny snail darter and that species of owl that was used to fight the timber loggers Now, it's the so-called turtle/tortoise, which they care absolutely nothing about. It's all a RUSE to GRAB LAND. The Feds have not backed off, they have simply regrouped for a different kind of attack...maybe next with drones. Who knows. There is something afoot an America better open her eyes. ALSO ALSO:

  3. well, I am glad you discribing it as a "dry run" operation. I was thinking the same thing, and I don't think we have seen the end of it either.
    Absolutelly agree with you about the 2015/2016 change of pace...actually makes me wonder:
    will our great-grand children find out the truth about greatness of America in alternative media as
    the greatest story never told?
    Winston Chuchill words:
    "History is written by the victors" seem ringing in my head way too loud and crystal clear...

    1. We certainly could use Churchill today.

  4. It seem to me there is a lot written about Mr Bundy ranch and BLM weapon heavy execution of the law.
    Of course the unpaid fees are a topic splitting people into for or against Mr Bundy.
    I went on BLM site to check the darn fees.
    $1.35 a head for month for 900 heads does not come to over million dollars...
    ...maybe they using obama care higher mathematics I am too stupid to comprehend.

    1. forgot to add:
      providing he always kept 900 and the fees were $1.35 a piece for the past 20 years, it ends up short of $300,000 dollars, even with penalties it is far cry from a million dollars.

    2. $300,000 is the figure that Bundy acknowledges and the whole problem is one of attitude. He has tried to pay the grazing fee to the country and they decline it. The county does not own the land. The federal government does and has owned it since statehood began. Bundy simply will not recognize the feds as rightful owners, i.e.: Bundy is wrong. This whole thing is simply one massive distraction from issues Americans should be watching. Right now the public is wrapped up in the China/Harry Reid scenario and even though Glenn Beck proved that to be a false trail, in pursuit of the sensational people are disregarding truth and running blindly down that trail.
      The Bible is full of interesting stories, one being Solomon's request for wisdom above all else. He had no need for the gift of wisdom for he possessed it already else that would not have been the request. He had the talent to look through the obvious and see the truth, for he was born with it. Wisdom, such a rare commodity today.

  5. I have been doing my research trying to figure out what is the truth and Mark Levin has the best synopsis of what has led to this issue. Thanks to the for reposting what I heard on his show this evening.

  6. Hi Danny,

    I agree with you that this 'event' has been a useful training exercise for the planners of the new America. The group you mentioned early on (the centre for bio-diversity CBD) I'm sure your well aware benefits from Soros funds.
    On their website, the CBD laments,

    “To save wildlife and wild places, we use creative media and public outreach to raise awareness about runaway human population growth and unsustainable consumption — and their close link to the endangerment of other species….It’s clear that these issues need to be addressed before it’s too late.”

    Its quite clear that it is us Humans that are to be cleared from the land, not just a few cattle.

    The government has drones, cameras, spy satellites, and as you have pointed out an armed force ready to shot American citizens. These government forces will have it drummed into them that what they do is for the common good, or the good of mankind.

    This Government won't strike when it can lose. It will strike when it has everything on their side. The economy will have to go first as this will stop many willing people being able to travel around the country in support of their fellow American. And guns will need to be confiscated. This I'm sure was supposed to have been part one of the plan, but that has proved difficult.

    The mid terms are on there way. This administration is looking to lose badly,( if the Republican party doesn't give up their chance of winning and surrender ), so it may be they leave their big moves till late 2015. But I would not underestimate a wounded animal.

    As for the Bundy's. They are already finished. They owe money that they will not be allowed to pay. Their Cattle won't be grazing on the range again, and I' suspect the ever industrious eco warriors will all ready be finding ways to make life for the Bundy's cattle uncomfortable should they try.

    This will only be any sort of victory for constitutional Americans if at the next election the democrats are wiped out. That will only happen if the Republicans can show themselves able to Govern. This administration has so divided America, it is going to take the mother of all miracles for that to happen.

    The American people may hit Obama with a slapped wrist later this year, but the deciding battle comes in 2016. Untill then he still has a 'pen and a phone'.

  7. Just a little aside. I saw the new biographical movie "Boyhood" on Friday, and its a very good movie apart from giving some insight into the American way of life.

    A gun appears a couple of times in the story, in a very natural and even touching way. It just comes across as a part of normal life, passed as heirlooms, etc, and perfectly fine if treated with proper respect and training. I suddenly felt stripped naked. Here in Europe, our governments disarmed us so long ago, that we don't even realise or remember that we've been emasculated and rendered powerless. We take it for granted that all we can do, if we are really being ignored, is to demonstrate and shout ourselves hoarse, and that's very easy to ignore. When the populace was disarmed, well, the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

    So, what I'm trying to say is that argument about the 2nd amendment is not a side show. It is the show. Unless you want to end up like us hapless European sheep, that is.

    1. Alan, on my daughter, Dagny's ninth birthday I gave her a Ruger semi-automatic 10-22. The first thing I taught her was gun safety, then gun cleaning, then how to shoot. A few years ago she told me that once her ex-husband was out in their back yard in Georgia trying his hand at shooting and informed her that the rifle did not shoot straight. Dagny took the rifle, killed ten beer cans, informed him he needed more practice, and smugly walked back into the house.
      Every person in the world should not only have the right to own a gun but also to carry one. As Robert Heinlein stated, "An armed society is a polite society." I could not agree more..


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