Some see, few know, many choose to wander aimlessly in a fog, devoid of sunlight. I seek the light of day and leave the others to their chosen realm of ignorance. They are the ones who have brought this great nation down. I write only for the benefit of those who possess the courage required to restore our birthright.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014


I have changed so much since Hussein Obama assumed the throne, and quite honestly am none too fond of some of those changes. I once detested the term 'The masses' feeling that the phrase degraded the good that I believed existed in my fellow man. Today I use 'the masses' and openly use it with a note of contempt. Gone are my mistaken beliefs that there is a little good in everyone.

I think back to my formative years in school and recall my teachers. Some were average, some outstanding, one was truly exceptional, and naturally there were a few who would have been better off in a different vocation, but None were slutty. Today the image and the expectations have changed, and it is our children who will pay the price for our permissive attitudes.

While checking for the latest news this morning I ran across two articles that truly bothered me; one from my home state of West Virginia, and the other from 
Arkansas; both revealing what our education system has come to. The teachers of West Virginia want the right to wear spandex as they teach young children, and the ogres of the School Board of Little Rock Arkansas are demanding that teachers wear underwear.

Needless to say the teachers' unions are supporting a liberal or non existent dress code and opposing any authority that hopes to make teachers look and behave as teachers should. I must ask what is wrong with expecting teachers to serve as role models? What is wrong with expecting them to teach the necessary skills to our young while appearing as a lady-like or gentlemanly authority figure as they stand before their class?

Today we spend more money on education than ever before in the history of this nation and many of those who manage to graduate high school are not qualified to fill out an employment application. In modern America our young leave school well versed in political correctness, the blessings of communism, alternate life styles, their right to free abortions without the knowledge or consent of their parents, and an expectation that big brother will care for them all the days of their lives. But, they have not been trained to function as members of a productive society.

The following is an excerpt from the Daily Caller's account of the Little Rock School District's efforts to establish guidelines for teachers who would never have made the grade in my youth:

"Foundational garments shall be worn and not visible with respect to color, style, and/or fabric," the letter reads. "No see through or sheer clothing shall be allowed, and no skin shall be visible between pants/trousers, skirts, and shirts/blouses at any time."

T-shirts, patches and other clothing containing slogans for beer, alcohol, drugs, gangs or sex will also be prohibited. Other verboten garments will include cut-off jeans with ragged edges, cut-out dresses and spaghetti straps if teachers aren't wearing at least two layers.

Flip flops will be banned. "Tattoos must be covered if at all possible." No jogging suits, either (although gym and dance teachers do get a pass on this one).

And the very worst of all: No spandex.

"Slogans for beer, alcohol, drugs, gangs or sex will also be prohibited." I must question the need to prohibit these highlighted items from the teachers' dress code. Logic leads me to believe that all of the above have at one time on anther been worn to school as they 'teach' our impressionable children. The school boards are concerned with a dress code. I am far more concerned with the absence of a moral code, for unlike those slutty teachers whose primary interest seems to be exposing themselves before minors, I know history and am well versed in the ultimate fate of all societies that have ever abandoned their moral code. That fate has without fail been the ruin and the downfall of their society.

Now, here in the 21st century the once mighty United States is sinking into an abyss of ignorance and depravity and its demise is being promoted in liberal homes and progressive schools. Moral turpitude has become the guiding light for a nation stumbling blindly in darkness, and this degradation begins with misdirecting our young, and it will end as savages dance on the ashes of a once great people.

Today many are quite rightly concerned about the problems of Common Core, but that is only another symptom of our moral depravity. Take away Common Core and replace it with what we were taught fifty years ago and most of our teachers would be in a state of shock for they do not know what we were taught when America stood proud before the world. They grew up in the drug culture and love-in world of the sixties, seventies, and eighties, and daily they go to class to promote an evermore permissive point of view.

Now these instructors teach sexual techniques, moral equivalence, moral ambiguity, and political correctness. Meanwhile many of them are turning our children into their sexual partners. Try this link: Page after page of stories of child molesting teachers.

Common core is a problem, but not The Problem. Slutty teachers are a problem but not The Problem. Obama is a problem but not The Problem. The same can be said about the people we have elected to serve us, about our left leaning churches, our failing economy, our welfare system, and our foreign policy. Gone are the days when we could look at a crisis situation and say 'here is what's wrong.'

Now everything is wrong and this nation is beyond redemption. We are headed for the rocks and those who have not yet realized it will be high on the casualty lists. Those lists will be very very long. Although I write of topics that many regard as doom and gloom, I am essentially an optimist, and once hoped that when this nation collapses the death toll would be less than six million Americans. Foolish optimism on my part. Bill Ayers, unrepentant terrorist, as well as friend and ghost writer for Obama was much closer to the truth.

Our schools, Common Core, slutty teachers, and corrupt politicians are but symptoms, and a forewarning of what is to be, and that future is due to the fact that we have abandoned our moral code and are rushing headlong into the waiting arms of communism. Before Obama was first elected in 2008 all America knew of his involvement with Jeremiah Wright, Bill Ayers, and the Chicago crime machine, and they voted for him anyway. Societal death by suicide. Cause and effect. The cause is greed, gullibility, and stupidity. The effect is death and enslavement.

I hope that you will take two minutes to watch this video of Larry Grathwohl, FBI infiltrator to Bill Ayres' Weather Underground. In the video you will hear of the plan to send Americans to reeducation camps and kill the twenty five million who refuse to be indoctrinated. Add to that horrendous death toll the millions who will die in the first four months of revolution due to their inability to obtain their life giving medications and electricity to power their oxygen concentrators. Still more will die due to starvation and thirst during the early days of the collapse that finalizes Obama's transformation of America. Yet more will be killed as the result of looting, rioting and burning.

It is now far too late to hope for a turn around in our nation's capitol as no political solution is possible. Those few brave souls in D.C. who still defend old America have simply not reached the point where they have acknowledged that all is already lost. Those who hang on these leaders' words and believe that all can still be made right are only lessening their chances for survival as they believe in fairy tails instead of preparing for the inevitable and planning to survive it.

Lately I have not been writing at all as I have chosen to move to a small town which is far more defensible than my previous place of residence. I plan to survive the coming catastrophe and should I not, I fully intend to drastically reduce the number of America's enemies. In spite of the fact that I have not had the time to write I have still managed to stay abreast of breaking news and have tried to keep my internet library fairly well up to date. By the way, that library is now beginning to take off and is being used more widely with each passing day. Visit if you get a chance...
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  1. Oh how I wish you were just a paranoid lunatic. But if you are, then so are many of us. Those with intelligence and a knowledge of history can see what is happening, but feel powerless to stop or change it. It has been building for many years, even decades. I used to think everything went crazy in the sixties, but after a few years of reading history and political websites, it seems to have begun with the Frankfurt school. It may be the communists that began the slide into insanity, but I believe it has metastasized beyond their wildest dreams. When I read the Communist goals as printed in the Congressional Record in 1963
    it looks like they are basically done with their infiltration, and it is just a matter of time before the switch is thrown. You are probably correct about the time line, Obama will not leave the White House willingly.
    For my children and grandchildren, I hope you and I are absolutely bonkers, but in my heart I know the truth.

    1. While reading the above an old Beach Boys song kept running through my head; "Wouldn't It Be Nice?" Wouldn't it be nice if we were indeed paranoid lunatics and absolutely bonkers? Would it not also be nice if five years from now we could look back and laugh at our own delusions? I fear that our future holds far too little laughter, and as we look back we shall see a trail of blood, broken bodies, and broken dreams, and we shall look about at the millions who are saying "This is not what we wanted." But as they mourn the loss of something they never understood they will still look for someone else to blame for the hell on Earth that they have created.


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