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Tuesday, April 29, 2014


I am betting that Eric Holder wet his pants from laughing so hard about his latest victory. 

In my recent essay Bundy Ranch-Roadmap To The Future I stated that the BLM had no intentions of winning that round, as that whole choreographed episode was simply a dry run to take the pulse of America. Well, they are still taking that pulse and regretfully I must announce that we have flat lined.

A few nights ago I read this nonsensical thing about Eric Holder having authorized a drone attack on the Bundy Ranch with the intent to kill everyone present. OK, I thought, just another hoax to deal with before it gets totally out of hand. Well, as I expected, it was a hoax but not from any of the sources that I would have expected. This one came straight from the DOJ. Every hoax has a target audience in mind and this one was the Oath Keepers (OK) with a secondary target of conservative America. The OK proudly claim to have a mole inside the DOJ feeding them information but after this latest episode I am far more inclined to believe that the DOJ has a mole inside the OK camp spreading disinformation. The left has managed to infiltrate everything else, why not the Oath Keepers?

Two days ago I encountered a link that I believed to be just another bit of sensationalism and/or hoax and after doing a Google search wound up at a site known as The Liberty Beacon. The blogger claimed to have talked to Stewart Rhodes, Oath Keepers founder, about the DOJ turning the Bundy Ranch into a flaming kill zone. Sure enough Mr. Rhodes had indeed talked to him and the recording is available a slight distance down the page by the image Radio Free Redoubt.

Now, as I understand the OK they are supposed to be veterans, ex police officers and such who still honor their oath to protect this nation. As the emblem above states 'Guardians of the Republic'. That sounds like a noble endeavor, and indeed many of those who left their home state to support Cliven Bundy in his battle with the BLM were members of OK.

If you click the play feature at the Radio Free Redoubt point you can listen to the blog author and Mr. Rhodes discussing the issue and Rhodes goes on to relate that his source in the DOJ had sent a message that Eric Holder had truly authorized a murderous attack on the Bundy Ranch; mind you it had not been ordered, simply authorized; there is a great deal of difference between the two.

Rhodes goes on to relate that his man 'Mack' had actually met with this mole and believed his story, and before long 'Mack' who was on the phone with Rhodes joins in the conversation. All three men expressed skepticism about the validity of this mole's report and by that point, believing that the mole was indeed OK's man I had concluded that Eric Holder or his allies had figured out that there was a spy among them and fed him some disinformation to flush him out.

Many speak only with contempt about Obama, Holder, and their ilk as being incompetent. I disagree and give credit where due, after all these 'incompetent' people are beating us severely, are they not? I firmly believe in the old adage of 'Know thine enemy'. I regard the entire Democratic Party to be my enemy and I call them many obscene names, but never incompetent.

At any rate I had dismissed the whole story as nonsense used only to reveal a mole. There is absolutely no way that they are going to kill in excess of two hundred people in a drone attack. Should such a thing actually occur even the liberals would join us.

But further into the conversation between the three men Rhodes indicated that he was quite skeptical about the story himself but, comparing his situation to a bomb threat in a school and how everyone is evacuated, and how it is better to err on the side of safety. He went on to say that in spite of his skepticism he would disperse OK's men further out on the perimeter rather than having them all concentrated near the ranch house.

I have no problem with that as any battlefield commander worth his salt would do the same in light of a potential threat. Today the plot thickens as we see the ranch hands and other telling us that OK dispersed well beyond the perimeter, in fact they went as far as Las Vegas and rented hotel rooms.

At this point I have no idea how many were at the ranch from OK but let us assume that the number is thirty. Had Rhodes split that group into ten or fifteen separate groups and had them encircle the ranch in a five mile radius, the maximum losses would have been two or three men even with a Hellfire missile, leaving the rest to join in a counterattack when federal forces arrived. He did not do that. When faced with even a most unlikely threat he ordered a full retreat. That is why I stated above that Holder must be laughing.

This was supposed to be an honorable and patriotic group that renewed their oath to defend against all threats both foreign and domestic, Conservative America has for years hailed them as heroes, yet when confronting a most unlikely event they abandon their post and head for the casinos.

If my analysis sounds harsh click this link and hear what the ranch hands have to say about OK. They never want to see the Oath Keepers again and have barred them from setting foot on the Bundy Ranch in the future.
The Link.

A few days ago in a comment on one of my essays a friend used a term to describe America; a term that almost haunts me in its accuracy, for that term was 'splintered', and this nation most certainly is. I think back to the election of 2008 and recall when at one point things began to look bad for Obama as McCain surged ahead with the help of Sarah Palin. Then like a miracle out of the blue we suffered a serious economic crash, which could be blamed on the GOP. McCain's advisers put an end to Sarah Palin referring to Obama as a socialist and shortly before the election McCain stated for the world to hear that Obama was definitely not a socialist and would make a fine President.

Since then everything has been steadily going downhill. The Tea Party was born to be promptly castigated by the left and the news media with the lone exception of Glenn Beck and Fox News, and so they grew in popularity and managed to take the House back in 2010. That was another great splintering of our country for as soon as we had managed to give more seats to the GOP they turned on the Tea Party and began a series of ritually standing up to Obama and then caving when time came to vote.

2012 Mitt Romney RINO/Progressive put up a valiant fight against his opponents in the primaries and then during the actual Presidential campaign began telling us what a 'nice guy' Obama is. Still more splintering as we knew that the election was rigged but uncontested. Romney went on vacation as Allen West was fed to the wolves by the Romney campaign team.

Obama's reelection finally began convincing many Americans that we may indeed be involved in a civil war if we are to maintain the liberties that we were born with. Consequently the Oath Keepers became a rallying point for many concerned citizens who put great faith in them and now we find that in their very first remote possibility of danger they withdraw. Stewart Rhodes compared his action to vacating children from a school that had received a bomb threat. That is like comparing apples and rocks. You naturally lead the children to safety, but I find it totally unacceptable that men who like to appear as heroes patting themselves on the back and stating they stand for America turn around and behave like children. Those splinters do accumulate. Let us add yet another.

When I first listened to Mr. Rhodes on that internet radio program I thought that discretion is often the better part of valor. When I learned that he had abandoned the ranch I assumed that he had lost his nerve. Then one of the speakers in the video link above suggested the possibility that the OK may be working for the Feds. That thought set me back a few paces, and I certainly will not believe that all of the OK members do, but then they do not have to.

We have seen the Democratic Party infiltrated and then taken over by Progressives and communists. We have seen the same thing taking place in the GOP, our unions, our schools, our courts, and even our military. Perhaps that young cowboy was right. All they had to do in the effort to destroy the OK movement was to buy the leadership. Many Americans have been developing faith in the Oath Keepers and now we find that they have feet of clay or have sold out for thirty pieces of silver.

If we were dealing with but one or two major problems we could stand strong against the onslaught but it is not one or two problems. Our economy is being destroyed, we changed sides in the war on terror, the GOP knows for certain that a massive influx of immigrants across our southern border will destroy not only the GOP but the nation as well, and yet they support amnesty.

Our military is being systematically drained of its ability to defend this nation as Russia, China, and Iran grow in strength. Since Obama took office racism has become rampant as roving bands of young blacks assault helpless white senior citizens. We are all supposed to be equal before the law but are finding that Muslims, Latinos, and Blacks are more equal.

I could go on and on with such a list but there is no need. If you are reading this essay you are intelligent enough to realize that we are in dire straights and things grow worse by the day. That an awful struggle lies in our future there is no doubt as this nation is now splintered beyond redemption and so I shall close this essay with a though that was hammered into my head in airborne basic training those many years ago. 

Your weapon is your best friend. Take care of it, and it will take care of you.

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