Some see, few know, many choose to wander aimlessly in a fog, devoid of sunlight. I seek the light of day and leave the others to their chosen realm of ignorance. They are the ones who have brought this great nation down. I write only for the benefit of those who possess the courage required to restore our birthright.

Sunday, April 13, 2014


This was originally published in January of 2013 when everyone including Rush was convinced that Obama was trying to trigger rebellion. I alone saw a different scenario, which is written about below. So far it seems that I was correct and now apply my thoughts to the latest headlines. I am republishing this in conjuction with my latest essay, 'Bundy Ranch-Roadmap To The Future'.

The original essay:
Hussein Obama plans to deal with civil insurrection in the future. He also expects to crush that angry upheaval by the masses, thereby solidifying his dictatorial hold on power, but he does not want to deal with that situation yet. He along with his puppet masters know that they cannot easily win a war against an armed America.

My most recent essay proved to be the hardest that I had ever written because it brought me face to face with despair. We all have moments of weakness and I am no exception to that rule. I wrote with an unmitigated contempt for those who turn from the truth, seeking comfort in denial, and false hope in the illusions that unworthy leaders lay before us. My contempt was unseemly. It was a failing on my part.

In a moment of weakness I turned from those who avoid the light of day and hide from the truth. I felt betrayed, battered, and weary beyond belief. I closed that essay with the intentions of never again writing, but I cannot do that. The essay was followed by requests from people asking that I continue my efforts. Emails and comments in groups tell me not to give up hope, but continue writing as I have. I could never give up hope for the restoration of this nation, but I must confess that I have given up hope for ever bringing many out of darkness for they shun the light of day. That is my great failing and a scar upon my soul, for a great deal of my fellow Americans are lost, and for them I can do nothing.

As to my hope, it remains. I see a great and mournful battle before us, and it is my hope that we claim victory will less than six million lives lost in the process. That is a tragic and historic figure for that is the number of Jews who died praying in vain for salvation, long after they had surrendered the very implements of their salvation to their treacherous leaders. Now we, the free people of America, are being called upon to do the same, and so many will.

People are confused, dispirited, frightened; terrified if you will, and know not where to turn. My great frustration lies in watching as they behold the truth and retreat from it, looking for answers where none are to be found, seeking trustworthy leaders from among the corrupt, and safety in a world gone mad. My fear is that when the collapse of all things we have known begins, they will, in a mindset of abject terror, turn to the would be masters as the offer a more "orderly" way of life, temporary though it will be.

There is no doubt in my mind that Fast and Furious was conjured up as a means of spreading terror and as an excuse to override the Second Amendment thereby instituting a gun grab, a necessity for all totalitarian states. Thanks to a whistle blower it backfired, and now those who would enslave us are utilizing a different route to disarming this nation via the UN and public opinion.

Today multitudes of Americans are in fear of Obama's latest onslaught of Executive Orders(EO). Fear not. That is an act of desperation and a smoke screen on his part. Were it not then would have implemented one sweeping EO and pressed for it with the fervor shown for the passage of Obamacare. 

Rush Limbaugh tells us that Obama is trying to make Americans snap. I am smarter than Rush, and he is mistaken. Obama does not want America to snap. He wants to buy time. These EOs, along with children on stage and their  letters for emotional impact, have two purposes. One is to appease his left wing base and reassure them that he is doing the job they expect of him, and two is to provide the aforementioned smoke screen to conceal other parts of his agenda.

Obama and the Soros shadow government are actually trying to tamp down dissent and delay the coming upheaval, not trigger it. These EOs will accomplish just that. If a second revolution began today we would win it without a doubt. Our military will not support a totalitarian regime, leaving the dictator totally dependent upon the radical elements that he has fostered and his war machines, and he lacks those machines in sufficient numbers to engage in total war against the guerrilla tactics that free Americans will use. Short of success with existing armament he must rely on UN intervention and few Americans would hesitate to fire on foreign troops occupying our soil.

See the video below in Suggested Reading that details the plan to deploy 30,000 "unarmed" UAVs into the skies over America. It comes in two joined segments and the last line of the second video is the most revealing, for it is there that a comment is made about none of our leaders sounding a warning to America about what is taking place.

As you continue reading behold some of the behemoths that the DHS are purchasing for "rescue" missions; hardened armor, bullet proof glass and tires, machine gun turrets and battering rams.

Take a good look at it. It is a relatively small model. Note the detachable cage on top. On short notice it can be outfitted with armor plate, mounted with armament and manned by a crew of men. Now, guess who owns it. Thanks to a grant from DHS this war machine belongs to UC Berkeley, home of liberals and peace activists. Now, I must ask, why do those who want to disarm America want to arm themselves so well? Any doubts? Try this link:

Liberal Berkeley Poised To Acquire Armored Vehicle

This is a nice model, owned and operated by the Department of Homeland Security. Note if you will the Police/Rescue designation. How many Americans in this nation have ever been under attack from a company of foreign troops and needed such a war machine to come to their rescue? This is not a rescue vehicle. This is designed for assault. I mentioned above that the latest batch of EOs are no more than a smoke screen tasked to do nothing but distract from the true danger. The next time you are posting a comment from your favorite "conservative" Congressman about how he is fighting for your Second Amendment rights, take a few minutes and search the internet to see if he or she has discussed these machines that are designed for mechanized warfare against a civilian populace. They are a far greater danger than a ban on high capacity magazines. If your Congressman has not warned his people then he is part of the problem and you will one day pay dearly for your lack of knowledge.

Here's one you might like to have if your grandmother is trapped by rising water and in need of rescue. The weaponry protruding on both sides may prove useful if she lives in an alligator infested swamp, and I cannot help but wonder what is mounted in those two compartments on the rear of this rescue vehicle. All of these vehicles are equipt with a battering ram boom for knocking down doors and walls as well as heavy towing hookups that can also tow a squad of men in an armored trailer right to her front door in comfort as they enact the poor lady's rescue.

Now take a look at those who will rescue you in your time of need and guide you unto the path of righteousness. Before you feel too much anger for them realize that they too are victims. They have been raised under the yoke of liberalism and graduated into a world where the government is the best chance for stable employment.

As I stated earlier Obama and the Soros shadow government are not trying to make Americans snap. They would prefer delaying the full implementation of dictatorial rule until 2015 anticipating the disarmament of much of our population during the interim, but they are hedging on their bet, uncertain if they can delay an American uprising for that long.

Obama is not the brightest bulb in the box, but do not make the error of underestimating those who pull his strings from above. They are winning! 

Thought control is so simple when dealing with those who think not. Recall if you will, the election of 2008 and Team Obama's tactics of keeping the youth, the blacks, the radicals and their kind fired up on adrenalin with incessant text messages to their cell phones. Those calling the shots learned well the overwhelming power of manipulation of the masses with the aid of modern technology.

The now famed Obama Phone ... An act of sheer genius, an act not only of thought control, but also more smoke and mirrors. Most are convinced that Obama was buying votes with those cell phones. As usual most people are mistaken. True, he may have gained a few votes from his gifts, but not many. The recipients of his generosity were a well chosen target audience. The vast majority would have voted for him anyway.

Why phones? Why not a toaster or a TV? Why not a hoodie so that the loyal could look like Trayvon Martin? The answer to those whys is simple. Toasters, TVs, and hoodies do not grant the benefactor with thought control. Phones do. Those phones come with limited minutes per month. How many I do not know, but limited minutes was the Obama Phone Lady's biggest complaint. However they can receive unlimited incoming text messaging. That allows for thought control, and is part of Team Obama's plan B.

Only a total fool would deny that a revolution is brewing. The question now is who makes the first move? Obama hopes that it is him, in 2015 after passing more laws, regulations, and rulings against a docile population. If America sits idle that long hoping that the GOP will save them, Obama wins without a doubt, for by then he will have far more assault vehicles than we will be able to deal with. If armed Americans start making their presence felt before then Plan B and cell phones come into play.

I have no doubt that you recall the horrors of the disorganized L.A. riots. The police and firefighters were helpless, facing out of control savages. Lend no racial connotation to that remark, for race has nothing to do with it. Any group that behaves with such wanton viciousness are savages and deserve no more flattering connotation. 

Picture now, if you will, the magic of technology and a well organized riot. One simple push of one key and identical text messages are sent to every Obama Phone in a four block radius telling the recipients to loot the liquor store and the gun store at the corner of Walk and Don't Walk. Then imagine the same message, except with different corners designated, sent to every four block area across the nation at the same time. Thus we have organized pandemonium!

Everyone has been concerned about the prospects of Martial Law. One man sitting at a keyboard in Washington can trigger a cascade effect of riots that will ripple across this nation, via the Obama Phone. Naturally this outbreak of crime in our inner cities would give grounds to call for the disarming of the law abiding citizens living in the suburbs and rural districts, thus the need for the DHS assault vehicles pictured above, coming to a block near you.

Of course such provoked rage needs a trigger, which is easily arranged. One simple announcement that the GOP controlled house is demanding such cost cutting measures that this month's welfare benefits and Social Security disability checks are unavailable. Many such issues could fire that rage but it will only take one, and that is as good as any.

Such organized riots would be far worse than anything we saw in Los Angeles. Within hours everything would be stripped from the shelves of those who provide food, medicines, and the bare sustenance of life to the inner cities, and the buildings would be ablaze. Those whose homes are not burned in the firestorm would rest on their laurels for a few days enjoying the stolen liquor and food, until it runs out. Starvation and thirst will force the survivors outward, away from the destruction they have wrought, and civil war is under way, controlled and manipulated via the Obama Phone.

America, most would look at the images above and the video posted below and acknowledge the danger without hesitation. Were I to single out the greatest threat to our freedom it would have to be the Soros and affiliated shadow government that is leaching away all that is traditionally ours by birthright. The second greatest danger we face is the one that I have failed miserably in my efforts to convince the unwary.

Have you ever heard of a baited field? I have no doubt that all of my friends in rural and hunting areas know the term. For the sake of city dwellers I shall briefly explain. A baited field is where someone places a salt lick, grain, or other food stuffs to attract animals, making them easy targets for unscrupulous hunters. Fines can range from $15,000 to $100,000 with up to a year in jail. I support this law wholeheartedly.

As to how this pertains to our lost freedoms: The second biggest danger we face is in trusting the Republican Party. It is no longer the party of Ronald Reagan. Such a man would be crushed today. The GOP has become that baited field. They utter those soothing words, those promises, those lies that give false hope to the trusting and the gullible. They set up the hopeful for a fall, and the Democratic Party fleeces them. They work well together in spite of the well choreographed bluster we hear on the news.

My previous essay is indicative of my changing attitude and perspective. I stated that I would never again climb that mountain and I shall not. I have in past efforts tried to alert all to the dangers we face. That has ended. Many choose a world of denial and that is their right as Americans. I shall make no further efforts to dissuade them from their viewpoints. Those who contact me on a regular basis are leaders. That is apparent from their remarks. When the going gets rough it will be they who must take over and lead those nearby. I shall waste no further time on those who cannot stand alone.

A few months ago one of my regular readers asked me how I do what I do and still retain my sanity. Sometimes I wonder myself. Most enjoy the solace of wishful thinking, of blind hope, and of the willful blindness that shields them from the terrors that lie before us, but at least their wishful thinking does give them a brief respite until reality, such as a lost election, kicks them in the face. I have had no let up and no escape for I understand the long term agenda and remain focused on it. Wishful thinking and groundless hope are luxuries that I can ill afford. Many lack focus and are easily confused, distracted by events beyond their grasp, and vulnerable to false promises by traitors such as Mitt Romney. 

He was the Keystone, the vital link, and the last false hope for deluded Americans. Now while many still circulate those worthless petitions for impeachment and look toward yet another sham election, in regards to actual hope, they have none. Nothing short of bloodshed, and the death of millions will stop the ruin of civilization, and yet so many still refuse to comprehend that harsh reality, and they shall perish not even knowing why.

I am so very weary for even I have limits, but never have I so closely approached them. Long ago I saw the tapestry unfurled before me and warned, yet few heeded. They chose denial, they chose to follow a false hope, and in following they found a new Messiah and embraced a false god, and when the votes were counted, when the foul evil deed had been done, he turned from them, and they wept, and I wept, for I had been so right, and so many millions had been so very very wrong.

Would that I could, I would have fallen on a sword to free America, but my blood alone will not suffice to wash away the errors of the people of this nation. We must now all pay for our misdeeds, our transgressions, and our foolish behavior, for it was we who opened Pandora's box and freed the fearful beasts of hell to roam among us.
I have been brought down, weakened by despair, tearful for those whom I have not reached. I behold their weakness and mourn their certain loss, and I must accept the fact that they are indeed lost. Looking now at the basic issue of survival, I shall leave them to their destiny as I follow mine. Battered but unbroken I will continue, for in this life I have learned much, but never how to quit or deny reality. 

I am not religious and yet often lean upon the Bible for the wisdom found there, and finally grasp the enormity of the strength that was possessed by Moses. In the book of Exodus God spoke of those whom Moses had to lead; a stiff necked people looking neither left nor right, looking only to their own way, seeing only what they choose. 

People have not changed in these many thousands of years for so many choose not to listen or see, leaving them unable to lead as well as unwilling to follow. A blight upon the land.

Complacency, escapism, and denial. Those three words may one day define what happened to this great nation. Many are they who wonder aimlessly in a growing fog of despair, looking for a way out but fearing the light of day, for in that light they must face a truth that is so unkind. Far easier to seek seclusion in that fog of their own making, wishing that someone else will go forth, face the future, overcome all threats and then save them. I am not that man.
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