Some see, few know, many choose to wander aimlessly in a fog, devoid of sunlight. I seek the light of day and leave the others to their chosen realm of ignorance. They are the ones who have brought this great nation down. I write only for the benefit of those who possess the courage required to restore our birthright.

Sunday, June 8, 2014


In the following essay I shall state unequivocally that this nation will collapse and also provide you with reasons to be hopeful.

I believe that I can write with reasonable confidence that most, if not all of my regular readers, are fairly well acquainted with the Cloward and Piven strategy of orchestrated crisis, designed to overload the system and bring this once prosperous nation to its knees. Don't look now but it is working!

There are so many facets of this planned overload ranging from our welfare system, foreign aid, government waste, inflation, state and federal regulations, immigration, healthcare, and the list just goes on and on. Everyday new burdens are added to a system that is already on the verge of a controlled collapse.

Note that I used the term 'controlled' collapse. George Soros has been taped explaining how he seeks a managed decline of the U.S. dollar and in this video Richard Poe explains how Soros collapses nations. The 'managed decline' that Soros speaks of implies a time frame and, as written in past essays, I am inclined to believe that time frame falls in late 2015 to early 2016, in time for Obama to use civil strife as an excuse to 'delay' the 2016 Presidential elections. Obama is not going to leave office without a fight.

As for the man we know as George Soros, liberals and progressives love him, conservatives hate him, and the wise fear him; but giving credit where due, he knows what he is doing. His Open Society Institute was designed and created for one purpose only, and that was to disrupt the entire workings of modern day societies, for no nation can exist without maintaining the integrity of its borders. The following photo is an image of a small section of our southern border:

There are many such gaps all strategically located so as to allow illegal immigrants and Islamic terrorists easy access to this nation while still maintaining the illusion that we have a fence and a border patrol safeguarding our well being. That is no more than an illusion and a sword of Damocles hanging above our heads, but it is an illusion that manages to fool the bulk of the American public. So let us get on with the true reality we face:

May 30, 2014 Fox News reveals 'Texas Border Patrol on the brink of collapse', and a day later they did a followup report entitled 'Officials blast ICE for dumping overflow of illegal immigrants -including kids- at bus stop'. The second of those two links is by far the most revealing as to the problem we face with thousands of people everyday coming north and overloading our ability to care for them and they make the trek hearing the siren call of Obama's 'Amnesty'.

For those who never follow links, a brief description of what is happening:

Texas has become the major crossing point for illegals and with the administration's policy of inviting evermore of these people to invade our homeland the surge is beyond our ability to return them to the nations where they were born and so they are being put onto buses and airplanes and taken to other states. Here to stay, strangers in a strange land unable to speak our language or care for themselves, thus they are becoming wards of the state and being granted disability payments while Americans who are truly disabled are being denied benefits they have accrued over a lifetime of productive labor.

Recall, if you will, Ronald Reagan's efforts to oppose the rise of communism in Central and South America, and the problems he encountered for his efforts. He could see what was coming and faced an unrelenting attack from our progressive movement that supported the Catholic Church's effort to promote Marxism south of our borders in the name of Liberation Theology

Reagan's greatest regret was his having sent our troops to the Middle East in a peace keeping effort. In retrospect it should have been his granting amnesty to the millions of illegals already in this nation with the promise from Congress that they would fund sealing the border if he would but make this one 'humane' gesture. The border has yet to be sealed. Reagan was lied to, and we, the American people, were betrayed.

Today the younger generation of Latino Marxists are taking our nation from us with the consent of our elected leaders. The following is one of my favorite photos that best illustrates the combined Communist and Latino threat:

While many conservative Americans are well aware of the fact that illegal immigrants vote early and often for the Democratic ticket few see the greater danger which is they are being used to implement the Cloward and Piven agenda. As a rule I feel only disdain for political cartoons, but the following one well illustrates the primary concern of many of our supporters:

Their voting for the progressive agenda is only part of the problem as they are also doing their share to overload our system and openly proclaim their intent to take 'their' country back, but what of Their long term future? What happens to them after the collapse that they are helping to orchestrate? What becomes of the militant Latino once the progressives have gained total control of this nation and are no longer concerned about the vote.

Once their purpose of helping to topple this nation has been fulfilled the unemployed Latino becomes a superfluous statistic that a collapsed economy can no longer afford to coddle, and that is when it will begin to get truly ugly.

Obama's friend Bill Ayres in his younger bomb making days stated that twenty five million patriots would have to be killed when he and his fellow communists took over our government. However the topic of what to do with the many millions of hungry useful idiots was never broached.

Ponder your own perceptions of what happens after a society collapses, and money becomes a worthless stack of paper; when farmers can no longer justify growing food to feed the city dwellers that destroyed their own livelihood; our freeways and railways have been destroyed and there is no fuel to keep trucks running or prevent people from freezing. Suddenly those useful idiots are no longer useful and they become a burden. Dictators have long known what to do about such problems and our orchestrated collapse will be no different.

Bill Ayres only addressed the problem of patriots who would refuse to be 'reeducated'; he never spoke of the millions of useful idiots who would outlive their usefulness once his agenda was in place. After the conservatives are thinned out white liberals and illegal aliens will also find their necks on the chopping block. All of the racist nonsense we hear today well reveals that they too will be targeted in the aftermath of the collapse. Quite naturally the military will undergo a series of purges targeting all who are not Obama compliant.

All communist regimes of the past, on coming to power, have set about to eliminate the intelligentsia, the writers and journalists, the artists, the sick, lame, and lazy ... and all who do not totally support the new regime. Recall the image on the old Soviet flags, a hammer and sickle. Builders and farmers, who accept the agenda, are expected to be the backbone of the communist utopia, but there remains a problem that not even the Utopians have considered.

When the Red Army took over Russia it was a largely an agrarian culture. Plows were plentiful as well as horses to pull those plows. What will happen here when Obama's blue army gains control of a nation where few have the knowledge, let alone the space, to grow their own food?

The following data is from North Carolina State University:
Twenty two million American workers produce, process, sell and trade the nation's food and fiber. But only 4.6 million of those people live on the farms ... slightly less than 2 percent of the total U.S. Population.
Consumers spend $547 billion for food originating on U.S. farms and ranches. Of each dollar spent on food, the farmer's share is approximately 23 cents. The rest are for costs beyond the farm gate: wages and material for production, processing, marketing, transportation and distribution.

Two figures above really jump out at me. One: But only 4.6 million of those people live on the farms ... slightly less than 2 percent of the total U.S. Population.
Consumers spend $547 billion for food.

By now all but the lowest of the low information voters are well aware that our EPA, i.e.: the Obama administration, is attacking our farmlands and water supplies in the name of the saving the environment. They are also aware of the fact that the Feds are cranking out trillions of dollars that will, when the switch is pulled, create rampant hyperinflation reducing $547 billion to about enough to feed a small family for a week.

There is a vast difference in the plans of those who gained control of Russia and those who have now gained near total control of this nation. The Russian communists of 1919 were simply pursuing power to administer a nation and rule by their chosen methods. Our progressives, at least the elite among them, seek destruction of the methods and the ideology that made this nation great.

The policies of 1919 resulted in the ruin of a nation. The policies being enacted today will be far more destructive when implemented, with our people far less prepared to cope than were the Russian peasants.

We have created a nation where the marvelous is commonplace, and in doing so have created the key to our own demise. Technology has allowed our people to enjoy a way of life than many can only dream of. Take away that technology and be prepared for death on a scale that few can imagine, and even those who are only slightly aware understand that Obama is attacking our entire technological base.

It matters not where you look; Agenda 21, the EPA, IRS, NSA, our military, the cost of living, a sound financial structure, our borders, rigged elections, corrupt political leadership, a propaganda promoting media, and the list goes on and on. In short we are under attack from all sides and quite obviously losing the fight.

My most recent essay, On The Topic Of Hope, (And you should read the comments) was more or less an open letter to one of my regular readers who agrees with my dismal assessment of the future of our people and still asked me to provide hope even though I am convinced that this nation is going to fall. That is a very tall order, but there is hope nonetheless.

There is nothing that we can do to prevent the fall of America and there are many who know this to be true and quite simply do not want to acknowledge the fact. They post that we must fight back and the fight they advocate is to post comments and photos on the internet and ask others to click 'Like'. An exercise in futility! So is supporting your local politician as none will address the real issues we face. Most have already sold us out and refuse to do what must be done, but they certainly know how to give rousing speeches in their efforts to join the elites of D.C..

But I promised a form of hope:

Throughout history nations and empires have fallen, collapsed, and been conquered and yet time has shown that after one form or the other, those nations have rebuilt. We must do the same. In the comments section of the above mentioned essay I told my friend "Hope springs from within. Its fountainhead is a courageous soul, and none other. Any hope that comes from another source is simply wishful thinking." You want hope? Find it within yourself but first you must be willing to accept the reality we face and prepare yourself for the aftermath. Do not look to politicians for answers as they have long let us down and will continue the process as long as we swallow their lies.

Look about ... You can see that millions of Americans are totally confused. They have never seen this country in such dire straits and have long said that "It can never happen here." That absurd belief is their shield against reality and when it does indeed happen those millions will stand in awe of the horrors they face, stripped of their shield of denial and crying out for a leader to save them. If you are up to the job, you can be one of those leaders.

To find hope in the catastrophe we face one needs to look back several thousand years to a statement that appeared in ancient Rome ... "Ordo Ab Chao", which translates as "Out of chaos comes order". This inescapable fact is a basic tenet of both the human race and the universe.

The ancients, although lacking our technology, had
people who were every bit as wise as are some today. They too studied history and understood the cycles of man and the circle of life. Those men of vision wrote of the Phoenix, the Fire Bird, and told how after a long period she would set fire to her own nest and be consumed in the flames, and then after another period would arise from the ashes to once again enter the circle of life. So too shall America.

Those who truly are prepared to fight for America can do far more than just click 'Like'. They can face the reality before us and prepare for the fall, and prepare to become leaders in the post American period. Without this nation the entire world will slip into another dark age, and when the collapse occurs we will have but a short window to gather followers about us and cement the dream of an American rebirth.

You want to hope? Accept reality, shape it, wield it, become that hope you seek, and spread that hope to others about you, for without you there is no hope at all.

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  1. May the great Phoenix ... strike that ... may the great Eagle arise from the ashes.

  2. Excellent! Im so glad I found this blog site. Cloward-Piven is exactly what I see crossing the boarder and being transported in deeper...a federally funded invasion.

    1. "A federally funded invasion." Well put.


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