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Friday, April 18, 2014


Back when Obama was first running for President the word was put out to his followers that if they heard anyone criticizing him or posting derogatory remarks on the internet, to send the comments and everything you could about the non-believer to Obama campaign headquarters. That set the stage for anyone who is capable of rational thought, telling us that we were en route to a new communist Utopia. We saw him lying and making promises that no human being could possibly keep and yet he was elected, and that is why I made the above comment about people who are capable of rational thought. Quite obviously we are outnumbered.

The problem grew worse when a financial bubble burst at just the right moment(Coincidence or triggered?) and then just before the election Traitor McCain assured the American public that Obama was a good family man and most certainly not a socialist. Well this nation has been going downhill ever since and so has my tendency to believe what I hear or read.

Over the next year I became a confirmed skeptic as I began putting together bits and pieces of the puzzle and and realizing just how much misinformation and disinformation(M&D) we were being subjected to by both parties. At one point I wrote an essay warning that the closer we got to the 2010 election the more M&D we would be assailed with, referring to the tactic as smoke and mirrors. In that essay was a warning that 2012 would be still worse as would every following year. Called that one right.

As far as our nation's capitol goes most of us are well aware that ninety nine percent of what we hear is lies which has given some of us a natural immunity, but there is another group that I fear nearly as much, if not more than the politicians and that is the collective group of the experts of M&D that daily bring new hoaxes and sensationalized half truths to a gullible nation. Honest Americans want something to believe in. They have already ruled out most political leaders and the MSM, leaving them with a choice only of the alternative media, believing what is posted in various groups (bad choice) or to do as I do and search daily for the real truth. Admittedly that entails a certain amount of effort but over the years I have simplified the process and have incorporated it into a library that I have built which is now available for everyone who really want to know just what is going on.

Words are a funny thing. Do you know the difference between a great victory and a massacre? A great victory is when we win and kill a lot of the enemy. A massacre is when the enemy wins and kills a lot of our soldiers. The same can be said about news and propaganda. The good guys present the news and the bad guys only put out propaganda. A synonym for propaganda is disinformation, and that leads me to why I am making this point.

At one time I thought that I had these hoax generators figured out. Jokers, laughing at the American public that they have tricked while making a great deal of money in the process because their sites are loaded with advertising as well as pop ups, and their many advertisers pay them for every hit the site gets. Therefore the greatest profit can be realized by producing the most sensational headlines. People read the incredible and quickly pass it on to others, seldom making an effort to ascertain the truth of what has been presented.

Earlier this week I encountered a prime example.

I turned on my computer and learned that the Feds had double crossed Clive Bundy and were returning in force and it was very convincing; unless you are as skeptical as I. There was a brief video and sure enough they were taping a long line of federal vehicles, paddy wagon and command center passing down the highway. The problem: It looks convincing but people enacting a hoax will use a video, a headline, or an actual comment and could care less if the material they use is over a year old.

To make a long story short it took me but a few minutes to run a Google search, and the postings on this double cross were already very numerous, but I could find not one reliable source to validate the new assault. What I did find was that the first mention came from Above Top Secret about midnight. Immediately it was picked up by the other hoax and sensationalist sites and it went ballistic, with not one word of truth backing it. Needless to say there must have been millions of people reposting it and unintentionally spreading the hoax.

Most who use the internet fail to do a background search on what they are about to repost and even those who do often encounter page after page of the same thing being repeated, and then conclude that it must be true. What started off as a few minutes of searching then turned into several hours of research, partly because we were being hit with an avalanche of other hoaxes all at the same time and I began debunking those one at a time, and then it was like someone had turned on the lights for I began to develop a different opinion about hoax sites and their purpose.

Now I no longer believe that they are simply mercenary jokers as evidence points toward them being part of the enemy camp. Those who originate these hoaxes and distortions always have a target audience in mind.

Let us try a few...Now who wouldn't trust a site like this? It has it all, Conservative, Reagan, the Right. Bunch of good ole boys. Right? Wrong! They are setting you up big time. They serve our enemies and their role is to provide us with disinformation and if you fall for their ploy and repost their lies without first investigating, then you are by default serving the Progressive agenda.

Scan down the page. Depending on when you read this it will have changed but at the moment there is one headline story from Fox to give this hoax site an air of respectability and the rest is pure bunk, preying on America's interest in the Bundy ranch, and providing only lies to keep you confused.

Let us try National Report. Now that is a fine sounding name for a site. Who could question their motives. They even provide images of Ted Cruz and Sarah Palin to get the old patriotic blood flowing. Who could ask for more? Well to be perfectly honest, I could. I am on the internet in search of elusive truths. Such rubbish as this only blocks the way.

A certain air of innocence can be claimed by the 'Satire' sites as if you bother to read the article you will find that they employ a warped sense of humor and that the headline that caught your eye is pure nonsense. After my latest epiphany I am less inclined to accept Satire site as simply producing satire. These people know perfectly well that most of those who are trying to wake America up will not even read two paragraphs. They see a headline and repost. And what of those headlines? They are designed to instill fear, anger, hatred, and confusion; just like propaganda.

What leads me to believe that these hoax and satire sites are wings of the enemy camp and not simply practical jokers is their target audience. These hoaxes are directed at YOU, the conservative. No liberal, and no progressive is going to be misled by the lies these people crank out because they do not read what is on these so called 'Conservative Sites'. You are the target; if you believe those headlines, you become their victim, and if you repost their lies, you are an unwitting accomplice of those who are determined to destroy the American way of life.

Have you ever heard of 'The man who never was'? It was one of the greatest pieces of disinformation ever. When the Allies were preparing to invade Sicily in 1943 they knew that the island was heavily defended by the Axis forces and that we would face a horrendous loss of life, and so a great lie was concocted. They took the body of a man who had just died, dressed him in the appropriate attire, and placed documents from the Admiralty on him that indicated the Allies intention to assault Greece, and not Sicily. His body was put into the waters on a current that would take him into German held territory. As planned, they discovered the body, read the documents, and redeployed the bulk of their troops to Greece.

Nothing better indicates the value of getting your enemy to fall for a lie, and everyday I watch in horror as fellow conservatives read headlines and are taken in by the deceptions but usually fail to read the article.

Oddly enough people keep falling for hoaxes from the same sources over and over again. A few months ago I was discussing this with an internet friend and she told me that sometimes the site in question will print something that is true. Of course they do and that is camouflage. Any site is subject to make an occasional mistake, and the reputable sites will acknowledge the fact and print a retraction. Not our hoaxers, they just keep on coming up with their wild stories, and their gullible victims just keep on walking into the trap.

Most of those victims will never read this essay as it contains far too many paragraphs and the title will not really grab their attention. For those who have made it this far and do not want to be a victim I offer a solution, and request your assistance. Help me to expose these hoaxes as soon as they occur. The internet library I have built is massive and I expect none to read it all, however, I hope that everyone reading this essay will check out the segment about hoaxes and sensationalism. If you have a little more time try News Sources, for if you seek reliable information, this has links to some of the best, as well as some of our best informed think tanks. 

Know thine enemy, so the saying goes. Surely there are more but I have identified a great many for you. Become familiar with their sites. Adjust your thinking. Stop thinking of them as hoaxers and satirists. Don't laugh at them and say that they are stupid. That is exactly what they are doing to us. These people are your enemy. Expose them for what they really are and point them out to others.

Do your research!

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