Some see, few know, many choose to wander aimlessly in a fog, devoid of sunlight. I seek the light of day and leave the others to their chosen realm of ignorance. They are the ones who have brought this great nation down. I write only for the benefit of those who possess the courage required to restore our birthright.

Saturday, May 31, 2014


A special internet friend of mine, wizened by age, recently posted a comment in his group, and I feel compelled to use a  brief quote from his thoughts:
"We face both internal and external threats. Our greatest weakness is that we have an abiding faith that our individual lives will go on as always and that all these highly asserted threats will ultimately disappear without doing any real harm."

In my failing effort to awaken many Americans to the dangers we face I have written extensively on the topics of denial, escapism, and a self imposed blindness to reality, but I must say that I have never seen the topic so well and so succinctly described. Hat tip to RCJ.

I am especially drawn to the words "will ultimately disappear without doing any real harm." Could there ever be a more appropriate description of a fool's paradise? The abiding, and mistaken belief that good must always triumph over evil has led us to the point that evil now has the upper hand and has so thoroughly permeated our culture that what we now regard as moral is often evil in disquise.

Approaching the age of seventy after a lifetime quest for knowledge I have reached the conclusion that nothing in the affairs of men is more important than philosophy, the very framework of any civilization, and a field that far too few study. Second in importance is history, another topic ignored by the bulk of the human race. Third on the list would have to be at least a basic understanding of economics, a field of study also misunderstood by most. 

Anyone well versed in these three fields has an advantage in understanding what is happening to this nation today and where it is headed. By the same token anyone well versed in these three fields who knowingly endorses today's political agenda is a traitor to this nation, those who founded it, and those who have sacrificed their lives in its defense. Finally, those not well versed are destined to be the pawns, sacrificial lambs, and ultimately the victims of the powers that be. 

Knowledge is the only force that can dispel the veil of propaganda and confusion that has become the mainstay of those who are grinding down this nation. Sadly, for whatever reason, most reject knowledge and blindly follow hoaxes, sensationalism, and lying politicians down the yellow brick road to ruin.

Were the situation not so very grim and the future so appalling I would have to be amused at the people of all western nations. The vast majority, failing to grasp the big picture, generally focus their attention on one topic and one topic only and believe that those fields they do not grasp are no real danger that, as my friend so nicely put it, "will ultimately disappear without doing any real harm."

Were I to pinpoint the most stupid remark ever muttered by man it would have to be "What you don't know can't hurt you." The simple fact of the matter is that what you don't know is often the cause of your unexpected demise. Suicide by ignorance is such a tragic waste, but it is a fact that most of our people choose to live in a blissfully ignorant state of mind and lack even the foggiest notion about what is about to overtake and destroy them.

It is said that everyone has their price, and while that is not quite true, it does apply to most of the human race. While some can be had for a mere thirty pieces of silver, there are many who hold out for far more than mere wealth. They sell out their fellow man not for money but power, for power, properly administered, always turns into wealth. In January of this year TIME produced an essay entitled Congress Is Now Mostly A Millionaires Club.

Those millionaires go to the White House and drink from glasses that cost up to eighty five dollars each, at the expense of taxpayers, as they toast themselves and their accomplishments and speak condescendingly of the people they 'help'.

And what of the people they help? There was a time when Detroit was rated the number six city in the world. Now it is regarded as a blighted area and according to Forbes the most miserable of the twenty most miserable cities in the U.S.A..

1. Detroit Mi.

2. Flint Mi.
3. Rockford Ill.
4. Chicago Ill.
5. Modesto Ca.
6. Vallejo Ca.
7. Warren Mi.
8. Stockton Ca.
9. Lake County Ill.
10. New York N.Y.
11. Toledo Ohio
12. St. Louis Mo.
13. Camden N.J.

14. Milwaukee Wisc.
15. Atlantic City N.J.
16. Atlanta Ga.
17. Cleveland Ohio
18. Poughkeepsie N.Y.
19. Gary Ind.
20. Youngstown Ohio

What is happening to all of the above cities and others to a lesser measure is the direct result of our Progressive policies. Each has its own particular stats, but to one degree or the other all are suffering dwindling populations, fueled largely by white flight, unemployment, high taxes, failing businesses, high crime statistics, and massive foreclosures.

Above I mentioned what I regard to be the most important topics that all free men should understand; Philosophy, History, and Economics. However, time is of the essence. In past essays I have projected a likely collapse of this nation for late 2015 to early 2016, and admittedly that allows for far too little time for anyone, at this stage of the game, to become well informed on all three. Therefore I shall not even suggest that anyone try, but there is an alternative; listed toward the end of this essay.

Yesterday I encountered yet another hoax put forth to further deceive the low information voters of this nation. This one was from the well established hoax site National Report telling us that the House is beginning impeachment proceedings against Obama. More B.S. to spread confusion! We all know what B.S. means but it has a dual meaning, the other is Being Suckered. Anyone with the wild aspiration of surviving the coming collapse needs to rapidly become aware of the reality we face and learn how to separate that reality from the propaganda that daily assails the internet.

Take for instance: The following tripe is now making the rounds and believe me it is PURE tripe. This was ostensibly seen in Dearborn Michigan.

I left the following comment to it:
This is not only photoshopped, it is a very poor job of photoshopping. Note the shadows to the left of the sign, late afternoon sun. No shadows at all from the lettering. Also there is no such group as Advancement of Islamic Agenda for America as this Google search reveals. Furthermore, were there such a group they would have used a green background, not dark blue. They associate blue with Israel. The people who are instigating this nonsense are not on our side but they are winning. At this point this piece of rubbish has already been shared nearly a thousand times.
Google link...

Let us try the reliability of politicians:

I have long stated that what we are witnessing in D.C. is no more than a well choreographed Kabuki play and have just ran across another fact to justify my views.

Trey Gowdy is a very impressive young Congressman and he is saying all of the right things and conservative America is swooning at his feet. Quite naturally the left plans to take him down, by any means available; up to and including a hoax to make him look like a traitor in the eyes of his fans.

One such hoax: WBDaily tells us that Trey is appointing Phillip Kiko as the new Executive Director to investigate Benghazi and goes on to list the many far left and Islamic groups that Kiko has represented. Surely such a hoax, if believed, could seriously damage the credibility of Congressman Gowdy. But, the question remains; is it indeed a hoax? It would seem hard to believe that the man who has attracted so much attention and support from members of the Tea Party could possibly appoint such a piece of trash to manage the topic of Benghazi. Sorry! He not only has done this but has done so with the blessing of John Boehner who has long done his best to conceal the truth about Benghazi.

The following is a link to Gowdy's Congressional Site:
The Evidence. Quite naturally the Congressional link does not list Kiko's far left involvement. For that you must access far left and Islamic groups previously posted above. If the truth exists and is on the internet I can find it; admittedly I do not always like what I find, but choose to reveal that truth anyway.

As one politician after another gains credibility and support and then commits an act that is diametrically opposed to all that they have said, I have grown weary of those who say one thing and do another. Consequently I have reached the point of trusting none who seek public office, for the lure of power and wealth has led many astray and I choose not to follow them as they err.

For others like myself that feel betrayed, and lack the time necessary to study philosophy, history, and economics I offer a bit of advice: People like Frank Gaffney, David Horowitz, Trevor Louden, Daniel Greenfield, Richard Poe, Clare M. Lopez, Jamie Glasov, Bill Whittle and others, have the knowledge that you may lack and none seek office, and all have proven to be dedicated patriots. Follow their lead, but for goodness sake, abandon all of these hoax generators and sensationalists. Your life actually depends on knowing the truth.

More truth for the asking...
My Fix Bayonets Library is available to all and covers a wide range of topics; among them are News Sources, some of the most reliable news outlets on the internet, News You May Have Missed, as well as Hoax, Sensationalist, and Satire Sites, and others.

In today's internet world there is no excuse for not knowing the facts of what is taking place, and while the truth may not always set you free, not knowing the truth can most certainly kill you.

Suggested Reading...
Ludwig von Mises Institute: The High Cost of Minimum Wages

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