Some see, few know, many choose to wander aimlessly in a fog, devoid of sunlight. I seek the light of day and leave the others to their chosen realm of ignorance. They are the ones who have brought this great nation down. I write only for the benefit of those who possess the courage required to restore our birthright.

Sunday, June 29, 2014


While researching the latest news in preparation for writing this essay I came to understand something that almost led me to change the essay title to 'Looking For Leaders And Finding Them.' On second thought I decided to continue The War On Truth series and present some encouraging news about our fellow Americans, using the Leader concept in the image to the left.

A brief history of my writing on the internet:

Shortly after Hussein was first elected I began blogging, convinced that by providing facts and common sense I could wake up many of my fellow Americans. That belief was one of the greatest mistakes of my life as most simply do not want to know.

My first website was Freedom Rings 1776 and after four years I ran into what seemed to be an insurmountable problem with a broken blogfeed and finally decided to begin Fix Bayonets. Well in time I was able to repair my initial site and it is doing well with, at this point, nearly a half million hits. I know, that will not compare with Alex Jones and many others but, unlike them, I like to adhere to the truth and ignore the sensational.

At any rate, I began Fix Bayonets with far less hope of a pleasant outcome than I possessed when starting Freedom Rings 1776 and that altered attitude was obvious in the name of the new website. It was a cry of desperation. That feeling of near desperation has now faded and has been replaced with one of acceptance and a very very firm resolve.

But this essay is not simply about my website but also the readers who visit it. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words and shortly I shall present a picture of those people; a group with whom I am proud to associate, and a gathering of kindred souls that gives one hope as this wretched darkness descends about us.

The picture that I am going to show needs a bit of explanation as it is a copy of today's blogstats for Fix Bayonets.

I began this site in early November of 2013 and by the end of that month had only gained a puny 3,376 hits. Hey, it takes time! By the end of December it still looked dismal with 3,391. January was also disappointing with 3,451. February improved to 4,372, and this is where a drastic change began, for at this point I managed to repair my first website, notified its followers, and my many readers from it began the migration to my new site.

That influx made a drastic difference as March totaled out at 14,868. April improved to 16,022 and the May fell off to 15,046 and it appeared that this would become the norm of 15,000 or so readers a month, and then something happened to drastically change the score. The month of June is not over and yet readers have suddenly doubled to 29,478. 

If it sounds as though I am bragging, nothing could be farther from the truth. The fact of the matter, I have been watching these numbers on a daily basis and was quite puzzled for a while, but did not grasp the true significance until today. Then it all fell into place and left me with a feeling of pride; not in myself, but in those precious and courageous Americans who just keep reposting the bad news that I deliver.

Pageviews today
Pageviews yesterday
Pageviews last month
Pageviews all time history

The above snapshot was at 8:00 PM. Google's accounting day is 5:01 PM to 5:00 PM. The 'Pageviews Today' is based only on the last three hours

I have often expressed disdain for those craven liberals among us who simply do not want to know the truth. Long ago I stopped trying to wake them up and realized that they would be the first on a very long casualty list when everything goes south. Such people to me have become totally irrelevant, and through my writing I began addressing only those with the intestinal fortitude to carry on through the collapse and begin the rebuilding of our Constitutional Republic. In short, I began a quest for leaders, and I am beginning to believe that I have found them, or perhaps they have found me.

As I stated above The feeling of near desperation has now faded and has been replaced with one of acceptance and a very very firm resolve. Watching daily news events I have accepted the fact that Nothing we can do is going to prevent the collapse that will befall this nation. It is coming and of that there is no doubt. The idea is to survive it and begin anew, and at that time WE will gain the upper hand.

The conservatives of this nation are a well armed people and the biggest army in the world. We are also a law abiding people who have long placed our faith in the ballot box to right the wrongs of this country. That ballot box has been rigged for some years now and I place no hope in it, nor do I place any hope in either political party, our courts, nor in our voters at large.

Where I do place my hope is in that graph above and in the people who are swelling the ranks of my readers by leaps and bounds. People such as they are going to be the salvation of this nation. None like the dire predictions that I have long made but earlier this month I pulled out all of the stops and began totally telling it as I see it. The battle ahead is not meant for the timid, and those who can deal with the truth are rapidly joining our ranks. As for the rest, I have little time for concern. They have brought our country down to this point and I have been a long time ardent believer in Justice, even if that justice is somewhat delayed.

As for pulling out the stops, allow me to give credit where it is due. A special internet friend named Janet Scarborough contacted me earlier this month. She informed me that she agreed with most everything that I had written and agreed that we were headed for a collapse, and then she asked for the near impossible. She had the unmitigated audacity to ask me to provide a feeling of hope in spite of my dire predictions. I love unmitigated audacity under the right circumstances. And so...

Being totally unable to find any hope that we can prevent what is coming I decided to look beyond, to the aftermath of the collapse, and it was there that I found hope. When it does occur the tide will turn. Right now we are outnumbered by the corrupt, the lazy, and the greedy and they control the elections. After the fall, there will be no problem with elections, and those millions of obedient voters will be badly outnumbered by the armed patriots of this nation. Then, and only then, will things begin to change. When survival becomes the name of the game those who do not know how to survive will fall by the wayside. RIP.

This is the hope and the message that I have begun conveying, and a simple little graph has delivered the message that I am on the right track. Now allow me to show you yet another graph. The one above is my all time image on a monthly basis. The one below is a day by day image of this month alone and it is so revealing. Early this month this site was averaging around 500 hits per day with a low point of 317 on June 2. It takes time for a trend to begin, but around the middle of the month it begins as those who agree with my conclusions begin to gather and now, near the end of the month that 500 average has now reached two peaks exceeding 2000 hits in a twenty four hour period. Where it goes from here only time will tell but right now it is telling me that if you agree with my assessments then you have a lot of company out there and some of them are gathering at Fix Bayonets.

For the record: The drop off on the far right is not today's total. It is now just past midnight and his snapshot was done as I write this, and the total for the last seven hours is 548 which is more than this site used to get in a full day. 
Thank you Janette.
Every fact that I state in my essays is backed by verifiable links to reliable sources. Every projection that I write of makes sense. I offer no wishful thinking as that is but a dead end street. One word that you will not often see on this site is 'IF'. The word 'IF' pains me as it is no more than grasping at straws as people write "If we can impeach Obama..."; "If we can wake America up..."; "If we can get them to vote Republican..."; "If the Republicans don't double-cross us this time..."; "If the elections aren't rigged...".

I will now make one exception: 

If you have the courage to deal with the reality before us, prepare for the fall, and survive that fall, then we the last remnants of Old America, will begin to build a New America.

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. I have shown you two that tell us that we are not alone. What they tell me personally is that I have to a degree been delivering the wrong message. In a two week period my viewers have quadrupled and that indicates that much of this nation is fully expecting the worst and are preparing for it. That is some of the best news for this year.

They have given up on the promises, false hopes, politicians, and rigged elections, but they have not given up on America, and its future. These are the people who will shape that future. From their ranks will come our new leaders and I must regard them as a Band of Brothers. Together we will rebuild the American Dream, but must wait until the dust settles from the fall of the last one.

May we learn from that fall, and pass the word on that our posterity never again succumbs to the evils of a total democracy. The Founders warned us and we strayed. We, the survivors, the leaders, and the rebuilders must find our way back to a Constitutional Republic and never again stray from that path, for at the end of that path there lies the shining city on the hill that Reagan spoke of. It is there that we shall once again find the truth that has so long been under siege.

I shall see you there.

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  1. I hope to understand you well:
    prepare and wait until the dust of convoluted history settled down...
    As famous Brzezinski's plan is implemented over the past few decades we only can hope for some to keep cool heads to subside the impact many nowdays lunatics are creating.
    Facts and truth has taken a bus-back seat to agenda few of us can see for what it is...
    History indeed provide clues to current issues viewed as 'tragedy of the day'... my opinion a psychological warfare on general populace world wide
    lets see...
    President Wilson regret to submit for Fed Reserve (entity robbing us ever since)
    President Eisenhower regret to be a part of Israel's granted teritory.
    I hope you will excuse my not sharing your admiration for Churchill...(still his military wisdom and tactics are to be recognized for its brilliance)
    I am not claiming my knowledge for history details, but as much as I gathered, none of what is happening today (all over the World) would take place if Churchill and Roosevelt played honest cards (since we are speaking about truth)...
    One has to wonder about the World we face today:(including facts)
    with the fall of Soviet Union, one could see long awaited peace on Earth!...
    ...since 1991 USA involved it self in so many wars, overthrowing distant governments, financing mercenaries (now days called independent contractors)...
    ...all in a name of democracy and freedom...
    lets stop beating around the bush:
    the bottom line is: PETRODOLLAR
    To apply old saying:
    if one has a hard time to see a problem?..look at the money trail...
    being a relationship, marriage or government,
    everything goes back or down to basics:
    In the last few months I was introduced to rather unusual views voiced by common persons, not knowing anything about the outside any further than 30 km away...
    sitting in some God forgotten Ukrainian villages late at night, talking to people who survived Stalin's gang of murderous vermins (like Trotzky), it is impossible do some reading and research and not to come up with questions, new view and whole different picture of history fed to us and presented in light
    'victors are writing history' theme famously said by Churchill...
    I want to end my rant by saying:
    Let us hope to survive the disaster cooked by the few power hungry lunatics, and revive true
    society governed by God's given laws...
    ..I do hope to live long enough to see it...

  2. I can go on and on with distant history stories told or over-heard... (as a child)
    and some documentaries reviewed...
    I would have to spend hours typing, and some time for all to read, but among my deeply personal feelings
    are couple of factual occurances that bother me to no end..
    one of the most mind-bugging YT video suggested by you was Polish fighters in division 303...
    the sad face is concluding the fallowing:
    1. it really was a great video
    2. raising quetions I did not want to answer

    Carpet bombing of Germany by Allied Forces in 1940 (Britains) killing hundred of thousands of Germans women and children in various cities as Hamburg, Dresden for example..
    in the "303" polish airfighters video they complain as being set aside, not allowed to fight until late August, beginning of September, assigned to bycicle classes, english language classes, some other mundane tasks, getting angry with with supervisors keeping well trained pilots "peeling potaoes" at camp kitchen..
    it took my brain few months to connect the dots!
    of course!
    they could not have polish pilots engaged in something that to this day is a hash-hash TRUTH!!! many of us know there was 3 million german soldiers 'murdered' held by allied forces deprived water and food and another 700 hundred thousands handed to Stalin never to be heard from again...

    approx two weeks ago on some of the news I have seen a picture of an israelis soldier dragging a boy my Grandsons age (approx 8 years old) as they were searching for 3 missing teens. heart dropped...
    my brain was screaming:
    ok you are looking for missing boys...
    what monsters are you to drag a little boy ?...
    what legal right you have to kill dozens?..
    what legal right you have to arrest hundreds?
    what legal right you have to assult neighbourhoods?

    am I crazy?
    the three mothers appearing at UN are not grieving mothers!!!
    they are as sorry as parker at Newtown death of his daughter all smiling approaching a tv camera...

    I am sick and I am tired of all this false flag deseptions..
    I think the power lunatics forgot that it is not 1914, and most of us are
    NOT using tin cans and string!
    to communicate....

  3. Thanks Danny, for reminding me that out of the ashes the Phoenix rises. I have seen in crisis after crisis, (whether delivered by proponents of evil or delivered by Mother Nature) the very best of people, and although a crisis will bring out the goons of corruption, it will also bring out the very best of human kind. It will be those very best who band together, support each other and begin the talk of new beginnings. I REFUSE TO LOSE HOPE. It is the fiber that often holds the soul together. Joanna you and Danny are two of those very best and you must not lose hope. I know where the foundation of my hope is laid and it is also where I put my trust.

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