Some see, few know, many choose to wander aimlessly in a fog, devoid of sunlight. I seek the light of day and leave the others to their chosen realm of ignorance. They are the ones who have brought this great nation down. I write only for the benefit of those who possess the courage required to restore our birthright.

Thursday, June 5, 2014


Trust...what an unusual, and oft misleading word is defined as follows: 'firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone or something.

I grew up with a trust in the American way but have come to question the wisdom of placing my trust in anyone or any way, for America and Americans have changed beyond recognition. I recently wrote, not one essay but an entire series of essays entitled Americans Want Communism and in that series proceeded to prove my point. Since Obama assumed the throne I have become the ultimate skeptic, trusting none and believing in nothing that I cannot personally shape.

Lately I have adopted a stance that is none too popular with many conservative Americas; that being my belief that there is no political solution to our problems and failing a political solution the only course of action remaining is the enslavement of America that has long been planned by our leaders, or civil strife opposing that enslavement, which will result in the death of millions.

Those conservative Americans, choosing not to accept any situation that would harm their placid life style still cling to the hope that we can hold onto the House and flip the Senate in 2014. I am far less optimistic about the success of those hopes, and point to one word that has become commonplace in our daily vernacular ... RINOs. Let us assume for the moment that the coming elections fulfill the dreams of conservatives and we gain a Senate majority of 51-49 over the Dems. In fact, while dreaming let's go really hog wild and assume a victory like 56-44. Now that is really saying something, right? Wrong!

Today the only difference between the bulk of the GOP and the Dems is that the Dems are full flavor progressives while the GOP members are progressive lites, but they both drink from the same trough. Evidence? I brought the following up in my last essay and it is well worth repeating. We all know that in the recent budget increase vote the Dems were going to win until Ted Cruz invoked a technicality that required a super majority that the Dems did not have. Suddenly six more members of the GOP switched their vote, thus giving into Obama's demands for an ever larger budget that they claimed to oppose.

To my way of thinking, even if we win by 51-49 or even 56-44 we still lose. The game, sadly, is rigged and any way you deal the cards progressive will continue their advance, and we will continue our retreat, always hoping to gain ground in the next election. I am far too logical to give in to wishful thinking, and choose to identify the enemy before us and the only option at our disposal, and that option admittedly will come at a very dear price.

A few minutes ago I heard the familiar Facebook beep announcing that someone had made a comment on a link that I had posted. That comment read: "We have been slowly doing this for years and now Obama has stepped up the pace. He is bent on totally destroying every vestige of freedom and our so-called leaders are still doing NOTHING."

Janette's comment pretty well encapsulates my premise. We are being led to our ruin by those some still trust and the sad fact of the matter is that long ago they defected and sold us out. Their continued participation in the political arena is spent telling us what we want to hear and is only buying time for Obama to cement his power base. Those who still believe that a favorable election will solve our problems will one day pay the penalty for their foolish optimism and by then it will be far to late to do as I advise, and that is to prepare for the worst while there is still time.

In my most recent essay I stated my belief that Obama's latest crime, the release of five Islamic masterminds of terrorism was far worse than his involvement in Benghazi, and like Benghazi, this will lead to a lot of rhetoric and criticism from the GOP elite who are shilling for Obama while giving the public a little song and dance for entertainment but nothing will be done.

Do you want to know what this prisoner exchange is really all about? I thought you would never ask!

In the military there is a saying that we are always fighting the last war, as that war was where today's tactics and weapons were designed. The fact of the matter is that we are still fighting WWII. We tried to do it in Viet Nam but the closest we ever came was during the Tet Offensive, which we won but due to public sentiment abandoned the war. Still we, the American people, cling to the tactics of WWII of two massive armies facing off, fighting until one side is defeated, and then the POWs are released and everyone gets on with their lives.

Well that just will not work with Islam as they have been at war with the entire world for fourteen hundred years and the end is nowhere in sight unless Israel nukes them all. At any rate, Obama, under the directions of George Soros, is using our WWII mentality against us. Think back to just prior to the 2012 election when he announced that Al Qaeda was basically defeated and on the run since HE killed bin Laden. 

Since first elected he has been doing his best to free the terrorists in Gitmo and it seems that he has found the way. Under George Bush we released a great many of the lesser terrorists held captive in Gitmo and many of them returned to their terrorist ways. Obama promised before his first being elected that he would free the rest or try them in American courts and bring peace to the world with his benevolent gesture. Well America was having none of that and now, in a surprising move, he has released, not the least offensive, but the five very worst. Now after freeing the leaders, justifying releasing those lesser terrorists becomes a moot point as he is pressuring Hagel to close the base altogether.

Obama is withdrawing from the war on terror declaring it to be over. We abandoned Iraq and are drawing down our forces in Afghanistan and by 2016, election year, we will have none of our military left in that wretched nation, as we return it to control by the Taliban. Naturally with the war over, and our WWII mentality in place, the right thing to do is release all POWs and allow them to return to their previous pursuits of terrorizing the world.

For us the war will be officially over, for Islam it will simply be entering a new stage of non interference from the West as our only role will be financing their activities with our crumbling economy.

Another point of contention that many conservatives have with me is my unshakable belief that Obama is not a Muslim or serving the Muslim agenda. He grew up learning their ways but he was also taught in the ways of Marxism. Note his church, not a mosque, of choice was Jeremiah Wright's teachings of black liberation theology, i.e.: Marxism.

Obama and his mentor George Soros are atheists and the only connection they share with Islam is that they are using Muslims to spread anarchy worldwide believing that will lead to the Soros vision of all of mankind controlled by a few of the elite among the circles he supports.

The entire world is on the verge of economic collapse and civil war, and if things really get out of hand we are looking at WWIII. The Second World War ended with the dropping of nuclear weapons. This one may well begin that way.

At my age and with my views I no longer care who may take offense at some of my thoughts. The fact of the matter is that I have come to feel contempt not only for the politicians who are destroying this nation but also for the electorate who empowered them. I write of what I firmly believe and if I step on a few toes, oh well. So, for the moment let us leave behind the bureaucrats and address the issue of the masses.

Let us close this essay with a brief check on the SQ of Americans...You don't know what SQ is? It means Sanity Quotient and I shall explain by examining the voters thoughts on several items from Fox News.

Fox News ... June 4, 2014
84 percent worry prisoner swap puts US soldiers at risk

Alright! Now that is impressive. That treasonous swap gave the terrorists every reason to believe that they could kidnap other Americans and trade them at will. Seems sane enough to me.

Fox News ... June 4, 2014
Voters say Obama has made America weaker
On this issue the SQ seems to have taken a tumble as only 55 percent realize that this nation has been weakened under the tutelage of Hussein Obama. Still it is a slim majority so let us count our blessing.

Fox News ... June 4, 2014
Voters think Gitmo prisoners receive better health care than vets
SQ is really on the skids with only 50 percent agreeing and 31 percent disagreeing. The really bad SQ indicator was that the remainder had no idea at all.

Fox News ... June 4, 2014
The Clinton brand remains strong

Uh oh. This is nothing short of sheer madness!

Anyone who knows anything at all about what is going on should realize what a danger Hillary Clinton is and yet 54% have a favorable opinion and that would seem to indicate that the bulk of our people have no idea what is taking place and yet they feel qualified to vote. This is why the Founders warned us against the dangers of democracy. Most of our citizens are simply not qualified to vote and that is why we are all in this sinking boat together.

Bill is doing even better than Hillary as his popularity reaches the 61% mark. Again I must warn of the combined dangers of democracy and the SQ of Americans.
The two people directly behind Bill Clinton are none other than the infamous Cloward and Piven who designed the system for overloading the system and destroying America. Friends of the family.

And so my friend Janette, the next time you are pondering the fact that "our so-called leaders are still doing NOTHING.take the time to also ponder the sanity quotient of those who put them into office. And, while walking through the valley of the shadow of death, should you come across someone who is enjoying the shade, run like hell. They voted for Obama and just don't know any better.

My favorite line from the movie 'Bridge on the River Kwai' was the closing line delivered by Jack Hawkins, "Madness! Sheer Madness!" If he were only here today for an encore.

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  1. MaryHolloway Love Comments: Where has Danny Jeffrey been hiding from me? His provocative, thoughtful, insightful essay is so RIGHT ON that all I can do is give a standing ovation and scream, "ENCORE!" (of which there are precores) PLEASE check the source cited and go back and read ALL the musings and accusations that are listed. Time could only be more well spent taping these for the blind to hear.
    KUDOS to you, Mr, FIX BAYONETS~I am and have been right alongside you, just never properly introduced. I apologize that this is the first of your columns to which I have been privy,

  2. If I may be so bold as to state that the core of all of this mess in America today is nothing but sheer selfish greed. Of course this is my opinion but I believe it has been the downfall of all governments since the beginning of time. You mentioned the “Rhinos” that litter our state houses. Have you ever noticed that when many of these Rhinos first take on the official title of SERVANT OF WE THE PEOPLE, that they are full of integrity and a passion to fight for the freedoms of those same people. What happens? Plain and simple. Greed. It slowly creeps in and these “servants” begin to “compromise” not only their principles . . . they begin to compromise yours. Then they look for excuses to support their betrayal and rationalize in the most bizarre way at times. Whatever it takes to salve their conscience they do. If they ever wake up and realize that they have sold out, they quickly push this from their thoughts because the thoughts of losing their power, prestige and their new-found padded pockets is just too much to contemplate. So they sell their soul and there is no turning back.
    I have been observing Ted Cruz and I may be wrong but I believe I already see signs that he is not going to be as forceful a voice as he was when he burst on the scene. The Rhinos have a manipulative method of bringing their erring sheep into the fold and have a good record to show for it. I hope I am wrong because I really like Ted but I think the entrapment of the office is more often than not, stronger than the commitment and it should be the other way around. I am curious to see how Trey Goudy proceeds since he is vociferous and I love the way he zeroes in on liars ad crooks. Time will tell but it still gets back to the core of character. . . whether one is a true servant of the people or of themselves and sadly I don’t have high hopes for our so-called leaders. Most have sold their soul and to make matters worse, so has the rest of our society. Many don’t know the difference but many are just like our congressional leaders . . . void in character. Not only have the people discovered that they can “vote for themselves generous gifts from the treasury” but the politicians have discovered it too.

  3. This make me think of your essay on morality

  4. Trey Gowdy is now of questionable value as he has appointed far left rep Phillip Kiko as Executive Director of the new group to investigate Benghazi:


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