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Friday, June 13, 2014


My last two essays dealt with the crisis of our southern border and our border patrol being totally overwhelmed by the massive influx of minors from as far south as Nicaragua. I also broached the topic that this influx is coming by no accident and went on to provide evidence that our government is responsible this vast incursion and is quite possibly funding their transportation northward.

I would once again like to address this issue but would also like to go one better, and address a range of issues. Above I used the term 'overwhelmed' and will state for the record that I am being overwhelmed by an unrelenting onslaught of information and scandals, all related to the Obama administration and largely ignored by the American public.

Many, I am aware, do not follow links. Please follow this one. It is a video of Megyn Kelly interviewing one of the most knowledgeable people in this nation about the border crisis. For that matter, watch it twice. It is that important.

Ms. Kelly begins a quote, "This is not a humanitarian crisis, this is a man made crisis." but never states that quote in its entirety and so I went looking and found it in the most unlikely place;  the UK. 

This from Mail Online UK ... June 12, 2014
Four hundred child immigrants entering the US every day 
'This is not a humanitarian crisis. It is a predictable, orchestrated and contrived assault on the compassionate side of Americans by her political leaders that knowingly puts minor illegal alien children at risk for purely political purposes,' said the statement released by the National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers.

Now, what I have believed and written about, I know to be true. The group of people who released that statement are dedicated professionals and know that current events at the border are far from normal, and are being directed from D.C..

This, being but an essay, one addressing many topics, does not allow me to devote a large amount of time to the above. Please check Suggested Reading below for more on this subject in 'They Who Have Betrayed This Nation', and 'Underage Illegal Immigrants...The Plan'. Hint: Most believe that Obama's plan is to bring in voters, but children don't vote. The plan is far more sinister.

On to the next crisis...
Bergdahl and the terrorists. Never in history has America given so much for so little in return. We released five of the world's most dangerous men so they can kill again and all that we got in return was one miserable traitor who no longer wants to speak English.

And the next...
Obama and his EPA is launching an all out attack on the coal mining and energy producing industries and other than conservatives voters complaining and being ignored the only others to rally against this assault are a few reps from coal producing states. The rest of our elected leaders maintain a posture of PC (Political Collusion).

And the next...
We fought two wars to free Iraq from tyranny and now having abandoned that nation it is once again under attack by a group that Obama assures us is past tense; Al Qaeda. Adding insult to injury we now find that a mere 800 terrorists managed to rout two divisions of well equipt Iraqis that we trained.

From ABC News...June 12, 2014 
Insurgents vow to take Baghdad

From Fox News...June 12, 2014
Retired Four Star Army General Jack Keane: U.S. created 'huge vacuum by leaving Iraq'

And the next...
The VA scandal worsens as we learn that the terrorists in GITMO are receiving better medical care than our veterans who have long served this nation.

And the next crisis...
Fox News...June 11, 2014
Cantor upset in Virginia GOP primary by Tea Party backed challenger

What? You believe that was a victory and not a crisis? Come with me.

First off it was a victory of sorts, but a hollow one. It did indicate that the people, at least the conservative people, of America have just about had enough of this nonsense about amnesty but his defeat has revealed far more RINOs than any of us have ever suspected.

From Breitbart...June 12, 2014
Steve King calls on Boehner to delay leadership elections in wake of Cantor ouster
King noted that Reps, Pete Sessions (R-TX), the House Rules Committee Chair, and Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), the current Majority Whip - both of whom are publicly vying to replace Cantor - support amnesty efforts in the House.

Rand Paul, is a favorite of many conservatives and yet...

From Breitbart...June 11, 2014
Rand Paul: Let's compromise on amnesty
A day after House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) lost his primary after Dave Brat hammered him on amnesty, Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) embraced "immigration reform" on a conference call with Michael Bloomberg's pro-amnesty group and Grover Norquist.

Emboldened by the growing anti-amnesty movement Louis Gohmert went on the offensive:

From Breitbart...June 12, 2014
Horowitz: Forget amnesty, Congress voted to give welfare to illegal immigrants

You need to read the above link in its entirety. Copyright laws prohibit me from copying the entire essay and so I shall give you a few excerpts to entice you to click that link,

Amazingly, 70 Republican House members joined with almost every Democrat to defeat Gohmert's amendment. Among those who voted to keep the subsidies (author's note: Housing subsidies for illegal aliens) for illegals were Eric Cantor and Renee Ellmers, two Republicans who were challenged on their support for amnesty. Ironically, Cantor was defeated in a stunning upset on that very day by Dave Brat who criticized Cantor for promoting policies that have attracted more illegal immigration.

Worse, on the same day the House rejected the efforts to cut off housing assistance, the Senate Appropriations subcommittee on Labor-HHS passed a bill appropriating $1.9 billion in aid to care for the new wave of illegal immigration from Central America pouring into the Rio Grande Valley.---No Republican objected or voiced concern for this open-ended commitment to subsidizing illegal immigration.

Seventy Republicans in the House and the entire Republican voting block in the Senate are encouraging further incursions into our country by foreign nationals and yet most of the conservatives out there believe that we can be saved if we just vote out the Ds and replace them with Rs. I am more in favor of Ps...Patriots.

This is perhaps the worst part of the whole Cantor scenario. His job is now open but those who want it are all RINOs. True conservatives will have nothing to do with it. Note the following title and read the essay:

From Breitbart...June 12, 2014
How conservatives missed the chance to replace Cantor with one of their own

The position of Majority Whip has evolved into that of an expediter of the agenda as presented by the GOP elite. True conservatives do not belong in that position or in my humble opinion in the GOP.

People keep asking why won't our Republican leadership stand up to Obama? I am inclined to believe that both have the same agenda. Team mates, birds of a feather, thick as thieves, and all that sort of stuff.

Let us move on to the head honcho. While many believe that their elected leaders care what they think few would believe that of Obama and he makes it very clear in the following:

From Breitbart...June 12, 2014
Obama: I fundamentally reject Cantor loss means immigration reform is over

With or without the approval of the public, and with or without the support of his allies in the GOP, Obama will push on with his plan of amnesty. It is all part of the big picture to bankrupt America, and so far nothing or no one has been able to disrupt that agenda.

This just in as I am about to publish...
Front Page Mag...June 13, 2014 Michelle Malkin
Military bases, Obama's new dumping ground
Meanwhile, a law enforcement source in Texas tells me this week that countless illegal aliens are being released into the general public despite testing positive for tuberculosis.

Suggested Reading...
Underage Illegal Immigrants...The Plan
They Who Have Betrayed This Nation


  1. "Overwhelm the system and it will fail . . . mission accomplished! It may well become the "created" crisis that allows for a couple of scenarios and a possible order for martial law. Welcome to the new socialist republic! Oh and by the way, Rand Paul is a turncoat. He just joined the RINO club.

    1. He certainly did. One after another our conservative leaders/heroes are defecting and we look forward to voting for more in November.


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