Some see, few know, many choose to wander aimlessly in a fog, devoid of sunlight. I seek the light of day and leave the others to their chosen realm of ignorance. They are the ones who have brought this great nation down. I write only for the benefit of those who possess the courage required to restore our birthright.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014


As the title implies, I am sick and tired of all politicians, be they Republicans, Democrats, or Independents. I am convinced that all are either involved in the ruin of this nation, knowingly compliant and silent, or simply lack the courage to tell us what they know to be true. The more intelligent citizens of this nation know full well that we are headed for collapse, and no political speech, no word twisting political leader, and no election is going to make one damn bit of difference. Come with me if you will and I shall show you two instances that have occurred in the last few days that will tend to prove my point.

First off, allow me to redefine a term that we are all well acquainted with; political correctness. Political correctness by its very nature is an abuse on the First Amendment putting forth the standards of what we can and cannot say without expecting scorn and retribution. I shall redefine political correctness as Political Collusion(PC). For the record let us see what Miriam Webster has to say about the word collusion..."Secret agreement or cooperation especially for and illegal or deceitful purpose". Yep, I would say that my version is quite accurate and far more definitive. Henceforth (PC) in all of my writing will be defined as political collusion.

Lately the whole internet is abuzz about the swap of the five most dangerous terrorists in Gitmo for a man who appears to have deserted his military unit in the middle of the night in Afghanistan after spending long periods on line criticizing American involvement in the Middle East. Then to top it all off when Obama, in the presence of the soldier's family, announced the exchange, Bergdahl's father praised Allah.

By now most everyone has heard the fact that the exchange was a unilateral act on the part of Obama and is totally against the law, as such an exchange legally has to be approved by Congress.

Now the plot thickens:

From Fox News ... June 2, 2014
Intelligence community investigated Bergdahl's conduct
In conveying as much, the Defense Department source confirmed to Fox News that many within the intelligence community harbor serious outstanding concerns not only that Bergdahl may have been a deserter but that he may have been an active collaborator with the enemy.
The Pentagon official added pointedly that no relevant congressional committee has sought access to the classified file, but that if such a request were made, key committee chairs would, under previous precedent, likely be granted access to it. Separately, the Pentagon confirmed Monday that it is looking into claims Americans died during the search for Bergdahl.

Now, dear reader, let us take a quantum leap to a far different topic and then in closing statements I shall bridge the gap and make my valid point. Obama has just announced new regulations are about to be put into place against the use of coal in producing the power this nation needs so desperately. Do you recall in 2008 when then Senator Obama threatened to bankrupt anyone wanting to build a coal powered plant?

From Fox News ... June 1, 2014
Obama suggests that his upcoming rule on coal plants will avert long-term health crisis
"As President and as a parent, I refuse to condemn our children to a planet that's beyond fixing."

Combining ignorance and fear is one of the most basic tactics of the progressive movement as here we see him speaking of a planet that is beyond fixing while bemoaning a long term health crisis. Perhaps that health crisis concern should have been considered before he forced ObamaCare down the collective throats of America.

From Fox News ... June 2, 2014
EPA's new plan to target greenhouse gases will kill jobs, devastate middle class
These Americans who actually have to worry about the cost of living will see their utility rates and other expenses skyrocket. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce predicts that tens of thousands of jobs will be lost - many of them shipped to our competitors overseas.

From Fox News ... June 2, 2014
Coal-state lawmakers rally against power plant emissions crackdown

Think back to the sage bit of wisdom...

First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out because I was not a socialist.
Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out because I was not a Trade Unionist.
Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out because I was not a Jew.
Then they came for me and there was no one left to speak for me.

If Obama's EPA bill is so good then everyone should be for it. If it is bad then everyone should stand against it, but only the Representatives of coal states do. Divide and conquer, a plan that has worked since the stone age.

Again I ask you to think back, this time to Obama's early days in office when he was promoting Cap and Trade. It failed because at that time there were still a few in the GOP who stood against the wannabe dictator. Today their numbers have diminished.

From Fox News ... May 27, 2014
Cap and Trade to get fresh look with EPA power plant rule

Now we come to the topic that really gets the attention of politicians:

From Fox News ... June 2, 2014
How will EPA's new carbon standards impact 2014 midterms?
I must ask what should be the primary concern of any elected official? Should he be concerned about lost jobs nationwide, or simply jobs that are lost in his home state? Should he be more concerned about the effect of legislation on the nation as a whole or confine his interest to the next election? Should he follow the dictates of political collusion and stand passively in the shadows as a man leads this nation to its certain ruin? Or should he call together a meeting of his friends and, backed by strength in numbers, expose a 21st century Hitler for what he really is?

I keep seeing these absurd releases entitled "Such and such destroys Obama." or another such and such "Owned Hillary Clinton." or yet another such and such "Demolishes Kerry." In spite of all of this destroying, owning, and demolishing, the progressives continue to gain in power...Feel free to correct me if I am wrong.

People, we are Losing the fight and I am going to tell you exactly why...PC...My version: Political Collusion. Some months, perhaps a year ago someone on PJ media used the term Kabuki theater and he was so very right. Everything taking place in D.C. is so well choreographed that they make it look as though some are actually indignant. It is Kabuki, pure and simple.

I have begun blocking sources of Email that ask me to donate to elect another of those mighty people who are going to make everything alright once again. Rubbish! I have absolutely no intention of voting for anyone in 2014 and do not believe that there will even be an election in 2016 and the reason is one of cowardice; not on my part, but of those whom you hope will save this nation.

We need a leader who has the courage to tell us what we already know. That Obama intends to destroy this nation. Not one man or woman running for office will dare utter those words. Men like David Horowitz will tell you this, but he is not running for office and is not PC. Trevor Louden pulls no punches, and once again he is another man not seeking office or one who adheres to PC.

When this nation crashes these people who tell all who will listen of the dangers we face will be the first to be dragged from their keyboards and shot, but those members of the Republican Party whether they be RINOs or simply PC aspirants from the Tea Party are still involved in the Kabuki play. They are growing wealthy saying what you want to hear but absolutely refusing to say what you know to be true.

The links that I provided above show that Obama is acting totally outside of the law, and a few brave souls will make a few perfunctory remarks but nothing will be done. Read again some of the highlighted quotes from above...

Bergdahl may have been a deserter but that he may have been an active collaborator with the enemy.

Obama surely knows what is in that file but then I am not asking you to evaluate his behavior. I know that he is a traitor. I am here to warn you that those you have faith in are undeserving of your trust. We know that five of the most dangerous terrorists in the world were traded for a very low level probable traitor and those you trust will once again say the right thing, criticizing Obama, feigning indignation, and doing nothing.

As the next highlighted item tells relevant congressional committee has sought access to the classified file,

Why not? Because they are PC.

The next highlight...Separately, the Pentagon confirmed Monday that it is looking into claims Americans died during the search for Bergdahl.

This morning I watched a video of a man who led a platoon in search of Bergdahl on the night he left camp. He was very evasive in his answers but indicated that they could not 'rescue' Bergdahl because they became engaged in a very heavy firefight. As the highlight indicates, they are investigating claims that men died in the effort.

Until now most conservatives have come to believe that Benghazi was the worst crime yet committed by Obama. I am convinced that this one is far worse. True, four men died in Benghazi but you can rest assured that those Navy Seals gave worse than they got and sent many terrorists to join Allah and that heavenly chorus of virgins.

Now five of the world's most dangerous men have been released. How many lives will they cost America. A new pattern of negotiating with terrorists has been established. That is sheer insanity. A precedent has been put into place that we will trade terrorists for kidnapped Americans so you may expect Americans to be kidnapped. Add to this the fact that now that the Gitmo releases have begun they will continue.

From Fox News ... June 1, 2014
White House pressures Hagel to speed up release of terrorist detainees

We have all, to one degree or another, been trying to wake up America and it will never happen, because our greatest opponents in that effort are those we have elected and have faith in. The only thing that would ever do that would be for 10, 12, maybe 15 politicians to come together as a group and tell Fox News that they want one hour, no interruptions, and no commercials because they have a message for the American public.

If such a gathering were to occur and the members all state that Obama's goal is to destroy the U.S. that video would go absolutely viral and the wake up would begin, but it will never happen. They say what you want to hear as they criticize the NSA, the EPA, the BLM, ICE, the IRS, and other alphabet groups but somehow they never seem to connect Obama to the groups who do his bidding.

These leaders who say all of the right things to get elected are putting forth their very best Kabuki performance and practicing political collusion, covering for the man who is taking us all down.

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  1. My comment is short and to the point; the MAJORITY of politicians are CORRUPT and serve only THEMSELVES. They could care less about the people or their rights. They all have their hands in each other's pockets and you can't trust them. I think that pretty well sums up most everyone's opinion.

    1. Granted, but what of those who none of us will call truly corrupt. While not 'corrupt' they will still not do what needs to be done and that is to tell the absolute truth, going perhaps into the valley of the shadow of death in the process. Dedicated bloggers do so every day, which leads to the question: Who is really leading the defense of this nation?

    2. Janette,
      I am sure corruption is part of it, but much more is involved.
      That is one reason why United States is going into direction of suicide...
      one almost wants to say:
      'it is in the cards'.....

  2. It was known from the moment Bergdahl went missing that he was AWOL. That was never in doubt until he became useful politically.

    The media in the UK just like in the US are on Obamas side, if people want that to change they are the only ones who will change it. Are we going to allow a man who obviously left his post be raised in rank to Staff Sargent and have a medal pinned on his chest. I wouldn't bet against it.

    As You say Danny, many people write about the end of Obama while in fact he grows stronger. The VA has blown up, Bergahl gets released and so do 5 extremely dangerous Top Jihadis. And Obama wanders off to Europe.

    In America while Congress is setting up committees to keep the descent representatives busy, most of the 'honourable' members are wandering around making zombies look intelligent, not a single one of the Administrations scandals has been resolved. Not One! Not Fast and Furious, Not Benghazi, Not the NSA, Not the IRS, None, Zilch! and this will come to nothing either.

    America is paralyzed. Look at all the recent 'facebook' protests. Million Bikes, million trucks, day of action. month of moaning! People thought because they said they would be there, that they'd actually gone.

    Most of America is on benefits. They have been brought. Just like most of Congress. When Alan west stood up and said a large number of his fellow reps were communist's people thought he was going crazy!!! Not so crazy know AH!.

    Obama has done what is required to stay in power, not what is required to run a country. His last trick is to move as many people as possible into America that will vote for him (or his successor) that is required. Colonising I would have thought it was called.

    All those eager voters. They 'll be kept in the luxury others will have to work for to keep them in.

    When the jobs are gone, when the cost of eating and drinking is too high everyone will fall at the feet of their new masters begging for mercy. Don't expect any.


    1. Paul, my friend, you are so far away in the UK and yet you understand what is transpiring here far better than do most of my fellow Americans. I am so glad that you are moving to this country. We need more like you.

    2. Paul,
      it would be my personal opinion that communists in USA are Americans least of problems...
      think the only org that every candidate for a president is appearing and is mostly promoted by...there we need to seek a root of our demise...

    3. Most people are just useful idiots. You are of course right, communism is not the only, or biggest problem, but Col A, West new that as well, he was trying to bait the enemy, unfortunately he had no one with him and the enemy did all they could to get him out of congress. Which they did.

      The attack from the progressives comes in many forms, people following a communist agenda (which is a bad description but it will do) is just one. The war is fought in lots of little forays by lots of different groups. This way if one little battle is lost, the war is not over.

      Obama was against Gay weddings, until it was politically right for him to be for it. Gitmo was going to be shut, until he needed it to be open, and then shut again, progressives do what is required, without any shame, and anyone who calls into question anything they do get called racists, homophobe, Islamophobe. In fact a progressive will say anything, no matter how outrageous. If you try to fight back, you'll get called a bully.

      The attack by the elite is muliti pronged, it will take a multi faceted defence to keep it at bay. It will have to be dismantled brick by brick and every rotten part exposed.

      Will the people of America take on this challenge? half the country voted for it, so don't be surprised by the lack of public support for things like impeachment, and select committees, or joint select committees. The American people have had enough. And the people coming in, claiming all the rights of Americans, just want a piece of the pie. They are too daft to realise only the crumbs are left.

      The problems America face are like unravelling a big bowl of spaghetti. You pull out one strand, but you still got a big bowl of spaghetti.

  3. PS Its kinda' hard to be polite on this topic. SOL (That's screaming out loud!)

  4. If we were 90% taken over by the enemy, I'd still fight to take back our country. It's not a time to give up! We have a very excellent chance of winning the Senate this November. Granted, it will be far from a total victory, but it will be an important step in the right direction. I fight to win.

    1. RCJ, as I mentioned in your group I believe that we are already 90% taken over and I have not given up. Simply preparing for a different type of engagement. As for 'winning' the Senate or the House, I have come to believe that due to political collusion such a victory would be meaningless. Recall when the budget vote was occurring and it was certain to pass in Obama's favor, Ted Cruz enacted a clause that forced a super majority vote. Lo and behold, a group of Republicans who were voting to oppose Obama and impress their constituents suddenly switched sides and Obama once again ruled. Cruz did not win that one but at least he exposed some of the PC members of the GOP, and in doing so he exposed exactly what I am writing about.

  5. Are the photos of the 5 released thugs, the latest ones? If so, its incredible how confused our democracies have become.

    They flaunt their untrimmed beards, not as a personal fashion choice, but as a political statement for their fascist ideology. It separates them from the filthy kuffar, and they delight in it. Would we allow them to have swastikas adorning their clothing? "Oh but that's different". Really? Why give them access to their hate filled political books (miscalled scripture) of supremacism and totalitarianism? Would we imprison anarchists with the Anarchist's Cookbook?

    This idea of respecting the traditions of a fascist, racist ideology, and allowing its thuggish leaders to proudly flaunt their symbols, is ridiculous. They should be in Guantanamo, as humbled, broken men, that no longer dream of killing, terrorising, and subjugating the dirty kuffar, that have lost all meaning, and lost all hope.

    "Lost and broken?", you say, "But of course, we can't do that". Instead we let killers out, to massacre our children. All in the name of tolerance, decency, peace, human rights, and love - of course.

    1. Alan, another measure of servitude on our part. The Muslims do not like being touched by the hands of infidels and so our Marines have to wear rubber gloves as a sign of respect. Images do not post here in comments but you can follow the URL

    2. Even more ridiculous! So the Muslim says to the Marines:
      "You are dirty Haram Kuffar, I am disgusted by you, the lowest of creatures, touching me",
      and instead of our leaders responding with:
      "You are a 'racist', bigoted fascist, we will not accept your discriminatory attitude, you must learn to live with the Golden Rule, and accept all people as equal in human value and status"
      they co-operate with that disgraceful ideology and enforce it on their own people!
      In "respecting" the fascistic beliefs of the Muslim terrorists, they are contravening the US constitution, if nothing else.
      You couldn't make this stuff up.

  6. Danny...

    I just found this blog for the first time a few short minutes ago, and I'm struck by the honesty and logic used to come to conclusions. So thanks for the breath of fresh air in the blogosphere.

    As to politicians... I'm known for saying the following with as much honesty that a person can convey on the internet.... "I can count all the politicians that I trust on one hand, with that hand missing 3 fingers." Having spent many nights trying to solve the riddle of how we can break this continual monopoly of corruption in our government, I can honestly say that I thought it was totally hopeless.

    However, as we age some things become clear in a way that young people have trouble understanding. For the sake of the rest of my posting, let's just call it 'Wisdom'. Wisdom allows adults to listen to all sides of an argument, while keeping a trained ear for the Horse Poop arguments that always come up. Those arguments are what I call throw away arguments. Those are the ones that we can simply toss aside. That leaves with fewer sides to consider and makes life easier for the ones that actually research the valid arguments. After doing our research we can then give our honest opinion without fear of retribution. Having reached an age where what others thinks of you does effect you one way or the other. It's a great feeling!

    Ok, I went through that little exercise so you understand a little as to how I came to the conclusions of solutions I'm about to share with you. Please note: the ideas/solutions are not mine, I'm just on-board 100% with them.

    Politicians get corrupted after spending time in power centers like Washington DC, and very little time at that. One reason has to do with party affiliations, and the balance of reasons have to do with unhealthy yet normal enticing human traits like feeling 'powerful', or simple 'greed' or 'hedonism' or love of 'adoration', etc. Unless we can force Honor on our politicians lets forget the other traits for the sake of the 'idea'. But we can do something about the 'party politics machine'...... We must take the advice of our Founding Fathers and do away with all political parties. Abolish the damn things forever! Nothing has divided so many Americans more than partisan party politics. For a quickie education in how to divide Americans by Party Politics simply listen to no more than say 5 of obama speeches. He and his party divide American by color of skin, by ideology, by hate, by sex, by religion, incomes, education levels, etc, etc. Granted, I know abolishing parties is not the cure, but it at least starts to stitch-up one open wound in our uniquely American government and will help to restore a bit of trust in those that we elect. By taking away the party apparatus, you take away a lot of power. Let all candidates rise and fall on their own merits. Let them run on their own ideas, not their parties platform. Allowing individuals to run without the backing of a party will give the voter a real candidate that hasn't been polished-up by party handlers. There are many reasons for abolishing political parties, but I want to get to the next idea I want to share.

    1. PART TWO...
      'I went over the allowed amount of characters so had to split in two'
      America has lost her way, those 5 words cannot be denied... by anyone. And if someone tries to say I'm wrong, I would find a very polite way to call them a liar! With so many citizens realizing that something has to change, and soon, you would think more politicians would stand up and be counted. Yet once again We The People are left wanting.

      I've read and/or listened to many ideas that involve fiddling with our Constitution with one idea or another. I don't want to disturb it in any way until it has been restored back to it's proper position... the Law of The Land. Until we restore Constitutional rule of Law, all other Constitutional ideas have no merit. Instead, America needs something of a do-over. A restoration, or what I like to call... a re-birth. To get an idea of what I'm talking about, I invite you to read the 'New Declaration of Independence' at the following link...

      We can leave the Constitution alone so it can once again takes it rightful place as Law of the Land, and the same for our 'Bill of Rights'. Plus, at the very moment of it's ratification, every politician on the Federal level would be out of a job. Democrats, Republicans, Independents, all of them fly home and stay there. Then the hard work begins. None of this will be easy, but after careful consideration I think it would work. A born-again Nation could have a fresh start. If we fail, its our fault.

      Please forgive me going-on way too long.

      May God Bless America!


    2. David, you have presented yet another of many political solutions that I have seen on the internet and I still maintain my belief that there are no political solutions. So many contact me with their plans to restore the Constitution, America, and the freedoms we once enjoyed, but all seem to omit one harsh reality; that being the fact that those in power are not going to simply give up that power and allow us to replace their growing dictatorship with our dream of a constitutional republic. They have spent many years trying to destroy our republic and seize power by any means available and are not going to simply walk away from their agenda when they are on the verge of victory.

      For any political solution, such as eliminating political parties and once again allowing the Constitution to become the law of the land, you must first gather a two thirds majority of our elected leaders that agree with your plan. The ONLY alternative to that is to heed the words of Jefferson as he told us that the tree of liberty had to be fed periodically with the blood of patriots.

      My friend, years ago I was at the same point that you are now, knowing that what I believed in made sense and realizing that what is going on in this world does not. Before me was a long and painful learning process and after years of hard work I could finally grasp the true meaning of pure evil and understand that it has gained control.

      Might I suggest you check out my essay "Can You Handle the Truth?" It is linked in the upper right side bar and should you go there you to will come face to face with the pure evil I describe, and in the process realize that there are NO political solutions.

    3. David,
      Thank you for all you have written.
      Right you are.
      I went through the same revelation about Danny when I wandered to his site...he has been my reality anchor ever since.
      Yes, Danny You are that good!!!

      For the past 2 months or so I am very involved (and worried) about Ukrainian situation.
      For a month I am physically involved in humanitarian help as they call it, I just take whatever I can and help people along the way (taking day trips with my semi truck driver nephew).
      Past two weeks I was able to arrange 2 tons (2000kg) was delivered to Ukrainian border and transfered to Ukrainian truck.
      100% of all food items were delivered to few villages, so the people can use it for themselves or barter for other goods As I understand they called in everyone in a village (150-200 people) they called everyone in, open the boxes and divide as equally as possible), everyone was a witness to what was delivered and how it was divided)
      while driving or looking through the window as a passenger I was wondering:
      how come American Freedom and Liberty brings so much pain?
      (just in case you are wondering, no I am not against American people, I am against American government that is not working for the American people nor is representing American People values and virtues anymore)

      As you mentioned and many did before you including myself, it is always the bewildered look in our eyes after election is over...what happened?!
      A footnote:
      at the very beginning of Ukrainian disaster Senator Cruz was very vocal about Putin, Russia, and shootings at Maidan Square.
      I wrote to Senator Cruz something to the effect:
      You are a great voice for the American people, please do not involve yourself in Ukrainian matter as it is much more invloved and sinister than you may think. Please do me a favor as your cheering person and shut up until you research the situation for yourself and find out what powers are at play and see the whole game for what it is and what is the goal. If you have any doubts about my warning please read Zbigniew Brzezinski "The Grand Chessboard" and American National Planning Guidance.
      To be honest with you I did not track his behaviour but scanning news here and there did not see him banging the war drums...

      As Danny was saying mulitimes: we are done!
      there is no election and no political change that would reverse or slow down our "that's all folks" part in World's story book.
      That being said, consider Iceland, Ireland, Hungary and recently Portugal telling IMF: thanks for your help but we rather starve ourselves than letting you do it for us!!!

      ecent election in Europarliament sent shocks !
      I have never seen so much hatered displayed toward Americans! and Israel!!
      (judaism excluded).
      Regardless what you might hear or read about polish PM Tusk and FM Sikorki or President Komorowski...polish people are enraged and already looking for short ropes and tall trees.
      Nobody in Europe (generally speaking) is afraid of Russia/President Putin annexing anyone, matter of fact most are cheering him up against US/EU/Bandera murderous factions in Ukraine(Svoboda and Right Factor having 5 people in high positions in Kiev's illegal gov.
      New Ukraine's puppet should have stick to chocolate making, he is as cheap prostitute turning political tricks...lets hope the melted concoction is not to hot hitting his face in the next few months.
      I am sorry for the rant...
      and I did not even touch upon 2 peas in a pod POW exchange...

  7. Danny,
    Since I read your essay "Sick and tired..."
    I was thinking about it as a part of my overall thinking...
    (yeah, I know, it is not good for me , or so I was told by my ex )..
    I couldn't find a quick reply, I did not want to go into a novel writing...
    and as I was listening to one of my most favorite musicals came the answer:

    My answer to your post may seem silly, but I am in a much stress (Ukrainian trips) and also all news caught here and there that I really don't want deal with right now...because the outcome/goal is obvious , even to those legally blind.

  8. America is heading to the mid terms, and lots of people feel that a win for the Republicans will be a win for the people.

    I'm not sure much will change. Obama can either rule by executive power, or he can go play golf. Not a single one of the problems will be solved. If anyone tries the Race card will be waved, and that's just for starters.

    What is a majority republican government going to do. Launch a dozen inquiries into the President and his henchmen. It will take months, and in the mean time Obama and his minority government will stall everything and blame the Reps for every bit of bad news, from the economy to jobs to troubles abroad.

    The Republican party are going to be in charge of Obama care, and the withdrawal from Afghanistan, and a mountain of other problems. They will get less than two years to put everything right, (which they won't) and then will probably have to go up against Hillary Clinton.

    The Republican party is pulling itself apart, unable to define its own position on anything, they still haven't got a clear contender for who will run for President. Will it be a RINO, a Conservative, or will an outsider who can unify them all appear.

    That's if we get that far. The Ukraine is in a civil war. But it won't get called that until its politically useful, when 'O' wants he can ramp up the rhetoric and leave it to the majority Republicans to sort out. The same with the middle east, poke it with a stick, stand back and leave it till after the Mid terms.

    Its all about getting the Dems into power in 2016. Hillary is almost certain to be the candidate, unless some dirt can be made to stick.

    Anyone with a bit of knowledge knows how bad Hillary would be, but if you look at the polls, she still has a high approval rate. The dems know what areas to target to get the most votes for the most seats. They only need to win. They don't need to win well, or even win legal. They will do what ever it takes to win.

    It looks like whatever conservatives say, when it comes to it, they will not get out and vote. America is not alone in that. Britain has the same problem. The republicans may take control of the senate soon, but even after one of the most scandalous presidencies ever, it will still be a close call. Low info voters,or apathy doesn't even come close to explaining why an openly socialist government will be so hard to beat.

    Socialism has always failed, yet still the people can be convinced to vote for it. The sort of people who look at Venezuela and think what a success that is.

    If the senators and congressmen and women of the republican party are not brave enough to point to the elephant in the room, if they just carry on as before after a midterm victory, then you know they are all in it together.

    What America doesn't need is a bunch of cowards running the Country.

    I would want to know why all records concerning Fast and furious, NSA, IRS and Benghazi, haven't been seized and the truth of all these things found out. But we all know, if it looked good for this administration the records would all be released by now. So you can only imagine it must be far worse than we expect.

    What I am sure of is this. Obama isn't going to take a fall for any wrong doing. Nor will Holder, Or Jarrett, or any of the others involved in what are quite clearly criminal acts, and that being true, it sets the tone for the future. If no one will hold anyone to account, its because they plan to behave in the same way. The rest you can work out for yourself.

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  10. The ability to 'make a difference.' If you have a genuine desire to change society for the better, then entering politics is one (though definitely not the only) way to attempt to do so. Most of us just complain about things we don't like; as a politician you'll have the opportunity to actually take action.guarantor loans


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