Some see, few know, many choose to wander aimlessly in a fog, devoid of sunlight. I seek the light of day and leave the others to their chosen realm of ignorance. They are the ones who have brought this great nation down. I write only for the benefit of those who possess the courage required to restore our birthright.

Sunday, June 15, 2014


Someone once said, and I wish that it had been me, that civilization is but a thin veneer, for those words are so very true and we are about to learn a lesson the hard way. Later Ronald Reagan, although not quite so succinctly, but perhaps with far more clarity told us that "Freedom is a fragile thing and is never more than one generation from extinction." If the plans of the powers that be are indeed realized, we are the generation that Reagan spoke of and will live to see freedom become extinct. Many would deny that thought but they are the ones we refer to as 'Low information voters'. The more enlightened will read on, for Reagan also spoke of a darkness that would last a thousand years, and I must address that issue.

My most recent essays have all dealt with the growing anarchy and chaos, within this nation, at our southern border, and around the world. In my most recent article and many past I have connected that anarchy and chaos to a diabolical plan hatched by the multi-billionaire George Soros. That plan is being brought into fruition by the power hungry politicians that he has manipulated into positions of authority.

One of the major differences between great men and little minds is vision. George Washington had vision; so too did Jefferson, Franklin, Adams, Lincoln, and Reagan. Such men can see or at least plan for a good future for those that follow them. Little minds, such as George Soros, Hussein Obama, and Harry Reid could care less about the future, after all, they won't be here. They live a life based only on their own private pursuit of power, wealth, and privilege. Their ladder to success are the even smaller minds that grant them the power they desire.

Small minds, smaller minds, and the mindless, all are groups that were recognized by the Founders and precluded from the right to vote. That is why they formed a Constitutional Republic and warned against the dangers of becoming a democracy. Those warnings were ignored and this nation has evolved into a democracy with a death wish and at the rate we are going, that wish is about to be granted.

What stands between freedom and the loss of that freedom? Elections! And what of elections? Many see them as our only hope while I view them as the proverbial dangled carrot. We know beyond the shadow of a doubt that our recent elections have been rigged. Few, if any, conservative Americans will question the validity of that statement, and yet they are basing their future hopes on rigged elections yet to come.

Recall the definition of insanity; "Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." So why do people indulge? My belief is based on their fear of the sight of blood, primarily their own. Jefferson warned that the tree of liberty must feed on the blood of patriots every so often and that thought brings to mind yet another question: Where are those patriots today? Answer ... Waiting for another rigged election.

Such elections follow a predictable pattern, for the Democrats rally their greatest numbers in Presidential election years and show far less interest in the Congressional election held two years later, thus giving the Republicans an edge in those contests; and often a sense of false hope. Recall, if you will the great rally of 2010 when the Tea Party managed to flip the House. So many were convinced that this was the turning point for liberty. In truth, it was no turning point at all and I must ask how many of those new leaders have defected since, rallying behind their leaders who follow the dictates of George Soros?

In my recent essay 'Information And Scandal Overload' I brought forth some information that bears repeating for it is quite indicative of what happens once these newly elected leaders feel power and learn what they must do to retain that power and its associated wealth.

Emboldened by the growing anti-amnesty movement Louis Gohmert went on the offensive:

From Breitbart...June 12, 2014
Horowitz: Forget amnesty, Congress voted to give welfare to illegal immigrants

You need to read the above link in its entirety. Copyright laws prohibit me from copying the entire essay and so I shall give you a few excerpts to entice you to click that link,

Amazingly, 70 Republican House members joined with almost every Democrat to defeat Gohmert's amendment. Among those who voted to keep the subsidies (author's note: Housing subsidies for illegal aliens) for illegals were Eric Cantor and Renee Ellmers, two Republicans who were challenged on their support for amnesty. Ironically, Cantor was defeated in a stunning upset on that very day by Dave Brat who criticized Cantor for promoting policies that have attracted more illegal immigration.

Worse, on the same day the House rejected the efforts to cut off housing assistance, the Senate Appropriations subcommittee on Labor-HHS passed a bill appropriating $1.9 billion in aid to care for the new wave of illegal immigration from Central America pouring into the Rio Grande Valley.---No Republican objected or voiced concern for this open-ended commitment to subsidizing illegal immigration.

Seventy Republicans in the House and the entire Republican voting block in the Senate are encouraging further incursions into our country by foreign nationals and yet most of the conservatives out there believe that we can be saved if we just vote out the Ds and replace them with Rs. I am more in favor of Ps...Patriots.

Close quote.

My friends, what I have shown above is a national disgrace and a clarion call for all conservatives to wake up and smell the feces that resides in our nation's capitol, but few will awaken. Once again so many are posting the latest drivel from those Republicans who seek to represent us in Washington and asking me to click 'Like'. I do not click to indicate my approval but proceed to write, hoping that at least a few out there will realize what is truly taking place. I am fully aware that the number will be quite small as most conservatives in their somnambulistic state will simply continue trying to awaken the liberals.

Reject reality and embrace your greatest nightmare or accept reality and prepare for the fight of your life. Personally, I prefer the latter option.

As I quoted Ronald Reagan above about freedom being but one generation away from extinction I provided a link that most chose not to listen to. Please do so now as the message is but one minute long and every American should hear that message and hear it often.

At another point in that speech Reagan again proved that he was a man of vision as he spoke of a darkness that would last a thousand years. He was of course referring to our last dark age and projecting that if America were to fall that once again this world would be plunged into another such period.

I totally concur. So too does George Soros and his every effort is directed toward the collapse of the U.S. as well as the rest of western civilization, and if he can manage to trigger a nuclear war we would know far worse than a repeat of Medieval times. Reverting to a stone age way of life would be far more likely.

Civilization is indeed but a thin veneer for our every accomplishment today is built on the accomplishments of those who came before us. Like a house of cards every advancement becomes ever more fragile, forever dependent upon the stability of the foundation below. Think about that inter-dependency and consider how that foundation is under continual assault. Such as: Our basic freedoms, our farmlands and waterways, as well as our energy needs and supplies, a reliable and sustainable economic system, sensible health care, along with proper education facilities, and consistent policies aimed at defending this nation and its people. 

All of these fundamentals are under constant assault from our elected leaders. Destroy any one of the above and we fall, destroy all and it will take a thousand years to recover.

Throughout history nations have fallen due to a moral decay of its people and leaders, but never in the history of all mankind has a nation been intentionally brought down by those who were supposed to preserve the people they lead.

In that brief one minute segment Reagan spoke of the uniqueness of the American Revolution. He mentioned that other revolutions of other countries in the past had occurred but they were designed only to change rulers. Our unique revolution put forth the idea than free men could govern themselves. Now, once again, America is giving birth to yet another unique revolution, this one from the top down, its intent is not to change rulers, but to destroy the nation itself.

Well the birth of America was unique, should its suicide not be the same?

That this nation is going to collapse I have no doubt. No wishing, no hoping, and no rigged election is going to make one damn bit of difference. One might say that this fate is in the cards, but there does remain one small window in which we can begin to reverse the process.

The initial collapse will shake the very foundations of all of the nations of the world while Soros and his ilk will begin to prematurely celebrate victory. During this period, perhaps lasting some months, terrorism will run rampant, our inner cities will burn. Looting, pillaging, murder and rape will be commonplace and mass starvation will set in world wide.

During this initial phase there will be little that we can hope to achieve other than simply surviving. Those who have had the foresight to prepare for this period will have food, water, arms and ammunition, and their medical needs covered. Others who are not so well prepared will approach you for help. Turn them away, at gunpoint if need be, for these are the liberals who brought the nation down and laughed at your fears. Know thine enemy

One of the greatest dangers we will face will be our own weakness in the face of such horror and our desire to help those less fortunate. Let justice by done, for you will be needed later. This nation's survival will depend on your survival. Survive! During this period we will be forming into armed enclaves and fighting off roving gangs. Take no prisoners would be an excellent policy to adopt.

Does such a scenario sound like an exaggeration? Think back to the riots we watched on TV. Do you recall the police backing off and doing nothing, or the firefighters who were shot trying to extinguish a blaze? That was only a small sample of what lies ahead. Now factor in the Islamic terrorists that will be unleashed on the American public, and the roving millions of young Latinos who came north to take 'their country' back.

Now, think back to the general mindset of the American people during the time of the L.A. and Watts riots. In general there was little animosity between blacks and whites. Hussein Obama put an end to that peaceful co-existence. Now that co-existence has been replaced with an ugly hatred for all white people, as the liberals tell us that only whites can be racists and that what other races do is justified on those grounds. At this time you must have one game plan...Survive!

Many millions will die during this period. Some will be our fellow conservatives but the bulk will be the inner city liberals. You will have no time to mourn their passing for you and those like you will be forming groups to restore this nation. Out of chaos comes order and out of the conflict will come leaders, and with those leaders will come the greatest hope for freedom that we have seen since Ronald Reagan left office.

For nearly the last two years I have predicted that the collapse would be timed for between late 2015 and early 2016. In 2013 when Rush Limbaugh and others were warning that Obama was trying to trigger rebellion and seize weapons I disputed their views and put forth my own.

The reasons:
Americans do not want to fight a revolution and will blindly follow that dangled carrot of an election in 2014 believing that maybe, just maybe, we might have one last hope. And, we are going to win that election, sadly. That is exactly what the Globalist elites want. True you will see the Kabuki play of political tomfoolery but it will be just that. We are meant to win seats to continue feeding our people yet more false hope and buying more time for Obama.

If Republicans were to be crushed in 2014 that would trigger an outcry from a public that could take no more. Republicans will not be crushed, they will actually make gains that will prove futile. In gaining seats in 2014 the conservative Americans will once again begin hoping that this one might turn things around. Recall however that these men and women will not be sworn in until January 2015 and all will be junior Congressmen who will then follow the long term established elite GOP leaders. Does the term RINOs ring a bell?

Then we will be looking at months while our newly elected members get acclimated to the way of Washington, let us say six to ten months, putting us into late 2015. Surely that sounds familiar. The crises that are cascading daily about us will be far more intense as world and economic affairs worsen. Sometime between late 2015 and early 2016, Americans will begin to realize that in spite of all the new GOP members we are still doing it Obama's way and all is lost. That is when the true protests based on fear will begin. When we cross the Rubicon, Obama and his administration will know that they can buy no more time to strengthen their position and that is when the economic crash will be triggered, the house of cards will come down, and the revolution will begin.

Doubt the above projection? Let me remind you that just a few days ago SEVENTY Republican Congressmen opposed Louis Gohmert's initiative and voted with the Democrats to continue funding housing for illegal aliens, and that the none in the Senate opposed funding the growing invasion that is crossing our southern border every day.

Time is short. Prepare.
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  1. If America had a future, plans would be put in place to take you there. Nothing is being done to build anything. Cities are falling down around you. Boarders have collapsed and the monetary system will have to follow. Trillions in debt, with trillions more needed to keep give generation in food vouchers.
    Hard working Americans losing homes while Illegals are being housed.
    Americans aborting their own children by the hundred thousand every year while thousands of Children flood over the boarders from far and wide, just pawns in plan to defeat what was once not just the greatest country ever, but the greatest Idea ever.
    The American dream never suited the power hungry ideologically driven would be Emperors. Those that wanted the power to shape the world in their image could not strut their superiority in a republic with laws that limited their power.
    America has made some of histories worst despots look feeble and second rate. America achieved what no totalitarian all powerful dictator could. Industry, technology and innovation that created wealth, health and prosperity that was the envy of the world.
    America is on its knees, with momentum sending her on her backside. The only things Washington is spending money on are things that devour more money. Where is the profit for the future, what will pay for the health care, the pensions, the roads and bridges. Without a strong foundation, nothing can stand for long.
    When the money stops America will stop. And when the Government come to see you, tremble, for they will not be coming to give. They will be coming to take.


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