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Saturday, June 14, 2014


Icebergs, are famous for having ninety percent of their destructive mass hidden below surface of the water. The same can be said of the political agenda that are taking place in Washington D.C. Take for instance the immigration agenda at our southern border. Most conservative Americans view this phenomenon as being tied to Obama wanting to allow illegals to enter this nation to build a larger Democratic voting base. This no doubt is part of the picture; the ten percent that we are supposed to see, but the true danger is the hidden ninety percent that most fail to grasp; the cost of supporting these illegal incursions and providing food and shelter for them at the taxpayers' expense. The billions spent on these illegal aliens are all part of the now familiar Cloward and Piven strategy to overwhelm the system and bankrupt the economy.

In my most recent essays I have written of this onslaught of Latino children not only from Mexico but Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua as well. Those essays focused on the near impossibility of those 'children' arriving here at all without assistance from our corrupt federal government, providing the means to get them through Mexico, a nation that has a zero tolerance policy on illegal aliens.

Paul Collings, a friend of mine in the UK, has a remarkable knowledge of the American political machinery and agrees with my Cloward and Piven/illegal aliens conclusion and added the observation that the entire world is but one great tinderbox. The title of this essay is the offspring of his thoughts. So let us investigate the tinderbox my friend speaks of.

In my last essay 'Information/Scandal Overload' I noted that there is so very much taking place in all points of the world that none can track it all, (Including yours truly) and every day I spend in excess of ten hours at my keyboard working with a system that I developed that makes it far easier to follow so many different topics. In that essay I briefly touched on a few of the major and very familiar topics with which we are dealing and the essay, according to my stats, was very well received, and so let us do it again concentrating more on the diverse and dangerous news.

Lately one topic that is being widely discussed is the Bergdahl swap for five Taliban detainees from Gitmo. 

Most who can see beyond their own noses are already
predicting that trade is going to result in the death of more Americans after those five leaders once again regroup and form their own following. How about some proof? Meet Abu Bakr al-Baghdad, pictured at right. While lacking the charisma that Osama bin Laden possessed, he nonetheless commands a loyal following and now has a ten million dollar price tag on his head. In addition to being on America's Most Wanted he is also the leader of al-Qaeda (Yes, the same al-Qaeda that Obama told us were finished) in Iraq. His particular group is now known as the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Shams (ISIS).

Oh, I did mention proof didn't I? Until Obama released this mass murderer four years ago he was our honored guest in Gitmo.

From The Telegraph UK June 11, 2014
Iraq crisis: the jihadist behind the takeover of Mosul - and how America let him go

Interesting thing about Iraq: Most of its Muslim population is Shiite and the U.S. established a Shiite government there after the fall of Saddam Hussein and maintained enough influence to protect the minority groups. The Al Qaeda force has just gained control of Mosul and is now endangering Baghdad and 800 of their fighters managed to rout two divisions of American trained Muslims who deserted, shed their uniforms and headed south.

Most American do not truly grasp the Sunni/Shiite phenomenon but those two groups would just as soon fight each other as Americans or Jews. Raised on hatred they have little else in mind.

It is obvious that all of the liberals' hope for the Arab Spring has come to naught and many are predicting that the chaos will spread. Enter our old adversary Iran, also Shiite, like the Maliki government. Iran is now believed to have troops fighting alongside the Maliki loyalists. 

From Fox News...June 13, 2014
U.S. seeing signs Iran engaged in Iraq strife. official says

For the moment at least...
From the Army Times...June 13, 2014
U.S. will not send troops into combat in Iraq

From The Blaze...June 11, 2014
U.S. Embassy prepares for possible evacuation as militants take control in Iraq

Think back to:
1. The Iranian Militants taking control of our embassy and keeping Americans hostage until the day that Reagan was sworn in.
2. To our Embassy outpost in Benghazi and the resulting deaths.
3. To our recent prisoner exchange of five terrorist leaders for one traitor.

There is not only a potential danger of our Iraqi Embassy falling but there are in excess of 5000 Americans, mostly contractors, in Iraq as well as a small contingency of our troops, there for the purpose of training the Iraqi military. Obama's answer in light of the dangers we face was to attend another fund raiser and play golf. How many more Gitmo detainees would he trade for some more American hostages?

Hillary Clinton is one dangerous woman, but so too are the 54% of the American Public who support her in a time when she is not even campaigning.

From The Washington Free Beacon...June 13, 2014
Clinton was leading champion of Iraq withdrawal

So much for Iraq; after all I did promise a variety of disasters so let us proceed.

Leaving Iraq but still on the threat of Al Qaeda:

From Washington Free Beacon...June 13, 2014
New Al Qaeda group produces recruitment material for Americans, Westerners

Going further afield...

From Washington Free Beacon...June 13, 2014
Russia has sent tanks to Ukraine rebels

From Fox News...June 13, 2014
IRS says it cannot locate Lois Lerner Emails prior to 2011

From Bloomberg Business Week...June 13, 2014
Three concerns about Pakistan's strange and bloody Spring

From The Times of India...June 13, 2014
Fresh fighting erupts on DR Congo-Rwanda border

From Chicago Tribune News..June 13, 2014
Some abducted schoolgirls may never return: Nigerian ex-president

Once again on Iraq...And Pakistan...And Nigeria:
From Reuters...June 13, 2014
Resurgent violence underscores morphing of Al Qaeda Threat
In Iraq, an al Qaeda splinter group is threatening Baghdad after seizing control of two cities. In Pakistan, the Taliban attacked a major airport twice in one week. And in Nigeria, the Islamist group Boko Haram was blamed for another mass kidnapping.

From The New York Times...June 13, 2014
China calls Japan the aggressor in flybys over sea

Recently the fact was revealed that the identity of a CIA station chief in Afghanistan was leaked to reporters through an Email from the White House. Rest assured that none of Obama's subordinates will be fired for the mishap.

Front Page Mag...June 13, 2014
No one will be fired for leaking CIA station chief ID

From The Algemeiner (Israel)...June 14, 2014
Terror cell affiliated with bloodthirsty ISIS claims responsibility for presumed kidnapping of Israeli teens

I could go on and on with these unrelenting stories of chaos world wide but there is no need. What I have posted above is but the tip of the iceberg I began this essay with, and a small indicator of what my friend meant by 'tinderbox'. The simple fact of the matter is that the entire world is ablaze and is ready to blow up in our faces. Such dire situations in so very many places happening all at once is no accident nor are they mere coincidence, but all are part of a diabolical plan to wreck our entire civilization.

We are all well aware of the fact that the MSM manages to avoid blaming Obama and his policies for the terror that is replacing American intervention as we withdraw. That terror and the chaos are all part of the diabolical plan that I mentioned.

This administration and the MSM long supported the Arab Spring that was doomed to fail, and we are living in its aftermath.

From National Review Online...June 13,2014
Welcome to the Jihadi Spring
The Arab Spring is over, and tweeting slogans won't change the chaos that has followed it.

From Newsbusters June 12, 2014
Amid scandals and crisis, NBC does fawning interview with 'Father in Chief' Obama
Despite Al Qaeda being on the rise in Syria and Iran, unanswered questions remaining about the Bowe Bergdahl prisoner exchange, and the ongoing VA scandal, NBC News decided to send former first daughter, and Today show correspondent Jenna Bush Hager to the White House to conduct a softball interview with President Obama on fatherhood.

From Media Research Center...June 12, 2014
Networks dance around mentioning President Obama when discussing increased Iraq violence

Is it any wonder that our people are so damn stupid when it comes to political topics?

Now to the heart of the matter and connecting the dots.

From American Survival...June 13, 2014
Pentagon is conquered by gay rights movement

The man you see on the left and the woman you see on the right are the same person and 'she' is now the 'highest ranking transgendered person in the' (Defense) 'Department.'
Excerpt from the above link:
Simpson reflects the aggressive infiltration of the Federal Government, even the Pentagon, by the George Soros funded transgender movement. The executive director of something called the "Army Energy Initiatives Task Force,"
Simpson served as a board member of the Nation Center for Transgender Equality from 2007 to 2009. George Soros has been a backer of the group, giving them $150,000 through his Open Society Foundation in 2011 alone.

Long term readers who have come along with me have a far better idea of what is going on than do most Americans. For those of you who are just joining this site you probably have some catching up to do as he is without a doubt the most influential, and most dangerous, man in the world, a world he plans to destroy. See Soros links below.

Look around at what you see taking place. The Vast Majority of evil we see is being done by Islam while the MSM chooses to stay far from that topic, and far too many people mistakenly believe that Obama is a Muslim. He is not. He and Soros are both atheists but Obama was raised for a brief period in the Muslim faith and knows how to cater to them and have them help to bring about the Soros agenda which is to bring total anarchy to the Earth.

They have a timetable and you have much to learn before they trigger the final collapse.

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  1. Just a little something to read.

    As with all things that the government does. If you do it your terrorist. We all know if you become a prepper, you'll be considered a nutcase. The government are just being prudent.

    The American government are planning for something. Military Vehicles have become the norm for the police, military style tactics are being used by the police, its fairly well known that FEMA camps do exist.

    The government is the largest buyer of ammunition, Obama care takes all your information and shares it around to more institutions than you can wave a stick at, and you can't leave your house without being filmed.

    Every word that travels via the web or the air waves is recorded and people in dark places use that information to build up a picture of public thought that can be used to inform government action. This is a very powerful tool.

    Danny has laid out a picture of a world on the brink, the government can see it as well. Even if you believe none of these world events are planned, or influenced by ideologically driven individuals, you can't deny these events are happening. You can of course be un aware of these events.

    Danny said he could go on and on pointing out the troubles in the world. He is so right. From north and south America, from east and west Europe and Asia and the orient, people are facing off and either fighting or preparing to fight. Its governments and the media that provide the fear and whip up the crowd. They arm those they want to fight with the reasons and the means.

    The one thing we don't make a big point about is this. If the world economy breaks down because of un repayable debt, if we end up in another world wide conflict, or at least a break down of relations between the east the west, the north and south, then it won't be your elected leaders who'll starve and die. It'll be us!

    The government are planning for disasters, because they know a disaster is invertible.

  2. The O administration began overwhelming the system right from the start, piling debt upon debt while at the same time expanding government bureaucracy and encouraging wasteful spending. Add to this the fact that Obama began a systematic dismantling of our military and a scaling down thereof to incomprehensible and unimaginable numbers while promoting a global military. Wow, talk about "change"! We have been set up and yes, the blueprint is right out of the Cloward Piven handbook and . . . you ain't seen nothin' yet baby! An alarming crisis now looms over America and she is asleep. The influx of illegals will bring a tremendous influx of terrorist because the word is out . . . THE BORDERS ARE OPEN AMIGO! So . . . get ready because your world is about to change.
    He is not concerned

  3. PS That "He is not concerned" refers to Obama. Why do you think he plays golf while citizens from a country that we helped to free are being slaughtered and beheaded, a freedom that by the way, cost American blood. He is not concerned because it's all a part of the plan and the plan is on track; he can relax and yeah, even take a "nap".

    1. My My Janet. You begin to sound more like me every day. You are indeed getting the 'Big Picture'. The plan is indeed on track and George Soros is a happy man.


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