Some see, few know, many choose to wander aimlessly in a fog, devoid of sunlight. I seek the light of day and leave the others to their chosen realm of ignorance. They are the ones who have brought this great nation down. I write only for the benefit of those who possess the courage required to restore our birthright.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014


It matters not where I look, I find that those we would expect to be leaders in conservative causes doing an abrupt about face and joining the progressive agenda. But the most mystifying of all are those who have grown fabulously wealthy under our free enterprise system of capitalism. One would tend to believe that such people would be the greatest proponents of liberty and self expression. Not so. They donate multi-millions to Soros' NGOs with a purpose of eliminating all freedom and much of the human race from the planet Earth.

Look to Hollywood, Moscow, and Peking. How many have grown rich as actors in communist regimes? Yet our leading socialites advocate political agendas that would never have allowed them to get out of the basic labor force. Imagine Danny Glover harvesting rice in Louisiana or Harry Belafonte digging up potatoes in Idaho. And still both of these wealthy men and many others advocate policies that will put an end to any upward mobility by the American people, regardless of the color of their skins.

Breitbart ... June 20, 2014
Valerie Jarrett, Rupert Murdoch break bread and talk immigration reform strategy

The following day Rupert Murdoch published an article in the Wall Street Journal.
Is the idea of immigration reform complicated by the fact that some immigrants went outside the legal system to be here? Yes, it is complicated even more by the fear some Americans have, quite naturally, of how changing populations might also change our culture, communities and economic circumstances.
Well, of course immigration means change. Immigrants enrich our culture and add to our economic prosperity.

Author's note to Rupert Murdoch:
Mister Murdoch, I live in California and see these immigrants every time I go shopping. Most are overweight(America is the only country in the world where obesity is a health threat to the 'Poor'), they are leading a brood of six or eight children, and the woman is usually pregnant. In the check out line they pay with an EBT card and WIC certificates, and then load the taxpayer funded foods into a reasonably new SUV. And you tell us that such people are going to add to our economic prosperity. Mister Murdoch, have you no shame? 
End Author's note.

Odd how words and their meaning change with the
winds of political fortune. What was once 'Liberals' changed into 'Progressives' and now as many Americans grow weary of progressivism it is morphing into 'Populists'. A rose is still a rose by any name. So too is amnesty. Call it the Dream Act, or its intended beneficiaries Dreamers, or change Amnesty to Immigration Reform, and it is still Amnesty, and anyone with half a brain knows full well that Amnesty will sound the death knell for this nation. So why are so many of the Republican Old Guard jumping aboard the Amnesty Express?

Breitbart ... June 23, 2014
Doctors warn of looming health crisis due to flood of young illegal immigrants
"Tuberculosis(TB) is the single most dangerous disease because it is highly contagious and can be easily picked up at the mall, at a school, or on the bus." Orient told Breitbart News. Cases coming from south of the U.S. border can be very resistant to medications. They don't respond to traditional antibiotics, and the few drugs they may respond to are often toxic, with lots of side effects."
"Legal immigrants have always been required to undergo health screenings," Orient continued, "but these kids coming have no medical screenings and no vaccine records. They're likely coming here with a number of infectious diseases that will spread like wildfire."

What, short of planning the demise of this great nation, would cause our political representatives to leave the U.S. southern border open and even encourage young people who have been raised on a communist training agenda to illegally cross that border with the stated intention of taking 'their country' back? Are you at all familiar with the Hispanic term of 'Reconquista'? It means that the Latinos south of our border are intent on reconquering the area indicated below in red.

Some of the political agitators in Mexico and the U.S. are convincing the Mexican people that the area outlined above is part of Mexico and was stolen by America. The fact of the matter is that the U.S. purchased that land from Mexico after the Mexican American conflict with the signing of the Guadalupe Hidalgo treaty.

I have no doubt that most of my readers are well aware of the reality that facts are virtually disregarded today in favor of political expediency.

Breitbart ... June 22, 2014
Jeff Sessions: Pro Amnesty elites treat people as commodities
Perhaps no issue better illustrates the current divide between everyday citizens and our political and business elites than the issue of immigration. The latter group draws the financial gains from a generous labor supply without considering the perspective of those on the other side of the ledger; the working people who have to worry about being laid off and replaced with lower-wage workers, about the strain placed on their local hospitals and and neighborhood resources, or about cartel violence spilling across the border into their own communities.

If you have any lingering doubts about the intent of this administration to flood this nation with illegal immigrant minors, and the purpose of that flood, let me put those doubts to rest right now. 

Some would call me a conspiracy theorist, and I laughingly accept the title. However, I am more inclined to think of myself as a conspiracy buster. Several weeks ago I wrote an essay entitled Underage Illegal Immigrants-The Plan, listed again below in Suggested Reading. In it I stated that this many children could not possibly have found their way here from nations south of Mexico and that they had to have help from the administration. Thank you so very much Senator Sessions, for validating what I have already written.

The Blaze ... June 24, 2014
Sessions says January ad shows Obama administration knew of pending immigration surge
The surge to 60,000 or so children seen this year was said to catch many off guard, especially since just 6500 children entered the U.S. as early as 2011. But Sessions said the advertisement showed that the administration knew the surge would happen.
"This was in January!" Sessions said on the Senate floor. "In January of this year, they posted an advertisement to handle 65,000. So this raises serious questions."
"Why would the administration claim to be surprised by the current influx of unaccompanied minors when they were taking bids in January for a contract to handle the exact situation, almost the exact number that we've seen?" he asked. "So how did they anticipate the very number it seems we've had at least to date?"
The January advertisement sought a range of services for up to 65,000 children. Most of these were related to transportation, but several other services were listed.

And...(The actual advertisement appears in the following link)

The Blaze June 20, 2014
Gov't confirms authenticity of contract request for 'Escort Services for Unaccompanied Alien Children' at the border
The request specifically says it was preparing for 65,000 undocumented children.
The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement confirmed the request to The Blaze, which is for transportation companies to escort children from the U.S.-Mexico border to relocation facilities throughout the United States.

I write of anarchy and chaos, and that topic is multi-faceted, with illegal immigration being but one of those many facets. Others are terrorism, the Islamic threat, the Middle East, the U.N., the economy, our corrupt political leaders, a failing education system, and an apathetic population. The list just goes on and on. Anarchy and chaos are a reality, and this A&C is a diabolical plan designed by George Soros and the communists to destroy this nation. Any responsible American should be working constantly to become evermore aware of the dangers. So many do not. 

Others tend to congregate at sites such as this and that is good. What is coming cannot be stopped, but the wise can accept that reality and prepare for the collapse. The best thing that anyone can do today is to reject the hype and hysteria that abounds and find truth where it is available.

Some hope for the best, and I have no problem with hope, but add 'Prepare for the worst.' Others look to the upcoming election as being our best hope. Again, I have no trouble with any who want to Vote'm Out, but I look to our recent rigged elections and again caution all to 'Prepare for the worst.'

Many are devising great plans to save America and telling us that we will be saved if only their plan is followed. Plan away and enjoy the effort, but if you cannot get our politicians to adopt your plan 'Prepare for the worst.'

And why do I say 'Prepare for the worst.'?

My fellow Americans, this nation was built on a firm foundation of morality, idealism, principles, and laws. The process of erosion have destroyed them all. The very foundation that rested on the bedrock statement of 'A nation of laws, and not of men', has been swept away by political expediency.

We have all seen the members of Congress questioning political leaders about the many scandals that now rock our nation and those leaders, lie, claim to have no knowledge or memory of certain events, avoid answering questions and take the Fifth Amendment. We know that they are lying, our Congressmen know that they are lying, the MSM knows that they are lying and Nothing is done about it. Truth is a thing of the past, and without truth, nothing moral can continue to exist.

And so I shall close this essay with one inescapable truth; that being that this nation and, for that matter, the entire world is beset by anarchy and chaos, and this state of affairs has been brought into existence to tear down our entire civilization. The best thing that any of us can do is to accept the situation and 'Prepare for the worst.'

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  1. I think that these turncoat political traitors are concerned entirely with preserving the myth of their unblemished public reputations and terrified of being accused of being prejudiced in any way.
    I intend to keep my positive prejudices.

  2. I was not active commenting in the last few weeks, though I read and reread every essay as close as one comes to Bible studies.
    I must smile beacause I am a spiritual person, but Bible studies are not (nor ever were) my forte.
    Taking a good look at present plus the last 100 years of history with attention focused on the past 23 years (since the fall of USSR)
    brings me to a nightmare replayed every day with blessings of all dangerous idiots in Washington, DC elected by brainless morons wearing pink glasses, chasing hope and change on a wings of parting waters, healing Earth, delivering change beyond imaginery Unicorns of transformation!!!

    ... Admiral Butterfly having enough primal instict to fly few thousands miles returning to Brazil not only to the same forest but to the same branch...
    and 300 million Americans can not figure out 536 leeches for the past 150 years!!!
    I have said it many times before:
    I hope the collapse will take place soon, and I hope there is going to be enough hardship to make people dig for weed roots for food and lucky from time to time to catch a rat as a protein intake...
    (never mind, that would mean NY, LA and Chicago would survive just fine)...
    Last few months being in Poland (for health reasons) I observed phenomenal occurance:
    hatred toward Americans and Israel at levels never before known.
    awereness of political warmongering by US and Israel unpresidented.
    Mocking michelle obama, I must say:
    for the first time in my life I am ashemed to be American (as associated with US government).
    The story of cooking frogs slowly certainly applies to American people, we are well done, stick a fork and enjoy it!!!
    What a pitty!
    Driving a friend to a Katowice airport few days ago...reading upon Mexican border wide open a thought sprung in my head:
    ...war a terror...we are patted , gropped as potential terrorists and thousands walking into US southern border are free to do so..
    ok...let me get that straight:
    holding US passport, sworn into US allegiance I am treated as a terrorist, but thousands of unknown origins and intend are allowed walk among us ?...
    Call me stupid, but there is something VERY WRONG with the whole "war on terror" idea!
    The way I see it we do have a problem with terrorists alright! most of them reside in million dollar mansions, hold top positions and dictate our policies at the stroke of their pens on unlimited supply of paper, stealing billions of taxpayers money, showing us middle finger, and we as citizens are taking it as an onnoying street performers not worth any attention.
    All the imaginery world of DC perfection and dominance is going to collapse with a resounding aftershake burring many of us (literally).
    Very troblesome are the predictions of coming 911 ten folded by most xxxheads...
    Cheney, Cameron, obama worring about Manhattan, it seem like we are being conditioned for already something decided upon, so they can turn public opinion toward another bombing into cave age places most of Americans can not find on a map.
    Hundreds of ideas are floating around how to react and what to do, and I said few years ago:
    stop buying and supporting the elites!!!
    I would not ask for unsubscribing to cable TV, but limit your consumption by $10 a week...
    one less soft drink, one less bag of potatoe chips, one less beer, use old tshirts and old bedsheets for wipes...
    one can devote few minutes and calculate: $10 dollars a week x let say 10 millions Americans = 100 millions a week less for corporation to deal with, almost half billion a month lost revenues without minimal impact on any participating individual (they may as well invest the money in long storage beans or rice)..
    My appology for the rant.
    I am very upset with my fellow Americans and fearfull for our collective future!

    I was having problem posting my comment.
    Danny feel free to delete one if both of them show up.

    1. Joanna, I know that you are busy trying to lighten the burden on many of those around you. If you lack the time to reply it is quite understandable. I know you read my efforts on a regular basis and it would appear that you have told many about this site. Stats for last week in Poland 442 hits. Quite impressive for a people who do not even share a common language. Thank goodness for Google's interpreter.
      As for Manhattan, I do believe that we are being conditioned as you mentioned. In my latest essay I mentioned my projection for a nuke in New York Harbor via an Iranian cargo vessel. I first wrote of the scenario in November and Obama mentioned it as a possibility four months later. That is the one thing that could upset my prediction for late 2015 or early 2016. Obama tried to get them to slow their nuclear program to fit his agenda. Whether or not they will comply we will soon see. Needless to say, if they do jump the gun the administration will make their move at that time. Never let a good crisis go to waste.

  3. I found the request for contract article referenced above last week on info wars, (a site I do not visit) but one of my employees brought it to my attention. I lightly chastised him for going on this site and quickly referred him to your blog and library. I sat him down and showed him how to go about checking the information he was looking at. We quickly found the information to be credible and started looking through the site Wow is all I can say the contract jobs the gov’t is looking for. One of my customers has created her own business helping the contractor fill out the paper work to get these jobs. She is very busy! She brought a very lucrative contract before me to see if I was interested in bidding and I wanted nothing to do with it. I will earn my living on my own terms.

    As soon as we verified the job posting I sent out a quick email to all I know and I received a response from a relative in McAllen, Tx. She said it’s awful, worse than people could ever imagine. Then she wrote the words “make it stop”.
    My thoughts went back to Glenn Beck’s days on Fox at the chalkboard. "Top down, bottom up, inside out, all done to create CHAOS and to make the people cry “make it stop” just so the all mighty leviathan will walk in to save the day.
    Here is the 2 minute link to the video:

    Yesterday morning he brought me another infowars posting.
    The United Nations is gearing up for gun confiscation in the event of a societal collapse in numerous countries by hiring “disarmament, demobilization and reintegration” officers who will be trained to seize guns “from the civilian population.”
    Here is that link to the job posting:

    The article was the usual scare tactic stuff posted on the site, however I thought the job posting was incredible and worthy of reading.

    I filed this kind of info under future preparedness against the blue helmets.

    Now the reason I go through all of the above is because I found something to be HOPEFUL for in this young man: this employee is black and 25. He said he has awakened in the last year and doesn’t like what he sees happening around him. I asked about his friends, he said they are awake and realizing they have been used by another black man to gain personal power and wealth. That will be another topic I will explore with him.

    I had an appraiser in my house yesterday and he made a comment I found worthy of repeating. He said the college loan program the president created will be the fall of this nation, 1 trillion dollars and none of it will be repaid. Being kept very quiet, just as the housing debt crisis was kept quiet to those who don't read. And there is nothing, nothing we can do to make it go away.
    My preparedness is moving much faster now.

    1. "My preparedness is moving much faster now." That is good to hear.
      I read your comment this morning and have thought of it today. A great deal of that thought concerns your relationship with your employees. I am naturally pleased that you have shown my site and library to those who show interest in understanding the true nature of today's events. I am especially happy about your 25 year old black employee and the awakening of both he and his friends. As in all wars it will be the young bear the brunt of most of the fighting. We will need people like him. Tell him to feel free to contact me if he so desires. As a young paratrooper I could run five miles and go into combat; today I must largely wait for those who are foolish enough to come to me. Let us hope that there are many.
      Unfortunately, in this war that we will soon engage much of the suffering will be the lot of those who are too old to engage in search and destroy missions. They were on my mind as I wrote my last essay and created an image that read:
      "For these I weep, Streams of tears flow from my eyes because of the destruction of my people."
      Taken from Lamentations

  4. Joanna, I too told my employees (who want to listen) the same about the $10. But I told them take the $10 and buy cans of edible food and not to forget the can opener!


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